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    In General 
One or more of the Diamonds have time powers and attempted to Retgone Pink Diamond out of existence.

The Diamonds each represent an element.
Note: This is coupled with the theory that Rose was actually a Diamond and the W.M.G. that Lapis Lazuli is Blue Diamond. Please read those, as well.

The Diamonds each represent an element: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Lightning(?).

Yellow Diamond is Lightning. Many parts of the ship rely on electricity or some other electric-like power. The Destableizers shock the Gems, the controls are clearly holograms, and what I assume is the power source electrocutes Jasper at the end of her and Garnet's fight. The arrival of the ship is also preceded by all the power in Beach City going out.

Blue Diamond (Lapis Lazuli) is Water. Obviously, this theory is coming from Lapis's power of water, and her having water-wings from her Gem. When Steven removes her Gem from the mirror, water collects around them in an almost diamond-like pattern.

Pink Diamond (Rose) is Earth. Rose wanted to fight for Earth. Rose could control plant life, which the most major clue. A rose is a plant. This, and Lapis's control over water, could mean that Yellow Diamond can control electricity.

So, as such, Green Diamond and White Diamond control air and fire. It's impossible to tell which is which, of course, if this theory is true.

  • The part about Lapis Lazuli being Blue Diamond is possibly Jossed since the actual Blue Diamond is shown in "The Answer", and her gem is on her chest. The rest of it could still stand, though. As for Lapis, see the "Diamonds are fusions" theory below.
    • Now that we've seen Blue Diamond, Lapis being her is officially Jossed.
  • More or less true, there are four elements but only Blue Diamond's is conventional:
    • Blue Diamond gets water and a "sadness" aura.
    • Yellow Diamond gets lightning
    • White Diamond gets light
    • Pink Diamond gets everything Rose and Steven have, which range from plant manipulation to floating to astral projection to healing. No earth abilities, though.

Being called 'color' Diamond is not one type of Gem, but a title passed between powerful Gems.
Originally five Diamonds ruled Homeworld, but they died and new Gems took their places. These Gems were powerful, far more then a normal Gem. And they did not have to be actual Diamonds to inherit the title. Lapis was once Blue Diamond, but knew after so long trapped a new Blue Diamond would have replaced her ('Do you even know who I used to be').Rose was also Pink Diamond, but still an actual Rose Quartz. After seeing what could be done with the power of a Pink Diamond, resisting either three of the other colored Diamonds or all four (depending on what Lapis did during the war) the position of the Pink Diamond was removed and never given to a new Gem.
  • Rose being Pink Diamond is Jossed.
    • This WMG is jossed, but Rose is indeed Pink Diamond.

Diamonds are perfect fusions.
From what we've seen Diamonds are powerful, respected Gems with special ability (maybe even element related) that would be fitting of a perfect fusion.From what we've seen we have two examples of almost perfect fusion: Garnet and Stevonnie. Garnet is mentally perfectly in sync (but has the extra eye), and Stevonnie is physically perfect but mentally out of sync. The Diamonds would be perfectly in sync physically and mentally, so much so that if any extra gem(s) was covered they would be mistaken for a powerful normal gem. That is also why fusion is 'looked down upon', so nobody can reach their level of power or uncover their secret.
  • Rose Quartz was likely part of Pink Diamond, and perhaps the Bismuth she has kept hidden away was the other half.
    • Lapis Lazuli could have been a component of Blue Diamond, and was proud to be so. She was then stolen, sealed away, and even cracked (once in the mirror first) to prevent anyone from getting her back. And whoever formed Blue Diamond found someone new to form with, making her useless.
    • Well, Homeworld only permits fusion between the same type of Gem so maybe ruling gems are fusions between Diamonds.
  • This theory is partially Jossed, partially further supported by Blue Diamond's introduction. Careful viewers would notice that Blue Diamond has four arms (supporting the fusion theory), in addition to keeping her body largely hidden under her cloak.
    • Is there any hard evidence for the whole "four arms" thing though?
    • Yes indeed. Look here.
      • That is not hard evidence. I cannot make out any extra limbs in her debut appearance. This can easily be just seeing what you wish to see. Her facade does not bear any extra limbs, and we do not know the fountain is her. Not saying you're wrong, just saying the images are inconclusive.
      • Her appearances in recent episodes show her only having two arms.
  • Yellow Diamond, on the other hand, seems to be normal... so far.
    • This makes a disturbing amount of sense. Why are the Diamonds so huge? Because they're fusions, so they double or triple in size. Yellow Diamond and Sugilite seem to be roughly the same height. Why is fusion between different types of gems considered taboo? The Diamond Authority has been condemning it (note that Blue Diamond, the only Diamond so far that has a proper noble court and aristocratic Gems under her domain, is the one to sentence Ruby to shattering for fusing with Sapphire) in order to discourage their subordinates from fusing and becoming a threat to their authority. Why does Yellow Diamond wear a coat when all the other gems manifest dresses (nobility) or tights (everyone else)? Because she's hiding her extra limbs/gems under it.
  • Jossed. None of the Diamonds are fusions.

The Diamonds (or at least one of them) will be voiced by Jennifer Hale.
It's likely that the Diamonds are the most powerful gems in the series. So why not have them be voiced by Jennifer Hale, a voice actress known for playing the roles of powerful women like Female Shepard?
  • Jossed. Yellow is Patti LuPone, Blue is Lisa Hannigan, White is Christine Ebersole, and Pink is Susan Egan/Zach Callison. That's all four.

The four members of the Diamond Authority are considered sisters.
Because Rule of Cool, and they could probably explain it off as them all being "born" at the same time or from the same rock or something like that. Plus, it would add an extra layer of intrigue to Steven's relationship with them if the Pink Diamond theory becomes canon.

The Diamond Authority were the first four gems to ever exist.
And personally, I'd like to think they all came into existence simultaneous with the creation of the universe, however you imagine that went down.

The Diamond Authority has their own specializations
This assumes that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. Each Diamond has an area of specialty in making a functioning society. Blue Diamond focus on infrastructure and materialistic in nature while White Diamond is more spiritual and focus on society's caste system as a sense of moral order. Yellow Diamond works as the intellect, focus on technological development and the sciences while Pink Diamond works as the heart, focus on the arts, morale and such.

When Pink Diamond rebelled, it caused an imbalance in Homeworld Gem's society. Making Homeworld more utilitarian and goal oriented, losing its moral compass and care of others that is Pink Diamond's specialty.

  • The 'Rose is Pink Diamond' theory is fairly unlikely, but that doesn't impact the theory as a whole since Pink Diamond was probably shattered during the Gem War.
  • Rose is indeed Pink Diamond, but its not exactly clear yet if she or the other Diamonds have specific specializations.

Each Diamond Faction has its own Slave Race.
Pearls are a Slave Race that anyone who can afford it can own. However each Diamond faction has a Slave Race that is easy for members of that faction to afford. Lapis is a Blue Diamond slave whose master was either killed in battle on Earth or who sent Lapis to Earth to fight because they could. Whatever the other factions' Slave Race gems are/were, the Pink Diamond faction slaves are no longer faction-exclusive because Pink Diamond is no longer a faction.
  • Partially jossed. Lapis Lazulis are terraformers.
  • The only Gem type this seems to be true for is Rose Quartzes, a gem type that Pink Diamond seems to have actually invented.

The Diamonds are not the true Big Bads of the show, a gem below their rank is...
And most importantly, a former Crystal Gem (not Bismuth, of course). She could be the one who started the whole thing:
  • For starters, she could be the one Playing Both Sides of the rebellion: joining the Crystal Gems just to overthrow the Diamonds and enslave the entire universe, having grown envious of the Diamonds rule over the colonies, and betraying them to Homeworld in case her plans don't work out the way she wanted by Faking the Dead with an identical Homeworld Gem. Then speaking of Bismuth, she could be the one who convinced the Knight Templar blacksmith to create the Breaking Point by reminding her that Rose was willing to kill Pink Diamond as inspiration, so she could have it herself to kill the remaining Diamonds, then blackmailing Rose to stop her from destroying the Breaking Point by threatening to reveal her true identity as Pink Diamond, having coincidentally used an observational orb to make that discovery, hinting that is why the Breaking Point is still around. Finally, she would be the one who created the Cluster out of her former allies and is waiting for it to emerge just to fuse with it, knowing she could become more powerful than all the Diamonds' fusion. However, when the Cluster remains out of her control, she uses a special weapon a Homeworld Bismuth made for her to control the Diamond Authority's minds (including Steven, who is half-Diamond) and force them to fuse into Paragon Diamond. A truly monstrous Crystal Gem who truly never loved anyone but herself, she values nothing more than universal conquest and will stop at nothing to get what she wants all because she enjoyed it.

The placement of the colors on the diamond symbol represent where their gems are.
The white diamond is on the top, White Diamond's gem is on her forehead. The yellow and blue diamonds are below that, and both Yellow and Blue Diamond have their gems on their chest. The pink gem is below that, so Pink Diamond might have her gem on her belly - which could support the theory that she is/is related to Rose.
  • Confirmed.
  • Additional theory: the placement of colors ALSO corresponds to the seniority. White Diamond is on top, Blue and Yellow have lower positions, and Pink was the lowest and youngest.

Diamonds are incapable of fusion
Most gemstones and minerals are compounds of different elements, but diamonds are pure carbon (with certain impurities giving them different colours). Perhaps this "purity" makes fusion difficult or even impossible. Related to the "diamonds are perfect fusions" theory above, this could be why fusion is restricted, and fusion between gem types is taboo: if a fusion strong enough to beat a Diamond was created, the Diamond wouldn't have any means to augment her abilities. They keep a tight leash on fusion in case a group of Gems figure out that it's the one advantage "lesser" gems have over Diamonds.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond + Pearl = Rainbow Quartz. Pink Diamond + Amethyst = Smoky Quartz.

The Diamonds are all a different flavor of morality (mostly evil).
Yellow Diamond is The Sociopath, lacking any empathy towards anyone else and treating allies and enemies alike with contempt and putting Revenge Before Reason. Blue Diamond is a Well-Intentioned Extremist, who knew that the Kindergartens and colonies were harmful but saw them as a necessary evil to keep Homeworld functioning and producing more Gems. White Diamond and Pink Diamond I'm not sure about, though one of them may be the Token Good Teammate.

Diamonds are capable of shrinking to a more manageable size.
This WMG isn't about whether Rose Quartz is the Pink Diamond or not, but based on the size of the throne in the moonbase in "It Could've Been Great". That throne, while large, was clearly not big enough to seat either Blue or Yellow Diamond in the scale we saw them. But everything that Peridot said indicated that the chair was intended to seat a Diamond. The size of the stair leading to it also wasn't made with giants in mind. Taking in account both of these things, we can probably assume that the Diamonds have perfected the control of their physical size and can be as big or small as they choose without suffering ill effects, unlike the lesser Gems.
  • All gems can shrink to a more manageable size. The issue is that each gem has a maximum size that they can maintain indefinitely, before going any bigger is not sustainable. This is based on the energy output of their gems, with some simply being more powerful and thus able to sustain a bigger and stronger form. None of them ever have ill effects from shapeshifting to a size that is smaller than their default, because they will never exceed their energy output this way. Diamonds are not special in this respect, rather they simply have such a high energy output that it gives them the option of being giants if they want to. But shrinking to a smaller size is an option for any Gem.
    • While we still don't know if the theory is true or not, Jungle Moon shows that the small size of the Moon Base throne is because Pink Diamond herself was about Stevonnie's size, and Yellow Diamond's throne in the Jungle Moon is appropriately sized for her Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever self.
    • The drive unit on Pink Diamond's ship is intended for use by Pink, and Steven can use it comfortably. It sits on a table next to chairs sized for Blue and Yellow. From what we see of White Diamond, she's as huge compared to Yellow and Blue as they are compared to humans.

Regardless of their functions, all Gem castes under the same Diamond are Color-Coded for Your Convenience.
Judging by the Gems confirmed to work for Yellow and Blue Diamond, as well as the silhouettes in The Answer, it's likely that Rubies, Amethysts and Rose Quartzes work for the unseen Pink Diamond. In future episodes, we may see Emeralds and Citrines working for Yellow Diamond, and we may see Aquamarines and some indigo Gems (Spinel might be close enough if they want to avoid names ending in -ite for single Gems) working for Blue Diamond. As for White Diamond, whose mural in the moon base was larger than the other three, either she's above them all, or her Gem castes are very pale colors.
  • Maybe. In "Hit the Diamond", we see Rubies under Yellow Diamond's command, so that means Yellow Pearls, Rubies, Jaspers, and Peridots are under her court. Yellow (duh), red, orange, and green are closer to yellow than the other colors, or maybe Yellow Diamond just takes whatever colored gems there are leftover.
    • In The Answer, Blue Diamond says to Ruby: "How dare you fuse with a member of my court." This implies Ruby was, if it wasn't obvious enough already, not a member of Blue Diamond's court the way Sapphire was. This could mean one of four things: either Rubies were a part of Pink Diamond's court and she loaned some to Blue Diamond for protection, Rubies are free agent grunts that all the Diamonds have always used, or once Pink Diamond was no longer a member of the Diamond authority, the Rubies were up for grabs and the remaining Diamonds divided them up amongst the three of them, or her Rubies fell into Yellow Diamond's exclusive custody.
    • Or it could mean that Ruby (a common soldier) was in Blue Diamond's service, but she wasn't considered part of her court in the same way that the "rare aristocratic Gem" Sapphire was.

The three Diamonds are mass Fusions.
Every diamond type gem in existence is part of either Yellow, White, or Blue diamond at least in the present. Despite the apparent gem located on the chest region the color pallet used on the Diamonds is much sharper in contrast to other gems which might imply a more solid surface. This troper believes it is possible that the obvious gem is just for show and the entire surface is solid gemstone. This combination of numbers leads to them being of great size, power, intelligence, and durability while also having fallen prey to believing there own hype. They do believe themselves entirely infallible and above everyone else.
  • Might be true. We were shown in "The Answer" that when several Gems of same type fuse, we get same Gem, but larger. Now compare Diamonds and other gems, they are absolutely HUGE in comparison. Probably every existing Diamond gem is a part of the fusion. Meaning that there's never a Diamond Gem, only THE Diamond Gem.
  • Exactly, also following the idea that rarer gems or gems with special properties are harder to create it would help ensure the prosperity of diamonds in general to be the most powerful of them all and given homeworlds apparent view of individuality it would make a great deal of sense that they would give up independence for control.
  • Yellow and Blue Diamonds have their gems on their chests, their entire surface does not seem to be one giant gem as you suggested. If they are mass fusions, they are doing a pretty good job hiding all but 1 of their gems. And judging from the height of Yellow Diamond relative to Yellow Pearl, she is no bigger than Sardonyx — huge for a singular gem, but not particularly big for a mass fusion. Though, on the other hand, single-type fusions may not amplify size as efficiently as cross-fusions like the ones that the Crystal Gems do, and given how small Rubies and Sapphires (just one notch under Diamonds on the Mohs scale) are, it could be that singular Diamonds are incredibly tiny and are mass-fusing and pretending to be a super-powerful and huge unique singular gem to maintain their dominant position in society. But yeah, if they are fusions, they are doing a very good job hiding all the extra gemstones, because it looks like they just have one gem on their chests.
    • OP here, just wanted to chime in and say that in the early days I mistook the much stronger color palette of the diamonds as implying a solid surface. Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl and every other nondiamond we see has a color pallet that makes the Gem stand out as having a stronger color and different texture then the rest of the body which the Diamonds don't have. I have edited the WMG to reflect this due to the apparent lack of clarity but in subsequent episodes it's become increasingly easy to tell that the above is correct and the WMG is unlikely.

Diamond gems can't be "poofed" like normal gems.
In "Message Recieved", Peridot mentions that the Diamonds are perfect and have no weaknesses. It has always seemed that the biggest weakness of gems is the fact that one injury can put them out of commission at least long enough for an attacker to smash the gem that is left behind. So maybe when the physical form of a Diamond suffers damage, they can simply repair the damage without releasing their entire form into a cloud of smoke. This would mean that the absolute only way to even harm a Diamond is direct damage to their gem, which is in itself more difficult due to diamond being among the hardest natural substances.
  • More evidence in the fact that, although Rose has been established to be against shattering gems, as of "Back to the Moon" we now know she shattered Pink Diamond. This would support the theory because without a non-lethal alternative, perhaps Rose wouldn't be above shattering one of the Diamonds.
    • Jossed. Pearl poofs Pink Diamond, though Pink might've been holding back.

