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  • Dueling Shows: Zig-zagged with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They were both produced at the same time, and Filly Funtasia was announced back in 2012 for an early 2014 release. Unfortunately, due to the Troubled Production of the latter, the show ended up being delayed massively until it eventually premiered in 2019.... the same year when Friendship Is Magic was about to end.
  • Follow the Leader: The show and toyline in general bears more than a passing resemblance to the My Little Pony franchise.note  This trope is strong enough that there's a long-lasting (but ultimately false) rumor that Filly began life from stolen G3 My Little Pony molds (or at least, knockoff molds).
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  • International Coproduction: The show was created by studios in Spain, Hong Kong, and China.
  • No Export for You: For those who were wishing for an English-language release literally anywhere, tough luck. The show has only aired in three countries as of June 2020note , none of which broadcast the show in its original language.
  • Out of Order: All 13 episodes of the show were released differently than their production order,note  which is mostly because all 26 episodes were split into two seasons. This, however, caused a few continuity errors.
  • Referenced by...: In Dawn Somewhere's DinkySharkFighter32 series, Dinky has a Filly Funtasia poster.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: A BRB Internacional employee that responded to nearly all the YouTube comments on the show's first trailer in October 2013 actually acknowledged Rule 34 twice.
    Rocktecho: brb checking r34
    BRB employee: We're smarter than you think. Hmp! ㄱㄱ
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  • Saved from Development Hell: Somewhat. It was originally announced in October 2012 for an early 2014 release. It came out 5 years later in 2019, with a premiere on March 11 on Frisbee in Italy, of all places. However, the show has still yet to be broadcast in English, its original language, even though it was confirmed a while back that the "dub" was still being produced, and probably should've been finished by now. Not helping is how every once in a while the show will premiere in yet another language in some other country.
  • Short Run in Peru: The first 13 episodes of the series aired first on Frisbee in Italy months before they aired in China. Furthermore, the show hasn't premiered in Spain or Hong Kong yet.note  This counts for the English version too, in which various trailers have been released for it and yet it hasn't aired, despite being the original version of the show.
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  • Troubled Production: The ultimate reason for the show languishing in Development Hell for so long. Among other things, part way through production it lost both animation studios. This is one reason for the unpolished and often inconsistent CGI quality, as two studios had to pick up what the others left behind.
  • Two Shorts: The show is 22-minutes in length, but weirdly enough the Chinese broadcast of this show takes this format. All 13 episodes are split into two making it 26 episodes, each of them being two-parters with 12 to 13-minutes in length.
  • Uncredited Role: In both the Italian and Ukrainian versions, none of the actors are credited, and not even the English actors either. Oddly averted in the Chinese version where they do credit them.
  • What Could Have Been: An Origins Episode special and two 45 minute specials were planned, but thanks to the Troubled Production (such as BRB Internacional dropping out) they never got made; though the possibility of them being repurposed as regular episodes is still open.
  • The Wiki Rule:
  • Working Title: Some episode titles that were previously revealed were changed into more blunt ones.
    • "Liar, Liar, Prance on Fire" –> "The Cupcake Mystery"
    • "The Missing Student" –> "The Blue Rainbow"
    • "Wranglum Goes Fillying" –> "Wranglum in Disguise"


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