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This is what happens when you underestimate Jasmine.
  • In Forget Me Lots, Jasmine got brainwashed by Abis Mal into believing she was the "Scourge of the Desert". It worked... a little too well, and she spent 99% of the episode effortlessly kicking everyone's ass.
  • Mozenrath defeating the whole gang after Genie's been captured in “The Hunted”.
  • Mozenrath gets another moment in “The Lost City of the Sun”, when he says one of the darkest lines you'll hear in a Disney cartoon.
    Mozenrath: My only goal now is to hear your tortured screams!
  • The battle between Jasmine and Mozenrath at Dagger Rock, for both of them. Jasmine is able to defeat Mozenrath and save Aladdin and Genie by using Mozenrath's own trap against him.
    Jasmine: Next time, know who you’re up against!
    • From the same episode, Aladdin shows little to no fear while in Mozerath’s clutches. Because unlike Mozerath, he knows what Jasmine is capable of, especially if you piss her off.
      Aladdin: You lost this battle the moment you made Jasmine mad.
      Mozenrath: Oh no! I've angered the princess.
      Aladdin: You don't get it. I've seen her mad.
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  • Chaos. He's the most powerful being we ever see in the series, by far. Even Mirage is afraid of him. Then we find out his entire episode, all of the threats he has the heroes face, all of the magical hijinks and effortless screwing around with their lives, was just for the punchline of having Mirage accidentally involve herself in the plot and be forced to save the day, as payback for trying to trick him and because she was in a rut. One can only imagine what would happen if he ever decides Aladdin has become boring.
  • When Nefir manipulates Agrabah and Odiferous into a war in "The Way We War", Aladdin appears to have been killed trying to stop it. Needless to say, Genie doesn't take it well.
    Genie: You people and your stupid war! You have pushed me too far! You don't want to see what happens when you push a genie TOO FAR! I call a ceasefire...NOOOOOOOOOOOW!
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  • Aladdin winning his Battle in the Center of the Mind with Mozenrath with his spirit's own mystical power in Two to Tangle. Especially since he spends about ten seconds in awe that his spirit has magic and then jumps straight to "Cool, I have a laser", and instigating a Beam-O-War.
    Mozenrath: No! This isn’t fair!
    Aladdin: Since when do you care about fighting fair, Mozenrath?
  • In Destiny on Fire, Aladdin and Razoul team up to defeat Aziz. This doubles as a Heartwarming Moment as they've come a long way from being bitter enemies to invaluable allies.
  • Iago's conscience epically chewing out the parrot in Hero with a Thousand Feathers. Then when Iago arrives to save the day, he gathers the courage to fly into the enemy's mouth, with the amulet, and destroy it.
  • Genie tricking Ding and Oopo, the two all-powerful game-obsessed wizards in the episode "The Game". It would appear that he's been taking Guile Hero lessons from Al.
    Ding: Aw, Oopo, your team is in about the same shape as mine. (tsks) Sad.
    Ding: But of course we could!
    Oopo: If we wanted to!
    Genie: (crosses his arms and grins at them) Prove it.
    Oopo: (taken aback) Hm, well... an interesting idea!
    Ding: It’s just… never been done!
    Genie: Oh, I get it! You two have never actually played a game yourselves… BECAUSE YOU CAN’T!
    Oopo: Ha! Rubbish!
    Ding: We can so!
    Genie: Can’t!
    Ding and Oopo: CAN!
    Genie: Yeah, right!
  • In The Flawed Couple, Aladdin is affected by a stone of fear, which naturally sends him scampering for cover whenever there's danger. What snaps him out of it? Jasmine in trouble. His declaration that he's not going to let anything hurt her shatters the stone, sending him back to his normal self.
  • In "Bad Mood Rising", the mob of villagers blame Jasmine for their kingdoms bad condition. But then, one of the villagers, Salia, sticks up for the princess by telling the others that it's not right for them to force other people to suffer just as they are.
    • Doubles as heartwarming. King Mamoud gets moved by Aladdin and Jasmine saying their goodbyes in a miserable way. This gives him a change of heart and allow Jasmine to leave with her loved one so that she can be happy. He then becomes happy for doing something good and decides to do nice things for others.
  • Aladdin choosing to use the lotion and become a snake creature at the end of "Eye of the Beholder", proving Mirage wrong about her belief that he would abandon Jasmine if she was no longer beautiful. Then, when she later tries to boast to Fasir that, without the Tree of Renewal's fruit, they'll be stuck like that for the rest of their lives, Fasir tells her off and restores the Tree with his own power.
    Fasir: No, they won't. You lost, Mirage. There's no need for them to pay for your defeat.
  • In "The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath", Iago uses his ability to mimic other people's voices to fool Mozenrath's wind monster into leaving for the farthest corner of the Earth.
  • In Sneeze the Day Machana attempts to trip Aladdin up with his series of tests on the way to get the Orb that will cure Genie of the flu. Aladdin, who is known for being very clever, manages to be the first person in 10,000 years to make it through all the trials and get the Orb. Also doubles as a Funny Moment because after Aladdin leaves with his prize, it’s revealed that Machana has an entire storeroom of the Orbs, complaining it will take him centuries to get rid of them all.

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