The Diamonds can change their Default appearance at will
If the above theory is to be believed, or if it's just extremely unlikely that a Diamond will be poofed, then perhaps the Diamonds are able to change their appearance without having to reform like other gems do. The murals showing the Diamonds seems to imply that Yellow and Blue have had different outfits before, so unless they really are able to have their physical forms destroyed, they probably changed their apperances whenever they felt like it.

The Diamond Authority is not a Big Bad Duumvirate but a Big Bad Ensemble
They were at each others' throats trying to claim the Earth as a resource, which only served to further damage it. Rose and her rebellion thus fought to take them down one by one until only Yellow Diamond was left.
  • Jossed. Earth was specifically Pink Diamond's colony, and both Yellow and Blue Diamond have appeared.
  • White Diamond has appeared and is The Dreaded, and Blue and Yellow are shown to work together closely. The Diamond Authority seems to be a hierarchy with White at the top, Blue and Yellow as equals, and Pink as some kind of apprentice.

The Diamond Authority originates from the planet 55 Cancri E.
IE, the planet that might be made mostly of diamond. It'd be a fun pun.

Just like in real life, the Diamonds are not a rare gem but undergo tactics and such to keep the appearance that they are the most rare gem.
(This WMG is partially dependent on the "gems are AI" theory) Maybe back millions of years ago when Gems first came to be, either created by a super advanced alien race or by some unknown means, there were hundreds, possibly thousands of diamonds. When gemkind gained their independence or created a society, a few particular diamonds hatched a plan. They wanted to rule over all lower gems themselves. So, they somehow smashed, (or for the sake of the integrity of this theory, bubbled) all remaining diamonds, erasing all history of them over time and ascending the four remaining diamonds to a sort of physical godhood.

An alternate name for the Diamond Authority is the Gempire.
Just because it sounds funny. It's also almost disgraceful no-one's thought of this yet...

Each of the Diamonds have their own weapons
White Diamond: morning star

Yellow Diamond: battle axe

Blue Diamond: throwing stars

Pink Diamond: katanas

  • Jossed. Pink's Gem weapon was a shield.

The Diamonds are the progenitors of Gemkind; all other Gems are artificial by comparison.
The Diamonds we've seen so far don't give a sparkly, Tiffany-cut fuck about other, "lesser" Gems, they don't seem to have any regard for them or their lives and their subjects are apparently conditioned to worship them. Gems themselves, specifically the actual stone crystal part of their forms, can be plugged into magic artifacts to transmit information or serve functions. Except for the Diamonds, all Gems are just USB flash drives with personalities.

The attack the Diamonds used to corrupt the Gems on Earth would've destroyed them if there'd been all four
We know there were only three of them when they used it, but there were four before. It only makes sense the power or attack would be stronger if all four were present.
  • Jossed. The attack was supposed to destroy them in the first place. As of yet, we still don't know what caused Gems to be Corrupted instead of killed.

Gems with mixed colors serve under two Diamonds.
  • For example, the green Peridot probably worked under a combination of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond.
  • It makes sense that Jasper is under Yellow Diamond, but Earthlings reveals that she either was part of Pink Diamond's court then transferred to Yellow Diamond's court after Pink Diamond disappeared, OR She worked under BOTH Pink Diamond and Yellow Diamond until Pink Diamond disappeared, which made her serve solely Yellow Diamond (hence the yellow diamond on her uniform). What color does pink and yellow combined create? Orange.
  • Seems Jossed by Peridot claiming that Yellow Diamond alone is "her" diamond, and Jasper's lack of respect for Yellow Diamond (she does not refer to YD as "her" Diamond and reserves this for Pink Diamond alone) indicates that she does not consider YD to be her true ruler.

The Diamonds power are a case of You Kill It, You Bought It
We've gotten implications that Rose killed Pink Diamond, but Rose seems abnormally strong for a Quartz, even if she's an "Ultimate Quartz" like Jasper. She has powers no other Quartzes have. So perhaps the Diamonds' powers, if they're killed, are transferred to the one who killed them. This might be why the Diamonds seem to be trying to hide Pink Diamond's existence (except from the ones who were there and know), not only do they not want their aura of invincibility to be shattered, they don't want any Gem seeking powers to get any ideas.
  • The 'that's why they're trying to hide Pink Diamond's death' part is Jossed, since the suppression of Pink Diamond's existence is confirmed to be Yellow Diamond being eyball-deep in the Denial stage of grief.

The weapon used to Corrupt the Gems on Earth wasn't a weapon, but an ability of the three Diamond Fusion.
  • Like a Vast Glub of sorts, but on a smaller scale. It was probably like a psychic scream, though it could be interpreted as a song. Maybe it sounded like a banshee? It would have been more powerful or effective if they had Pink Diamond with them.
    • To amend that, perhaps any gems that were off planet could hear the song, and may have developed a sort of instinctual fear of that. That may be part of what keeps another rebellion from sprouting on Homeworld.

From oldest to youngest...
White Diamond is the eldest, Yellow Diamond is the second eldest, Blue Diamond is only slightly younger than her (if they're not the same age), and Pink Diamond is the youngest.

Building on that...
White Diamond actually created Blue and Yellow. Pink was a third-generation Diamond, created later, possibly by Blue and Yellow.

In addition to the above, Diamonds grow Stronger with Age
  • That's why White Diamond was so much larger than Blue and Yellow, and why they in turn are larger than Pink.

White Diamond and Blue Diamond simply don't care about the situation on Earth.
Note so far the only Gems to come to Earth so far have served under Yellow Diamond, despite multiple groups have appeared.

Blue Diamond seems to be the leader of the nobility and even back then decided to not take a direct hand in fighting Rose and Pearl. White Diamond, if the mural is an indication, is the Diamond who rules directly over Homeworld and has the most colonies to worry about. It's possible Blue Diamond is the most laziest of the trio (possibly why of the three surviving Diamonds she's indicated to have the least planets under her direct control) and thus cares more about her personal comfort and less about Rose's rebellion or Pink Diamond's death, while White Diamond is likely far too busy to deal with a 5,000 year long grudge given her presumed workload, or possibly views the war as having caused them enough trouble.

Yellow Diamond, who seems to be very emotional and petty, is the only one who's vindictive enough to actually care at this point.

  • Jossed at least for Blue Diamond, who cares enough to visit Earth out of grief for Pink Diamond.

The Diamonds have a Fighter, Mage, Thief dynamic between them.

Yellow Diamond is the Fighter, fitting her apparent status as Homeworld's military leader, and being a very physical fighter like Jasper.

White Diamond is the Mage, fitting her depiction as summoning gemstones to attack Rose with and (going with the 'Pearl is White Diamond's Pearl' theory) possibly displaying abilities like Pearl shows with holograms.

Blue Diamond is the Thief, fitting with the idea that she views physical fighting as beneath her and is a coward, so she prefers hit and run attacks rather than direct confrontation.

Alternately, White Diamond is the Thief and Blue Diamond is the Mage, showing a powerful supernatural ability like Lapis and Sapphire but lacking in terms of physical ability.

Pink Diamond might have been the Jack-of-All-Stats out of the four, or some other type.

  • Maybe she was The Bard?
  • Jossed. Yellow Diamond fights with magic. Blue Diamond fights with psychic powers (and again, everything said here about her personality is completely wrong). Pink Diamond is primarily a healer. White Diamond is overwhelmingly powerful. That's a Mage, a Psionicist, a Cleric, and a Physical God.

Earth is a Taboo subject for Homeworld.
Pink Diamond has been Unpersoned, with the symbols being changed to remove her, and only Gems made before or during the rebellion know and/or talk about her. If you could make a god bleed, people will cease to believe in them, and killing a god is something else entirely. Pink Diamond is a fallen god. After the war, she never existed. Neither does Earth. It's why Yellow Diamond barely put an effort into responding to Peridot at first (Most of the response was to Jasper.) It's why, again, she only sent the Ruby Crew to pick up Jasper.
  • Yellow Diamond put in so little effort regarding Earth because the Cluster was supposed to destroy it for her, and she has assumed that the Corruption Song had killed the Crystal Gems. Pink Diamond's servants seem to be fairly numerous, and even low-level soldiers like Eyeball know the general outline of what happened, so if Yellow was trying to keep it a secret she failed utterly.

The corruption attack was done by a diamond fusion
Centipeetle drew the cause of her corruption as the three-diamond symbol, and Pearl says "damage from the diamonds", so we know all three were there. Also Lapis's flashback shows the light being a combination of blue, white, and yellow. The diamonds attacked by fusing into "Black Diamond", the hardest material on earth; Centi's drawing of the diamond symbol was made using only black crayon, rather than the individual colors, despite having many crayons available.
  • This is supported by the Diamond Authority symbol in present having the three overlapping symbols make a fourth dark grey or black symbol in the center.

The Diamonds will turn out to be a dysfunctional family in every sense.
The show's biggest theme is relationships of all sorts, so why not have the villains represent a negative relationship like Malachite did? Like the Crystal Gems, they'll have personalities that clash heavily with one another (including the deceased Pink Diamond) to the point of causing clear problems between them...but unlike the Crystal Gems, they never bother to actually work through the problem and grow closer. This is why they seem to each rule their own set of planets rather than them sharing control over the entire empire, and why, from what we've seen, they have individual control rooms (as Yellow Diamond's control room was EXPLICITLY hers). Their personalities clash and they can hardly stand to interact with one another for more than five minutes. If they do have a fused form that they used for the combined attack to Corrupt the Gems on Earth, this is the very reason they only used it for one attack rather than in actual battle: it's incredibly unstable, to the point one attack is the best they can do before the fusion becomes too unstable to maintain. While they work together to maintain the Empire, it's Teeth-Clenched Teamwork because, despite being 'sisters', they can't stand one another and constantly bicker when they interact.

Perhaps when Pink Diamond called in to report Rose's rebellion, the others told her to handle it herself, because "if the brat is going to beg for her own planet, then she'll have to take responsibility for it." Blue Diamond only tried to deal with the Rebellion when the opportunity presented itself during her diplomatic visit to show her up.

It'd fit the show's theme of relationships.

  • To go along with this (and to make it more Tearjerking), the other Diamonds regretted not helping Pink, because while they can't stand each other, none of them wanted her to be shattered. And maybe, after Pink died, the other Diamonds thought of patching up their relationships with each other, but figured it was too late to fix anything. So they didn't.
    • This secondary theory is confirmed for Blue Diamond, who laments the fact that she was unable to prevent Pink Diamond's shattering.
  • An alternate version of this theory that combines several others (Pink Diamond was Roses' Mentor, There's more to Pink's Shattering that what we've been told, and that Lion is actually Pink Diamond):
    • The Diamond Sisters were so dysfunctional that Pink was actually the mastermind behind the Crystal Gem Rebellion, partially in hopes to escape the huge responsibility of her position as a Diamond. When the other Diamonds started putting even more pressure on Pink to snuff out what was secretly her own rebellion, she panicked, and had her faithful chosen figurehead fake shattering her in order to scare the other Diamonds off Earth. This... Worked a little too well, with the other Diamonds using the Corruption Attack in their grief over the "death" of their sibling, leaving Pink stranded with only a handful of uncorrupted Gems left, only one of which knew the real truth of the Rebellion, and the guilt of having inadvertently doomed every other Gem on Earth to being Corrupted.
    • The last note here is confirmed, shockingly enough.

Diamonds are Pearl-Fusions.
All the Gems we know of are either Kindergarten-made, multi-Gem fusions, or single-Gem fusions. It's unlikely Diamonds were grown like every other Gem (why were there only four? Who plants them? What's used? Where's Pinks replacement? If it takes ages to make one, shouldn't they be small, like Amethyst? Why are they so much bigger than every other non-fusion Gem? etc), and Homeworld calls multi-Gem fusions 'abominations.' The only accepted kind of fusion is a single-Gem one.

What Gems would make up a diamond? Well, they'd need to look similar, they'd need to have less dominant, distinct personalities so there's no constant conflict, and as the Diamonds don't seem to be covered in gems they'd need their gems to be in one place. Yellow Diamond's Pearl was yellow, and had her gem in the exact same place as Yellow Diamond, ditto for Blue, and as Pearl's white then by this theory she'd be White Diamond's, and sure enough her gem is in exactly the right place.

The fusion of Gems whose gems are in the same spot overlays their gems: fusions normally have all the gems of their component parts. When the gems are in the same space, that would have to affect the gem somehow. And Pearls are treated as tools rather than individuals; it's an honour to have one because it's a link to a Diamond, but ultimately they're viewed as Gems whose only purpose is to serve and be used, whether by other Gems, or to be used to fuse with other Pearls and make a Diamond.

Related: Pearl was sent to Earth to observe, and look around. She'd experience it, return to Homeworld, and fuse again with White Diamond so White Diamond would know all of what's going on. But she met Rose, and Rose was the first person to treat her as an individual, rather than just an extension of a mass of dozens-to-hundreds of Pearls.

  • Possibly Jossed. On Twitter, one member of the Crewniverse stated that if two Gems with the same gemstone placement fused, their gemstones would be next to each other, not turned into one. Plus, Gem fusions of the same type just result in a bigger version of that Gem. Several Pearls would be a giant Pearl, not a Diamond. The gemstones on the Diamonds are clearly not pearls.
  • The Diamonds do resemble large Pearls, from the little we've seen of them. Yellow Diamond had a lot of herself covered with what might have been limb enhancers, and Blue was covered in her cloak, but all of them (from the murals) have the same basic body-type, unlike most other Gems. Looking at Yellow Diamond standing next to her Pearl, both have long thin arms/legs, extended neck, shoulderpads of some description... And it's possible Pearl gemstones behave differently, as they're formed biologically rather than as stones, but even if not, enough gems in the same place would have to take on a shape of all of them together, with individual ones being harder to spot (as gem size does change upon fusion).
    • Or, The Diamonds had their pearls created to their specifications.
    • If the Diamonds are fused Pearls, why don't they have huge, beaky noses?
  • Jossed. All Gems of the same type are voiced by the same voice actors, including single-type fusions which the Pearls would be, and all Pearls are voiced by Deedee Magno Hall.
    • We've already seen a Pearl/Diamond fusion: Rainbow Quartz.

Diamonds are Super Prototype Gems made by whoever created the Gems in the first place.
Going off the theory the Gems were originally created by someone else, the Diamonds are four Super Prototype Gems, with White Diamond having been the very first one created followed by Yellow and Blue then Pink being the youngest. However, they eventually rose up against their creators and annihilated them, then destroyed all record of they themselves being created and intentionally made all Gems after them inferior to themselves so they could control them. However, the Diamonds never considered the possibility one of them could actually be destroyed, so they also destroyed the only means they had of potentially creating another one to replace Pink Diamond after her destruction.

The Diamond Authority are stuck in a stage of grief.
Gems are known to have perfect memory. Pink Diamond seems to be the 'youngest sister' of the Diamonds. Her shattering has affected them greatly.

Blue Diamond's stuck in grief, hence why she wears a veil as a sign of mourning.

Yellow Diamond's stuck in anger, but tries to hide it under a veneer of rationality.

White Diamond's probably stuck in denial or bargaining.

  • Confirmed for both Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond.
  • Also confirmed that White is in denial, as she assumes Steven to merely be Pink's Meat Puppet instead of his own person.

Before Earth, the Diamonds had never experienced organic/inhabited planets before
Peridot mentions that the Earth's organic ecosystem creates unique resources. Could it be that the Earth is the first organic planet that the Diamonds ever encountered? This would likely also be a case of Shown Their Work/Genius Bonus, as there are very few known planets that can support organic life and the conditions to allow a planet to support said life are astonishingly rare.

Of course, seeing as Yellow Diamond makes the distinction of "organic" vs. "inorganic", it could be that they did colonize inhabited planets, but the inhabitants weren't organic in nature.

  • Jossed. See "Jungle Moon".

