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Guesses related to the Homeworld Gems and Gemkind in general go here.

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Jasper's redemption arc will be a Deconstruction of Becoming the Mask.

Jasper's suggested Hidden Depths will be explored in the form of being an A Father to His Men-type character
Despite her strong Moral Myopia tendencies, Jasper can hold respect for someone that can beat her on her terms like Rose. She might have similar views regarding her own soldiers. She might treat Lapis and Peridot like crap, but they're not soldiers according to the Gem hierarchy. Her own soldiers she would care for, and she might find out that the Cluster contains shards not just from Rose's armies, but from her own as well. While she might not care for the former, she would the latter, and might become disillusioned with Homeworld should she find out her soldiers were used to create some mockery.

Jasper will become a Death Seeker
After discovering that her mission has failed and that she is stranded on Earth, with Homeworld searching for her, Jasper's pride will be shattered. With the knowledge that she would be either shattered or "harvested" by Homeworld should they find her, she will opt to seek out the Crystal Gems and fight them, not intending to win, but to go out in a blaze of glory on her own terms.

Amethysts have superior shapeshifting capabilities over Jaspers
Jasper was amazed at the fact that she could fly when fused with Lapis. Lapis could already fly and we've seen Amethyst shapeshift into birds and flying vehicles. Why would Jasper, someone who predates the resource shortage of Peridot's era and have many thousands of years of opportunity to practice such a useful technique, be unable to shift herself into something that could fly? Unlike Fusion, there does not seem to be any taboo about it.

Jasper is creating an army of corrupted Gems in an attempt to create a mass fusion and gain unlimited power.

That was NOT Jasper's hole in the Beta Kindergarten
. Jasper really is flawed, though in her case it's mostly mental rather than physical. The "perfect" hole is actually foreshadowing of a future antagonist.

The contact Jasper had with corrupted gems before her corruption was only a minor factor in her corruption happening.
Jasper has been getting increasingly unstable in basically every episode she appears in since her introduction, to the point that she pretty much sounds like a madman by the end of Beta, and corruption is basically mental illness. Now, hanging out with insane people is usually not good for your mental health, but that alone is not enough to actually drive somebody insane.. Unless the insane person forces them to stay and actively does things that would otherwise erode their sanity. I'm not saying that Jasper's contact with them wasn't a factor, but it was more like the straw that broke the camels back rather than Jasper catching an illness from them.

Jasper was created specifically to kill and replace Rose Quartz after Pink Diamond's assassination.
Why else would such a paragon of a Quartz be in such a sloppy Kindergarten? Was the rest of the Beta Kindergarten a false front to hide her creation? We know Rose went back to the Facet Five Kindergarten at times and might have been born there, so they couldn't risk building a Rose-killer at the same location.Also, Homeworld would need a powerful replacement for Rose after her desertion.
  • Eyeball Ruby, who is a huge fan of Jasper and knew all about her, indicates Jasper was already active and famous by the time Pink Diamond was shattered.

Jasper is a Super Prototype, with the Beta Kindergarten actually being a test bed for a new line of super-soldiers.
The Beta Kindergarten wasn't just a rush job to generate more soldiers - it was a testing facility for out-of-the-box Gem experiments, with the failed experiments used to create the Cluster. This makes sense because the Cluster's insertion point was established to be the Beta Kindergarten, and it may also explain why a lot of the holes are malformed. In this way, it was killing two birds with one stone - Homeworld eventually got their perfect super-Quartz in Jasper (and now that Homeworld knows the winning formula, they might be able to make more), with the rejects being used to make the planet-destroying Cluster.
  • We see several other Jaspers during Lapis' flashback. She just got lucky and came out perfect.

Jasper was created specifically to take down Rose Quartz after Pink Diamond's assassination.
Why else would such a paragon of a Quartz be in such a sloppy Kindergarten? Was the rest of the Beta Kindergarten a false front to hide her creation? We know Rose went back to the Facet Five Kindergarten at least once, so they might not have wanted to risk building a Rose-killer there.

