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Filly Funtasia has a lineup of colorful characters.

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The Filly Five


The protagonist of Filly Funtasia. A lovely, bright, and caring young pink Unicorn.
  • Adorkable
  • Complexity Addiction: Rose is a perfectionist, so she tends to make simple things needlessly complicated when they don't need to be.
  • Cool Crown: She wears a golden one all the time.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name is Rose, so she is mostly pink and has roses in her white-colored mane as well as her tail. Her overall color scheme is White, Pink, and Red. Common colors of roses.
  • Naïve Newcomer: She's actually new to the Royal Magic Academy.
  • The Perfectionist: Rose aspires to be very best at everything she does, due to a constant need to prove herself, which leads her into trouble.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Rose is a princess with a naturally pink coat with a white mane, with pink roses in it.
  • Pun: Rose's Favorite saying.
    Rose: (while pointing her horn) Do you get my point?
  • Romance: Shown to have a sort of a little crush on Zach in "The Blue Rainbow".
  • The Hero: Rose is the central protagonist of the show, and the only one to have a significant role in all of the episodes to far.
  • Super OCD: Rose is very particular and self-conscious about her hair, as well as the lack of privacy at the academy.

Isabella, or Bella for short. Is an Elf Filly and one of Rose's two roommates at the Royal Magic Academy.
  • Big Eater: Bella has a fascination for food and likes to try many different snacks. Bella's eating tendencies get her in trouble when she overindulges on a plate of cupcakes in "The Cupcake Mystery".
  • The Chick: Bella is the kindhearted and feminine one of the group.
  • The Ditz
  • The Ingenue: A fair-skinned and cute filly with a pink mane. She also big-hearted and naive.
  • Nature Lover: She loves nature so much that is actually enhances her magical powers.
  • Nice Girl: Bella is big hearted and will do anything for her friends.
  • Our Elves Are Better: She's an elf Filly, with Pointy Ears to match.
  • Pointy Ears: As you may expect, since she's an elf.
  • Tomboy And Girly Girl: She's the girly girl to Lynn's tomboy.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Bella spends most of her time dreaming about beauty and romance, and is also naive.

Willow, or Will for short, is a black-colored Fairy filly and one of the two guys. A wild and daring Filly who likes pulling tricks and pranks.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Once messed up a spell and accidentally turned himself into a frog.
  • The Big Guy: Contrasting the whiz Cedric, Will is the brash and athletic one of the Filly Five.
  • Class Clown: He likes showing out in class. He's had many run-ins with Headmistress Sparkle because of it. At least 23 times.
  • Cool Board: Will carries a red skateboard will him and pulls off daring tricks with on it.
  • Commonality Connection: Will and Lynn are very close, due to their tendencies and love to pull pranks.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: A distinctly black-colored Filly that contrasts big time with the others who are brightly colored, but is a good and friendly guy overall.
  • Embarrassing First Name: He dislikes being called by his real name, Willow. He prefers to be called "Will" instead.
  • Food as Bribe: Will gets a plate of Cupcakes in order to bribe Miss Twilight for a good grade. His plan goes up in smoke when he trusts Bella, who subsequently eats and loses the cupcakes.
  • Lovable Jock: Will is also a sports addict, but he's not really good at any of them, as he ends up sliding on the floor more often than not.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Will is a Fairy Filly.
  • Pegasus: A winged Fairy Filly.
  • The Prankster: Will loves pulling pranks and cannot resist doing it whenever he can.

The other guy of the Filly Five and Will's roommate, Cedric is plain-looking compared to the other Fillies, but he stands out more due to his high intelligence.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's not only book smart, but also a remarkable inventor.
  • Intelligence = Isolation: Cedric is a genius by Filly standards, but this has come at the cost of a real social life.
  • Just Friends: Cedric actually has a crush on Rose, but Rose only sees him the brother she never had.
  • Neat Freak: He likes things orderly and dislikes messy dormmates.
  • No Social Skills: Cedric's social skills are...lacking to say the least.
  • Out of Focus: Of all the Filly Five, Cedric appears to receive gets the least amount of focus.
  • The Smart Guy: An academic whiz and inventor, Cedric uses his brain as well as magic to make unexpected things.
  • The Spock: Cedric is a very intelligent and logical Filly, but he doesn't have quite the a brain for emotions. He is strictly adherent to logic, and questions it in everything.
    Cedric: Where's the logic in that?