All the Diamonds' ships together form a giant robot.
  • Blue Diamond's ship is a left arm, while Yellow Diamond's is a right arm. White and Pink Diamonds' ships would add more body parts that together form a giant robot.
  • Given their positions on the Great Diamond Authority symbol, Pink Diamond would be either the legs or the body, while White Diamond would be the head.
    • The "statue" of White Diamond's head and torso seen on Homeworld in "The Trial" could be her ship, and the pink structures in Rose's landfill are probably Pink Diamond's ship, but the way it's sunk in the sand makes it impossible to tell if it's legs or fingers. If Pink's ship was the robot's legs, then her ship would be bigger than those of Yellow and Blue, which seems contrary to her status as being less powerful than them.
    • As of "Legs From Here To Homeworld", it's confirmed that Pink Diamond's ship is a pair of legs.
    • Confirmed in "Change Your Mind".

Diamonds are the only Gems that can make other Gems.
Kindergartens need something from a Diamond to actually produce Gems, like a seed which is injected into rock. Diamonds are like queen bees — the only Gem caste that is capable of reproduction.

Diamonds are fusions but only have one gem.
They were created by fusing with another non-gem lifeform, much like Stevonnie, only permanent. Their non-gem components give them additional size and power that they use to justify their position at the top of the gem-hierarchy. They don't make any more diamonds because newborn diamonds would start out small and as weak as graphite and would have to undergo hybridization with another species (like Steven is) and then have that hybrid fuse with another member of the non-gem species—it's way too convuluted and would display too much weakness if the regular populace knew.

There were five Diamonds.
Why do the Crystal Gems use a five-pointed star as their emblem? The easy answer is 'because there are five of them' - Rose, Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire - and the Temple door seems to confirm this idea - but that doesn't entirely make sense. How long has the Temple been there? Probably since before Amethyst was recruited, at the very least. And, lest we forget, there were far more than five Crystal Gems throughout most of the rebellion. Now, perhaps the Temple and its door were built after all that - but who could possibly build such an intricate structure? Hmmm... perhaps a Diamond. Was it Pink Diamond? Was it, perhaps, White Diamond? Or perhaps, somehow, there is a fifth Diamond whose existence is known only by the Crystal Gems- thus the five-pointed star.

The wave that Corrupted the Gems on Earth was generated by a Fusion of Yellow, Blue and White Diamond.
But Homeworld's populace is unaware of this fact. In fact, they don't even know that Gems can be Corrupted, or that their leaders were forced to resort to Fusion against some mere rebels.
Diamonds all start small and grow larger over time.
Now that we've seen Pink Diamond and it's been strongly suggested she was the same size as Stevonnie we've left with two options: either she's Off Colour or Diamonds grow over time. I think Diamonds may get stronger as they get older (perhaps they feed on the worlds they've colonised) and that's why Pink is so small while Blue and Yellow are roughly the same size. This is part of why White Diamond has been kept out of sight for so long, she's a giant even compared to Blue and Yellow (it's possible she's even already appeared during The Trial). It would also explain why all of Pink's constructs seem to have been designed for a normal sized Diamond, she was planning for the future and just didn't have time to grow into it.

The three-Diamond Fusion is Painite.
It's a rarer gem than Diamond, and its darkest variations are a deep black color. Painite would be a Meaningful Name, too.

Diamonds (or at least PD) can shapeshift without needing to return to their original form
This could explain why Pink Diamond's and White Diamond's murals depict them as tall as the other diamonds: they shapeshifted to give the image that all Diamonds should be equally respected by their courts. It also backs up the "Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond Theory", as Pink would have no problem shapeshifting a womb for 9 months as Rose when pregnant with Steven.
  • A more likely version would be the Diamonds can stay in smaller forms for longer than other gems, this is most likely only so they can interact with other characters better.

The Diamonds will find out the truth about Pink Diamond never being shattered via Steven confessing and proving it to them somehow.
And most certainly, they won't take it well. As soon as they find out Pink Diamond was never shattered and that she's in fact still "alive" (it's just that she no longer has her physical form and lies dormant inside Steven's gem), both Yellow and Blue (and perhaps White) will be utterly shocked and in deep disbelief that their beloved sibling led a rebellion against herself and ultimately faked her demise (and by extension "committed suicide") in hopes that they'd leave the Earth alone, believing that the other Diamonds don't care about her at all, and that all this time they've been trying to shatter the very Diamond they were trying to avenge. Perhaps they'll have a Jerkass Realization and Yellow will break down into tears after having previously shown a barely emotional and short-tempered disposition (only having cried at the end of "What's The Use Of Feeling Blue"), also desiring to destroy everything that reminds her of Pink out of grief. Bonus points if the Diamonds also mellow their antagonistic side and get on friendlier terms with Steven and the Earth after finding out the truth, though it's also possible their mood won't change for the better (after all, Pink Diamond practically lied to everyone but Pearl).
  • Confirmed. They find out the truth in the ending of "Reunited" because of Steven's mental aura.

The other Diamonds won't take the truth of what happened to Pink well at all.
Not only is it a deep personal betrayal, she committed acts of war against them. It even may be that they formally cannot allow such a powerful opponent to continue standing against them.

The Diamonds all represent stages of grief.
It's been shown quite clearly that Blue represents Depression and Yellow represents Anger. Pink's desperate pleas to her sister to spare Earth could be seen as Bargaining. White's refusal to get involved with Earth at all likely represents Denial, and she may have even been the one to order Pink's Un-person status. Steven will help them all to overcome these flaws, causing him to represent Acceptance.

    Yellow Diamond 
Yellow Diamond is the "Ceiling Gem" the one see on the Mural fighting Rose
Think about it, who better to fight Rose than Homeworld's leader?
  • Alternatively, she could be the figure just to the right. You know, with the yellow coloring and the yellow background?
    • Here's another thought about that mural and the enemy Rose is fighting: Does anyone else think the enemy is standing on waves of water? And the diamond-thingy Rose is holding kind of reminded me of a mirror at first. With action lines indicating it's either expelling some kind of energy...or sucking something in...Just a thought.
      • The idea of the mural Gem being Lapis is Jossed. Lapis never fought Rose, she was a terraformer.
  • Jossed. The figure on the top is White Diamond. Yellow Diamond is on the right.

Yellow Diamond has the ability to Weaponize Light.
The mural from "Serious Steven" shows what appears to be Yellow Diamond with a sun-like halo behind her. There's also the fact that Rose's pink shield ability was utilized in the prison chamber in the episode "Friend Ship", through the use of rose-colored crystals. So it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that the prison cells from the gem warship use the exact same method.

Yellow Diamond's different look
The reason Yellow Diamond looks a little different in the extended opening and her appearance in the show is because she is using her pearl as a shape shifted body double. Both the diamond's pearls have their gems on their chests, just like the diamond's.

Instead of a weapon, Yellow Diamond posses the power of Time Stands Still
And is exactly as dangerous with it as you'd expect someone to be. She's either strong enough to simply crush her opponents bare handed while time is stopped, or has an exotic collection of weapons (Not So Different from Rose's armory) she picks from for sport. Being borderline invincible in conventional combat because of this, Steven will need to employ Talking the Monster to Death.
  • Jossed. She doesn't use a weapon since she can throw around lightning like Zeus.

Yellow Diamond's power is being a Man of Kryptonite for other Gems
Her power is to disrupt Gem's physical body, like the Gem Disruptors and the forcefields of the cell, which are yellow. This makes it very difficult for Gems to defeat her (if they don't have a powerful shield like Rose Quartz did)...but this means Steven (or Stevonnie) will pull a Luffy vs Enel and Steven's immunity will give him the advantage needed to beat her.
  • Confirmed as of The Trial, where she uses yellow lightning to poof Prosecuting Zircon.

Yellow Diamond was The Chessmaster behind the Rebellion.
Yellow Diamond was a contemporary of Rose Quartz who knew about her strange affinity for organic life and her opposition to Homeworld ideas about Might Makes Right. So she arranged for Rose and a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits to transfer to a life bearing world marked for Kindergartens, correctly guessing Rose would finally be motivated to openly rebel. Then, once all of Yellow Diamond's rivals and any troops who were not directly under her thumb were planetside, YD called back all troops loyal to her, such as Jasper, and set off the WMD that wiped out everyone not under Rose's shield. With all her rivals dead and the public rocked by a terrorist insurgency that killed thousands of brave patriots Yellow Diamond assumed absolute power in the name of a safe and secure society.
  • That's pretty much what Palpatine did during the Clone Wars.
  • Jossed.

Yellow Diamond will be a Complete Monster.
Given the nature of the Gem fusion experiments and the possibility that she might be behind them and the Cluster. It's possible she could qualify for this trope in her future appearances.
  • Nope, since Even Evil Has Loved Ones. She really does care about Blue and Pink, and the Cluster was just her very, very unhealthy way of dealing with grief.

Yellow Diamond will be a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
She loves her sister Blue and will do anything to protect her... including preventing her from learning certain facts if it could lead her to danger.
  • Not quite Jossed, but becoming less and less likely over time. She just handled Pink's "death" incredibly poorly and lashed out at Earth as the easiest target.

The Yellow Pearl is the real brains behind the operation.
What was shown of the Yellow Diamond and her aide somehow reminded me of Calvin Candy and Stephen from Django Unchained. The Yellow Pearl responds to the calls to her Diamond, even on the most important, personal hotline that the Diamonds share. She clearly shows more confidence and sense of authority than is to be expected from a member of a Slave Race. And most notably, Peridot keeps gushing how the Yellow Diamond is the height of rationality and intelligence, when even few minutes talking with her shows that she is just a smug, narrow-minded and petty tyrant. But someone must have been making rational decisions in her name to make Peridot imagine that she could appeal to her with logic. Now who could that possibly be...
  • Yellow Diamond is much more in control of herself in later appearances.

Building on what we've seen of her so far, Yellow Diamond is everything Rose Quartz wasn't.
Rose was a Friend to All Living Things, Yellow Diamond is an Enemy to All Living Things. Rose was an All-Loving Hero, Yellow Diamond is a cold-hearted sociopath. Rose was a nurturing Parental Substitute to the Crystal Gems, Yellow Diamond is likely an abusive Bad Boss to Homeworld Gems.
  • The 'Sociopath' part is jossed- Yellow Diamond was deeply impacted by Pink Diamond's death in a way a sociopath couldn't be.
  • Jossed. Yellow Diamond isn't even a villain. She's just bad at dealing with grief at an apocalyptic level.

Yellow Diamond resembling a giraffe will be referenced in the show
Most likely by one of the characters derisively calling her/comparing her to a giraffe. Bonus points if Amethyst mocks her by shifting into a giraffe with Yellow Diamond's face and/or hair.

Yellow Diamond's reason for wanting the Earth destroyed by the cluster are motivated less by vengeance and more by fear.
Earth is the birthplace of the rebellion, which taught gems that they could be more than what they were designed to be. More than that, it's the place that showed the diamonds are not all powerful and can in fact be shattered. Both of these are challenges to the hierarchy found on Homeworld. Yellow Diamond simply wants to erase any history of the fact that diamonds are not perfect or that gems should try to be anything else. That's why she and the other diamonds erased Pink Diamond from their logo, that's why the nuked the planet to wipe out any gem life, that's why Leggy didn't know who Pink Diamond was, and that's why she preferred to wipe the planet off the star maps rather than harvest any resources from it. If new gems started coming from Earth, then people might ask about it's history.
  • Seems Jossed. It seems Yellow Diamond's motivations are mixed, but it is partially revenge and partially a desire to erase anything that reminds her of the loss of Pink Diamond.
  • Alternately, she might know the truth about the death of Pink Diamond and she wants to destroy the evidence.
    • This bit is definitely Jossed. Yellow was as clueless as anyone else. Zircon was right that only a Diamond could have killed Pink; she just didn't consider that Diamond would be Pink herself.

Yellow Diamond hates Jasper.
Considering how she once belonged to Pink Diamond, she resents her due to reminding her of that tragic event, and only keeps her around due to her celebrity status on Homeworld. It's probably the reason why she doesn't seem too bothered about Jasper going AWOL.

Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.
This theory posits that Yellow Diamond is The Starscream of the Diamond Authority, and is working to destroy the other diamonds so she can be the sole ruler of the Gem Race and not have to go through any bureaucratic roadblocks just to invade a planet.
  • Her actions During Steven's trial are suspiscious at the very least. She keeps pushing for it to be done and over with so they can pass sentence, she conveniently has a witness on hand that both witnessed Pink Diamond being shattered and is familiar with "Rose Quartz" in her current form, Zircon's theory definitely points her way, and getting outright accused doesn't shock her like Blue Diamond but instantly causes her to poof Zircon.
  • Dang you beat me to it. I also want to point out that in addition to being suspicious at the trial, she wanted it to go over quickly while Blue Diamond wanted to hear the whole story. Perhaps she knows more than she's letting on?
  • This troper's theory is that it was White Diamond who shattered Pink (whether doing the deed herself or just giving the order), BUT Yellow Diamond knows she did and she's desperate to prevent the truth from being known. My reasoning is as follows:
    • The position of Diamonds on the symbol. It corresponds to placement of their gems, sure, but there's one more thing it could correspond to: seniority/position. White Diamond is on the top, she's the oldest, the first Diamond. She later created Blue and Yellow, who have the same position, and finally Pink, who was youngest/lowest in hierarchy. That's why Pink had the fewest planets: she was the youngest. Also, color of diamonds is caused by the impurities; a perfect diamond, without any impurities, is white/clear.
    • Pink had a human zoo, which implies she had some interest in humans and organic life. Perhaps this was caused by the rebellion, she started to gradually understand Rose's point of view. Perhaps she was very empathic.
      • Placement of Diamond's gems could also refer to emotions: Pink, like Rose, would think with her gut and go with her feelings. Blue and Yellow, with diamonds on chest, are more rational, but still prone to emotions. Under this theory, White Diamond would have absolutely no emotions, she would be cold, machine-like.
      • This would also make White a good villain. Steven Universe is all about emotions, so it might make sense to have, as a main villain, someone who lacks them.
    • Individuality could threaten the system of White Diamond, and so she got rid of Pink. Possibilities are shattering her herself, ordering someone else to do it (possibly Yellow Diamond), or getting rid of her in another way and claiming she was shattered. Another option would be that she might not only the first Diamond, but also the first actual Gem who created the rest of her race — in that case, she might even be able to take control of other Gems through a backdoor and do whatever she likes.
    • Yellow Diamond either knew from the beginning what happened, or found out later. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are on the same level of hierarchy — they are true sisters. Yellow cares for Blue and decided to support the official story and never let Blue know what really happened.
    • Why would she do that? Because Blue is empathic and she wants justice. If she knew that White was responsible for Pink's death, she would rebel against White. What would happen then? White would get rid of Blue just as easily. Yellow Diamond lies and tries to destroy evidence not out of active malice, but in order to protect her sister, the only Gem that is the same as her, and the only Gem she really cares for.
    • This leads to some predictions: I predict that Yellow will try to shatter the Zircons — not for accusing or offending her but in order to ensure the theory will not be spread further. However, it's already too late — Blue heard the theory and it makes uncomfortable amount of sense to her.
      • So I predict that Blue will save the Zircons and that she will secretly send the Defense Zircon to Earth in order to investigate Pink Diamond's death and find the whole story. I also have a feeling that she will send Holly Blue Agate with her — this is a secret mission, so she would want to use Gems that no one would miss.
  • I personally think that Yellow Diamond has romantic feelings for Blue Diamond, thus driving her to shatter Pink Diamond. I was happy when The Trial aired because it definitely confirmed my suspicions that Rose Quartz did not shatter Pink Diamond, I never believed Rose would do that for a minute. So when I saw The Trial, by the way Yellow Diamond was acting during the trial lead me to believe that SHE was the one who shattered Pink Diamond, and it makes sense because it is clear that YD is very attached to BD, and it is extremely clear that BD was extremely close with Pink Diamond. If you think back to the song Yellow Diamond sung to Blue Diamond, YD desperately wants BD to forget about Pink Diamond. This branches into another theory I have that is still relevant, I think Rose Quartz might have been forced to take the rep for Pink Diamond's shattering in order to protect the earth. Think about it, Rose would do anything to protect the earth, even if it means telling everyone she shattered Pink Diamond. Maybe that's possibly how the gem war ended? Maybe YD shattered Pink, which Rose Quartz ended up taking the blame by possibly being threatened by Yellow Diamond, and thus being able to live peacefully on earth with those she cares about. Rose had something to gain by taking the rep, even if it meant being shunned by everyone on homeworld, and YD had everything to lose if anyone found out about her shattering Pink, ESPECIALLY if she wants to protect her relationship with Blue Diamond, who she obviously cares deeply about.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond faked her shattering with the aid of her Pearl.

