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Heartwarming / Aldnoah.Zero

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Episode 3:

  • Magbaredge says she can't spare troops to look out for Yuki and the rest of the missing refugees. She will only authorize a search party if Marito can find enough volunteers. Later, Marito only finds four people. Magbaredge comes in and says she'll join the search party, despite her resentment toward Marito.
  • Related above, Nina was part of the volunteers, as she was worried her friends weren't among the evacuees.

Episode 16:

  • What is the first thing Inaho does after waking up from the Season 1 finale? Trying to cover up his sleeping sister with a blanket that has fallen to her lap, from his bed where he can barely move. Once this wakes her up he has a small smile on his face saying...
    Inaho: Good-morning Yuki-nee.
    • Whereas many of the Orbital Knights dropped their Landing Castles directly on major cities, doubtlessly killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, Count Mazuurek's Landing Castle is in the middle of the Yemeni desert. Clearly, Mazuurek isn't planning on killing any more people than he absolutely has to.

Episode 22:

Episode 24:

  • Yes, Earth is saved and there is peace with Vers now. Unfortunately Slaine is imprisoned for life for his actions. He finds out in the end that Asseylum choose to spare his life.
    • It is also interesting that Inaho totally ditched Asseylum's peace ceremony in order to visit Slaine in prison instead. It's also stated that he is the only person who visits Slaine.
    • The sight of Mazuurek wearing not his red Count's uniform but a simple brown robe, standing somewhere in an Arab city, surrounded by gleeful children.

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