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Trivia / Filly Funtasia

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  • Follow the Leader: The show and toyline in general bears more than a passing resemblance to the My Little Pony franchise.note  This trope is strong enough that there's a long-lasting (but ultimately false) rumor that Filly began life from stolen G3 My Little Pony molds (or at least, knockoff molds).
  • Saved from Development Hell: It was originally announced in 2014. It came out 5 years later in 2019, with a premiere on March 11 on Frisbee in Italy, of all places.
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  • Short Run in Peru: An interesting case, as this is actually the first broadcaster of the series; but Frisbee, an Italian channel, is airing tons of episodes first, weekly. Out of all the countries that have been afflitiated with the series, Spain and Germany have yet to air the show, and Hong Kong and China likely never will.
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  • Working Title: Most of the titles to some episodes that were previously revealed have changed into more blunt ones, likely due to being in Development Hell for so long.
    • "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire" – "The Cupcake Mystery"
    • "The Missing Student" – "The Blue Rainbow"
    • "Wranglum Goes Fillying" – "Wranglum in Disguise"


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