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Bakura and his clan. Since he was formed directly from chaos and isn't supposed to be able to reproduce directly with people, it's very small, and very close-knit.

  • Badass Family: Played with - Bakura’s a badass demon and you would expect his children to be powerful, but Ryou and Yuki are both NonAction Guys who turn into his morality pets and tone him down instead. On the other hand, they are scary powerful - but not in any way that lets them do pesky little things like defend themselves.
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  • Quirky Household: They’re weird, and people usually look at their rampant incest, Tangled Family Tree, and Blue-and-Orange Morality and wonder what the heck’s up with these people. But they really do love and take care of each other - and whatever Human Pets they adopt.
  • Pretty Freeloaders: Why work when you can freeload off the daiyoukai too nice to say no?
    • Averted by Bakura, who does have a job. Or at least a business. He mentions it exactly once and it might be a cover.
      • The better for his kids to freeload from!

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    Bakura Itja 

Original: Yu-Gi-Oh!

"It's chaos; it doesn't have to make sense."

A 3000 year old Egyptian chaos demon who enjoys the human world, and screwing with the people in it.

Tropes applying to this version of Bakura are:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Bakura usually defaults to “kid”; he also goes with “Ry” and “Yuki”.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking
    Bakura: Nope. Just going to get worse. There’s starting to be signs of unrest all over the world. Some fucking psycho in Eastern Europe calling himself ‘Contra Mundi’ slaughtered an entire town. The US government’s going all registry happy; they’re demanding all non-humans sign up for the army, navy or Marines. There’s mummies waking up in museums all over the world, pissed at being yanked out of their tombs. Oh, and the price of milk’s gone up a whole fifty yen. Can you believe it? Fucking robbers.
  • Ascended Demon: Bakura when he acknowledges his love for Seto. He transitions from a chaos demon to a divine servitor of Set.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Bakura starts out as Chaotic Evil, essentially, then moves in the "unfathomable" direction.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin and Psychotic Smirk, two of his favorite expressions.
  • Closet Key: Seto is pretending to be straight, until Bakura comes along and drags him out.
  • Complete Immortality: Chaos demons are both The Ageless - unaging and appearing in their physical prime - and Nigh-Invulnerable. It takes a lot to kill sentient chaos goo.
    • Really 700 Years Old: Bakura is around 3000 years old and doesn’t look much older than Yuki or Ryou.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Pretty much the whole family have cute little fangs, though Bakura’s are the most prominent and least "cute".
  • Divine Parentage: He was created out of whole chaos by the primordial chaos entity, and tossed into the world. It’s hard to say whether that counts or not, but he does state that calling himself a demon or akuma is just a convenience; the name he calls his race translates to “Belongs to Chaos”.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: His favorite kind of retribution is disproportionate retribution. Just ask Saitou, whom he cursed with an Accidental Pornomancer aura for the crime of being somewhat insensitive.
  • Doting Parent: Big scary sex demon makes a surprisingly cuddly parent.
  • Dream Walker: He shows an ability to enter a target’s dreams to seduce them and feed on the sex energy released in dreams.
  • Emotion Eater: He feeds on sexual energy. Or on ki filtered through sexual energy. It’s complicated.
  • Exact Words: He doesn’t precisely lie… He seems to prefer sliding through loopholes and twisting words.
  • Horny Devils: He feeds on sex, making him essentially an incubus.
    • Lovable Sex Maniac: He makes himself pretty endearing, probably the better to seduce people.
  • Mystical White Hair: He's completely supernatural and has white hair. Gifted to all his descendants as well.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Much to Seto’s annoyance, he doesn't seem to realize that normal people have bubbles. He drapes himself over shoulders and nibbles necks with impunity.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Very, very different. He's an Egyptian chaos 'demon', basically a sentient lump of chaos goo.
  • Our Mages Are Different: Very skilled in a form of magic based on Egyptian words and symbols.
  • Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous: A chaos demon / incubus / succubus who believes in Anything That Moves… Male is probably his default gender, but it’s certainly not permanent.
  • Papa Wolf: Harming on hair on his family's head - or hurting their feelings - engages Bakura's wrath. When Yukito happened to be in the affected area of one of the atomic bombs, he spent the next six months in American 'taking care of' the people responsible.
  • Phantom Thief: Given his teleportation power, it's not hard to see how he would accomplish impossible thefts. It's mostly an informed attribute; we never see him steal anything important, but when Yoko no Kurama calls himself "The King of Thieves", he declares that that's his title, thankyouverymuch.
  • The Pornomancer: His power works by reading people’s desires and shapeshifting to match it, and directing their attention to traits they would like.
  • Sex God: Basically literally.
  • Shadow Walker: He teleports between areas of shadow, though chaos magic interferes with accurate targeting.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Bakura as a chaos demon can become anything he wants.
    • Shapeshifters Do It for a Change: His sexuality is “Anything That Moves”, and he sure doesn’t mind shifting form and gender to get someone he wants.
    • Shapeshifting Seducer: He reads people’s natures and can shift himself to being anyone’s “type”, as he shows when he starts to take on a new form to seduce Seto - and then changes back because his target is secretly gay.
  • Where Did We Go Wrong?: Bakura often laments the fact that his child and grandson turned out nice.
  • Wonder Child: Yukito. Bakura is not supposed to be able to actually reproduce. Somehow he got it into his head that he wanted a child, and then he made it happen with another race that wasn’t supposed to be able to reproduce.

