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Nightmare Fuel / Aldnoah.Zero

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This series was made with the help of Gen Urobuchi, so OF COURSE there will be Nightmare Fuel in it.

  • The opening act of the Martian's Invasion of Earth consists of them moving their Landing Castles into the Earth's atmosphere by dropping them from orbit (the Castle's can survive the impact with the Earth's surface, and apparently so can the crew). We see this happen in New Orleans, which completely levels the city and vaporizes the millions of people trying to leave the city.
  • During the first attempt the United Earth forces make to attack a Landing Castle (specifically the one belonging to Selnakis), their entire force is annihilated via laser attack from the Solis. One scene, in particular, shows a Raptor pilot wondering what happened to his wingman who has destroyed by a laser shot, only to be killed by a follow up attack. It's hard to see, but we get a clear shot of the cockpit before the plane explodes and it looks like the pilot has been reduced to a red stain.
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  • Marito's flashbacks to the first war between Earth and VERS, specifically The Battle of Tanegashima. His entire platoon is wiped out fighting the Deucalion, unable to even scratch it due to its mastery over gravity. His best friend was roasted alive inside a tank because Marito was too frozen with fear to help him, forcing him to eventually shoot his best friend to end his suffering. No wonder Marito has issues.
  • The original Deucalion, period. This Kataphract had mastery of gravity, giving it, in essence, zero weaknesses, and was only destroyed due to the Heaven's Fall disable its gravity manipulation system, leaving it helpless in the face of the oncoming lunar debris. If it had survived, its likely nothing on Earth would have been able to defeat it, and Earth would likely be little more than a territory of VERS.
    • While the Deucalion is pretty much a game breaker on the battle field with no real weaknesses, Earth wouldn't be entirely helpless. The most basic method to neutralize the Deucalion would be sending an infiltrator team or surprise attack to take out the Deucalion while it's unmanned in the Landing Castle hangar - similar to what Count Saazbaum did to Count Cruhteo. Still the odds are entirely against Earth.

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