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  • Anvilicious: The show pretty well conveys the idea that racism and the cult of hatred is a time bomb and clearly only brings evil, but it would be much better if most of the Martians were not so flatly malicious, pretentious and insidious. Otherwise, a little more, and the show itself would have spread Fantastic Racism.
    • Going further with this is how it show rulers who instead of solving problems chose to incite hatred and shift the blame on others, digging their own pit that in the end only gets deeper and the government will do nothing else but start a war. This is the way to nowhere.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Even a lot of Slaine's haters found his ultimate fate excessively cruel to the point that they've redirected their anger towards Asseylum instead for leaving him this way.
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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Slaine and Inaho are both very polarizing Base Breaking Characters in the West, though Inaho is far more popular due to being a Memetic Badass. Whereas in Japan viewers tend to lean a lot more heavily in favor of Slaine and against Inaho.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Inaho and his emotionless reaction to everything that happens around him. He's either loved for being The Stoic and a nice change of pace from the usual Hot-Blooded hero of a mecha series, or he's hated because the almost complete lack of emotion makes him too robotic and impossible to relate to. There's also the issue of how most of his battle plans have gone off without a hitch (except for one requiring a last minute save in Episode 6). Whether this makes him a badass or a Invincible Hero is the subject of much arguing.
    • After the events of the first season, Slaine has divided his own fanbase; either he's justified in his actions, or he might as well be the biggest idiot in the series. Or a combination of both, even.
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    • Princess Lemrina is the odd combination of this and Ensemble Dark Horse. On one hand, she has many followers who think of her as a surprisingly interesting character. Others see her as a selfish bitch who wants to steal everything from Asseylum aka her half-sister. Double if this complaint comes from Slaine/Asseylum shippers.
  • Broken Base:
    • Whether Inaho's actions in Episode 7's ending are justified. Some people are not pleased at all while others defend him.
    • Considering how much of a Base-Breaking Character Inaho is in his own right, it wasn't surprising that the fandom was splintered into several factions after the events of Episode 12. Many of the people who liked Inaho now see Slaine as The Scrappy and a giant idiot. On the other hand, many of the people who didn't like Inaho and saw him as The Scrappy saw Slaine's actions as a big Take That, Scrappy!, to the point that Slaine gained a lot of new fans as a result. However, some non-Inaho fans have also turned on Slaine as well since his actions indirectly got the princess killed, as well came off as incredibly foolish. And then you have the camp which doesn't particularly favor either side but finds their actions justified and the overall outcome a big heaping pile of Laser-Guided Karma on both characters, especially for Inaho's aforementioned actions.
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    • When the previews for the second season revealed that none of the deaths in the finale stuck. Many in the fandom rejoiced, while others complained that it was a colossal Writer Cop Out.
    • The arranged matrimony between Asseylum and Klancain at series's finale has been received with ire by a big part of the fanbase for destroying all the Asseylum ships, including the favorite Inaho/Asseylum. Even though the other part thinks it perhaps makes more political sense In-Universe than a conventional romantic resolution, many of them agree that it feels sudden and unnecesary, especially after the amount of incredibly unsubtle Ship Tease the good princess gets (see Ship Sinking below). Another thing which makes this particularly galling is that Klancain was introduced three episodes before the finale, and therefore never really received much development or characterization.
    • The ending in general has become this. While some think the Bittersweet Ending is appropriate enough for such a Black and Gray Morality series, a lot of people don't because it screws over the shippers, screws over Slaine, feels rushed and anticlimactic, not a whole lot changes for all the lives lost, and is conflictingly both realistic and unrealistic in different ways, among other common complaints.
  • Cliché Storm: It seems that the series quotes almost all the popular Mecha Genre franchises in our time, especially Code Geass, Gundam Seed, and Macross. At the same time, Gen Urobuchi works with this enough so that it is not annoying or wiil be plagiarizing, and the references themselves may appeal to the fans of the genre.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Inaho and Slaine are highly flawed characters, and their many faults or self-inflicted mistakes can make it hard for the audience to sympathize with them.
  • Die for Our Ship: A good part of the dislike that Lemrina is getting comes from Slaine/Asseylum shippers who think she's a threat to their ship. Specially after Lemrina gives Slaine a surprise kiss on the lips.
