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"I am Arthur Knowledge, destined to be grand master of the Paladins of Hope. Along with my mentor Ivan Golarian, we review geek classics in a strange attempt to stem the tide against the Geekron Empire and Archon Nekros. Is this confusing? Sounding like a bad fanfic? Yeah, it probably is. But still, tune in for the fun ride in The Quest For Geekdom."
Arthur Opening narration

Meet Arthur Knowledge, the Geek Apprentice. He hosts a review show exhibiting old, good geek classics that every geek should watch. However, Arthur himself is just beginning his geekdom, having never seen any of these films before. He breaks down their pros and cons, what makes them work and age so well, and why they have become such classics.

Advertisement: least, that was the plan. It soon becomes evident that an epic prophecy is unfolding behind the scenes of the show, with Arthur dead in the center. Devious forces work against him to destroy the geekverse (now the Reviewaverse due to Geekvision's eventual cameo and crossover connections with Channel Awesome reviewers) with the power of Hate, and only Arthur, destined to become the Geekvere's saviour, can stop them.

A few episodes in the series was re-tooled to be less plot heavy and have shorter episodes, due to the growing pressure on Arthur and Ivan in their personal lives. Though there is still an overarching story, it takes aback seat to the reviews themselves and the comedy.

He also had a short series on EDM called Beatdrop, as well as miniseries' on Horror Films and the Franchise/DCAU. These and the main Quest for Geekdom videos can be found here, and here, and here!


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