Yellow Diamond's relationship to Pink Diamond is like that of a My Beloved Smother, and she didn't shatter her.
When it comes to how Yellow Diamond's actions concerning Pink Diamond, namely destroying anything having to do with the latter and her reaction to the Trial being something of a Revealing Cover Up, most people consider the idea that she was the one who killed Pink Diamond and is trying to destroy the evidence.

However, we're also shown evidence that she did care for Pink Diamond as well. She grieves for her just as much as Blue does in "That Will Be All". She allowed her to come with her when invading the Jungle Moon's planet, they referred to each other (if Stevonnie's dream is to be believed) like a mother and child would (Pink calling Yellow "Mom" and Yellow calling Pink "Hun"). Furthermore, Yellow Diamond was one of the forces who jumped to aid Pink Diamond when the Rebellion came forth, alongside Blue Diamond.

If one thinks of it, Yellow Diamond has some evidence of being a My Beloved Smother to Pink. First off, Peridot says that Yellow Diamond is responsible for all of Homeworld's Military. It would make sense that some of that demeanor follows her back into the Diamond Household and interactions with her fellow diamonds. She also seems to have some standards of how Diamonds are supposed to act. Whereas she tells Blue she needs to stop grieving because Homeworld is suffering because it's causing her to neglect said leadership duties, she somewhat tells Pink Diamond that she can't have her own Colony because she's not mature enough to accept such things. It would make Yellow's behavior towards Pink make sense, since she's violating how Diamonds are supposed to be. Finally, it would work as a nice contrast to how Blue Diamond seems to be a Doting Parent to Pink and as a Stealth Pun. If Yellow really was a My Beloved Smother to Pink, after Pink's "Shattering" her reaction is to smother out anything else that would remind her of Pink.

The final piece of evidence that can be offered is in the leaked promos, when we see the silhouettes of Pink, Yellow and Blue together. Pink has her head hung down, which if one takes her childish nature into account, one can imagine she's feeling dejected at being unable to quash the rebellion and embarassment at coming to Blue and Yellow (who are like her parents) for help. Whereas Blue is crouched down to be on Pink's level, talking to her like a parent would to their child on dealing with bullies, Yellow has her back turned towards the other two in a more uniformed matter. In one way, it can be seen as her being disappointed at Pink. In another way, it can be seen like while one parent is giving advice on the bullies, the other is keeping an eye out for them to see who's hurting their child. Yellow could be like that in the scene, keeping her eyes open for the rebels who are trying to hurt her and Blue's "Daughter".

Yellow Diamond has always suspected that Pink faked her death.
(Note, this is coming from someone who hasn't actually watched the series, so let me know if this is literally impossible to square with Yellow's actions in That Will Be All, The Trial, or elsewhere)

This doesn't necessarily mean that Yellow Diamond knows or suspects that Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz, only that she cottoned on to Pink's increasing sympathy for humanity and considers it at least plausible that she would fake her death to get out of the responsibilities of ruling the planet, though she's never shared her suspicions even with Blue, and the events of The Trial would have further cemented the idea in her mind. The reason she wants to destroy the Earth is because of how many gems that go there or were born there end up infected with heretical ideas like not wanting to subjugate or kill the planet's inhabitants, or even the notion of non-Diamond gems as shudder individuals that might be capable of more than their programming, with even a Diamond like Pink being taken in by such ideas. Yellow wants the source of such ideas eradicated so that they will never taint gemkind again. This also explains why she was willing to let gems still loyal to Homeworld get caught up in the corruption and gave them so little time to get off the planet: because she feared their mere presence on Earth might have already started to infect them with those heretical ideas, and even if countless Homeworld Gems got caught in the crossfire, being turned into insane monsters mostly contained to Earth was a far preferable outcome in her mind than surviving to eventually potentially restart the rebellion elsewhere.

Yellow Diamond is holding the whole empire together by herself at this point.
Pink Diamond faked her death to get out of running her colony. Blue Diamond has been in a state of perpetual grief ever since, and is now useless as a leader. We don't know what White Diamond is like yet, but as we've never seen her do anything other than participate in the Corrupting Light, met any gems who answer to her even on Homeworld, and she didn't bother to attend the trial along with Yellow and Blue, it's possible she doesn't do much when it comes to actually running the empire, and may be a case of Orcus on His Throne. And the Gem empire is obviously in a bad way; modern Gems like Peridot are created with no/fewer powers due to lack of resources, and seem to rely more on technology. If White, Blue, and Pink are all effectively off the board, then Yellow is the only one running the show, which may explain her attitude somewhat. But we've seen that despite her businesslike attitude, she can be petty and temperamental. The loss of Pink basically ruined everything for Homeworld, now the only one taking an active leadership position is angry and cracking under the pressure. Yellow's hatred of earth isn't just because of Pink, but because she considers it a threat to all of Gemkind. And who knows, maybe she wants the Cluster because keeping order has become impossible, and she needs an ultimate deterrent, basically the same way The Empire in Star Wars needed the Death Star.
  • Possibly Jossed. Familiar reveals that Blue Diamond has meetings she has to attend. While we don't know what the meetings are about nor if Blue Diamond is doing her fair share of leadership, it implies that she at least does some things related to ruling Gemkind when she's not busy grieving for Pink.
White Diamond has the powers of mental manipulation and editing.
This assumes that White Diamond will be the Phlegmatic of the Diamonds, and be in high command of the entire Gem race. Yellow Diamond, the militaristic specialist with a short temper has the power of lightning to instantly poof any gem, and enough physical strength to poof a Zircon with one finger; great traits for someone who might have to lead troops into battle, or would be a high value target. Blue Diamond, the more diplomatic/aristocratic leader who openly wears her emotions on her sleeve has the power to make other gems feel the way she does, handy for settling differences peacefully. Pink Diamond's specialty is unknown, but her powers over plants and healing, if they follow the trend would likely make her specialty settlement, construction and adaptiveness, and she was cheerful, compassionate and caring, and ended up growing beyond standard Gem doctrine. White Diamond's absence in all other scenes involving the Diamond's beyond the Corrupting Light and her theorized role as head of Gemkind would make her aloof, cold and distant. Such a person in such a high role is usually considered to be a sociopath, good at manipulating people, and Homeworld is clearly a totalitarian system. Her powers would reflect this; she would be able to modify a gems thoughts and wipe their memories, like editing or deleting documents in a computer. These powers would be extremely useful for the head of a totalitarian government, as it would allow White Diamond to enforce total adherence to dogma, and also explains why Pink didn't call on White's help to combat the rebellion; White's powers basically amount to brainwashing/mass hypnosis and would have quickly either exposed her secret identity as Rose Quartz or quickly end the rebellion by wading into battle and simply erasing all the Crystal Gem rebels minds, making them blank slates that could then be molded back into Homeworld aligned gems.
  • Two pieces of information in "Legs From Here To Homeworld" could be read to support this theory. First, White Pearl speaks in White Diamond's voice instead of the standard Pearl voice, possibly implying that White Diamond was possessing her Pearl. Second, White appears to know (but not understand) exactly what Pink's been up to. While there are numerous ways this could have happened, one possibility is that she was reading Pink's mind (which explains why she didn't do anything about this earlier: She didn't know what was going on until Pink's gem got close enough for her to read).
How the Diamond's powers factor into the Corrupting Light.
This theory is tied into the above theory, and explains the part each Diamond played in the Corrupting Light;
  • Yellow- Her lightning served to poof all gems caught up in the attack. It also served as an effective binder to gel the three Diamond's powers into one massive attack, and being lightning formed a means for the attack to travel from the outer atmosphere to the surface of the Earth (possibly in tandem with White, see below)
  • White- Her ability to edit or completely wipe a gems mind made it so that those caught in the attack would become a blank slate. Being light, it also made an effective means of transmitting the attack towards Earth (possibly in tandem with Yellow), and such a bright light would easily draw the attention of those on Earth.
  • Blue- Her emotional powers made it so that those who saw the attack starting up would be unable to divert their attention from it and the Gems caught in the attack would become extremely aggressive and angry and would severely mess with their head long afterwards, affecting the form they take when they reform.
In combination, we have an attack that is extremely eyecatching and cannot have attention diverted from it, poofs all gems caught in its effect, completely wipes their minds and makes it so that when they reform they are angry and violent without any other emotions or thoughts to mellow out their anger, turning them into savage animals.Being a combination of all the remaining Diamond's powers, it stands to reason that adding or removing a Diamond would significantly alter the attack; if Blue was not present, for example, then the attack would just poof all the Gems caught in its wake and make them amnesiac, a significantly weaker attack. Theoretically, an attack combining all four diamonds would do all that plus prevent the gems from reforming or cause massive environmental damage, theoretically turning it from the equivalent of a chemical weapons attack (extremely deadly to those caught in the initial attack but with little residual damage) to a Fantastic Nuke that would have completely destroyed the Earth.

What Yellow's Extraction Chamber is for
In the latest promo, Yellow Diamond is revealed to have a sauna-like room called an extraction chamber. It will likely be featured in "Familiar". My guess is that the chamber is used to somehow yank a gem's gemstone out of their body. The Diamonds don't understand why "Pink" (Steven) looks the way she does, because they don't understand humans. Maybe Yellow Diamond will take Steven to the extraction chamber to somehow remove his gem and get the real Pink Diamond back.
  • Jossed. It's a sauna.

    Blue Diamond 
Blue Diamond's eyes are not actually hidden; she simply does not have any eyes.
This is the real reason most of the Gems in her court cover their eyes in some way; because she herself doesn't have eyes, they cover their own eyes as a sign of respect.
  • Jossed.

Blue Diamond will be the easiest to defeat of the remaining three Diamonds.
Not because she's the weakest by any stretch, but because she's the laziest and most cowardly. Yellow Diamond seems to have no qualms about being confrontational with others, while White Diamond seems to be depicted in the Pyramid Mural fighting Rose...while Blue Diamond's response to Rose showing up at the Sky Arena is to lock herself down and fall back. She also seems like the leader of the nobility and like someone who would view physical combat as beneath.

If Blue Diamond does show up personally, she'll essentially be a "Get Back Here!" Boss relying on hit and run tactics, because, despite having great power, she'll be a complete novice in actual combat (and is possibly even a Glass Cannon like Lapis), and once the Crystal Gems actually get their hands on her, she'll go down easy, with someone commenting on the fact that for all her power, she has zero skill.

  • Blue Diamond running from Rose Quartz is a lot more sensible with the context that Rose shattered Pink Diamond, though whether or not this had already occurred before The Answer's flashback segment is unknown.
  • Blue Diamond has shown up personally, but so far is The Unfought.
  • The WMG is confirmed, though all of the listed reasons are wrong. The combined power of all of the Crystal Gems plus Lapis was, just barely, able to briefly inconvenience Blue. Yellow took them out with basically one punch. This isn't because of any flaw in Blue's Psychic Powers fighting style; Yellow's just stronger than she is.

Blue Diamond will undergo a Heel–Face Turn, or at least a self imposed exile.
Compare the cold and ruthless Blue Diamond of the past to the emotionally broken Blue Diamond of the present. Pink Diamond's shattering obviously devastated BD to the point where it is arguable if she can even function as a leader anymore. When she realizes that Earth, Pink Diamond's resting place, has not been destroyed by the Cluster, she may decide that she wants to stay on the planet, even against Yellow Diamond's wish to destroy it herself.

Blue Diamond will turn out to be far worse than Yellow.
Yellow seems on the surface to be far more evil than her sister, but actually demonstrates a few virtues she doesn't. Yellow Diamond offers to get Peridot off earth despite her failure and treats her Pearl well, compared to Blue who is very dismissive of her Pearl and cold blooded about shattering Sapphire and Ruby. Yellow Diamond is very involved with running the Empire and honestly concerned with outside events, where as Blue only cares about herself. Though she's wrathful, Yellow Diamond does try to adhere to logic and reason, where as Blue is highly emotional and reluctant to listen to her sister's advice.

Blue Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.
The tears and such are just an elaborate ruse to avoid having anyone think she is guilty. Or perhaps her guilt showing, which is why she is obsessive with protecting Pink Diamond's things (and thus hurting gems who are actually innocent).
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond faked her shattering with the aid of her Pearl.

    Pink Diamond 
Steven will become the next Pink Diamond and lead Gemkind into an age of peace.
Related to the above and speaks for itself.
  • "Become"? Steven is already literally Pink Diamond.

Rose Quartz's absence is why Homeworld got even worse.
Going off the theory that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, Lapis' general personality towards earth was just one of annoyance rather than one of actual malice. She wanted nothing to do with Earth period, and was horrified by Homeworld when she got there. Comparing her to the psychopathic Jasper and the sociopathic Peridot, it seems like things have just gotten worse since they left. Why? Because Rose was the Token Good Teammate among the Diamonds, being the loving person she is, and was keeping Gemkind from growing ever worse as time went on. But once she was gone, so was The Heart of Homeworld's leadership. It's not Rose's fault, but she was the one thing that kept Homeworld from going to Hell, Just no one realized it until she was gone.
  • Rose was not Pink Diamond, she was a common Quartz soldier who didn't have much influence on gem culture as a whole.
    • Well, she WAS Pink Diamond, so this theory can still be true...

Pink Diamond was a fusion that Rose Quartz was part of, and she "destroyed" her by refusing to re-fuse.
Diamonds are made up of a bunch of the same type of gem fusing into one "perfect being". Individuals that make up the fusion can leave the fusion to undergo missions independently and rejoin the being later. But Rose refused to go back, which weakened Pink Diamond enough that she was destroyed somehow.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond shapeshifted into Rose Quartz as part of faking her own death. There is also no evidence, as of yet, that Diamonds are fusions.

The Earth rebellion caused Pink Diamond to lose her authority.
The pink diamond symbol is seen with the other diamonds on ancient Gem structures, as well as Pearl's spacesuit. But, as many fans have noted, it's not seen on Peridot's spaceship. It's possible that Rose Quartz served under Pink Diamond, and broke away during the rebellion. The other Diamonds felt that Pink Diamond was responsible for the loss of Earth, so they killed her or kicked her out of the Diamond Authority.
  • Pink Diamond lost her authority when Rose Quartz shattered her.
  • Alternatively, the other Diamonds shattered Pink Diamond and said it was Rose Quartz to crate further animosity towards the Rebels.
    • There. Were witnesses. Unless the Diamonds can cause mass hallucinations there is nothing to "say".
      • Actually, the strong implication that Pearl is literally, physically incapable of saying certain things and the fact that Corruption is actually an effect on the mind of a Gem that can spread through mental/emotional contact via fusion, that might be pretty damn close. Maybe not mass hallucination, but there's a strong possibility that White Diamond actually does have a mind control power that can edit memories.
      • In that same vein: check Centipeetle's recount of the Corruption Song. She starts turning back into her monster form immediately after she tells Steven that it was the Diamonds who did it. If the Diamonds wanted to shatter every Crystal Gem on Earth, they probably could have, they can literally poof a Gem with one finger, but if it really was a Diamond who shattered Pink, then it would have been in their collective best interest to be (or appear to be) as merciful as possible. The Corruption Song makes a very handy means of keeping any surviving Gems on Earth absolutely silent without actually causing their gems any serious damage. You really can't beat a cover-up so strong it reinforces itself every time someone contemplates the idea that it happened.

Pink Diamond couldn't stop her colony nor leave the planet, so she had Rose destroy her.
We know that Rose shattered Pink Diamond to save the Earth, but what if it turns out Pink Diamond literally can never leave the colony, even by force? What if Pink Diamond wanted to leave Earth, but can't because she can't stop the colony until it's completed? When a Diamond claims a planet as their colony, they literally can never leave until it's completed, and the Diamond's life is linked to the colony itself, so when a Diamond dies, their colony stops as well. No wonder Rose had no choice but to destroy her, even if Pink Diamond decided to spare Earth.
  • Just like how in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode "Dog Show Afternoon", when it's revealed that the The Chosen One literally can never leave the city they are forced to protect even when nothing is happening to it.
    • Sort of Confirmed. Pink couldn't stop the colonization process, not for any mystical reasons but simply because the other Diamonds wouldn't let her. So she faked her shattering in hopes that it would make the Diamonds give up on Earth and leave. It didn't exactly work out that way.

