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Tear Jerker / Aladdin: The Series

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  • Seems Like Old Crimes - Part Two: The scene where Minos presumably dies after being blasted by Aziz's fire while he was protecting Fatima.
  • The Ethereal: The scene where Jasmine presumably dies after she risks her life saving Tanti.
  • Eye of the Beholder: This episode's theme, especially the ending.
    • The gang get accosted by some petty thugs, but get fought off rather easily by Jasmine's half-naga form. The thugs ran for their lives, screaming to "get away from the monster". Jasmine could only look down sadly after being referred to as a monster.
    • When Jasmine's transformation accelerates. Aladdin falls from a high height, thanks to Genie stomping on the ground, and Jasmine quickly catches him with her tail. Unfortunately, the barbs on her tail scratched and poisoned him, causing her to cry over her nearly killing him.
    • Mirage destroying the Renewal tree, ruining Jasmine's hope of a cure. Then Mirage appears and her sadistic mocking crushes Jasmine's spirit even further and she sadly admits to Aladdin that Mirage is right, seeing as long she is a snake creature they can never be together or have a life with each other, and she sadly slithers away.
    Jasmine: I'm stuck like this... forever.
    Mirage: Ahaha! I do love a tragic ending.
    Aladdin: Mirage! So you're behind this!
    Genie: Lady, I’m taking you out, and I’m not talking dinner and a movie! (Mirage waves her hand and Genie is cut into pieces) You're one sick kitty!
    Mirage: I know! (laughs) I could tear you apart like I did your genie... but you're filled with blood! (Aladdin growls; Jasmine holds him back) Tell me, Aladdin, do you still love Jasmine, knowing she'll never be human again?
    Aladdin: Don't listen to her, Jasmine. I'll never leave you.
    Jasmine: No, Aladdin, she's right.
    Aladdin: What?
    Jasmine: Look at me! What kinda life can we possibly have together? I can't even touch you or you might die.
    Aladdin: But, Jasmine—
    Jasmine: Go back to Agrabah, Aladdin.
    Aladdin: I told you I'll never leave you!
    Jasmine: (hisses fiercely) GO AWAY! (she sadly slithers off)
    • Aladdin decides to transform himself into a snake, stating that if he and Jasmine can't live together as human, they can live together as serpents.
    • Aladdin and Jasmine stating that they will never leave each other no matter what is also Heartwarming.
  • To Cure a Thief: Aladdin and Abu's friendship falling apart. After Aladdin scolds Abu for stealing a gauntlet in the palace royal treasure room, he decides to put a leash on the monkey. Abu is angered by this and decides to run away and as he does so, he throws his fez at Aladdin, indicating that their friendship is over.
    • Aladdin and Abu soon start to miss each other, as they feel miserable, guilty, and lonely.
  • Two to Tangle: A brief moment, but when Abu touches Mozenrath's gauntlet, Mozenrath (who is in Aladdin's body) grabs him and yells at him, telling him to keep his hands of it. This causes Abu to be in tears, seeming terrified, and being mad at Aladdin. He and Aladdin luckily reconcile after Aladdin apologizes to him, stating that he doesn't know what got into him.
  • Genie Hunt: This episode introduces one of Genie's old masters Ajed Al-Gebraic, who made a deal for eternal life. Ajed hired Muhktar to make Genie his servant.
    • At the end of the episode, after Aladdin sacrifices himself for Genie, Ajed decides to cancel the contract of making Genie his servant, but knowing that Aladdin is mortal, he states that he'll see Genie again once he and Aladdin go their separate ways. This is sad, as it means that once Aladdin dies, Genie will have to become Ajed's servant for who knows how long. Then the Muhktar tells Genie that he'll be long retired by the time Aladdin dies meaning Ajed will have no genie hunter to retrieve genie and thus won't be able to have him as his servant but it is still a sad thought.
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  • The Hunted: When Muhktar betrays Genie by having him be trapped in the Mozenrath's Crystal of Ix and leaving him while he gets his powers taken away by Mozenrath, which would result in him perishing.
  • Witch Way Did She Go?: Aladdin and his friends (save Jasmine, which is until Aladdin convinces her that Sadira was supposedly responsible for the snake attack) believing that Sadira is betraying them. While it is understandable, due to Sadira's actions in her previous episodes, it is pretty heartbreaking as she really has reformed and meant to no harm to the gang.
    • Also, the scene where Aladdin and his friends mourn over the loss of Sadira, realizing that she saved their lives and therefore, feeling guilty for believing that she was betraying them.
  • Garden of Evil: This episode features Arbutus, a misunderstood villain who is shown to actually be a good person who cares so much about his garden just like how families care about each other. He is also shown to be a very talented artist, as he shows Jasmine his creation of the garden. The scene where Arbutus dies from getting the rose on his chest cut off by Aladdin's knife is probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire series.
  • Air Feather Friends: When Abu gets taken away from Aladdin by Razoul and Fazal to become the two guard's servant.
  • Bad Mood Rising: Jasmine being forced to stay with King Mamoud in order to prevent him from being more mad than he already is. Therefore, she has to leave all her friends, including Aladdin, behind. This doubles as heartwarming as Jasmine is not willing to let the villagers suffer from the kingdom's bad condition, which is due to the severe thunderstorm caused by Mamoud's anger.
    • This leads to Aladdin being depressed over the loss of his loved one.
  • In "Elemental, My Dear Jasmine" where Jasmine is trapped underwater by Saleen in order to move in on Aladdin. Jasmine looked completely heartbroken when she sees Aladdin walking through Agrabah with Saleen, thinking he had betrayed her.
  • "The Lost Ones" is this due to Aladdin's story about what happened when his friend Amal disappeared when they were children and, unknown to the former, the latter turned into an El Katib. For that matter, the fact that other children became part of said El Katib as recruits willingly; the parents of those children (if the latter had them) likely had no idea what happened to their sons and daughters. Like the parents of the boys turned donkeys in Pinocchio, all they'd know is that one night, their child(ren) disappeared and never came home.

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