Discovering that the Diamonds were involved in Pink Diamond's death
will be the key to Jasper's redemption arc.

Jasper's hubris is nothing more than a facade
.As such, she has been likely mistreated and abused by her superiors throughout her entire life and only acts arrogant and prideful to hide her crippling inferiority complex. Because of how her Agate tortures her regularly, Jasper fell under a desperate and deluded belief that if she acted just like her, people would respect her. Of course this only made EVERYONE else hate her. She is in reality a depressed, insecure, and self-loathing being who only wants to be loved.

Jasper holds the attitude she does because she feels out of place and guilty.
She says she's been fighting since she came out of the ground because of what Rose did to her Diamond, implying that she never actually met Pink Diamond, but we know that when a Gem is made, she comes to life already knowing what she is and what she's for. For Jasper, the Perfect Quartz, that would mean she knew she was made for Pink Diamond and was fiercely loyal to her, only to find out shortly afterward that Pink Diamond was already gone. That's why she's so desperate to find someone to fuse with, why she's so obsessed with strength and the Homeworld caste system, why Pink Diamond is still her Diamond: the most important part of her deepest self was basically amputated at birth, and it's left her feeling isolated and lonely in a way that she was never able to realize until she became part of Malachite. Jasper clings to Homeworld's values and caste system because without it, she'd feel like her existence was pointless, and she blames herself for it because if she'd come out of the ground sooner, she would have been there to save her Diamond. When she's abusing the Corrupted Quartz beast and tells it "You suffer, because it's what you deserve," she's really talking to herself. That's also why she's so desperate for a fusion partner; the power boost is a definite plus, but what it really gives her is emotional intimacy.

Jasper's redemption arc will involve her going through some kind of existential crisis
In "Change Your Mind", she looks mortified when Amethyst gives her a rundown of what's happened since she was corrupted and bubbled. Odds are that she'll have to spend a while adjusting to the new order of things, and it'll probably take her some time to even open up to Steven, given her personality and how conflicted her feelings probably are about Rose/Pink.

    The Off Colors 
Padparadscha Sapphire will have a Cursed With Awesome moment.
Padparadscha can only see what has already happened. However, the power of hindsight can be quite powerful. Something like "We will take a wrong turn at the fork" or "Careful! That Gem is lying about her intentions and plans on leading us into a trap!"

Padparadscha has one eye like Sapphire, but it's the BACK of her head, not the front.
To highlight that her Future Vision works backwards.

Most of (if not all) the Off Colors worked for Pink Diamond, or were intended to before her death
Most of them are either colored pink/some reddish color, or have pink as a part of their design (Fluorite, Rhondite). Additionally, Rhondite mentions that her component parts used to work for a Morganite, a Gem that is usually a pinkish color. This WMG is mainly based off of the Colour-Coded for Your Convenience theme the Diamonds are using for the Gems that work under them, minus Gems that seem to be used by all of them, like Rubies.
  • Looking highly unlikely.

Fluorite will get a Never Mess with Granny moment
Fluorite might be nice, slow speaking, and seemingly nonthreatening, but she is a six Gem Fusion. Even if three of them are the same type, that makes her at worst equal to Sardonyx and Sugilite in terms of Multigem Fusion (and we also don't know how the rules of having multiples of a specific Gem type Fused with a Gem of a different type actually work). Which means that if she actually does fight, she's probably surprisingly strong.

Fluorite and Padparadscha both served under Pink Diamond
This links to other theories, like how Pink Diamond liked defective Gems and cross Fusions. Padparadscha and Fluorite both have pink in their color schemes, giving some ties to Pink Diamond. Neither of theme have revealed their past before becoming Off Color, just the reasons that they are Off Colors. There's also a piece of concept art showing them together without the Rutile twins or Rhodonite, implying a closer connection between the two.
  • Looks to be jossed.

