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  • Counterpart Comparison: Unsurprisingly, Mozenrath tends to be compared to Jafar quite a bit. He avoids being a Replacement Scrappy though, which is quite a feat in itself, because... well, it's Jafar. Iago even lampshades this.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Genie, on occasion. Sometimes he saves the day just by goofing off, not even realizing it.
    • His girlfriend Eden follows this trend quite nicely.
    • Chaos.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Mozenrath.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Mozenrath. While only appearing in 9 out of all the 86 episodes, there was just enough depth to his character to make him stand out from the crowd, resulting in endless theories about him and his past life.
    • Chaos, in spades. Despite being a one-shot character, he is highly popular among fans.
    • Thundra the rainbird appears to be gaining a fandom.
    • Mirage — especially for the Furry Fandom.
  • Evil Is Cool: Many villains are seen this way, like Arbutus, Chaos, Malcho, The Mukhtar and Mozenrath. On the other hand...
  • Evil Is Sexy: Mozenrath, Mirage, Saleen and Sadira (though she's more cute than sexy, and more of a Friendly Enemy than evil). Also, Jasmine during her temporary evil in "Forget Me Lots".
  • Fanon: The idea of Mozenrath being Aladdin's long lost brother proved interesting enough to become very popular, despite Disney deciding not to use it.
    • Somehow, the idea that Mirage is Mozenrath's mother has gotten quite a bit of traction among fans, manifesting itself commonly in fanfiction where Mozenrath is portrayed as Mirage's exasperated prodigal son. At no point in the TV show itself do the two have any interactions, nor is any such relationship even hinted at.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: Aladdin and Mozenrath have quite the fan following with numerous fanfics and fanart of them.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In "The Seven Faces of Genie", Genie's Anger, Laughter, and Kindness has some resemblance to Yao, Ling, and Chien Po, respectively.
    • Chaos, a crazy cat-like being with god-like powers has quite a lot in common with none other than Discord. The only real difference seems to be that Chaos appears to be a Neutral force at worst, whereas Discord is outright evilnote .
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    • In "The Flawed Couple", Iago is affected by one of Mechanikles' machines and starts hitting on Jasmine. Japanese people will probably get slight Thumbelina flashbacks, since the two have the same voice actors, Akira Kamiya and Kaori Asoh. In the original version, Iago even calls Jasmine "toots".
    • "Secret of Dagger Rock" has Jasmine disguise herself as a palace guard to save Aladdin from Mozenrath. Four years after this episode aired, Disney released a movie about another girl who disguises herself as a man.
  • Ho Yay: Iago and Abu have a few moments of monkey-parrot bromance. Hell, you can say that Iago has a few Tsundere tendencies towards Abu. Example of how close it can get between them? This bit at the end of "The Day the Bird Stood Still", after he's been saved from becoming a stone statue:
    Iago: Don’t ask me to explain this. (Kisses Abu hard on the forehead)
    • And if you thought that was gay, in "In the Heat of the Fright", the two realise with horror that they've had a Sleep Cute moment, with Iago telling himself that it's all just been a bad dream.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Iago occasionally.
    • Mozenrath. While the leather pants does have a part in it for some, it's still not that hard to feel for him during his more tragic moments.
    • Once again, Arbutus.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Mozenrath. He hasn't even met half the characters he gets shipped with.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Mozenrath. The fact that he's the only villain to ever hear Aladdin say the words "You win," and mean it, says a lot.
    • Chaos one ups Mirage by tricking her into believing she tricked him.
  • Moe: Sadira.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Destane, Mozenrath's former master, became quite memorable, considering he only had a few seconds of screen-time, as well as no lines.
  • The Scrappy: The twin Ass in Ambassadors in "Riders Redux." They have Most Annoying Sound voices, and they keep threatening war for even the pettiest of reasons. Unsurprisingly, most fans hated them.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: In fanfiction, it's quite common to pair Mozenrath with Sadira even though the two have never even interacted on the show.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Of Rhapsody in Blue when Genie is dressed as a flight attendant on the carpet. An obvious nod to the famous use of the song by United Airlines, although odd considering in 1992 Delta was the official airline of Disney.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Chaos, who's possibly the most powerful being in the Aladdin universe, and can give Mirage a run for her money, only appeared in one episode.
    • Destane, Mozenrath's former mentor of whom the latter betrayed. Apparently he was nasty enough that Jafar steered clear of him. Only appeared or was even mentioned in one episode.
    • Khartoum was one of the most powerful and clever villains in the series, even outwitting Mozenrath! It's too bad he only appeared in one episode.
    • Saleen only appeared in two episodes and to make it worse, at the end of her second appearance "Shark Treatment" she vows "We'll get them next time, Armand." Sadly, Saleen was never seen or mentioned for the remainder of the series.
    • Eden only shows up in two episodes. Which is disappointing considering she and Genie have such great chemistry with each other.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • In "Eye of the Beholder", it was revealed that Fasir and Mirage used to have a thing together. Wouldn't it be great to show what their past was like?
    • The original idea that Mozenrath is Aladdin's brother.
  • Ugly Cute:
    • Xerxes is usually just plain ugly, but can sometimes cross into this when it's shown how devoted he is to his master.
    • Also the Unkbut, the giant bugs that live under Agrabah.
  • The Woobie: All of the main characters gets their moments, or even episodes, of this. Yes, even Carpet.