Pink Diamond was the mentor to Rose Quartz
Unlike the rest of the Diamond Authority, who operated solely under cold logic (or pettiness masquerading as cold logic), Pink Diamond learned to look beyond the strict laws of Homeworld and understand The Power of Love. She tried to reform Gem society from within, only for the other Diamonds to turn on her and purge her and all her followers from Gem society. As Pink Diamond's last remaining follower (and possibly the last pink gem in all of existence), Rose Quartz has made it a mission to apply Pink Diamond's teachings to world that could finally accept them.
  • Seems Jossed - Garnet indicated that Pink Diamond was just as bad as her fellow Diamonds, and she was the one who oversaw the kindergartens on Earth in the first place.
  • Jossed. They are the same person.

Rose Quartz was not Pink Diamond.
Rose was a member of Pink Diamond's court and received her full support for her revolt. With each of the Diamonds contributing a specific personality type, Yellow is Melancholic and Blue is Choleric for example, Pink Diamond was either Phlegmatic or slightly less likely Sanguine either of which would have made her unusually empathetic toward the life of earth. By supporting Rose and funneling her a steady stream of any misfit gems who might have a disagreement with the way Homeworld was run Pink Diamond hoped to lead a proxy war against the other diamonds ultimately bringing about a more peaceful and caring empire. But as a result she was discovered and either cast out or destroyed.
  • This is why the gem empire is in the emotionally dead state that it's in at the moment. The quarter of its leadership dedicated to emotions and empathy is gone.
  • Rose was indeed not Pink Diamond, but Pink Diamond was not the Token Good Teammate of the Diamonds and so the idea that she was behind the Rebellion is Jossed.
  • Confirmed.
    • Nope, Jossed.

Pink Diamond was responsible for the Kindergartens and the Injectors.
The Injectors have those big red crystals at the top of their structures and Rose had various life-giving properties, so propagating their race could have been Pink's domain the same way that Blue has aristocracy and culture and Yellow has science and technology.
  • If this theory is correct, it could also be an explanation as to why Era 2 Gems are smaller and weaker. With no one who specializes in Gem creation, the workforce is stretched thinner, and there is less experience in the field.
  • In "A Single Pale Rose" Pink seems completely new to the Kindergarten technology.

Pink Diamond was destroyed by Rose and her forces.
This is what caused the other Gems to recall their forces, abandon Earth and create the Cluster. It makes no sense for the Diamonds to concede defeat normally, they had entire armies at their command while Rose's forces were apparently small enough to completely disregard the Facet and Cut identifications, as well as being forced to hide and build multiple bases. The Diamonds should have been able to win by sheer numbers and brute force and yet somehow were forced into retreat (despite Rose, Pearl and Garnet being the only surviving non-corrupted Crystal Gems), with at least Yellow Diamond bitter enough to kill the entire planet with the fallen force-fused remains of Rose's army. So I suggest that Pink Diamond decided enough was enough and attacked the Crystal Gems in force personally, leading to the shattering and corruption of most of Rose's army. Desperate to salvage the situation Rose fused with her remaining forces and fought Pink Diamond herself, resulting in Pink Diamond's destruction. The other three Diamonds withdrew their forces, despite Rose being effectively defeated, because if word got out that a handful of traitors killed a Diamond it would completely shatter their authority. So they left the Earth behind, with the Cluster to get revenge eventually, forbid anyone to talk about the rebellion and Pink Diamond and erased all records of the Crystal Gems.
  • Confirmed.
    • And then called into question again by The Trial. Defense Zircon thinks that another diamond shattered her. Also, the corruption bomb seems to have been the result of all three remaining diamonds deploying one last "screw you" to the rebels just before leaving.
      • Confirmed? Pink/Rose had Pearl stage her assassination so that Homeworld would leave.

Pink Diamond sacrificed herself to create Rose.
According to Jasper, Gems have a Purpose to serve the Diamonds. The Diamonds have just as much, if not more, programmed Purpose then their servants. Pink Diamond became aware of this limitation, but couldn't do something about it. She could, however, create a Gem who might be able to do so, but to have the influence she needed to give her own essence. She "fissioned" Rose from her, and the remnants became Lion.
  • In this sense, Rose Quartz "killed" Pink Diamond. (And Homeworld would definitely see it this way) Rose herself would find herself unable to fully follow her contradictory directive for free will, and sacrificed herself to create Steven.
  • Seems Jossed. Garnet indicates that Pink Diamond was no better than (or different from) her fellow Diamonds.
  • Kind of confirmed? Pink relinquished her old life so she could become Rose.

Pink Diamond is Lion.
If Lion was a Panther named Panther, it would've simply been too obvious.
  • Most likely Jossed after "Lars' Head".
    • Completely jossed.

Rose used the Breaking Point to shatter Pink Diamond
  • Steven actually guesses this in "The Trial", but Blue Diamond Josses it by specifically claiming that Rose used a sword.
    • Jossed. Pink had Pearl defeat her with Rose's Sword.

Pink Diamond was new when the war began.
  • The mural only showed one little planet, in comparison to the many that the other Diamonds were carrying/surrounded by. Clearly, this was meant to symbolize Earth, which by that point she had claimed as her own. Theorists think that it was her first colony, and why else would a Diamond have only the one colony, as opposed to the many that the others had, besides being much, much younger?
    • This may have been part of why Yellow Diamond is so eager for Earth's destruction: her "sister" was murdered there.
    • Confirmed, though "new" is a relative term with ageless beings. Earth was Pink's first colony, though.

And building on that...
Pink Diamond was not only given Earth to rule, she was literally MADE there. Maybe every Diamond starts with the planet where she is made.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond shows up in a flashback in Jungle Moon before Earth's colonization and begs Yellow for her own colony. She wouldn't do that if she knew that she'd have her homeworld as a colony.

Of the four Diamonds, Pink Diamond was the most evil.
We know that something involving her forced Rose to break her Thou Shalt Not Kill code (which was very important to her. Pink Diamond, while the youngest Diamond, was in some way the worst. Just like with Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, the average Gem never realized it.
  • Possibly Jossed since we now know that the whole "Rose shattered Pink" theory has some serious holes showing that if she did it at all, she probably had help from high places.
  • Jossed as of "A Single Pale Rose".

Pink Diamond was a complete Psychopathic Manchild.
Going with the theory that her Gemstone being in her navel symbolizes her being child-like: Pink Diamond was a Spoiled Brat (fitting her being The Baby of the Bunch: the Diamonds are treated as Gods by their people, so one becoming spoiled rotten isn't beyond the realm of possibility given the reactions we've seen from the others, particularly the youngest one) who, as opposed to the others who see their creations as pawns, sees them (and everything else for that matter) as toys. Perhaps whereas Blue Diamond's Pearl was stage dressing and Yellow Diamond's Pearl was a secretary, Pink Diamond's Pearl was basically a dress up doll for her to play with (and possibly an unusually durable Pearl, because Pink Diamond 'plays rough').

The reason Rose had to kill her was because of this: Pink Diamond was too selfish and spoiled to give up her 'toy box' after finally getting one, and basically threw a temper tantrum instead of listening to reason as her siblings MIGHT have, ultimately forcing Rose to kill her, as Pink Diamond lacked the empathy for her soldiers or the willingness to be pragmatic and leave, and would have just kept the war going until she was out of Gems to throw at Rose. While the other Diamonds were willing to withdraw with one last petty attack, Pink Diamond simply wouldn't and would have kept fighting until her entire army was dead.

  • There's some serious evidence for this theory in the existence of the human zoo that Pink Diamond kept.
    • Jossed. Pink/Rose may be a Manchild, but she was ultimately not evil.

Pink Diamond's Unperson status
Is because the fact that she was shattered by Rose directly contradicts the narrative that the Diamonds are perfect in every way. Obviously, they aren't, otherwise Yellow Diamond wouldn't be the petty narcissist she's been depicted as, and Pink Diamond wouldn't have been able to be shattered by a "lesser" gem such as a Quartz. That's why, instead of treating her as a martyr and using her as an example of why Rose and her rebellion were evil, the other Diamonds seem to have just pretended that she never existed (by changing their insignia and seemingly having attempted to get rid of some of the older insignias featuring the pink diamond).

This is supported by the fact that Gems who were actually around at the time of the war (Jasper and Eyeball) know about her, while newer ones (such as Leggy) do not. It is likely that gems who were around for the war are forbidden from speaking of Pink Diamond, while newer gems never knew she existed at all.

  • Leggy not knowing about Pink Diamond may be because she was literally Born Yesterday. The Gems at the human zoo speak freely of Pink Diamond, so it's clearly not forbidden to mention her.
  • It seems that Pink Diamond's Unperson status has more to do with Yellow Diamond's unhealthy way of coping with her grief (suppression of anything that might remind her of Pink Diamond) rather than an attempt to suppress information that contradicts their narrative as godlike beings.

There's more to Pink Diamond's shattering than we're being led to believe.
Everyone on either side seems to view it as Rose killing her (though viewpoints on necessity understandably differ). Could there be more to it than that? Was it an accident? Prearranged between the two for some unknown reason? A huge case of Not What It Looks Like?
  • That's what Blue Zircon concluded.
  • Confirmed.

Pink Diamond was an Evil Counterpart to Steven.
There is evidence that suggests Pink Diamond was the youngest of the Diamonds, and that the Earth was to be her first colony. Could it be possible that she, like Steven, was the youngest and most inexperienced yet had the most potential out of her group? Could it be that the Diamonds saw her in the same way the Crystal Gems see Steven; as their equal, their teammate, their sister, their baby?
  • Definitely given more weight as of Jungle Moon- Pink Diamond is The Baby of the Bunch and wanted her own colony partially to prove herself to her Aloof Big Sister Yellow Diamond.
    • Seemingly confirmed. Although Pink seems to have matured by the time she acquired Earth, enough for her to have a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed, both because Pink wasn't evil and because Steven IS Pink Diamond.

Pink Diamond was born in Siberia.
In real life Siberia is a home to vast diamond deposits that are only starting to get exploited. In Steven Universe there is instead a great sea with a Gem base in the middle. Since it's implied that Earth was the Pink Diamond's first and only colony, it would make sense that she was born here, and the sea is a testament to just how great resources it would take to produce a single Diamond, compared to the common foot soldiers in the Kindergartens.
  • Pink Diamond wasn't born on Earth; she seems to have been the Diamond equivalent of a teenager when she arrived.

Pink Diamond wasn't Unpersoned.
The only Gem that didn't seem to know who Pink Diamond was was Leggy, who is really stupid. When Eyeball admonishes her for not knowing who she was, it doesn't seem to carry any sort of worry that she'll get in trouble for spilling the beans. Sure, Pink Diamond is no longer on the symbol, but she's been dead for thousands of years, and Gem society is not stagnant. She would eventually be phased out of the symbol. Granted, it would be probably a taboo subject, but probably more for the sake of those that knew Pink Diamond and would likely still be grieving for her.
  • Other Gems have now been seen freely speaking of Pink Diamond and of what happened to her, so this seems confirmed.
  • There still seems to be some suppression going on, what with destruction of various symbols concerning Pink Diamond and her former subjects seemingly mostly assigned to remote and/or inane tasks. But it does indeed seem to be due to Yellow Diamond's desire to erase everything that reminds her of her grief, rather than any malice towards Pink Diamond.

If Homeworld possesses Pink Diamond's pieces, the fusion experiments could not only be a Fate Worse than Death for dissenters/deserters, but a prototype to see if Pink Diamond could somehow be fused back together.
  • Jossed. You can't possess the pieces of something that was never broken.

Siberia is where Pink Diamond was killed.
Or rather, there's a gigantic crater there because killing a Diamond results in them exploding violently due to the sheer power they possess. IE, instead of their bodies going 'poof', they go 'boom', simply because of how much power those bodies have in them. Also provides another explanation for why Rose didn't want to shatter them, other than morals.
  • Jossed. She died right next to her palanquin, which is clearly on land. That also took place somewhere in Korea. Though what happens when a Diamond is shattered remains unknown.

Alternatively, Pink Diamond essentially self destructed after being mortally wounded in an attempted Taking You with Me.

  • Jossed. She was shattered in Korea, as Blue Diamond says while visiting her abandoned palanquin.
    • And it turns out she was actually killed in Delmarva. Sort of.

The Diamond Authority killed Pink Diamond.
Throughout the show, the Diamond Authority's influence on Earth is show, most notably their sigil. The modern symbol of the Diamond authority displays a set of triangles in yellow, blue and white colors. Older versions of this however are composed of rhombus shapes, with a pink one included. Other clues involving these symbols point to Pink Diamond's absence.

The first time Pink Diamond's existence is ever confirmed in the show was in the episode "Earthlings", where Jasper reveals not only the existence of Pink Diamond - Rose and Jasper being made for her specifically - but that Rose Quartz was in some way responsible for her absence. It is currently unknown in what state Pink Diamond is in, whether or not she was shattered, corrupted, bubbled or indisposed in some other way. In "Back to the Moon", Eyeball claimed to have seen Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond herself.

My theory is that Rose Quartz in-fact had nothing to do with Pink Diamond, and that it was her fellow diamonds that got rid of her, and then blamed/framed Rose Quartz as a means of legitimizing themselves for antagonizing the rebellion for their followers. It is just as likely, with the unique technology and magic they have at their disposal, they where somehow able to stage it so that Rose Quartz supposedly shattered her, and Rose simply let them blame her for the sake of the rebellion.

In real life, the only thing strong enough to cut a diamond is another diamond. It is also no surprise that the Diamonds would do this, as it is displayed that the Diamonds are entitled to themselves. Blue Diamond would have shattered Ruby for fusing with Sapphire while saving her and Yellow Diamond would destroy the Earth for the satisfaction of seeing it die. Gems everywhere follow them without question, looking to them as gods to be feared and worshiped. In "Monster Reunion", it is revealed that the Diamonds were the ones who corrupted nearly all of the gems on Earth, regardless on whether the gems there where fighting for or against the rebellion. With all of this, it would be no surprise that the Diamonds would go to such lengths as to kill, torture and/or imprison one of their own.

Why Pink Diamond specifically is not stated, but there are multiple reasons why. Given their petty nature, it is possible that Pink Diamond was simply at a difference of opinion to the others, especially for being the youngest of the Diamonds. It is also likely that Rose Quartz - confirmed by Jasper to have worked for her - inspired some sense of rebellion in Pink Diamond as she did for the rest of the Crystal Gems.

  • Jossed. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are still mourning her loss in different ways, and they discuss Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond while alone. If they had done it themselves, they would have no reason to lie about it while alone.
    • Possibly not. Steven's lawyer during his trial pointed out how, since all other Rose Quartzes were removed from service, it would be impossible for Rose to sneak past Pink's entire entourage without any of them noticing. She even pointed out that only someone Pink trusted completely could convince her to stop her palanquin and step outside. She even accused one of the Diamonds of being behind it in a moment of passion. Furthermore, Pink was shattered with a sword, yet Rose's sword was specially made to destroy their bodies and leave their gem untouched. My guess was that the rebellion was putting a strain on Homeworld's resources and the fighting needed to stop. White or Yellow Diamond(Blue is seemingly uninvolved as she wanted to hear the truth during the trial) made it look like Rose shattered Pink as an excuse to release the corruption and stop sending forces to Earth. The type of person Rose was would lead her to take responsibility for Pink's shattering. She started the rebellion so it's her fault it happened, even though she wasn't the one who did it.
      • Adding to that, not only was Blue Diamond uninvolved in the plot, but Yellow's primary motivation is to prevent her from learning about it, since she knows that this would cause Blue to go against them, and she would most likely ended just like Pink.
  • Jossed. Pink faked her death by having Pearl stage her assassination.

Rose Quartz isn't Pink Diamond - Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz.
We know for a fact that Steven, and thus Rose, had the ability to bodyswap with other Gems. Steven did it with Lars and even a watermelon, so Rose could have done much more than that...she could have swapped bodies with a Diamond.

Now, why would a Diamond want to be a Quartz? She didn't. The Quartz wanted to be the Diamond.