    Bakura Yukito 

Bakura Yukito

Bakura’s baby born in 1882, Yukito is a kind and friendly young person who seems to be the first thing nudging Bakura toward the side of “good”.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Yuki calls Ryou “Ry-chan”, Yue “Tsuki-chan”, Akihiko “Akito-chan”, Jounouchi “Katsu-pon”, and Bakura only ever “father”.
  • Animal Motifs: Bunny of adorableness, as decided by Saitou.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: Not a straight example, but rather Yukito seems to believe that babies make everything better, and during the insanity-inducing apocalypse is focused on having babies and family.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Yuki is always squinting without his glasses and is basically helpless without them. It’s revealed that his vision doesn’t heal because it’s psychosomatic; when he brought nightmares to life with his magic, not being able to see them let him “hide” from them.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Yukito is sweet and kind but also something that looks like a sociopath, in whose mind rape is not a crime unless it makes people sad, Bakura’s sadistic tendencies warrant only fond exasperation, and tragedies against people he doesn’t know don’t seem to register.
  • Break the Cutie:
    • Backstory: It’s revealed by Bakura that he was born with his chaos magic active, and he traumatized himself out of using it by bringing his nightmares to life as a toddler.
    • He was in Nagasaki when it was bombed in 1945, and he's still there six months later healing people, occasionally crying, and too distressed to feed.
    • 2015: When the Earthkami takes hir babies away it results in a massive blizzard that freezes a hotsprings, and weeks of weeping.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Not so much usually - although see the Blue-and-Orange Morality entry - but during the apocalypse, she loses sight of everything except her family and definitely counts.
  • Complete Immortality / The Ageless: Bakura’s bloodline matures slowly, and the aging stops altogether when they hit 20 or so. It's not clear for sure if Yukito is as invulnerable as Bakura or not, but he has no human blood so it's reasonable to assume that he's immortal.
    • Really 700 Years Old: Yuki was born in 1882 and now looks, maybe, 20. No matter when "now" is.
    • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Downplayed. Yuki actually did have an extended childhood and adolescence, but compared to the length of time spent frozen at twentyish, it's negligible.
  • Cuddle Bug: Yukito is a big fan of physical contact; hugs and kisses on the cheek are common ways he thanks or welcomes people.
    • No Sense of Personal Space: Inside other people’s arms is an excellent seat. Even if they didn’t realize there was room there for someone to sit.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Inherited cute little fangs from Bakura like the rest of the family, though not as prominent as Bakura’s. For some reason they never seem to creep people out.
  • The Cutie / The Pollyanna: Sweet, kind, optimistic, almost indefatigably positive.
  • Death by Childbirth: His mother died when or shortly before he was born, and it seems it would have happened to Yuki too without Bakura’s help.
  • Delicate and Sickly: Whenever pregnant she becomes frail and helpless. Pregnancy drains her strength until she can’t even feed herself and must depend on volunteers and family for help.
  • Divine Parentage: Bakura being directly a demigod / demon to a chaos deity, Yuki is half. Sort of. It's complicated.
  • Doting Parent: All of the Bakurae are overly attached to their family, but especially Yuki. S/he still dotes on Ryou, even when the latter is 30 years old, even after having other children to cuddle. Also has a Doting Parent in Bakura.
  • The Empath: He can feel people's emotions, and that's the primary reason his Blue-and-Orange Morality seems to line up with more conventional values - he doesn’t sleep with the unwilling, for instance, because he only enjoys positive emotions, not fear, shame, or anger.
  • Fun Size: About the same size as Atem and Kenshin (five feet tall or so) and at least as fun.
  • Healing Hands: Yukito can heal people by touching them note . He was doing it in a hospital in Nagasaki in 1946.
  • Human Pet: Katsu-pon. Not maliciously or anything, and s/he’s very serious about it being love, but it kind of goes with the innocent sociopath thing.
  • Insistent Terminology: Yue's name is "Yue", but Yuki insists on calling him "Tsuki-chan". Both mean the same thing ("moon"), but it seems more important ot Yuki to call him the moon than to call him by his name.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifting: Yukito turns into a cloud of snow when he’s very frightened.
  • Killer Rabbit: Sweet and adorable, but actually has truly terrifying power. Just too kind to use it to hurt people. note 
  • Morality Pet: To Bakura, who spent three thousand years being a chaos demon before he came along.
  • Mystical White Hair: He's unnatural and has white hair to go with it, just like the rest of his family.
    • Elemental Hair Colors (ice): Actually subverted - Yuki has darker hair (grey) than any of the other Bakurae, presumably because yuki-onna have black hair.
  • Non-Action Guy: He wouldn’t even know how to take part in "action". The only two times he’s shown in the middle of any, he gets scared and turns into snow.
  • Non-Human Humanoid Hybrid: Yuki is, in fact, a child of two races that aren’t supposed to be able to reproduce at all.
    • Horny Devils: Father is an incubus / chaos demon
    • Hybrid Power: He's revealed to actually be scarily powerful when his power escapes his control, but he's never shown any inclination to actually use that power.
    • Yōkai / An Ice Person: Mother is a yuki-onna
    • Wonder Child: This pregnancy should not have been possible on several levels.
  • Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous: Half incubus/sucubus, with the inherent chaos magic that brings. S/he’s not especially androgynous, but can change sexes at will and there’s actually no real clue which was the original. Sexuality seems to be “anything powerful and male”.
  • Pretty Freeloaders: Yuki’s never had a job in hir life, but is welcome just about everywhere and tends to just wander through places, including hanging out at Kenshin’s for a couple weeks (after showing up and just not leaving). Most common freeloading target is Bakura, but technically s/he doesn’t live there, just stays sometimes. Never seems to be anywhere when the census comes around…
  • The Pornomancer: Hir incubus power works by getting inside guys’ heads and making them find hir sexy (within broad limitations, usually excluding orientation). Even Aoshi, whose taste is Saitou, was captured by it.
  • Power Incontinence: When he was younger, and when his emotions get out of control, his power attracts everyone in the vicinity. When something is emotionally distressing, the yuki-onna ice powers get out of control as well.
  • Sex God: If screwing Kenshin, Jounouchi, and Saitou into unconsciousness in the same event is anything to go by, Yuki's sexual prowess is impressive.

