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Hiroyuki Sawano, the man who brought us the soundtracks for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown is composing the music for this show, so it's almost guaranteed.

  • The opening theme, "heavenly blue" by Kalafina. Considering who's composing it, though, it's no real surprise.
  • The second opening theme, "&Z" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] and with mizuki on the vocals, is even more awesome, being a lament about the war between Earth and Mars.
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  • The first ending theme, "A/Z", a beautiful and evocative song that fits the imaginary to a T.
  • The ending theme for Episode 4, "[aLIEz]", was so good it was ripped and posted within 30 minutes of the actual episode being simulcast. When THE F1RST TAKE invited Sawano and mizuki to do a one-take performance, the maestro did what he does best with the piano, and mizuki's vocals made the rest history.
  • "MKAlieZ", first used when the Landing Castles touched down in Episode 1. It's used again during Episode 4's battle with the Argyre. It takes an already awesome track, and turns it into a thundering blistering barrage evoking the feelings of "Oh, Crap!", "This Is Gonna Suck" and hopelessness... and then the chorus kicks in, evoking Big Damn Heroes badassery.
  • "BRE@TH//LESS", used as an insert song for Episodes 3, 7 and 11.
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  • Episode 7 also features a second insert song called "Keep on keeping on", played during Inaho and Slaine's team up against the Hellas. Its emotional and exciting melody surely kept up some hearts while watching the episode.
  • "AZPV", incorporating as much orchestral grandeur as Sawano can muster. First used when the Orbital Knights declare war on Earth, reappearing with the defeat of the Nilokeras, Argyre and the Hellas. note 
  • "The Call to Arms", which details the motivation of Saazbaum and the Orbital Knights, making it clear they are not just in this For the Evulz.
  • "No differences" and "AL°C-@" note  are two vocal songs from the soundtrack that were sadly never used in the first season proper. "No differences" eventually shows up in Season 2, Episode 2, when Inaho and Slaine duel: pinpoint accuracy versus precognitive evasion. The melody and lyrics of "AL°C-@" were used, however, for the special ending theme "Harmonious", sung by Asseylum's voice actress Sora Amamiya.
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  • The GO GO POWER RANGERS battle theme from the Season 1 finale, "Ch19FIRE"!
  • "AD2014-7.5/7.9-OA" note  was used for some of the more dramatic moments in the series, such as when Count Saazbaum orders his troops to attack the United Earth Forces HQ in Episode 11.
  • All of the new vocal songs from the rearranged soundtrack, namely "No differences <a0v>", "The Call to Arms <a0v>", "BRE@TH//LESS <a0v>", and finally, "MKAlieZ <a0v>".