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Tear Jerker / Filly Funtasia

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It's a pitiful world where everyone cries...

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  • Wranglum generally is not a character you would usually feel bad for, but it becomes easy to once you realize the poor situation he's in. Sure, his goal may not be.. admirable, to say the least, but the dude has been trapped in a crystal for (assumingly) most of his life by the Fillies on whom he seeks revenge, and now spends his days in a mirror with an incompetent bat to assist him, who also can never tend to do things right. Wranglum can never catch a break with everything always going wrong for him, and even though he can do things like control the weather, it's implied he still can't do much trapped inside that prison, and can literally shatter and die at anytime if the holder of the mirror, Batti in this case, is not careful.
    • It also makes you wonder just how much the Fillies made him go through that made him end up all vengeful and evil like this. When he is in a female filly form as Petunia and Rose shows him the wonders of life, the dude legitimately has no joy in anything (besides the crystals, of course).
      • WMG territory here, but maybe a classic case of Both Sides Have a Point? The above episode does lend to many implications that Wranglum just generally cannot find joy in his life due to his evil mindset, but perhaps that's not the only thing that has made him this way, and the Fillies aren't quite so innocent in this case.
  • You also end up feeling bad for the other "villain", Battiwigs. While the two do tend to have their cute and heartwarming moments together, the poor guy is always underappreciated, or in some instances just not appreciated at all, by his master that he does nearly everything for... including pretty much carrying him around. But no matter what he does, he always ends up messing up Wranglum's plans, causing him to see Batti in a not-so-good light, even when he's just trying his best to please him.

     Season 1 
The Cupcake Mystery
  • It's hard not to feel in the least sympathetic for Bella, at least in the beginning of the episode, when she lets her hunger and clumsiness get the best of her and accidently ruins Will's cupcakes. The poor girl worries about what he'll think so much that she literally has an Imagine Spot that borders on Nightmare Fuel. Adding on to the stress and guilt, she gets flack from Rose for lying about the monster, when she was the one that actually started the lie, Bella just got carried away with it.

Wranglum in Disguise

  • Battiwigs accidentally picks up some hair from Rose, which very conveniently messes with Wranglum's formula that he uses in order to come out of the mirror with a new form, and thus is turned into Petunia, a female filly. Now Petunia, she gets angry at Batti for messing with the formula, even if it was an accident, and fires him, knowing fully well that if she doesn't reach her goal by the end of the day, she'll die. He flies away, crying now that all his efforts to impress Wranglum are in vain.
    Battiwigs: Someday he'll appreciate me...
  • When Batti talks to Petunia at the Flying Towers, she admits to him that without her power, she's useless. But then, Battiwigs says something that makes even the Big Bad reflect on his actions:
    Battiwigs: That's what you always say to me, master.

Alone at Last

  • Poor Battiwigs just wants to catch a break from Wranglum, much like Lynn from Rose, and yet he still manages to make his life a living hell by tampering with the weather and scaring him shitless.


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