    Bakura Ryou 

Bakura Ryou
Original: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Bakura's grandson, the socially responsible one in the family, who seems to actually be embarrassed about his ability to feed on sex.

  • Bishōnen
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: At least until the apocalypse, this is actually defied - despite the influence of Bakura and Yukito, he's the responsible member of the family who cares about things like going to school and people's opinions.
  • The Caretaker: He takes care of Yukito, especially after hir babies were taken away.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Downplayed probably due to his human parentage.
  • Death by Sex: His method of execution, using his incubus powers to their full terrifying potential.
  • Divine Parentage: Bakura was created directly by the chaos goddess.
  • Doting Parent: To Yue. (And has one in Yukito.)
  • Heinz Hybrid: Chaos demon, yuki-onna, human/ghost.
  • Long-Lived: given his human blood, he's probably not immortal, but he has at least centuries to live to find out.
    • Older than They Look: He's actually about 25 when he met the main characters, but looks like a teenager (and is in high school).
    • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Downplayed, though due to the human in his genetic makeup less so than with the rest of the family. He has a slightly extended childhood and adolescence, so he's a 25-year-old teenager when he's introduced.
  • Non-Action Guy: He takes no part in anyone’s fighting.
  • The Pornomancer: If he's not paying attention, he could turn any meeting into an orgy. See also So Beautiful, It's a Curse. Power works essentially via Glamour - he is plenty attractive, but his magic boosts it when he's hunting.
  • Shrinking Violet: He's shy and easily embarrassed by his own power and by Yukito and Bakura being so shameless.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: His looks get him a lot of unwanted and very embarrassing attention.
    • Exploited after the apocalypse, when he uses it to hunt.
    • Power Incontinence: Presumably wouldn't be such a curse if he could contain his power better.
  • What Have I Done: When his mind is restored and he realizes he’s been keeping enslaved ghosts.

