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  • "Call off the tactical gays".
  • Arthur and Sensei's epic battle degenerating into slap fights, mercy fights, and a lightsaber battle...with ordinary flashlights.
  • Sensei's training/torture of Arthur.
  • From Mars Attacks!
    Natalie: It’s so gross.
    Donald: Well Natalie I’m sure we look equally gross to him.
    Arthur: Well I’m sure Sarah Jessica Parker would look gross; I don’t know about the rest of us.
    • Arthur's redneck accent.
    • Describing the Martian’s rampage of destruction
    Arthur: Hey, it's just like a frat boy party! Wait, except they’re gay aliens...yeah! Just like a frat boy party!
  • "By the power of Gayskull!"
  • The scroll Arthur receives in his Conan the Barbarian review is written in Ancient Geek.
  • When he realizes that the Big Bad might want to use him to destroy the Geekverse.
    Arthur: What if I'm a weapon? AAAAAAAAAAAAA-*Ivan suddenly appears and slaps Arthur* Thanks Ivan. (beat) What are you doing in my house!?
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  • Spazz, Renegado, and Detroit heal Arthur with the greatest of geek medicine.
    Spazz: Dude, you fed him energy drinks and funyuns for seven hours. How is that medicine?
    Renegado: Shh, he doesn't know that.
  • Ivan's return from the dead.
    Arthur: Are you still Ivan?
    Ivan: I was Ivan Golarian, but now I am Ivan...Golarian.
    Arthur: What, you die and you don’t even get a fancy name change?
    Ivan: It's too much work. Besides, it might get confusing. *aside glance*
  • The reactions to Optimus Prime's death in Transformers: The Movie
    • Ivan and Arthur bawling, despite hoping that this time when they watched the movie he'd survive.
    • Count Jackula crying over his Optimus toys.
    • Internet Personality Vangelus says it's a somber occasion...for most people. He then pans from a group of mourning Autobots to celebrating Deceptions.
    Vangelus: Stupid Decepticons.
    • And Ozzie Arcane just goes "meh". Though he mourns Starscream.
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    • Spazz isn't effected much either.
    Spazz: Oh would you give it a rest? It's just a freakin' robot.
    • In the same video, Arthur imagines the recording session of Orson Welles as Unicron.
    Arthur: Okay Mr. Welles, are you ready to record your next line?
    Orson: This is a very wearying one, one second to read.
    Arthur: We are trying to work with you Mr. Welles, would you please just read the line?
    Orson: This is a lot of shit, you know that.
  • The April Fools special has reveals who's behind the Geekron empire after all - it's Old Man Jenkins from the Spazzmaster place!
  • From Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    Guru: Charlie, must you use that code name?!
    Jackula: Yeah no kiddin' Charlie! Your code name privileges have been revoked.
    • Jackula showers with his hat on.
    • Ivan geeing out when he finds out the temple used to hold the Grail in the film is actually a real place.
  • Arthur's rage against the narrator directly before the Retool.
  • In the Hocus Pocus review, Ivan telling a down in the dumps Arthur that he looks more depressing than a Sarah McLachlan animal commercial.
    • Arthur and Ivan deny the fangirls from claiming Hocus Pocus as their own. Followed by Arthur shushing them Ruby Rod-style.
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    • Virgins! Scourge of Humanity!
    • Arthur tries to do his Bette Midler impression in the middle of the review.
  • Arthur gets sidetracked in the middle of his training pointing out the plot holes and bizarre, cliche-powered basis of the geekverse. To the point where the elemental forces he's supposed to be controlling explode.
    • Arthur and Ivan getting into a Zzz-off.
    • Reacting to Mila's marriage to Paul WS Anderson and subsequent roles in the Resident Evil films.
    • Ivan knows all the moves to the Diva's dance.
  • Arthur and Necros prepare to have their big climactic battle - and Necros suddenly decides to leave because his shows are on TV. Arthur doesn't take it too well.
    • After the show is recalibrated:
    Ivan: Arthur, what time is it?
    Arthur (excitedly): It's Christmas time! Oh boy!
    • Followed by Il Niege shooting down every idea he has for a Christmas review because they were already done already. So they review Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
    • Once they realize that the movie has elements that everybody can enjoy, they decide it secretly is a real Christmas movie.
    • Arthur cites the theory that Cameron is dying, made up Ferris, and passes on when he pushes the car through the window which pushes the movie's concept into territory so dark that "The Christmas Shoes" starts playing.
    Arthur: I'm sorry! I didn't know! I didn't know!
  • Arthur going through physical pain at the cliche that Lord Nekros is his brother Caesar.
    Arthur: I am related to that asshole!
    • He then goes on to guess the entire storyline, pissing off the narrator and apparently ruining a season's worth of buildup.
    Ivan: Sooo now you know the big plot reveal. What're you gonna do?
    Arthur: Honestly it doesn't change shit. Same basic story line. Except now I get to be Luke Skywalker. *beat* Bitchin'!