This is going on the theory that Pink Diamond was the youngest of the Diamonds, judging by her mural only having the Earth. She was new and the Earth was going to be her first colony. But, let's consider this: Pink Diamond was not the powerful, intimidating, power-hungry ruler like her "sisters". In fact, when she saw the Earth, she saw beauty in it and its humans, and saw beauty in the Gems that were supposed to be "Lesser" than her. The Diamonds may have thought this was...odd, but they tried to convince her otherwise. They still loved her regardless.

Now, let's look at Quartzes. From what we see, Quartzes tend to be very strong and very...fight-y. While Amethysts seem to be pretty chill, Jasper and maybe all the other Quartz were the ruthless soldiers they were supposed to be. So let's say that a particular Rose Quartz saw her Diamond's compassion and saw it as weakness. Pink Diamond didn't deserve her title. The Earth was supposed to be an empire that would bring forth so many other Quartz and kept the Gems strong.

So, this Rose Quartz decided that she had to take matters into her own hands...and swap places with Pink Diamond. Once she took power, the Diamonds were convinced. Perhaps they were just waiting for Pink to come around to her natural, "ruler" roots and see what she had to do. "Pink Diamond" took the Kindergartens into full power, created the zoo as a prize, etc. But as for the real Pink Diamond, now trapped in the body of a simple Quartz? No one would believe her. Of course not.

Thus came the rebellion. Pink saw that her only hope was to take control of this new form and rebel against the Diamonds. But, as long as the Rose Quartz in her body kept in power, there was no hope for Earth. So she shattered her own, former body to free Earth and submitted herself to her fate as a Quartz. The rest is history.

This is why Pearl still wears pink diamonds on her outfits. This is why Rose doesn't like talking about Pink Diamond. This is what will ultimately be the reveal that will turn the Crystal Gem-Diamond conflict on its head.

  • Jossed. There never was a real Crystal Gem Rose Quartz. She was a fictional identity created by Pink from which to lead the rebellion.

Pink Diamond's shattering marked the end of Era 1.
The shattering of one of the four ruling Diamonds would have been absolutely unprecedented, and the consequences great enough to define an entirely new era of gem history.
  • This is supported by the fact that Blue Diamond's agate has been maintaining Pink Diamond's human zoo "since the dawn of Era 2."

Pink Diamond's shattering was an accident.
One of the running themes in the story is that there's really no such thing as a black-and-white absolute, and anyone who acts like there is, eventually collapses on themselves. Bismuth is so dedicated to liberating Homeworld that she embraces killing as a means to an end and has to be poofed for everyone's safety, Jasper is so obsessed with strength that she becomes corrupted; everyone else has shades of gray. Rose is the most morally ambiguous character we've seen so far, and with Steven finally confronting his fears about his mother, we're left with an image of Rose as either a scheming coward who murdered her leader, started a war, and emotionally scarred a normal human and abandoned her followers just to get her way, or a noble revolutionary who took up a righteous cause while mourning all the lines she had to cross to protect the people she cared about.

The most likely answer is that neither of those extremes are true. At some point, Rose had to have had the same impression of the Diamonds that all the other Gems have, that they're perfect and wonderful and terrifying. For whatever reason, Rose was alone with her when Pink Diamond was shattered, and whether she was directly responsible or not, she took the credit for PD's shattering in order to win more Gems to her cause. It's much more in line with the morally-gray nature of both heroes and villains (and Rose's secretive, duplicitous nature) if Rose didn't kill Pink Diamond, but deliberately capitalized on it by lying.

The voice we hear controlling the humans is Pink Diamond's.
The Diamonds think of humanity as animals, and given that it's a "zoo" she must too. It makes sense that she would want to call them herself.
  • Jossed.

Lion is Pink Diamond.
Pink Diamond was killed, but not by Rose Quartz. Rather, Rose Quartz revived Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond was grateful, but for currently unknown reasons she decided to fake her death and disguised herself as Lion.
  • Not likely after Lars' Head.

An Off Color Gem shattered Pink Diamond.
Padparadscha has proven that gem mutation can diminish the effectiveness of gem abilities. What if mutation can also increase the effectiveness of gem powers? Gems can transform themselves into diffferent shapes, but what prevents gems from impersonating each other is their voice, their hue, and their gem. An off color gem's powers might be different enough to break these rules, after all the Twins of Rutile broke the rule of one gem, one consciousness. An Off Color Gem transformed into one of the other Diamonds, used her authority to stop Pink Diamond's palaquin, and shattered Pink Diamond.

Possible unique candidates for such a deed are Moissanite, Rhinestone, and Spinel. But considering the term mutation, White Sapphire or a unique form of Rutile or Zircon are also posssible. All of these are diamond substitutes, lower class gems that can fool an untrained eye.

Pink Diamond was shattered by one of the other members of the Diamond Authority because she was trying to negotiate a ceasefire with the rebels, or worse, planning to join their side.
The other members of the Authority were strict believers in The Evils of Free Will, and thought that encouraging the rebels would lead to further rebellions and cause their massive intergalactic empire to fall into chaos. So, one or more of the other Diamonds (most likely White and/or Yellow) shattered Pink Diamond and blamed it on Rose Quartz in an effort to discredit the rebellion.

Pink Diamond was not only ruler of Earth, she was literally MADE there.
Maybe the first planet Diamond conquers is the one she was made on. And maybe creation of a diamond consumes truly immense amount of resources, and THAT'S the reason for Siberian Sea on Earth.

Pink Diamond's Pearl shattered Pink Diamond.
Notice how Yellow and Blue Pearl both gasp when Pink's Pearl is mentioned? Pearls are considered little more than accessories for powerful gems - Beneath Suspicion. And consider the pink hair on the Crystal Gem Pearl, and the fact that we still don't know who her original "master" was. Could it really have been Pearl, and Rose either took credit to protect her, or was simply blamed because Homeworld considers Pearls so benign? Oorrrrrrrr...
  • Confirmed, although the "shattering" was faked.

A hologram of Rose Quartz created by Pearl shattered Pink Diamond (or appeared to).
Pearl creates holograms (beyond her usual body and gem weapon), and has been seen creating a hologram of Rose Quartz in "Rose's Scabbard". And we've even seen that her holograms are solid enough to prove a threat ("Steven the Sword Fighter"). And even if not strong enough to do that, the hologram could pretend to shatter Pink Diamond while Pearl actually did it.
  • One problem: The holograms we've seen so far are limited in colour. I could buy Eyeball being stupid enough to fall for a hologram but the other witnesses?

Pink Diamond faked her death and is one of the gems that Fluorite is comprised of
Looking at Fluorite's design, one will notice that among her gems is a diamond-shaped one in her navel. The same location of Pink Diamond's gem.
  • If that was the case, then Fluorite would be much bigger than she already is.
    • Not necessarily. It's somewhat confirmed that the emotional state of a fusion affects its appearance. Case in point, Malachite.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. Pink Diamond did indeed fake her own death, but Fluorite is unconnected to her.

Pink Diamond was shattered by a human
Who else, besides rebels, saw the Diamonds as a threat? Probably humans.

We know that Pink Diamond was interested in humans, so it's possible that she stepped out from her palanquin to get a closer look at one. And it is likely that Gems in her court didn't consider "weak organics" dangerous, especially for a Diamond, so they let a human get close to Pink. Unfortunately for them, this human had the means and the will to shatter her.

  • What's more, this also explains why Rose Quartz would take the blame for shattering Pink Diamond if she didn't actually do it. Just as Steven took the blame for shattering Pink Diamond to ensure his friends' safety, Rose Quartz might have taken the blame to divert the Diamonds' wrath from humanity.

Pink Diamond was never shattered, simply poofed.
While unlikely given the way Yellow Diamond reacted to being accused of shattering Pink Diamond, this could be written off as Defense Zircon having the audacity to not only actually try to properly defend Steven, but to accuse her leaders of regicide. It is possible that Rose may have simply poofed Pink and has her hidden away somewhere. We know that Rose has a strict Thou Shall Not Kill rule that she followed, even having her weapon made to be non-lethal and locking away subordinates who tried to do otherwise. Rose also likes to keep a lot of secrets from the other Crystal Gems. For all we know, Rose simply kept Pink Diamond hidden somewhere in an attempt to reform her (assuming that she was just as ruthless as Yellow or Blue during the Gem War). After all, we still haven't seen what's locked in that chest in Lion's mane...
  • Confirmed, sort of. Pink Diamond had her Pearl poof her, then regenerated as Rose Quartz.

Pink Diamond was shattered due to a Pearl conspiracy to eventually take over.
Look at how Blue and Yellow Pearl react when Defense Zircon asks where Pink's Pearl was. It could be an innocent slow realization, but it could also be that their plans to shatter the rest of the Diamonds one by one were on the precipice of being revealed to Blue and Yellow Diamond.

Pink Diamond was shattered by her Pearl, who is actually the Crystal Gem's Pearl
Rose was unable to do the deed, so Pearl did it when no one was around and would go on to join the Crystal Gems. Blue Diamond insists Pink was shattered with a sword despite Rose's sword being designed SPECIFICALLY not to shatter a gem; Pearl has demonstrated she is a skilled swordswoman despite her main weapon being a spear. She had no idea Homeworld pinned this on Rose, and this is the reason for her horrified reaction on Eyeball saying that Rose was Pink's murderer; it wasn't reliving a painful memory, she was reacting to the discovery that she had unintentionally framed the woman she loved.
  • A bit unlikely since for both Blue and Yellow Diamond's Pearl, the placement of Pearl's gem corresponds to the Diamond's. This suggests that if Crystal Gem Pearl belonged to any of the Diamonds, it should be White.
  • Confirmed, except that Pink Diamond wasn't shattered.

Blue Zircon shattered Pink Diamond
And is now blaming the diamonds to throw them off her track.
  • I'm more inclined to believe it was Yellow Zircon, or that she at least had a hand in it. Loook at how she reacted when Blue Diamond set off a sadness burst. She wiped a single tear from her eye with a finger and practically looked apathetic, like she was thinking "Oh look; a tear. Neat."

Pink Diamond was starting to act like Rose Quartz.
She loved all the living things on Earth and didn't feel like she wanted to destroy it, and she was starting to encourage noncomformity amongst her subjects. She may have intended to start a new era for gemkind, one that would ensure peace, love, and a removal of the caste system.

However, Yellow Diamond didn't want these changes to come about — she liked things how they were before. And so she decided to shatter Pink Diamond and blame the rebels, thus ensuring that her ideas would never be accepted. Unfortunately, she didn't count on Blue Diamond taking on some of Pink's traits after her death. She's hoping to coax Blue back into her old ways before she has to shatter her as well.

  • She was Rose Quartz.

Pink Diamond actually liked Off Color Gems
The Off Colors all have color schemes that include either pink or colors close to pink. It could be that Pink Diamond actively collected "defective" Gems and was fascinated with Fusion, that's why Homeworld is so against them as they are more reminders of Pink Diamond that Yellow Diamond would want to depose of.

Rose Quartz did really kill Pink Diamond, but Pink Diamond arranged for it to happen
This would explain all the discrepancies in the accounts of Pink Diamond's death: the Crystal Gems weren't lying to Steven when they told him Rose killed her, and Eyeball really did see it happen, but the reason Pink Diamond didn't have her entourage to protect her was because she wanted to die. Maybe she had become horrified of what she'd done to the Earth, and decided to commit Suicide by Cop, or maybe it was all part of some Thanatos Gambit whose purpose will be revealed later? Maybe she even planned the whole thing with Rose?

Rose shattered Pink Diamond, but Pink Pearl helped her do it.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. Pink Diamond faked her own death, but used Pink Pearl to do so.
Pink Diamond started the rebellion.
Pink Diamond saw the beauty of Earth, and saw the Kindergarten was going to hurt it. She put humans in what I would call "Eden"-like conditions to protect them. What are zoos used for nowadays? Conservation. But she still wasn't satisfied. So she started the Rebellion, using Rose Quartz as a mouthpiece. While a simple Quartz soldier was the face of the rebellion, Pink Diamond was fighting the war on both sides. This ties into the theory that a Diamond was responsible for her death: This Diamond discovered Pink's doings and shattered her.
  • Confirmed. Pink Diamond started the rebellion as an excuse not to destroy the Earth. However, she faked her own death in the belief that the Diamonds would give up on the Earth in the aftermath.

Pink Diamond may have possessed similar abilities to those resurrected by Rose Quartz (and Steven)'s tears
In the episode "Jungle Moon" Pink Diamond's appearance was finally revealed. What brings this theory to mind is the fact that PD's skin and hair color match perfectly with those of Lion and Lars (pale pink for hair and darker pink for skin). And considering that PD created the entire type of RQ gems, she may have inadvertently give RQ gems abilities to provide some of her powers to organic beings.

Pink Diamond used a body double and it was this double that was destroyed, not Pink herself.
Pink Diamond appears to be an off-colour diamond. The dream in Jungle Moon matches up with the damage to the window that pink punched which implies that she is the size of a large quartz and not the size of a diamond. Her mural appears significantly different to her actual form (Most notably her mural shows her gem as being a 4-sided diamond rather than the 5-sided stylised inverted diamond that she actually has)Her real appearance would be a problem if she wanted to rule a planet as it would cast doubt on the infallible and perfect nature of diamonds. So much like nobles having idealised paintings that didn't reflect their actual appearance, she used Pink Pearl (who remember would project an equally Pink Hologram) to create a public face for her. It was this public persona that was destroyed, not Pink herself.
  • Mostly Jossed. Pink faked her own death.

Pink Diamond was shattered by Rainbow Quartz.
And the sword that did it was the fusion of Rose's shield and Pearl's spear.This is how Pink's Sapphires didn't see Rose coming, how Rose got that close despite the guards (they didn't recognise her) and why Pink left the safety of her palanquin. This is why Rainbow is the only Rose fusion we've been introduced to.
  • Jossed.

Pink Diamond was not just a fusion...
... But was shattered by the gem she was fused with. Hear me out - Pink Diamond is notably shorter than the other diamonds, and it's highly improbable to be related to age (since Amethyst is also never going to grow, despite being "too short" for an amethyst). Her mural portrays her as being as tall as the other diamonds though. Not to mention how her diamond in the mural is, you know, diamond-shaped, which we've seen isn't the shape of her gem. Conclusion or WMG - she was fused with a previously never mentioned gem, perhaps a fifth diamond ("Five" would have to be off-colour for sure though). This means that when Five betrayed Pink, no one saw it coming. How could they? Five would have been the one person Pink trusted most. Of course, if they were fused together, how could Pink not have known what Five was plotting? Simple. We know it's possible to hide thoughts in a fusion. Just look at Sardonyx. Pearl was able to keep the true reason for fusion with Garnet secret. Why then not also be capable of hiding other thoughts? Such as a planned murder...?

Pink Diamond was planning to attack Homeworld herself, and that's why she was shattered.
Rose Quartzes were her creations. Why would she give them the power to create plant life and weaponize it if the plan was to turn Earth into a colony devoid of organic life? Because that plan wasn't her plan. That plan was given to her by the other Diamonds, most likely White Diamond, but she never intended to follow it. She was growing an army of her own so she could fight her sisters (mothers?) for a better spot in the hierarchy, so one of the other Diamonds shattered her for her insolence, then used the rebellion to cover it up.
  • Jossed like hell. Not only was she never shattered, her sisters clearly adored her. She felt she wasn't getting the respect she deserved from them and abdicated her position by faking her death.

Pink Diamond ruined the colony seen in Jungle Moon
During or after the temper tantrum Stevonnie saw in their dream, Pink did something-tipped off the organic inhabitants of the world, called Nephrite back up and gave her bad orders, did a one-woman cover of the Corruption Song, whatever- that wrecked Yellow's colonization efforts.

Maybe she was having a fit of pique; maybe she was genuinely trying to help so as to prove herself, and simply had no idea what she was doing. Whatever the case, within hours or days her actions had reduced the planet to a shattered husk, useless or dangerous to Gemkind. Yellow and her entourage ditched the place without even bothering to replace that broken window.

The other Diamonds were in a bind. They were understandably pissed at Pink, but couldn't publicly admit that one of their own had screwed up so badly. So they kicked her upstairs and reassigned her to Antarctica. She got that colony she wanted- but it was in an entirely different galaxy from Homeworld, and the plans she was given- 89 kindergartens, 67 spires, etc- were complex and grandiose enough to keep her safely occupied and out of anyone else's hair for millennia.

