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Headscratchers / Blood and Revolution

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  • Why did Kaworu engineer the apocalypse? He intentionally told Saitou to talk to Makoto and Haru, and they are the ones who told him to find the Earthkami - it seems pretty unlikely that Kaworu and his little knowing smirk would not have seen how it would likely end. Literally his entire actions before the apocalypse consisted of appearing from nowhere to seek Saitou out, bestowing him a sword, pointing him at that path, and then being the one to restore the Earthkami's memories.
    • Also, why did he have the Earthkami's heart...?
      • Nothing has been really answered, but it has been revealed that Kaworu is from the distant future. It may be that he is steering the world towards that future, or avoiding a bad future. Or knowing Kaworu, possibly both.