    • Introducing the movie of the review:
    • Stephen cameos as J. Jonah Jameson.
    • Spazz casually watching the movie until he sees the upside-down-kissing scene, at which point he gets inspired to be a filmmaker and writes down on a notepad..."Insert Title Here".
  • Nekros sends Arthur a trolling email from the address "". And a video with him just telling them that the suck over and over again.
    Arthur: Why are we scared of this guy again?
    • Chris and Derek attempt (and fail) to make Ivan and Arthur wonder what the Geekverse is in an attempt to channel The Matrix. Derek just did it to get a cameo.
  • The framing device of the Back to the Future trilogy: a Temporal Paradox has caused the personalities of the Geekvision producers to flip.
    Il Niege: But amazing as it is, Film/Eragon doesn't come close to replacing my true favourite, The Twilight Saga. I am just so overcome with love for this series that my excess love flowed out of me and took on physical form. And here's here today! Introducing, Il Niegeward!
    Il Niegeward: I like to watch you sleep.
    • Ivan and Arthur speaking in temporally-displaced dialects.
    • Arthur attempts to promote Sack o' Mana, the new Paladin energy drink, and making a bunch of gay euphemisms by accident while doing so.
    • Bizarro!RL King is the Camp Gay RL Queen.
    • While looking at the flaming Geekvision site, one of the voices simply shouts "I like rioting!"
    • The trailer for the new Rob Schneider romcom: When Zombies Fall in Love and Kick Ass.
    • Some Jerk with a, "Some Genius and his Recording Device", hating on Disney Land and comparing It's a Small World to sex.
  • Arthur and Ivan doing Minnesotan accents throughout the Fargo review.
    • Because they're not a thinking show, they outsource the highbrow jokes.
    The Obscure: Oh yeah, Fargo, a very historically important film because of the...stuff, and the...things...ah fuck it, we're gonna talk about something more insightful like the works of John Ruskin nah like Magic Eye! Stare at it.
  • The Lock-and-Load Montage at the beginning of Batman & Robin. Complete with Arthur shaking his ass.
    • The two start laughing at how camp their show is, before devolving into weeping.
  • Dubbing the Kurgan over Mr. Crabs, as they were voiced by the same actor.
  • TBelle as the Pirate Girl Isabella, with a thick pirates accent.
    • Arthur mentions a black spot on the movie, then offhandedly mentions to Ivan that he doesn't mean it like that. It's Ivan's hilariously over-the-top :O face that sells it.
    • Arthur cheekily telling Isabella that she's going to give his sword back, and Isabella cheekily refusing, all while whimsical music plays in the background. Until...
    Arthur: I have a nuke aimed at your position.
    *music stops*
    Isabella: What?
    Ivan: What?
  • His review of Film/Beetlejuice ends with him controlling Some Jerk with a Camera to dance to "The Banana Boat Song". It became quite a bit funnier when Jerk revealed on twitter that there was supposed to be a montage of dancing reviewers, and instead he was the only one shown.
    • Ivan's letter explaining why he has left Arthur for the time being, which tells Arthur "tough shit buddy" if he thinks he's not ready yet.
    • Arthur dancing to "Stifle That Blob and Get Low".
  • The Emperors New Groove
    • Arthur panicking when he realizes his meta-humour could be seen as a rip-off of Disney doing the same thing in the titular movie.
    • Puppy!Arthur struggling to answer his phone without any opposable thumbs.
    • This exchange:
    Nekros: How are you enjoying your time as a furry?
    Arthur: Oh yiff off!
  • During the Die Hard review, Arthur and the Narrator wonder if the former's powers are tied to his blonde hair. Then Arthur reminisces about how sexy he looked as a blonde.
  • Arthur states that there's one thing the remake of The Wicker Man (2006) got right: both movies slowly peel back the layers of the plot to reveal something more horrifying. In the original it's the plot twist, in the remake it's Nicolas Cage himself.
    • His glee at Christopher Lee dancing in drag, followed by wishing he looked as good in drag as Lee does. And then glee again at being better dressed than the other dated sixties fashions.
    • Censoring out the female naughty bits with disco balls. And then explaining why.
    Arthur: I don't find them appealing. At all. I like the penis.
  • In the review of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie:
    • Arthur and Ivan going Totally Radical about the film. Then Arthur going too radical and shifting into another series entirely.
    • The continued references to the Accidental Innuendo throughout the film.
    • Arthur wanting to cut the review short out of boredom, Ivan bemoaning the wasted years of training, and Arthur retaliating with the claim that Ivan's just jelly that he's not the Chosen One.
    • The Stinger: Ivan points out that he's never seen Arthur and Nekros in the same shot, and wonders if Arthur actually has an evil split-personality thing going on.
    Arthur: Funny you should mention that. See, a long time ago, the entire Geekverse existed within a child's snow globe...
    Ivan: Hell no! We are not doing St. Elsewhere!
  • "[[Film/Ghostbusters Boo-B-Gone]], we get your spectre expacterated."
    • Mind Control Peanut Butter Cups

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