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Naturally, an extremely saccharine cartoon about cute pony friends attending a school together is gonna have its Heartwarming Moments.

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The Series
  • The students all make up their mischief to Will, who was assigned the task of being a teacher in order to get out of detention, by fixing up their mess before Miss Sparkle saw.
  • Rose chooses to risk her life to help Glitterina recover the Aquamarine Crystal and save her people. This is despite at this point in the series, the only real danger she's been in was with Wranglum in the maze and she just met Glitterina.
    • While somewhat Played for Laughs, Will and Bella being devastated when they think Rose has died shows they do genuinely care about her. Bella then beats her fear of water to save Rose, despite knowing Wranglum's fish monsters are loose in the lake.
  • In "Farina, the Fire Dragon", what Rose initially percieved as a selfish, unforgiving act from her great-grandmother Lilly, was in-part a misunderstanding. Farina explains that Lilly atoned for her actions in helping Farina get back to health, and it's implied that she does regret her foolish actions. This relieves Rose, who was very soul-crushed at first.


  • All of the constant updates about the show's status certainly made some people happy, but everyone was ecstatic when we FINALLY got a clear air date in 2019. After five years of endless waiting, we would actually get to watch our cute filly show; even if it wasn't in English!
  • After SO many years of constant let-down and Development Hell, the fact that Jacob and Henrik Andersen still care about the show and the Filly franchise as a whole is relievingly sweet.
  • The creator of the fansite Funtasia Daily actually got to talk to THE Andersen brothers in-person. They were very nice and pleasantly surprised that their show even had a fanbase at all. Combine this with the fact that the show had been stuck in Development Hell for years, as well as all the behind-the-scenes headaches with the brothers trying to keep the Filly toyline afloat, it really must've been a relief for them to hear that they had such dedicated fans.
    • The "mother of Filly" Tine S. Norbøll was interviewed by Skundi a lot earlier in June 2015, and she also acknowledged the fanbase, and even accepted the fandom name "Funtasian".
  • Seeing the feud of funtasians and bronies calm down after the release of Filly Funtasia was also quite a relief. Sure, there will always be neigh-sayers, but a sizable amount of bronies accepted this show with an open heart. Some of them even latched onto Filly as a Replacement Goldfish show, since Friendship Is Magic had ended only a few months after Filly started.


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