Padparadscha went on the run after predicting Pink Diamond's death... seconds after she was already shattered.
  • Jossed. Pink wasn't even shattered. And if she was around for her "shattering", her "past-future vision" powers (and by extension the fact that she seems super-aware of what she sees in them), would have caused her to scream out something along the lines of "Oh my! A Gem will shapeshift into the form of Rose Quartz and fake Pink Diamond's shattering!"

One or more of Fluorite's Gems is a Peridot
Three of her gems (the top one on her forehead and the two flanking the round gem on her chest) are triangular, like the Crystal Gems' Peridot. Peridots are made to be engineers and technicians, and Fluorite shows some engineering knowledge when she successfully repairs the Sun Incinerator.

Padparadscha's "future vision" works exactly as it's supposed to, if not how it was intended to.
It is known that sapphire and ruby are both varieties of corundum, the only difference being their color (rubies being red, sapphires being literally any color BUT red). We also know that Gems of different colors but not of overall composition (like varieties of Quartz or the four Diamonds) can have substantial differences in abilities. Perhaps this fact of Gem life is most obvious in Corunda: Rubies are (mostly) utter idiots, best suited for military grunt work, but (blue) Sapphires are so intelligent they can "see" the future, at least in the highly determined life of Gemkind. By this logic, yellowy-orange Padparadscha sapphires are somewhere in between, albeit closer to blue Sapphires ("ours" is smart enough to determine the causes of most actions, like Lars pushing the wrong button).

So, why does "our" Padparadscha phrase everything as a prediction? Suppose that Blue Diamond created the first Sapphires. Being blue herself, she of course created blue Sapphires, and discovered the incredible future-seeing intelligence as an accident - not that she ever admitted it. Jealous, Yellow Diamond decided to create her own Sapphires, but, being yellow, she made yellow(ish) Padparadschas instead, and discovered they couldn't see the future, only the past. Enraged, she first brutally conditioned them to only spout predictions, and, when that (predictably) failed to produce results, ordered the whole variety destroyed - never stopping to think what these "defective" Sapphires might be able to bring to her court.

This leads to two conclusions: One, Padparadscha may eventually stop saying stuff "will" happen and revert to saying stuff "has" happened. Two, Padparadsha is not An Ice Person like Sapphire (just like Ruby isn't).

    Corrupted Gems/Gem Monsters 
The Centipeetle will be the first gem monster of the series to get un-corrupted.
She got tamed, that's definitely a good sign.
  • Partly confirmed: Steven was able to partially un-corrupt her, but not entirely, and she slipped back once she began to really remember what had happened when she was corrupted in the first place (fitting with it being a mental thing) — though possibly not entirely.
  • She was completly uncorrupted in "Legs From Here To Homeworld". However, she can only stay uncorrupted as long as YD, BD and Steven are touching them.

Centipeetle will be healed and will fight on the side of the Crystal Gems.
The appearance of Peridot seems to be hinting at a future conflict between the Crystal Gems and the Gems on the Gem homeworld. This might result in some battling, and we can assume that there are lots of Gems on Homeworld, versus the four Crystal Gems. The Crystal Gems won't stand much of a chance... Unless they can get some more allies. Centipeetle will be healed, and grateful to Steven, will help the Crystal Gems. The same might happen to other Gem monsters.

Several corrupted Gems will be healed and join the Crystal Gems.
Going off of the above theory that the corrupted Gems we've seen were all born on Earth, they wouldn't have attachment to the Gem Homeworld, but they might be attached to Earth. They could also be grateful that the Crystal Gems kept them rather than destroyed them, while Homeworld Gems didn't seem to do much. (and if Peridot is any indication, mainstream Gem society might not have much tolerance for Gems that can't work)

The lighthouse gem, if it is ever healed, will be drawn to either Lars or Ronaldo.
If the gem ends up being more attached to Lars, it's because of how similar they are. If it's Ronaldo, it's because of all the time they (sort of) spent together while the Gem was a lighthouse, and because of their mutual strained relationship with Lars.