Lynn is a Witchy Filly, and the other of Rose's two roommates alongside Bella. A little rough around the edges, but she's still a good Filly.
  • Commonality Connection: Lynn and Will became best friends due to their love of tricks and pranks.
  • Cute Witch: Lynn is a Witchy Filly, the cape she wears is the source of her magical powers.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Lynn is this. In "Alone At Last", Lynn takes off on her own in the forest in order to get away from Rose and spend time by herself, but is forced to reconsider when it turns out being alone isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Lynn learns to appreciate Rose a lot more as a friend come the end.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Lynn is roomies with Bella and Rose, but her aloof, rebellious, impetuous demeanor makes it tough for them to be best friends with her. "Alone At Last" showcases this, as Lynn becomes annoyed with Rose's constant attempts to spend time with her.
  • The Lancer: Lynn contrasts big time with Rose, and is thus more aloof than the other Fillies.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Lynn loves horror stories and all kinds of creepy and scary creatures. She also likes scaring other Fillies with her own pranks.
  • Playing with Fire: Lynn turns a malicious flock of blackbirds controlled by Wranglum to ashes after they harm Rose.
  • The Prankster: Lynn loves pulling tricks and pranks as well, though on a much creepier level.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Lynn has a propensity for being rebellious and bending the rules, but she is still well-meaning and good to her friends.
  • Tomboy And Girly Girl: The Tomboy to Bella's Girly Girl.


The Royal Academy Staff

From left to right: Coach, Ashia, Princess Sparkle, Florian, and Twilight. Not pictured: Antares, Thori, and Cooking Pot.
These are the teachers of the Royal Magic Academy. They all teach different subjects.

    Princess Sparkle 
Princess Sparkle (or Miss Sparkle by her students) principal of the Royal Magic Academy in Funtasia.
  • The High Queen: Not only is Sparkle the headmistress of the Academy, she is also the monarch of the Unicorn Kingdom.
  • Princesses Rule: Despite being a princess, she's the supreme monarch of the Unicorn Kingdom, where she comes from.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Princess Sparkle wields a ton of responsibility, but is kind and astute to realize that times do change in the world of Funtasia.


  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: His eyebrows are noticeably thick and bushy, especially compared to those of the female Fillies. Florian having a light purple coat while his eyebrows are as dark as his mane makes them stand out even more.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Florian is a good-looking stallion with a long, black mane.

Ashia teaches about potions.

"Coach" (real name unknown) is the PE teacher.

Antares is the astronomy teacher.

Will's uncle who teaches geography.

    Cooking Pot 
The chef.

Secondary Characters

  • The Ace: Official merchandise describe him as "the best magic student in the history of magic students", a favorite pupil of many teachers, and the grandson of the Academy's astronomy teacher. It also mentions that Fillies both male and female look up to him as a role model.
  • Cosmic Motifs: Zach seems to like stars, and even incorporates them in his crown's design. Fittingly, he is the grandson of the school's astronomer.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: He's a Nice Guy with a blond mane.
  • Nice Guy: He's a genuinely good guy. The moment Rose tells him the clumsy Fabian is at the edge of a cliff, he instantly goes running off with her to save him without hesitation.
  • Winged Unicorn: A white one, with a blond mane and a blue horn.

