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  • While the limited, and sometimes jarring animation can be full on Nightmare Fuel, the show does tend to have often hilarious facial expressions, especially when you pause at the right moment.
  • Wranglum's expressions from his mirror view can be golden sometimes.
  • A lot of funny moments come from Bella alone, due to her blissful ignorance that also makes her come off as extremely cute.


Season 1

    The Cupcake Mystery 

    Dream of Doom 
  • Bella has her many moments:
    • Bella asks Rose if she thinks Cedric can dream too. Rose doesn't answer as to her, the answer is obvious. But Bella catches on and says "He can't?" which results in Rose shouting her name.
    • Bella adding on to Rose saying that Cedric's dream was debunked.
      Bella: And we also proved it was false!
    • "There's nothing to worry about, you're not psyco-abnormal!"

    The Evil Garden 
  • Bella makes an actually good suggestion.
    Lynn: Weird, Bella could be... right.
  • Lynn questioning whether or not they should help the twins.

    The Magical Maze 
  • Battiwigs delivering "good news" to Wranglum, the latter getting excited, only for Batti to say that the Fillys are playing hide and seek in the green meadows and winks at him.
  • Fabian licking the walls of the garden twice (yes, really), only because he wanted to observe them. The others call him out on this too.

    Hide and Seek 
  • Tula compliments Wranglum once he gets out of the mirror and tells him that she thinks he losts weight. The most (and only) menacing villain of the show politely thanks her for the compliment.
  • Bella is worried about her hair when she and her friends are literally going to die.
    • Which is Hilarious in Hindsight considering she, of all Fillys, is the one to call out Rose's mixed up priorities in Farina, the Fire Dragon.
  • Will suggests that the gang split up to get out of their predicament, and everyone calls this out for being a dumb plan. And yet, they end up doing it anyway, with a tame Scooby Doo-like chase scene to boot.

    The Lost Mermaid 
  • Will eavesdropping and spying on Rose and Bella's conversation in the bushes.
  • Bella worrying about her hair getting messy continues.

    The Star Crystal 
  • Bella tells Will to pretend to be Rose showering and sings in an awfully shrivel voice when the teachers check up on "her".
    Will: If the boys found out, my tough guy reputation would be ruined.
    • Then, when Miss Sparkle calls the real Rose, she also tells her that she's signed her up for singing lessons, and that she's going to need them. This literally came after Rose singing a beautiful song of her own.
  • Cedric calling Rose from her mirror and startling her, causing her to wish she had a new ringtone.
  • Rose and Cedric playfully joking that Will is the monster chasing Rose.

    Farina, the Fire Dragon 
  • Wranglum lifting weights literally out of nowhere.
  • When attempting to steal her egg, Farina sits on Battiwigs by accident and doesn't notice him.
  • Wranglum and Battiwigs plummet down and Batti insults his master as his "final words" before being reminded by him that he's a bat who can fly. Batti then proceeds to compliment him again.


  • When the trailer for the series gained popularity the same month it was released (October 2013), it was no surprise it was going to have a slew of angry, curious, or just downright funny comments from bronies. However, one employee at BRB Internacional actually took it like a champ and responded to most of them, before the video was privated, then unlisted with comments disabled, and later deleted. Luckily, they were all archived, which you can see here.
    Inspectornills: My god, they got no nostrils, how do they breath!
    BRB employee: They're royal ponies who talk and make magic. I think "how do they breath" should be the less important question. xD


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