Bismuth will likely be a very important and powerful character in a future season.
Someone has pointed out that the fused gems in "Keep It Together" were mutations of the Bismuth crystal. It could be that Homeworld was trying to recreate Bismuth because Bismuth could possibly be a very powerful fighter and they don't know where the real Bismuth is. This could also explain why Bismuth is not only bubbled away, but kept in Lion's mane, where only Steven has access to it. Bismuth could've asked Rose Quartz to keep them bubbled until they were needed once again.

Alternatively, Bismuth could've been corrupted and Rose didn't want Bismuth to run amuck on Earth. Homeworld still would've wanted to get their hands on them, because Rose thought Homeworld could use Bismuth against her, so Rose somehow took down Bismuth to revert them into their crystal form and bubbled them until Rose could find a way to restore them.

  • Jossed. Bismuth was bubbled after turning on Rose for her refusal of the Breaking Point.
  • And now perhaps un-Jossed, since at the end of "Made of Honor" she seems to be back for good.

Failed attempts at destabilization ended up leading to corruption.
Since it's nigh impossible to do something right the first time, early attempts at creating destabilization probably had... unfortunate side effects.
  • Jossed, unless the Fantastic Nuke that caused the corruption is of the same origin.

A way to repair shattered gems will be found
It will be difficult, unquestionably, since it would require first gathering all the pieces of a broken gem and putting them back in the right order. It would likely be so difficult that it would be Awesome, but Impractical.

Corrupted Gems will be able to assume their monster form after being purified.
Given how Centipeetle reformed, it seems the corrupted forms are less a Superpowered Evil Side and more their shapeshifting power gone out of control. Given all the ways Amethyst has shown Shapeshifting can be used, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that they could 'remember' that form and reassume it at will even after purification. This could be beneficial given the monster forms seem pretty powerful and would probably be much more dangerous with a functioning mind behind them.

It isn't Steven's healing powers that will eventually purify a gem, but his kindness.
Two things were established in Monster Reunion. One was that "corruption" differs from a gem crack in that it's some sort of mental damage instead of physical. The second was that Steven came closer to purifying a gem than his mother ever did. Rose Quartz was a charismatic leader and a kind person in her own right, but always at a distance. Heck, up until her relationship with Greg, she considered humans somewhere beneath gems. It's not impossible to assume that, while she attempted to purify them with her healing powers, she never tried befriending or showing any compassion to the corrupted gems. In comparison, Steven's kindness and compassion are of a much more heartfelt and personal nature. He goes out of his way to befriend as many people as possible (besides Kevin.) It's that compassion and understanding that will eventually, if ever, purify a gem.

The green and red Corrupted Gem from "Gem Hunt" was once a bloodstone.
It looks like bloodstone.

The two corrupted Gems in "Gem Hunt" are jaspers.
Biggs Jasper and Orbicular Jasper, specifically.
  • They look more similar to Biggs Jasper and Ocean Jasper.
  • Them being Jaspers is confirmed by Word of God, but no confirmation on what kinds.
  • Confirmed in "Made of Honor" that the Orange Great North Monster is the Biggs Jasper Bismuth mentioned.

If one of the corrupted Gems is a Biggs Jasper, it'll be the same one Bismuth asks about.
Certainly a major coincidence, but Jasper seemed to think Rose would recognize the two poofed Gems, so Rose might have personally known them.
  • Confirmed in "Made of Honor" that the Orange Great North Monster is the Biggs Jasper Bismuth mentioned.