    • For anyone who supported the Asseylum x Inaho/Slaine, Klancain's appearance and the arranged marriage sports quite a heat and sinks any possible chance of shipping her with Inaho or Slaine.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The opening theme "heavenly blue" by Kalafina.
    • "MKAlieZ", the epic, epic music used during the descent of the Landing Castles and whenever Inaho steps up to the plate.
    • BRE@TH//LESS, an Insert Song played numerous times during the series.
  • Ending Aversion: Season 2 already suffered issues, such as everyone surviving the season 1 finale, Inaho becoming even more overpowered and Lemrina being introduced out of nowhere. The ending itself was controversial for several reasons, such as Asseylum marrying a completely different guy and Slaine sentenced to life in prison.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Princess Lemrina seems to be picking up a rather large fanbase, particularly among viewers who think she's a far more interesting character than the one-dimensional Asseylum ever was.
    • Among other Orbitary Knights, Mazureek is pretty famous among the fanbase for being the only knight that doesn't harbor any contempt toward the Terrans unlike any other knights introduced prior and the ones who willing to cooperate with them when given the chance. Fans were disappointed when the chance of him being able to become the inside-man for Inaho (and to an extend, Asseylum) from retaking the throne from Lemrina and Slaine were cast aside.
  • Epileptic Trees: From the moment the first season's opening aired, the fandom started speculating like mad about the final frame on what Asseylum is pointing her pistol at.
    • She winds up pointing it at Slaine(! of all people) in Episode 21. Background doesn't quite match though.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: For Slaine. Word of God is that his ending is a hopeful and happy one because he's now freed from his feelings of obligation towards the princess. However, he's presented as a broken mess left to rot in prison for the rest of his life, accused of plotting to kill the one person he spent the whole series trying to protect by said person, and long Driven to Suicide by guilt over his actions but denied from being able act on it. Umm. Ironically his original fate (see What Could Have Been) was scrapped for supposedly being too depressing, but most viewers would disagree, to the point that even his haters thought the actual ending went beyond the confines of karma into meanspiritedness.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Surprisingly created one with fans of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans due to similarities in the basic plot, and the fact that some of A/Z's seiyuus also ended up with roles in the former. Notwithstanding the fact that A/Z started airing a full year ahead of IBO.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Whatever the people in a certain country/territory is doing to resist the invasion/occupation by Vers.
  • Fandom-Specific Plot: There are tons of Fix Fic where Inaho instead of shooting Slaine, takes him as a captive, reunites with Princess Asseylum and, depending on the writer, they either became good friends or something else.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Inaho/Slaine is extremely popular among the fanbase, even though their relationship in canon makes it closer to a Crack Pairing and as good as impossible after episode 12. Cruhteo/Slaine is also quite popular for the Unequal Pairing undertones, especially after episode 8.
    • There is also Inaho/Yuki, because the latter understands him more than others and the fact that they grew up together. Some of the fans who don't mind the latter think it would work if the latter was not his sister. Nevertheless, even the theoretical possibility of this remains in question, given their age difference and blood ties with the total absence of Incest Subtext in the show.
    • Another group is for Inaho/Inko, had if not for Inaho's Brutal Honesty about Inko's weight.
  • Faux Symbolism: How Inaho accidentally became a VERS Knight. When Yuki and Inko retrieved him heavily wounded and covered in blood (both his own and Asseylum's) from the Saazbaum castle and took him to Deucalion, Doc Yagarai told them that he could be saved, given the proper medical care at the EU base. Unfortunately, the only way to do it in time was to fly the Deucalion back, which was impossible because of it having no power. This drove Inko to tears, one of which washed a drop of blood into his mouth. Yuki then managed to notice the reaction of the ship's Aldhoah Drive, and conclude that it was Asseylum's blood. She then touched the drive by the Inaho's hand, reactivating it.
  • Foe Yay: A popular fandom interpretation of the ending even among non-shippers is that Inaho chose to spare Slaine and have him locked up in secret so he could keep him for himself.
  • Genius Bonus: It only shows up for a few frames in Episode 5, but a reference to Emacs is made when the HUD shows the damage to Inaho's mech.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In-universe example, Yuki Kaizuka was initially terrified to let Inaho go onto the battlefield because he could be killed at any time. He gets shot in the head and left for dead in a pool of blood as of the first season finale. Even worse, Yuki was right outside the room to Hold the Line when this happened, meaning her brother was shot almost literally right behind her back and she couldn't do anything about it.