    Bakura Yue 

Bakura Yue

Yuki’s third birth (fifth child), Yue is an angel with three genetic parents and an quirky personality. Currently he’s still a small child.

  • Animal Eyes: Yue's eyes have slit pupils like a cat, but they are explicitly noted not to be responsive to light. Possibly an inverted version of Hellish Pupils instead of actual animal eyes.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Pupils that don't respond to light? Six limbs? Flight that has nothing to do with airflow? Three parents? This is not a natural creature.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Kaworu teaches him how to fly and things about being an angel. Kaworu calls him "little wing".
  • Complete Immortality: As an angel, he's both The Ageless and Nigh-Invulnerable. Killing an angel would take something more than a force of nature.
    • Older Than He Looks: He's aging less than half as fast as he should; in Year 10, he's a ten-year-old developmental four-year-old.
    • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Downplayed; when Touya meets him and he appears t be 4, he learns that he's actually 10, and has a thought about the extended infanthood and toddlerhood that must have entailed.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Silver hair, silver eyes.
  • Cute Little Fangs: As with the rest of the family - but he only uses them for puncturing holes in fruit to suck their juice out.
  • Divine Parentage: Descended from Bakura thrice-over… which apparently equals “angel”.
  • Extra Parent Conception: Yue has three parents: Bakura, Yukito, and Ryou.
  • Flight: He loves flying so much he asks Kaworu if that can be his purpose.
    • Stationary Wings: Averted; he spends his first years trying to fly the normal way, by flapping them; he can, but it's difficult and tiring and he requires very strong thermals.
    • Power Floats: He is eventually taught the "real" way to fly, which involves his mind rather than his wings, and he is able to "fly" inside by floating.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
    • Pure Is Not Good: He’s not good. He’s not evil, either - he’s just apart.
    • Ambiguous Innocence: Even a sociopath has a concept of good and evil, though it may not align with regular morals… Yue doesn’t. It never occurs to him to ask if something is good or bad.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy
  • No Social Skills: He doesn’t see the point of things like saying “please” and using honorifics. He’s nice enough, he just has no social skills.
    • Brutally Honest: If he doesn’t like something you’ve done for him, he will make sure you know.
    • Literal-Minded: As he currently has an apparent age of 4, it remains to be seen how much of this he will grow out of.
    • No Sense of Humor: He tends to take things literally and just blink at jokes.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Not very different, though, except that apparently they aren’t always created by or for gods; they live a thousand years before being called to serve any one of the myriad gods.
  • Picky Eater: He only likes fruit, and refuses to eat meat (although he can be tricked into eating vegetables if no one says that they’re not fruit).
  • Power Glows: Yue's wings are always faintly glowing. It's enough to see by in dark tunnels.
  • Replacement Goldfish: After the triplets are taken away, Yuki becomes obsessed with having another baby, and thus Yue was born.
  • Tangled Family Tree: Yue is a three-parent child of cross-generational incest. He just calls Ryou and Bakura by name rather than anyone figuring out what the relationships should be.
  • Winged Humanoid: He was born with two little feathery wings. They get much bigger.

    The Triplets 

The Triplets

Original: None

Kana, Akihiko, and Mamoru, resulting from an orgy where Yuki finally managed to get to feed from Kenshin, as well as Saitou and Jounouchi.

  • Big Eater: Akihiko is apparently never full.
  • Extra Parent Conception: Mamoru has two fathers: Kenshin and Saitou (and Yuki is his mother).
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Akihiko is Jounouchi's son, and is presumably (essentially) half human, since Jounouchi's infinitesimal youkai blood was still dormant.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Kana has pink hair, probably because Kenshin's red + Yuki's grey = pink in magic genetics, but she is a sweet and quiet baby... until she gets her first taste of blood and shows her dragonny / vampire side.
  • Put on a Bus: The Earthkami takes them all when the world's ki starts to go insane, to prevent them from becoming monsters (due to their unnatural makeup).
  • True Name: All three of the babies have a magical "true name" in accordance with Bakura's family tradition. Even the fathers don't know them.