  • Blind Without 'Em: Those big glasses of his aren't there just to paint him as a "nerd" character : he actually needs them, and his vision is very blurry whenever he loses them.
  • Flat Character: Averted. At first, Fabian seems to have been horseshoe-horned into the show to be the generic "nerd" side-character without much else to his name. However, because he is a nerd whith near-encyclopedic knowledge of some topics the other Fillies aren't well-read on (such as geology and mineralogy), he can provide valuable help to solve a problem the others are struggling with or figuring out something they missed.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: At first, his clumsiness, awkward nature and nerdy personality didn't do much to endear him to the other Fillies. However, they warm up to him once he starts proving himself and providing valuable help in critical situations.
  • The Klutz: He is very clumsy, constantly tripping over things and making a mess wherever he goes.
  • The Load: At first. He gets better, though and actually ends up being the only reason the heroes survive their first real confrontation with Wranglum.
  • Nerd: Oh boy... Incredibly clumsy, socially awkward, obsessed over a "nerdy" hobby (mineralogy), so near-sighted he requires huge Nerd Glasses to see properly, wears a ridiculous oversized bowtie, sports prominent buckteeth... Poor Fabian was pretty much designed around the nerd stereotype.
  • Nerd Glasses: See Blind Without 'Em above. They're huge, even taking into consideration the fact that Fillies have big eyes to begin with.

    Zam and Zamie 

A pair of fraternal twins who enjoy pranks, and in particular target Will. While not truly wicked, they are the most unpleasant of the fillies seen.



Once a ruler of subterranean creatures called Grounders, The Wizard of the Dark Mirror lurks in the shadows of the school. With his henchman Battiwigs, Wranglum looks to pounce on an opportunity to steal all the magic in Funtasia.
  • Bad Boss: He is very hard to please and will never miss an opportunity to insult or/and belittle Battiwigs. Though while Battiwigs is well-meaning and genuinely seeks Wranglum's approval, he's... Not exactly good at his job.
  • Beware the Silly Ones:
    • For all his comical attributes, he is genuinely dangerous and there's very good reason he was sealed in the mirror. One episode shows an imagine spot of what he wants to do should he escape, and it's of the Academy burning to the ground. Notably he's both willing to flat out kill the heroes and has actually come close to doing so.
    • Episode 10 reveals that he once went to war with Aquatica and the Mermaid Fillies, explicitly the most powerful realm in the setting. Wranglum won. And from the description, fairly easily.
  • Big Bad: Of this series. Wranglum was once an evil ruler who once sought to steal the Filly magic in Funtasia, but the Fillies defeated him and sealed him within a mirror and locked him away in a cave. He managed to escape the cave and now secretly plots his revenge.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: In "Wranglum in Disguise", Wranglum uses a magical spell to masquerade as a Filly in order to get on the inside of the school and steal the magic. However, the Fillies keep interrupting him.
  • Evil Is Bigger: Wranglum is gigantic compared to the Fillies and they only come up to his ankles. The only other creature that rivals him in size is Farina, and even then she's a bit smaller. He's often depicted in inuniverse artwork as being gigantic as well, though rather or not he can actually grow that big is unclear.
  • Evil Laugh: Can give a surprisingly frightening one.
  • Furry Reminder: He has obvious trouble getting used to his Filly body, walking around awkwardly and tripping on occasion.
  • Gender Bender: In "Wranglum In Disguise", the Filly he transforms into is a female Filly.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: While Wranglum himself is a real threat, he barely has any power as long as he remains trapped inside his mirror. As a result, most of his screen time is him coming up with an evil plan... And Battiwigs utterly failing at carrying it out, either out of bad luck, incompetence, or both. That said, when he does manage to briefly escape the mirror or become directly involved, it's shown they're very lucky he is trapped in the mirror. The sympathetic part also begins to be Subverted as more is learned about him and why he got sealed in the mirror in the first place.
  • Knight of Cerebus: While he's there from the beginning, the first time he's able to actually attack the heroes personally in the magic maze acts as this. While the show doesn't get too dark, it's the point where the characters begin to face genuine life and death situations, in part because Wranglum begins finding ways to become a direct threat.
  • Leaking Can of Evil: Despite being sealed away, he's still able to communicate with Battiwigs and cast certain spells, though nowhere near the level it's implied he's capable of if he did get loose. There are also a few situations where he's able to attack the heroes directly due to specific circumstances. The pitch bible implies this is because he's not supposed to have the mirror to influence the outside world.
  • Line-of-Sight Alias: When he meets Rose in his disguised Filly form, he desperately comes up with a name to introduce himself. Coming up with "Petunia" after the petunias in his mane and hair.
  • Mirror Monster: Wranglum currently communicates via a mirror. He was put in there by the Fillies in the past. He's actually sealed away deep underground.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: For most of the first half of season 1, Wranglum is largely played for laughs and doesn't pose much of a threat...then episode 8 happens and Wranglum manages to directly attack the heroes due to them being in a magic maze where he can project himself. He very nearly kills them several times, and after this begins figuring out ways to attack them directly and put their lives in danger.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Justified: Wranglum is legitimately dangerous and powerful, but he's presently sealed away and has limited influence on the outside world. While he's still capable of performing dangerous spells if he gets powerful enough crystals to cast them, he also needs to gather enough crystals to free himself from his prison, and thus can only do so when the potential payoff is worth using them.
  • Power Limiter: The mirror he's sealed in acts as one. While he can still perform spells, some of which are very powerful, it's nowhere near what he's implied to be capable of at full strength.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He's familiar enough with flowers to know that those in his Filly body's mane are petunias.
  • Revenge: He seeks revenge on the Fillies for his prior defeat.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He's currently imprisoned in a mirror, though still able to influence the outside world. It's eventually revealed its not his actual prison: he's sealed away deep under ground in a crystal cage and the mirror lets him have more influence than he's supposed to.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Feels this way about Battiwigs, and it's not unwarranted. Even the pitch bible states one of his dislikes as being 'having to rely on a bumbling buffon named Battiwigs.'
  • The Bad Guy Wins: One detailed in the backstory highlights how dangerous Wranglum truly is: he attacked Aquatica, one of the most powerful of the Filly realms, at one point in the past. While the Aquamarine Crystal alluded him, he won decisively and in Glitterina's words 'destroyed everything'. In modern day, Aquatica and the Mermaids are slowly going extinct and Wranglum certainly considered it a victory.
  • Unknown Rival: The Fillies are totally unaware of his existence. They do eventually learn of his existence, but aren't aware of how active he presently is.
  • Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: Wranglum still has his comical moments, but is definitely a far bigger, more serious threat than his minion Battiwigs. He's also very willing to flat out kill the protagonists if he can.
  • Voices Are Not Mental: Played with in "Wranglum In Disguise". The crystal that has the ability to change one's form does not change their voice, only their appearance. So Wranglum ends up having the same deep, gruffy voice when he turns into Petunia.
  • World's Strongest Man: Wranglum is implied to be this at his full power. To note, Aquatica, explicitly one of the strongest Filly Realms, lost to him and both Wranglum and Glitterina imply it was a Curbstomp Battle in his favor.