    • An out-of-universe example, the Emperor's poor health is a lot harsher after his voice actor Shinji Ogawa died on March 7, 2015, when the show had three episodes left.
  • He's Just Hiding!: There's a surprisingly large segment of the fanbase that still thinks Count Cruhteo is alive, despite all evidence to the contrary.
    • With the appearance of his son, Klancain, in season 2. This has become an averted trope.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Inaho gets called "Orange" by an enemy who has no idea who he is, and said nickname later gets used derogatorily by Slaine. Then, in season 2, Inaho gets a cybernetic implant after getting nearly killed and comes back for some glorious asskicking. Are we still talking about Inaho Kaizuka or Jeremiah Gottwald?
    • The fandom repeatedly accusing Inaho of acting too robotic. They got validated twice: after his Electronic Eye was revealed in Episode 13, and then again in Episode 22 when said eye actually took over his body and spoke in Machine Monotone.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: High, starting with the first episode when downtown New Orleans disappears in a fiery mushroom cloud.
  • Ho Yay:
    • The infamous Slaine torture scenes in Episode 8, which came off to many viewers as having almost fetishistic BDSM vibes.
    • Over the course of the series it's established that the insert song "No Differences" is supposed to be about Inaho and Slaine. Said song includes lyrics like these:
      Come on take my hand

      Hold me now
      Catch my hopes
      Feel me now
      In your arms
  • I Am Not Shazam: A large number of viewers of the show make the mistake of referring to the mechs as "Aldnoahs." Aldnoah is the power source for the machines, which are actually called Kataphrakts. This is probably because most of the time for a Mecha Show, the "unusual" part of the title does refer to the machines in question, such as a Gundam, a Valvrave, or the Argevollen.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Slaine. He's paired with a good chunk of the Martian characters as well as Inaho.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: After having been "killed" multiple times in the series, many fans didn't really believe that Asseylum really died in Episode 12. In addition, many fans also weren't convinced that Inaho died, either. And they were right.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Saazbaum has such flair, intelligence and a powerful Freudian Excuse that he has become this. But as of Episode 15, it looks like he's found his match... in Slaine, of all people.
  • Memetic Badass:
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The eggs are on sale.
    • "There's nothing stronger than love except an M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher. Because '''fuck you and everyone around you'''." Explanation 
    • Slaine shot first. Explanation 
    • Bad Luck Slaine. Or alternatively, Being Slaine is Suffering, and the Slaine Pain Train. Explanation 
      • "Slained" or "Slain Moments" became the go-to term for fans when bad things happens to Slaine.
    • Thank you, Slaine! But your princess is in another castle!
    • The finale spawned a few about Slaine's imprisonment. The joke going is that Asseylum wanted to save him, but her wish ended up with him imprisoned for life and isolated, suicidal and completely broken. Whoops. Another running joke is that she meant for Slaine to be redeemed and happy, and Inaho just interpreted her favor ("save him") literally, and/or purposely ignored the reasons behind them to make his enemy miserable. Also, calling Slaine's necklace the "chain of misery".
    • I SAY CRYYYYYYYY Explanation 
    • The Red Landing, and Slaine of Thrones Explanation 
    • GO GO POWER RANGERS explanation 
    • Takillyama Explanation 
    • #SlaineDidNothingWrong Explanation 
    • FUCK SLAINE Explanation 
    • Cleared for lunch! Explanation 
    • United Earth BRINGING THE BLAZE Explanation 
  • Moe: Princess Asseylum, specially in the moments she looks down.
  • Narm: Now with its own page!
  • Narm Charm: Edelrittuo's Badass Driver stint was, for some, both hilarious and awesome.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Edelrittuo is one of the latest loli characters of Inori Minase before she gets two Star-Making Role one after another in 2015 and 2016's as Hestia and Rem.
  • Rewatch Bonus:
    • Once the faces of the princess's assassins have become familiar, it becomes much easier to notice that they are fellow patrons of the same bar Marito goes to for a drink in Episode 1 before the assassination is carried out.