Of course, sending Pink to Earth also began the sequence of events that lead to her shattering...

How Pink Diamond Died.
In the episode "The New Lars," Steven displayed the ability to possess people while he slept. This ability of Steven's was not really followed up on afterwards. But what if this was an ability that Rose Quartz possessed? Could it be possible that Rose used her possession power to control Blue Diamond and force her to kill Pink Diamond? After Possessed Blue Diamond killed Pink Diamond, she blocked out what she was forced to do, due to trauma. Yellow Diamond poofed Blue Zircon at the trial because Zircon's testimony could make Blue Diamond remember what happened; which would make Blue even more broken.
  • Jossed, because Pink Diamond never actually died.

Pink Diamond is Peedee
Pink Diamond was never really shattered. She just faked her own death due to her conflicts with the other Diamonds, with Rose's assistance, and hid out on Earth ever since. To ensure she'd really never be found, she eventually decided to become a human-gem hybrid. Specifically, Peedee. It makes sense, right?! Pink Diamond = PD = PEEDEE! He could be older than he looks, like Steven, which is why he doesn't think of himself as a kid. And he has a Missing Mom, after all. When Ronaldo finds out, he'll freak.
  • Confirmed that Pink faked her death, but she didn't become Peedee.

There was a real Rose Quartz, but she wasn’t Steven’s mother.
The story Garnet told Steven on Rose’s origins was true, that she was disatisfied with life on her colony, and realized that humans deserved a chance at life. She founded the rebellion, and led them in several of their early battles against Homeworld. But one fateful day, she attempted to confront Pink Diamond Herself, and unfortunately, as they fought, she was mortally wounded. But as Pink Diamond saw the near shattered Rose Quartz in her final moments, she realized that Rose was right, and that the Humans deserved to live. After Rose died, Pink Diamond knew that the rebellion wouldn’t last long without their leader, but also knew they would never turn to a Diamond for leadership. So she kept the shattering of Rose Quartz a secret, as she was the only witness, and planned to assume Rose’s identity to lead the rebels in her stead. But she knew she could never let the Other Diamonds know of her treachery, so with the help of her Pearl, she faked her own shattering, so she could live her new life as Rose Quartz. However, this had the unforeseen consequence of the Diamonds taking the rebellion much more seriously, and after a grueling war, they finally resorted to using their power to corrupt the Gems on Earth into monsters, and left the planet for dead. After saving the few Gems she could, Pink saw what her actions had inadvertently caused, and vowed to herself she would one day atone for all the suffering her actions generated, and realized humanity was the key. Thousands of years later, when she met Greg, she knew her time had come. She would be reincarnated into her son, Steven Universe, and with both the power of a Diamond, and the heart of humanity, She could overcome all of the conflict Rose Quartz and Homeworld had started, and begin anew...

Pink Diamond was an experiment.
Gems are supposedly born fully formed, knowing their purpose and ready to fullfil it. And yet, Pink Diamond was smaller than the other Diamonds and in Jungle Moon we see her behaving very much like a child. People have suggested that she may have been defective in some way; but what if that is what she was meant to be like from the start?

The Diamonds are supposed to be 'perfect', but after millennia of expansion and conquest, they may have come to the realization that unchanging perfection is not without limitations: perhaps they have faced situations in which their rigid, 'perfect' ways produced unwanted outcomes; maybe at some point they've even found themselves outmaneuvered by 'inferior' organic beings with more flexible and adaptive mindsets. Eventually, they decide to try creating a new kind of Diamond, one that's made to grow and develop in a more 'organic' way, to be more flexible, adaptable and creative: that's our Pink Diamond, aka Rose Quartz. Her fascination with humans, her ability to reinvent herself, are not the product of some unintended flaw but an actual design feature. The other Diamonds simply could not foresee the consequences of their experiment.

Pink is secretly the second oldest Diamond after White
The way White talks to Steven suggests she's been through this sort of thing with her before. Maybe she'd done this whole "create a fake rebellion" thing on several occasions, and she's been forcibly demoted into a lesser form. This latest one has been much different that Pink's previous rebellions though, causing White to suggest that maybe she's got it out of her system.

Why White Diamond took Pink's Pearl
So. In "ogether Alone" we are treated to near incontrovertible proof that White's Pearl was Pink's. And they are alone, playing together, with Pink seeming very close with the Pearl, friendly, playful, even ending her act with a little wink. Enter a looming Yellow Diamond, and the fun stops, complete with an air of discomfort. The dream ends and we're left with the realization of the origins of White's Pearl, but it feels like we got more than that.

Pink. FUSED. With Now-White Pearl.

Or tried to. Or accidentally did. Or something. But it makes sense. It explains why the Pearl was replaced. And it explains the...damage to the Pearl. It draws a parallel to a parent discovering their child in a moment of intimacy with a same sex friend, and shipping the child off somewhere far away. It explains the anger she would have taken out on the Pearl, too, and why she kept her as her own.

Look at the ball, too. When Steven and Connie fuse, the Pearl is upset. But she’s not angry or disgusted...she's...sad. Like seeing a former lover in a moment of intimacy with someone else.

The biggest block is the "Only on Earth" speech, but honestly, it can pretty easily be interpreted as a suspiciously specific denial, particularly with the "the only thing I've heard is that it's unheard of!" Or perhaps White out and out obscured Pink's Fusion/attempt from her mind.

    White Diamond 
The Gem on the wall seen in "Serious Steven" is White Diamond.
The Gem that appears to be fighting Rose is White Diamond. She has tall, spiky hair and pointed shoulderpads. She's also colored white.
  • Why would White Diamond have fought Rose when she never participated in the Gem War other than to help the other Diamonds unleash the Corrupting Light?

White Diamond will be a Token Good Teammate to the Diamonds
Prior to the Rebellion White Diamond and the likely Pink Diamond Rose Quartz were much more reasonable than the other two and actually had some sense of morals. After the war though Rose was gone and White Diamond was the Only Sane Man of the Diamond Authority, which was pushing for more drastic and morally dubious actions. The other Diamonds were held back because White Diamond is much more powerful than them but were eventually able to do something to remove White from the picture, resulting in a more dystopian Homeworld.
  • Jossed. White Diamond isn't the reasonable one, she's The Dreaded.

White Diamond is stationed on a planet far away from Yellow Diamond.
The relationship of their alliance is very distant, even more than either one's with Blue Diamond. They only convene on Homeworld when all three of them are facing a mutual threat. White Diamond don't know about the full details of Yellow Diamond's plans with the Cluster. White likely won't care at all, but since she doesn't know, she is uninvolved, which is why we haven't seen hints of her involvement in Earth yet. She's just doing something else of her own.
  • Jossed. White Diamond is on Homeworld.

White Diamond corrupted the gems.
Centipeetle explicitly depicts a white light being the source of corruption. White Diamond hasn't been revealed yet, neither have any of the powers of the Diamonds, but with their status, it can be assumed one of them has an ability to corrupt.
  • Almost definitely Jossed. Lapis Lazuli's depiction of the "corruption bomb" shows a ring of white, yellow, and blue.
  • Further Jossed by "Your Mother and Mine" showing that the Corruption Light was an attack by all three remaining Diamonds.
  • In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", both Yellow and Blue Diamond are horrified by the Corruption (their attack was supposed to be a clean kill) and can't understand how it happened.

White Diamond has no emotions.
Unlike Blue, who is basically defined by her grief, and Yellow, who is perpetually angry, White has no emotions at all and is simply cold, calculating and machine-like.

If the Pyramid Gem is White Diamond, it's because the corruption attack backfired on her in some way
The Gem sealed in the temple has long been speculated to be White Diamond, but the colors of light show in Lapis' flashback shows white among them. Perhaps the backlash of using that attack corrupted her, perhaps Rose actually somehow reflected the part of the attack intended for the Crystal Gems back at her, but regardless the attack somehow backfired and corrupted White Diamond. As for why Pink Diamond was removed from the symbol and not White Diamond, Homeworld painted her as a martyr while Pink Diamond's disappearance was much more damaging to them.
  • White Diamond is still large and in charge on Homeworld.

Rose was only indirectly responsible for Pink Diamond's death, White Diamond was the one who actually struck the killing blow.
The often studied mural depicts Rose holding a pink diamond between herself and White Diamond as White Diamond attacks. Rose managed to poof Pink Diamond and took her Gem captive in a bubble. She then confronted White Diamond with Pink Diamond, offering the Diamond Authority an exchange: Pink Diamond's safe return for Homeworld leaving Earth alone (intending to simply seal Pink Diamond away in the event they refused). White Diamond, either due to not having any real compassion for Pink Diamond and seeing her as a failure for being beaten by Rose or attempting to simply kill Rose and free Pink Diamond, attacked...but instead of hitting Rose, she hit Pink Diamond's Gem instead, shattering her. From Eyeball's perspective (perhaps being too far away to see and hear the exact details), it appeared that Rose used Pink Diamond as a Human Shield against White Diamond, and that was the narrative the Diamonds spun rather than admitting White Diamond was the true cause of her death.
  • Jossed.

White Diamond will be the leader of Homeworld, possibly the Diamond Authority, and the Big Bad.
The following theory pulls mostly from the murals and emblems seen thus far.
  • In both GDA Emblems, the White Diamond forms the top of the insignia. This could simply correspond to Gem placement (White-head, Yellow/Blue-Chest, Pink-Navel). However...
  • The four Diamond Murals in the Moonbase show the Diamonds surrounded by various planets and their satellites. Pink Diamond's mural implies that Earth and the moon are her sole territories, which is interesting enough, but what about the others? Blue Diamond only has eight (with no satellites), but Yellow has nine planets and fourteen satellites for a total of 23 territories in all. White Diamond, however, dwarfs the acquisitions of the other three with a total of thirty-four territories. That's not all, though: she's also holding a large orb, which, if construed as a planet, is almost certainly Homeworld, possibly implying that she has ultimate authority over the Gems' original planet.
  • The "Serious Steven" mural shows Rose front and center in combat with another Gem. Previously, the seemingly light blue coloration made me believe this to be Blue Diamond, but that hair is unmistakable. If the above theory regarding Pink Diamond's shattering at her hands is correct, it's possible she was the Final Boss of the Gem War, and she'd certainly have the most reason to hate the Rebellion.
  • Lastly, it just seems generally suspicious that we're being kept in the dark about her. Blue Diamond was revealed almost casually, Yellow Diamond was constantly built up and has finally made an appearance, and even Pink Diamond is starting to get some exposure despite probably being the most spoileriffic of the three. The Sorting Algorithm of Evil thus suggests her to be the Heavyweight of the group.
  • The start of season six reveals that White Diamond is by far the largest of the Diamonds, probably the most powerful, and that Blue and Yellow are scared spitless of her. Though given the nature of the series, she may only be a villain temporarily; the Crystal Gems have reached an accommodation with Blue and Yellow, after all.

White Diamond will turn out to be a Reasonable Authority Figure.
So far we've seen Yellow Diamond as vengeful and desiring the death of the Earth, Blue Diamond furiously demanded that Ruby be broken for daring to fuse with Sapphire and became angry with the latter for failing to predict the future accurately, and Pink Diamond owned the Earth and had to be shattered to ensure its freedom - basically, all pretty frightening and villainous from what we know so far.

But not a word has been said about White Diamond. Presumably, she also sent her forces to Earth to fight the Crystal Gems, and perhaps (as someone above suggested) is even responsible for the planet-wide Gem corruption. Perhaps by now she has distanced herself from the others somewhat, suffering a My God, What Have I Done? moment in regards to the war and her actions. She's still fulfilling her role as Diamond, but will eventually turn into an unexpected ally to the Crystal Gems when she can't stand it any longer.

Alternatively, she might not suffer a crisis of conscience, but will be more of the mind of, "We're still fighting over this? My fellow Diamonds, just let them have the Earth. There are other planets, and fighting these Crystal Gems is just a drain of our resources."

  • I could very much see her acting as a Foil to the other Diamonds, of which two (Yellow and Blue) are explicitly shown to be vicious, miserable tyrants, and the third (Pink), while not directly shown, was apparently so bad that shattering her was Rose's only option. Sanity Has Advantages, so her relative stability could be the reason for her success. If her goals align with the rest of the Diamonds, it could be her comparative lack of toxicity that makes her a more dangerous opponent to the Crystal Gems.
  • Jossed.
  • It's actually still possible. White Diamond seemed quite calm at Pink's actions.
    • Nope. She's the hardest Diamond to redeem, since she has to be humiliated first, and it takes alot to figure out how.

White Diamond Created the Gems and will constantly pull the 'Creator' card.
As creator of the Gems White Diamond will be an abusive creator, always offering 'Forgiveness' if they submit to Homeworld.Her major fault will be thinking that just because she created the Gems she has a right to be their leader and control everything they do.
  • Or, she might not bothering with offering anything at all. If a Gem won't serve her, it's defective and must be destroyed, period.

White Diamond bubbled all those Rose Quartzes in the Zoo.
At first glance the bubbles appear pink due to the pink room and gems, but they're actually white.

White Diamond will be either the ultimate Big Bad or the surprise Big Good.
This is going along with the theory that White Diamond accidentally shattered Pink Diamond, the following being her two possible reactions.

If White Diamond is the Big Bad, she will be a stone cold Knight of Cerebus who is still in denial about what happened to Pink Diamond, and will be dead set on destroying Earth.

  • Alternatively, she might readily admit that it was her fault (either through neglect, or even by design), and simply not care about it. She might give no more thought to Pink that any other random Gem — all are expendable, and all are ultimately there for her.

OR, White Diamond's reaction to Pink Diamond's shattering was a huge Break the Haughty moment for her, and she basically exiled herself to Homeworld because of her guilt and hasn't left since. She finally gets a hold of herself in the modern day and returns to Earth as The Atoner. Everyone will at first think she's there to destroy Earth and then be surprised that she's not. She'll tell Yellow and Blue Diamond that Earth is off limits and, I dunno, pull a full Heel–Face Turn thanks to Steven or something.

White Diamond possesses a complete Lack of Empathy, and may be The Sociopath.
Both Blue and Yellow are shown to be mourning Pink in their own ways. To offset that White'll be shown to be singularly unaffected by the event, because the only thing more terrifying than wrath and despair at the death of a loved one? Indifference. Note also that unlike the other two, she's shown no interest in Earth since the war, even though the "Serious Steven" mural suggests she at least had a hand in Pink Diamond's shattering. A hallmark of true sociopaths is their impersonal reaction to things that would drive normal people to extremes such as revenge.
  • This could also make for a terrifying subversion to the Reasonable Authority Figure trope if she at first seems to be over the Gem War due to a Lack of Empathy.
  • Also, who could be a more fitting Foil to empathic Steven than someone who doesn't feel emotions?

White Diamond was (secretly) a fusion of Pink, Yellow, and Blue.
Gem bodies are hard-light, and when magenta (pink), blue(-green), and yellow light mix, they form white light. White Diamond is the largest and most dominant figure in Homeworld imagery because she was the literal union of the three leaders, representing absolute authority in her very existence. With that said, given the apparent perfection of her form, she was also a representation of the love between the three Diamond sisters.
  • While Pink has been removed from Homeworld imagery, White has remained to maintain the charade of her continued existence (and because, relatedly, the knowledge that Rose had technically killed TWO Diamonds may have irrevocably destroyed loyalist morale).
  • Blue's disgust with Garnet (and by extention the entire Homeworld view on fusion) wasn't bigotry against inter-gem fusion, it was an expression of jealousy over a kind of fusion that Blue could never have again.
    • Pink Diamond was still active when Garnet first fused, though.
  • Adding to this theory is that we never see any Gems from White Diamond's court despite the fact that members from the other Diamond courts have been shown: Peridot (Yellow), Sapphire, Ruby and Holly Blue (Blue), Rose Quartz, Jasper and the Famethysts (formerly Pink). If White Diamond didn't exist, except as a Fusion, then it makes sense no Gems would be assigned to her court.
    • Apparently Jossed; Garnet's flashback in "Your Mother and Mine" shows Yellow, Blue, and White all attacking Earth with the Corrupting Light. Even considering Garnet didn't know Rose was Pink Diamond as revealed in "A Single Pale Rose," the fact that it's the only part of the flashback not shown through silhouettes and the fact that Garnet was present for it suggests that part of the flashback is accurate.

White Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.
These are the two diamonds we know the least about, and since Blue and Yellow are proven to have been grieving Pink's shattering, they are the least likely to have done the deed. White, on the other hand, is an enigma, so it is extremely plausible for her to have been the guilty party. The motive remains unknown, but it still fits better, even moreso if White Diamond is the Big Bad.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond faked her shattering with the aid of her Pearl.

White Diamond is working to grow a replacement for Pink Diamond.
The process of growing a diamond is likely highly confidential and it's quite likely that White Diamond would be the only one to know all the particulars. Even if she didn't have to monitor the process continually, it would be a good idea to keep her away from everyone, lest an assassin like Rose Quartz take the opportunity to kill White Diamond and all her knowledge be lost forever.

White Diamond is terrible at naming things.
They just call Homeworld "Homeworld". Maybe it's just the utilitarian nature of Gems but it may also be that White Diamond just isn't the most creative person. Maybe somewhere out there there's a planet she named "New Homeworld".

White Diamond IS the giant statue shaped like her seen in Homeworld's background.
Forget King in the Mountain, the King IS the Mountain.
  • The image reminded this troper of the description of Satan in Canto 34 of Dante's Inferno (perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not):
    The Emperor of the kingdom dolorous
    From his mid-breast forth issued from the ice;
    And better with a giant I compare
    Than do the giants with those arms of his
    Consider now how great must be that whole
    Which unto such a part conforms itself
    Were he as fair once, as he now is foul.

White Diamond is the Mad Scientist of the Diamond Authority.
As will be revealed, White is the part of Gem society meant to be something of an innovator, fulfilling the science role to Yellow's military and Blue's social cohesion. She's also the one responsible for the Corrupting part of her overall scheme to bring Pink back to life. She's scarce because he quest for finding a way to heal a shattered Gem is taking her all across the empire and she's too focused on her work to care about Gem society at large (possibly because it was her negligence that killed Pink). She created the Gem monsters to fully understand how their ability to build bodies works, and when she finally shows up, it will be with the express intention of finishing her magnum opus of reviving Pink-possibly in a way that involves the death of Steven, as she needs his belly-gem to complete the process.

White Diamond was created by a divine entity
Going off of the theory that White Diamond was the first Gem ever made, it is highly likely that whatever being created her had a purpose for her. Given that gems are made out of pure light that somehow has mass, it seems possible that some deity may have created White Diamond for the purpose of purging some sort of dark being from spreading/destroying the universe/whatever evil plan it had in mind. More evidence for this? Well, for starters, Gems are constantly described as magical beings that break several laws of physics (such as having mass despite being made out of light, being able to summon weapons out of their gem, being able to physically change their gems via fusion, etc.), and usually in stories with magic have some sort of creator of said magic.

Unfortunately however, the being that created White Diamond had no way of knowing that she would inevitably cause damage to the universe herself via colonization of countless planets, so in an ironic twist, the being mistakenly created a new threat to the universe in hopes of destroying the original threat.

White Diamond is a Well-Intentioned Extremist
Going by the theory above, it seems highly possible that White Diamond is not a malicious force at all, but rather just an overzealous servant who puts her purpose above all else. Homeworld's main priority seems to be colonizing as much resource-rich planets as possible, but their motives are never explained. Is it just out of greed and a lust for power? That's possible, but it's also likely that in expanding their reach and growing their population, they will grow to be more capable of defeating the dark force which White Diamond was likely unable to take out on her own. For starters, this would explain the creation of Quartzes, warrior Gems built as fighting machines. Sure, while some Quartzes were made specifically to fight Rose's army, others were made before the rebellion, such as Rose herself. This raises the question; Why would Homeworld need an army when hardly any force could oppose a Gem? The answer is quite simple; the Gems needed more force to take on the evil being, so they began expanding their army by draining planets of their resources, a plan that, although immoral, was not of ill intent.

White Diamond is a logic based AI. (and also killed Pink Diamond)
White Diamond originally was some sort of von neumann probe, designed to explore the entire universe at the behest of creators before reporting back. She was capable of generating more probes on command and designed to logically determine if and when self-replication was needed. Due to programming limitations White Diamond is completely cold and logical, no emotions, no empathy, nothing but logic. In her travels she did not choose self-replicate as there was no inherent need to so long as she could finish her mission before the heat death of the universe. This was not the intended behavior but her AI frame work was shoddy to begin with.

Her creators eventually went extinct and unable to report back White Diamond simply kept exploring, locked into an incomplete task that could never be completed until something damaged her and forced a landing on Homeworld. Here White Diamond was struck with a logical quandary, there were no more creators to report to rendering her task obsolete but she was also designed to perform that task. Unable to logically resolve this issue White Diamond generated to Subordinate entities to debate the issue, one was designed to argue the active option of continued operation and study while the other was designed to argue the passive option of nonaction and eventual cessation of functions.

These two were Yellow and Blue Diamond, designed from the start to act in an nonlogical manner toward issues with a specific angle. Eventually Yellow Diamonds position of continued existence and alternative means of data collection eventually won leading to the creation of further subordinate units at the discretion of Yellow and Blue Diamond. White Diamond took a more back seat role simply processing vast quantities of information and directing the growth of the Gem Empire toward areas she had not yet been able to collect data on while allowing her subordinate units to the daily affairs of the empire.

This continued on for Millennium with the emotional Blue and Yellow Diamonds naturally growing a society around them composed of subordinates eventually developing into the structured aristocracy we see today in the Gem Empire. White Diamond is still continually fed new data on discovered worlds and cataloged systems before any are processed, being coldly logical as long as the information is gathered first the eventual fate of the planets in question is utterly meaningless to her.

Earth and the discovery of nongemological life however proved to be an obstacle. They were not her creators, but at the same time they were not static data points that could be measured a single time then filed which eventually lead to the creation of Pink Diamond by White Diamond without input from the other two existing Diamonds. Pink was designed to be an adjunct between biological life and gems to further the goal of exploration through conquest by ruling worlds baring them through the harvesting process and preserving adequate samples to continue data gathering indefinitely resolving the logical issue for White Diamond.

Pink Diamond however was eventually swayed toward Rose Quartz manner of thinking. Though still a Diamond and absolute ruler of her world who would have shattered Rose Quartz without a second thought, she to grew attached to biological life in her own way. White Diamond killed her for this. Speaking from a logical perspective any Diamond displaying a noticeable deviation from orders and intended purpose with a significant number of subordinates posed a threat to the mission, once Pink crossed that threshold White Diamond destroyed her to eliminate the threat.

Yellow found out or was present at the time and was shocked by this action. White Diamonds explanation shattered any emotional bonds that Yellow had been projecting onto the cold and emotionless being that was White Diamond. However Yellow was well aware that the shattering of one Diamond by another could potentially throw gem society into complete chaos, which White unable to comprehend emotion beyond the very basics had failed to account for, and took measures to mitigate the damage. She made Rose an offer, Earth and safety for taking the blame for the death of a Diamond. Rose naturally accepted and Yellow kept her bargain in name only, as was her nature as the active and aggressive Diamond.

Yellow Diamond has been attempting to hide this turn of events from Blue due to being aware of the rage it could inspire in her. Of the two Blue is the depressive and passive one but the death of there sister inspired action in her which was unexpected and frightening as it went against her inherent purpose. Yellow Diamond is trying to protect her from making a move against White and ending up with the same fate as Pink.

White Diamond is keeping her distance because she blames herself for Pink's death.
The moon base on Earth is completely white, and Pearl is strongly implied to have been White Diamond's Pearl based on her color palette, and White Diamond is implied to be the highest of the Diamonds. If the Diamond Authority were a more functional family unit before Pink's death, then as the Team Mom, White Diamond may have actually set Pink up on Earth as a means of giving her a chance to prove herself, providing a pre-established moon base with a skillful, educated servant who could serve as an advisor/majordomo while she learned the ropes. When Pink was shattered, White Diamond would have felt responsible for letting Pink have that much freedom before she was ready for it, like a parent feeling responsible for their child dying in a wreck just after giving them the car keys. This may also mean that she's in the bargaining stage of grief, dwelling on the what-ifs and if-onlys of the events leading up to Pink's death because it's more comforting for her to believe that she failed in her responsibility than to accept that the situation was out of her control.

The character we've been calling "White Diamond" isn't named that.
"White" diamonds are actually colorless, but a literal white diamond is actually considered flawed for having a pale, milky, vaguely prismatic color. Her name is just straight-up Diamond.
  • The Art & Origins book called her White, though.
  • Now thoroughly Jossed.

White Diamond was at the trial.
The theory that the statue is White Diamond is true. White Diamond was close to the court room and was probably listening in on the whole thing. The reason why we didn't see her face is because we were only viewing her from the back.
  • The statue wasn't White Diamond herself, but her ship, which she was probably inside.

White Diamond is defective.
Much like how Pink is by being "overcooked" as Amethyst, White is "undercook" like Skinny Jasper, as Skinny is both taller and thinner than the other quartz. Also the likelihood that White is a Squishy Wizard as she's far weaker physical, to the warrior Yellow and the thief Blue.

White Diamond actually knew the truth about Pink, even before she faked her death.
White had been secretly keeping tabs on Pink when she finally got her first colony, initially because she suspected she couldn't handle it and then continued as Pink began behaving suspiciously. White viewed Pink as defective herself, so it angered but didn't surprise her when she saw Pink and her Pearl orchestrating secret identities to commit high treason with. But she also realized Yellow and Blue were sentimental to the Off Color Diamond, so she kept her finding secret from them so they would do "what needed to be done" when they caught "Rose Quartz" and tried her for her treason. One can only imagine how furious Yellow and Blue will be with her when they inevitably discover the truth.
  • Confirmed in that White knew the truth before her fellow Diamonds, but jossed about her telling Yellow and Blue.

White Diamond's coloration is close to Pearl's original colors instead of being solid white
If Pearl originally was made for White Diamond, this would explain Pearl's coloration and gem placement, as well as reveal the rest of her past immediately if White Diamond is shown before it is otherwise explained. After all, when you're talking about the physics of light, white is the combination of all colors, while blue, yellow,and pink are all secondary colors.

White Diamond's Gem . . .
Is an upward-facing brilliant cut, to provide maximum symmetry with Pink.
  • Confirmed by official art by Rebecca Sugar at SDCC 2018.

White Diamond will get off her throne
Because Blue and Yellow are stuck on Earth, with no known way to contact the Gem Empire or return any time soon (recall that the controls in the Moon base were destroyed by Garnet in "It Could've Been Great"). This will have great enough effects on the Gem Empire that it will finally cause her to show her face, and maybe even come to Earth to see what exactly is going on.

White Diamond is a Seer
Hence why she not only knew Steven/Pink would return to Homeworld, but announced it ahead of time to he people of Homeworld. She had a vision that "Pink" would return someday and decreed it to the world when that time came.

White Diamond has no personality of her own
She only imitates (to the point of exaggeration) the personality of whoever she's speaking with. This could explain why Yellow Diamond believes she has such a strong temper, why she seems eerily nice to Steven, and why White Pearl insists that "Pink" meet with White Diamond alone.

White Diamond is a Hologram
This is why she never leaves Homeworld. She only interacts with the world through her pearl and by controlling various parts of Homeworld. The real WD is smaller and more cute then Peridot.

White Diamond has the combined powers of the other three Diamonds
  • Or to put it more accurately, each of the other Diamonds has a subset of White's powers. Just as yellow, blue, and pink are the three primary colors of light, and combine into white, so White is the combination of the other three Diamonds.

White Diamond is a fusion
It may be that the Diamond Authority is expy of the Crystal Gems. For starters, the three excluding Steven/Pink all mourns for the same person, with different ways. But the members of the two groups may represent each other as well. Pink- who is the youngest and smallest, made even clearer by the fact that she inherits her gem to Steven. Yellow- who tries to hide her emotions like Amethyst(At least how Amethyst did in What's Your Problem?) Blue- who often sulks in grief and tears from something that had happened in the past, just like Pearl, with the fact that they both grieve for the same person. And finally, White, who is the leader of the group, just like Garnet, and is seemingly overly powerful for a single gem to be.... And she is "even different from the other diamonds," by Pearl's words...

White Diamond is blind
She didn't seem to react to "Pink" taking the form of a tiny human, even though Yellow and Blue have previously expressed extreme disgust at Steven's appearance. Perhaps White is unable to see, and instead senses gems by their gemstones. She recognized Pink Diamond's gemstone in front of her, and treated Steven as such.
  • Additionally, "Legs from Here to Homeworld" places a lot of emphasis on her eyes, which have white diamond-shaped pupils. Normal pupils are holes that let in light, allowing someone to see by capturing the reflection of the light on the retina, and appear black. White Diamond's white pupils could mean:
    • Her pupils do not capture light, but instead give off light like the rest of her face.
    • The light shining from her face is so bright that she can't see past her own nose; she is quite literally blinded by her own brilliance.
  • Either explanation could very well mean she is blind.

White Diamond is heavily suffering from Time Dissonance
Just as a year to a 5-year-old may be far more significant to them than to a 50-year-old, White Diamond is so incredibly ancient, even compared to the other diamonds, that what is a significant period of time to them has very little to no impact on her. This could explain why she hasn't left homeworld for so long, because it's not unusual for someone to stay home for a few days and a few eons may well be her equivalent.

White Diamond is the only naturally formed gem.
She formed in the core of a planet, maybe even Homeworld, and slowly gained sentience until she finally created a physical form. But she got lonely and created Blue and Yellow, though she could not replicate the process perfectly, and never had the resources to make diamonds that big ever again. Then the three of them made the rest of gemkind with much less. They found a suitable planet to make yet another diamond, but only barely, and Pink Diamond was born. Figuring out the natural process will be the key to ending the resource crisis, because it will end up being less damaging to planets.

White Diamond wants to possess all of Gemkind.
A common fan theory is that White Diamond is possessing or at least mind-controlling White Pearl, with another theory being that one of her other powers is to wipe, manipulate, and/or edit the minds of other Gems. My theory expands on this in that White Diamond wants to possess all of Gemkind this way. She plans on using all the colonies that herself, Yellow, and Blue created to do this somehow, possibly using technology they inadvertently placed in the Kindergartens or the planets themselves; in the former case, the Kindergartens installed a backdoor of sorts into the minds of every gem created that White can access, and in the latter case, each colony contains technology to act as a signal booster for a mind-control wave.

White Diamond wants to do this to assume some sort of apotheosis to some higher plane of consciousness, and she wants organic life destroyed because she can't affect organic minds. She's not yet capable of wide-spread possession, but she's getting there: she's already done it to her Pearl and possibly other Homeworld gems (notice how the gems cheering Steven's arrival on Homeworld suddenly stop when White Pearl shows up? While the most obvious answer was they went quiet out of respect for White Pearl's arrival, but what if it was actually because White was controlling them?)

White Diamond was actually a creation of benevolent intentions Gone Horribly Wrong.
She was created with the purpose of making the universe a better place. But her flawed understanding of life caused her to look upon organics as terminally flawed to the point that she believed wiping them out and replacing them with decidedly less flawed Gems that follow a perfectly-structured way of life would be beneficial. Hence why she thought she was "supposed to make everything better."

White Diamond's Control Freak tendencies were well meaning.
Her belief that she makes clear in Change Your Mind, that she's "supposed to make everything better," has elements of The Chains of Commanding. Any drastic measure she takes is because she feels responsible for every Gem, and thus if one makes a mistake, then it could likely hurt other Gems who had nothing to do with it. So she tries to prevent collateral damage by micromanaging things for fewer mistakes to happen, and it's stressing her out, which causes her to make mistaken judgement calls. Bigger diamonds are formed under more pressure, after all. And she is a very big Diamond.

Blue, Yellow and Pink were originally part of White Diamond.
Much like in media where the urSkeks created the malevolent Skeksis, and kindhearted Mystics when they sought to remove all imperfections from themselves. White (or whatever her original name was pre-Era 1), wanted to make herself flawless, a perfect being, and removed all aspects of Blue and Yellow from herself. But Pink, instead of being the same height and stature as them both, was diminutive for some strange reason. It seemed to work regardless and White was happy with the results. However its revealed later White blushes pink because she was truly unable to remove all aspects of Pink from herself.

Black Hat created White Diamond.


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