"Corruption" is the result on erased Purpose, and a Gem's attempt to regain it.
Gems are born with a programmed purpose, completely knowing their lot in life; as mentioned by Rose in Greg the Babysitter. SOMETHING about Earth enables the Rebellion, a deviation from that purpose. A corrupted Gem has that purpose gone, and they draw on the general psychic ether (which is usually animals) thus their atavistic forms, despite animals not likely having anything to do with their ancestry.The “Corruption Nuke” sent by the Diamonds was basically a command removing their programmed purpose, This should have completely erased the Rebellion, the fact that somehow the Crystal Gems may be creating their own free-will purposes scares the crap out of the Diamonds RELIGIOUSLY. Something about Earth may be enabling this “second-hand purpose” (”I want that planet to die.”)Steven will enable Gems to embrace free-will without losing focus; something he himself encountered when he was learning transformation. (Cat Fingers)

The Beta Kindergarten Monster was a Sapphire.
Both have a blue gem and both have been shown to have some level of Super Speed. This could also how it could outwit Peridot, on some level it may know the future.
  • It seems unlikely, since the cut of the Monster's gem is completely different compared to Sapphire's.
    • Then again, we've seen instances of the same Gems having different cuts, most obviously with Jaspers—our Jasper's shard-like gem, the Gem Hunt monsters' hexagonal gems, and the circular cuts of the Jaspers who staff the Zoo..
  • I think she more closely resembles a Zircon.

The Dirty Tongue Flapper, the last monster from the Beta Kindergarten, wants to go home.
When Peridot makes her move to imitate it to get closer to it, she and Steven find it standing in the middle of nowhere undulating and whining while sticking its tongues out towards the sun, as if trying to reach it. The last corrupted monster to display this kind of sky-seeking behavior was Centipeetle in her debut episode, wherein she was seen mounting the entire Crystal Gem temple to reach closer to the sky. In all likelihood, this Roadrunner Gem was on team Homeworld just like Centipeetle and is another unfortunate pawn left behind by the Diamonds when they left Earth behind.

The Lighthouse Gem is a Blue Topaz
It's identical in shape to the Topaz gemstones we've seen.

The Key to undoing Corruption is music
The Corruption light is described as a song. If so, the key to undoing the damage should be playing a special song to heal the tears in the victim's mind to restore them to normal.

Corrupted Gems can be cured by fusing with a mentally stable Gem.
  • We know that when two Gems fuse, their minds and personalities merge. We also know that Corruption is primarily mental, not physical. When Jasper fused with the corrupted Gem, she was already pretty unstable, so she contracted the Corruption. But perhaps if the uncorrupted Gem was more mentally stable, the contact might instead remind the corrupted Gem of how to function, returning it to normal. Alternately, this may only work for Steven, due to his All-Loving Hero status and the healing powers of Rose Quartz Gems.

The "Snowflake" Bismuth mentioned is the Snow Monster Jasper fused with.
  • We know she's a Jasper, and "Made of Honor" confirmed Biggs is the Orange Great North Monster.
    • Snowflake is an Obsidian, not a Jasper.
    • This model sheet confirms that Snowflake Obsidian is the large black and white Gem seen in "Change Your Mind".

Corruption is simply all three of the Diamonds unique powers combined
  • We've seen that Blue Diamond has the power to cause gems to feel her grief. Yellow Diamond can destabilize a Gem's form causing them to usually poof. Perhaps with White's unknown power, the three together is what Corrupted gems.
    • Supported in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", in which Yellow Diamond restores Nephrite's physical form, Blue restores her speech, and Steven/Pink restores her mental stability. It's likely that Yellow and Blue restored the abilities they damaged in the first place, but since Pink obviously wasn't part of the corruption, White Diamond made the Gems mentally unstable.

    Other Gems and Gemkind in General 
The Fusions we've seen so far aren't unique Gems
In other words, Homeworld and its colonies have multiple Garnets, Sugilites, Rainbow Quartzes, Alexandrites, Opals, Sardonyxes, Malachites, and Smoky Quartzes. Giant versions of Sugilite, Alexandrite, and Malachite only happen when multiple Gems of those types Fuse, and it only happens in times of war.
  • Confirmed in the podcast!