    • After watching Episode 3, a one-second scene from Episode 2 becomes immensely important. Right after the Nilokeras jumps off the sky carrier, as it is falling, a half dozen green objects streak away from it that are almost impossible to catch unless you know to look out for it. These are the surveillance drones being launched.
    • Related to the above, during Trillram's teleconference with Saazbaum partly through Episode 3, some of the viewscreens in his cockpit are showing shots of the city from a birds-eye view. This is another clue that he's relying on cameras in the sky to see the outside world. Again, this is before the episode explicitly reveals the existence of said camera drones.
    • Going back to Episode 8 after Episode 10 seems to confirm that Cruhteo is definitely dead. After Saazbaum vaporized Cruhteo, there is a shot of the many Aldnoah Drives powering the Landing Castle as dark orbs (instead of shining with light) and the command center's lights were out when they were on just a few seconds ago. While the Deucalion's Aldnoah Drive lost power immediately after Asseylum was garrotted by Rayet, and stayed that way until Inaho managed to revive Asseylum and she explicitly reactivated it, seemingly giving the chance for Cruhteo to be similarly revived, Saazbaum later gives Cruhteo's Kataphract, the Tharsis, to Slaine, after retrieving it from the Castle Cruhteo's ruins. This means that he most definitely had seen to Cruhteo staying dead.
    • Episode 11 reveals that the Dioscuria has radar-resistant stealth coating which explains the scene in Episode 8 where it completely catches Castle Cruhteo's sensor officers by surprise only a few seconds before impact.
    • In Episode 10, there is a very brief moment when Inaho is reading some kind of schematic after reaching United Earth HQ. In Episode 11, this turns out to be the Mecha Expansion Pack his Sleipnir equips during the HALO jump.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Asseylum has gotten this treatment from some fans after the finale where she imprisons Slaine for life, as well as for her decision to ask Inaho to save Slaine after he shot Inaho in the head and put him in a coma during the mid-season finale.
  • Second Season Downfall: It's widely agreed the second season is far inferior to the first. The commonly cited elements that really bring it down are everyone surviving the first season finale, Inaho's Electronic Eye turning him into a Spotlight-Stealing Squad and Lemrina being introduced as a new character out of nowhere.
  • Ship Sinking: Asseylum/everybody for the series's finale, given her arranged matrimony with Klancain.
  • Snark Bait: The show may run into some problems but it's far from being one, but the promotional panel for the AFATH 2015 for this show really trying too hard to build up hype among the fanbase that it eventually becomes this. If there's a thread discussing the show (especially at /m/), expect the screencap of that page to pop up.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The show may run into quite a problem, but even fans and detractors agreed that the show is pretty much style over substance, not memorable enough for a long term discussion but not really controversial enough to be offensive, with most of them agreed that it's forgettable at worst.
  • Special Effects Failure: Both fans and detractors agreed that the way the show handles almost all the mechanical equipment (with the exception of that one time on the episode 2) were jarring and wished that they could've done better with it. Issues like poor and inconsistent framerate pacing, and poor implementation of CG in the mechanical design is apparent in this show, so watch it with caution.
    • The first Manga adaptation takes it even worse. The artist decided to blend in the already embarrassing CG models into a static 2D panel that blends even worse than the anime, awkward shots and positioning that makes the entire thing done in Garry's Mod, and other issues that doesn't always involve the CG. It's so bad that they're hired another artist to do the second season part.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: The story and characters really does feel like a copy-and-paste of Code Geass once you compare the two. For example; one protagonist is a dark haired protagonist who performs insane plans on the fly despite being a teenager, gains a special that allows him to manipulate things to suit his plans better, and is trying to protect his sister. Meanwhile the other protagonist is a member of the opposite faction who is fighting against the same people he hails from, is a lighter-haired protagonist who ends up piloting a white colored mech and operates more with emotion then reason. From that description alone you wouldn't be able to tell if the characters discussed are Lelouch and Suzaku, or Inaho and Slaine. Even the ending to the first season is almost the exact same, with it being that both protagonist draw guns on each other and their fates being left unanswered till the second season. While it may of been intentional, the similarities make it seem that A-1 Pictures and TROYCA simply were trying to copy the success Code Geass made since the series had been over for a few years.