Wranglum's henchbat helps the Big Bad out in his plans, as well as conveniently carrying him around.
  • Bat Out of Hell: True to his name, he's a bat.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Justified in that Wranglum is totally stuck within a mirror and cannot move around on his own. So its Battiwigs' job to carry him around and carry out his plots. Inverted, however, as he's far less competent than his boss, he's just able to actually be active.
  • Talking Animal: A particular example since the other familiars at the school can't speak in words, and Battiwigs keeps his cover by not speaking when in their presence.
  • Team Pet: Battiwigs is nominally this for the boy's dorm. He's also a spy for Wranglum.
  • Undying Loyalty: Despite Wranglum treating him like junk, he remains totally loyal to him, still offering to help him in his schemes.
  • Unknown Rival: In contrast to Wranglum, the Fillies actually do know he exists, but they don't know that he's a threat to them.
    Rose: Actually, [all the animals in the dorm] are super cute, even though Battiwigs acts a little weird sometimes.

Other Characters




    Farina, the Fire Dragon 

A dragon who inhabits the volcano on the floating continent Funtasia is located on and a former ally of Wranglum.

  • Heel–Face Turn: She was only on Wranglum's side because he tricked her, once she realized it and Lily saved her life she defected from his side.
  • Mama Bear: Do not threaten her egg.
  • Playing with Fire: She's a fire dragon after all, and thus naturally capable of breathing powerful flames.


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