Being overcooked and/or properly cut helps with shapeshifting
Amethyst is small and deep cut(considered suitable for her gem type). There is a big spoiler here: Pink diamond being small and a round cut diamond(best for hers), and was also extremely good with shapeshifting, having been able to stay as Rose Quartz for significant lengths of times, even before redesign

Yellow Pearl is the gem equivalent of a house-slave
While she is a pearl and therefore meant to look pretty and be obedient, she only has to answer to Yellow Diamond. In return for her complete devotion, her relative authority is right below Yellow Diamond herself. Aside from being her secretary, she's likely also her butler and head house maid. Her nonverbal taunt of Peridot is allowed for two reasons, she manages to show Yellow Diamond's authority total respect by mocking her detractors. And her rank still far surpass Peridot and if even Peridot attempted to call her out of it, her pearl could easily turn it back as an offense to Yellow Diamond.

The Gems invented the English language.
The fact that all Gems seen so far speak English isn't a case of Aliens Speaking English, but is in fact their native language. During the Rebellion, several Humans picked up on the Gems way of speaking, and many centuries later would form the countries of England and America, eventually coming to believe that they were the creators of the language, when really they only learned it from the Gems.

Before gemstones get buried deep into the ground and start to suck the life force of the planet they are in, they are no different than real life gems.
Lapis Lazuli's gem didn't dissolve in water because its magic allows it to keep itself together, even in water.

All Gems are latently psychic.
Garnet's future vision is more obvious, but all gems have incredible powers of suggestion. For example, the relaxed Extra-Strength Masquerade; people (other than Ronaldo) don't seem to notice the Gems being different. This is due to a general "Don't bother us" field they give off to humans. Especially prevalent in "Nightmare Hospital" where the doctors think the Fusion Experiments are humans.
  • Pearl focuses this onto Connie during "Sworn to the Sword", her obsession with the past and Connie's similar feelings of self-worth magnified the effect. When people say Pearl brainwashed Connie, it's literal.
    • A lot of this is to allow fusion. When two or more minds can directly interact and influence each other, latent abilities come about that wouldn't otherwise.
      • And now we have Steven being able to see into Lapis' mind while dreaming.

Gems are afraid of their physical form getting hurt.
Even though they can regenerate, without a physical body they can't sense what's happening around them and their gem becomes vulnerable.
  • They also can't move around or communicate, but yeah, that's also probably part of it.

Gems can't release their physical forms and retreat to their gems at will.
It's an involuntary process that happens only when their physical form is sufficiently damaged. Otherwise, they maintain a physical form, whatever that may be.
  • Evidenced by the fact that Pearl retreated in mid-sentence while trying to reassure Steven.

Varieties of Quartz all have an illogical side to them.
  • Amethyst is reckless and emotional.
  • Rose Quartz loved the Earth so much that she decided to stop existing as herself.
    • We don't know her reasoning for that yet.
  • Jasper appears to be impatient and angry most of the time. She even said illogically that going to Earth is a waste of her time, despite her time being potentially infinite.

Redundant parts in a gem fusion indicate the incompatibility of the component gems.
Most fusions tend to have extra arms, and facial features like eyes or mouths seem to come in multiples based on the fusion. These redundancies may exist to allow gems with conflicting personalities some division of action, rather than breaking apart with ever subtle disagreement. Very compatible gems will have few, or even no extra parts, while very conflicting gems will have many extra parts.
  • Seconded and here is why;
    • in Garnet, they are the most complete Fused Being because they are so aligned.
    • In Rainbow Quartz, they only had extra eyes(because Rose and Pearl were very compatible except how they SAW Greg!).
    • Each of one of Sugilite, Sardonyx, and Opal had pairs of limbs and eyes but never extra feet. Aside from being rather useless, the singular pair of feet may just be a sign that all of the participating Gems are walking the same path so to speak, and may be the physical embodiment of the basis for the fusion(unity of goal). Meanwhile the separate sets of arms and eyes representing differing methods of action and perception respectively.
    • Then we have the unholy mess that was Alexandrite with all the other extras had extra mouths because each participant had differing opinions on the task at hand, especially Pearl and Amethyst about consuming food.