    • Concept-wise, the show does awful-lot similar to ∀ Gundam and Blue Comet SPT Layzner in some aspects; The opposing force that came from extraterrestrial background that happens to be related to the Earth all along, the wide technological gap between each factioncomparison , the resentment from invading faction used as the driving force and motivation to invade earthcomparison , their governmental body is ruled by a Monarch in an imperialistic manner, the main character has a relation to the opposing faction, often with the Princess and her Knight dynamics (Inaho and Asseylum, Loran and Dianna, Eiji and her sister Julia by the second half), and many more.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Arguably Mazuurek, who was shown to be one of the more reasonable Orbital Knights, and could have served as the leader of a separate Vers faction or as an inside man for Inaho. However, after his initial introduction, he's largely absent from the show until he's required for the plot to move forward.
    • For that matter, the entire Deucalion's crew got shafted for the second season. Major subplots like Marito's PTSD and Rayet's identity issues got brushed aside in just a few lines of dialogue, and they were the lucky ones. The rest of the crew, including Captain Magbaredge and Commander Mizusaki, may as well have been nameless background characters and nothing would have been lost.
    • Inaho himself fell into this, since by the Time Skip, the show is pretty much about Slaine and his rise and fall from grace. Even if the rivalry between him and Inaho becomes the primary focus of the show, the directions the show's take delves more into shaping Slaine moreso than Inaho and the rivalry between him is pretty much one-sided anyway (Inaho is antipathy towards it, only sees him as an obstacle most of the time), leaving him with almost no development whatsoever.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Very little of Dr. Troyard or his research is ever explained.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Eddelrittuo is clearly meant to be comic relief and provide some Bathos for the viewing audience, but the dominant perception of her is that of an annoying, racist, and myopic spoiled brat. To wit, there is a moment in Episode 9 when she calls some Earthlings "commoners." It's supposed to be funny and illustrate that she's a Fish out of Water on Earth, but those who weren't amused took it as classist.
    • She's really not all that bad until Episode 9 for the most part. Kind of annoying for sure but no worse than most Token Mini-Moe characters. Then in Episode 9 she suddenly acts classist and/or racist in every single one of her speaking parts.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • For some reason, Vers pilots don't wear pressurized suits (or pilot suits whatsoever) while piloting their Kataphrakts in space. One can guess that at least Marylcian realized how useful it would have been wearing one when he got thrown out of his mecha to the space vacuum.
    • The Orbital Knights think they are so superior with their technology, that they prefer to toy with their targets rather than getting the mission done (unlike Saazbaum who prefer to slay his targets quickly and without mercy). This give time for the UEA to regroup and Inaho to come up with the miraculous plan to beat them. When caught underhanded, you think they would retreat or change position. No they just stand still and watch in disbelief while they get their asses kicked. Also, the knights fail to realize that something must have gone wrong when they start losing one by one to puny inferior Terrans. Yet, they do nothing to change their strategies or tactics. It's only when Slaine whip them into shape that they become more of a threat, but it comes a little too late to make a significant impact in the long run.
    • Most of the time, the Orbital Knights jumps into the fray alone without any reinforcements whatsoever, at least the ones that appeared on-screen. Since Inaho and his peers ganging up against them most of the time, why didn't they look back at that and do the same?
    • The Vers emperor, who should you trust: a person who is constantly under watch and have no actual ability or reason to betray you, or the person who instigated a war without your permission? Even weirder since he questioned the motive around the assassination in the start of the episode. Racism towards Eathlings would cover his obliviousness, but still...
    • The entire research team that worked on the Deucalion. Sure, let's spend millions on a battleship powered by something no Earthling can actually use. Presumably they were hoping to discover a way to activate it like the Versians can, but you'd think they'd do those experiments before converting the mecha into a battleship...
    • Apparently Rayet's father genuinely believed he was going to promoted to the nobility for assassinating his own side's princess. There's a reason assassins are usually paid in cash and plane ticket out of the country, rather than fame.
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Slaine just can't seem to catch a break. No matter what he does to try to help Asseylum or stop the war, it just ends up as a "Shaggy Dog" Story as the universe conspires against him to maintain the status quo.
    • Also, disturbingly enough, Saazbaum, the Big Bad. Sure, his plan falls flat into Disproportionate Retribution territory, but it's hard not to feel bad for him.


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