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Nightmare Fuel / Filly Funtasia

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"Bella... I'll get you Bella, wherever you are hiding."

Even a show about multicolored horses attending an academy can be pretty frigtening at times.

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  • Generally, the show's animation can be counted as this at times, mostly due to how unsettling some of the designs can look under certain angles.
  • The realization that Wranglum is likely trapped inside that mirror and can possibly die when it breaks is just as scary as it is saddening. Even when he is given a chance to come out of the mirror in a new form, he still only has a day to do whatever he needs to before he vanishes.
  • In "The Cupcake Mystery," Bella accidently eats half of Will's cupcakes. Feeling guilty, she starts hallunciating her friends, classmates, the headmistress, and even the chef shaming her for doing so in what looks like an endless, empty void, with ominous but silent music playing. Then, the clearly stressful Bella is met with a creepy-looking Will with green eyes (as shown in the page image), and the Nightmare Sequence cuts aruptly to Rose checking up on her.
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  • "Alone at Last" shows us that if you piss Wranglum off by not obeying his orders, he can literally control the weather by making it rain and torment you until you come back, even when he's not there. You can still even hear his laugh from a far away distance.
  • Cedric pretty much locks Rose inside Wranglum's dark, eerie "lair" in "Dream of Doom", and doesn't give it up and unlock the door even when she shouts for him to let her out and bangs on the door. And on the other flipside of the coin, when Batti shows her a passageway to get out of the lair, Cedric doesn't hear anything for a long amount of time and starts to get weary. One could only wonder what would've happened after this scene had Batti not stepped in to guide her someplace else.
    • And speaking of the borderline Paranoia Fuel above, Lynn pretty much warns Rose earlier in the episode that Cedric is stubborn and can go pretty far when things don't go his way. Well, if he's capable of doing the above...
    • Not to mention the thought of just how Lynn even knows this in the first place.


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