Gems really are just magical gemstones.
They form like regular gems on whatever planet they come from. Except with magic. This explains how they normally come to be if they can't reproduce without sacrificing their physical form.

Each Gem has a special unique power in addition to the weapon.
The show establishes that there are certain powers that all Gems have. Shapeshifting is directly stated, and it's implied that they all have great physical strength. I propose that, in addition to each Gem having a unique weapon, they also might have unique powers.
  • Pearl can create holograms, Garnet can see multiple timelines, and Amethyst is far more adept at shapeshifting than other Gems. Lapis Lazuli can project past events. Peridot has ferrokinesis.
  • Wasn't this theory already made and confirmed?

If an inexperienced Gem gets too scared, stressed, or upset, the powers can potentially activate and get out of control.
Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are really calm and relaxed with Steven because they don't want his powers activating out of fear or stress and causing a lot of destruction. Steven's cat-growing problem got a lot worse when he started to panic.

Gems are this universe's means of interstellar travel.
Which is how all the monsters get to Earth. Similarly the Crystal Gems use a "gem" technology to travel the universe.

Gems originally came to Earth in search of some resource.
Some Gems ended up falling in love with Earth, but others continued to care only about the resources. When the latter group started to do things that hurt the Earth and its inhabitants, the former group got mad and a war started.
  • The Gems were using the Earth to create more Gems, but it's implied the process hurts the planet. The Crystal Gems decided to defend the Earth from the others.

There are at least three "types" of gems
We have the 'Crystal' Gems who watch over earth, we have the 'Corrupted' Gems which are the monsters we see being faced all the time and then there are the 'Imprisoned' Gems, such as Lapis.Think about it, she clearly wasn't corrupted as she was no monster and was clearly trapped inside that mirror and was "supposed to only follow orders", so it's quite possible that she was a criminal of some sort and that was her punishment.Giving another meaning to the above theories of what it means that Lapis has gone back home; it is possible that the Corrupted and Imprisoned Gems on Earth are criminals and Earth might even be an execution planet, which is why the Crystal Gems are worried about the implications of their home planet knowing about what's going on.
  • Well, there are "Crystal Gems", the ones that rebelled against Homeworld to defend Earth, and "Homeworld Gems", the original 'group' of gems. "Corrupted" is a term that can be used for any gem, and Lapis was a one-time thing, so "Imprisoned Gems" is not a group.
  • It seems to me there are only two types of gems: Homeworld Gems, who exist inside the Diamond Authority, and Off Colors, who exist outside the Diamond Authority. The Crystal Gems and Corrupted Gems would fall into the latter category.

All Gems can summon a familiar which have its own nature based on the Gem who created it.
  • Pearl's has an obedient nature (Holo-Pearl, who's single-minded and robotic).
  • Steven's has a reliable nature (Lion, who doesn't do anything he's told but will always be there when he's needed).
  • Garnet's has a destructive nature.
  • Amethyst's has a chaotic nature.
All familiars die only when the gem of the Gem who created them gets damaged: if only their bodies get badly damaged, they retreat to the gem. When gems are corrupted, their physical form and their familiar merge to create a monster gem.
  • Jossed. While Steven's powers create beings like Lion, it's a side effect of Pink Diamond's healing powers. Neither Garnet nor Amethyst has anything similar. Pearl's ability appears to be the special power of Pearls, like Ruby's fire, Sapphire's ice and future vision, and Peridot's ferrokinesis.

The Gem home planet has all sorts of rock and crystal formations.
From space, the planet looks like a big, sparkling gem. It may have a ring around it like Saturn does, which, upon closer inspection, is made up of smaller gems.
  • Confirmed, though it would be a very odd planet if it didn't.

If an Obsidian Gem appears, it will have a bladed weapon.
Obsidian is known for being very sharp, after all.
  • If they're a villain, they could be responsible for many of the gem shards.
  • And that bladed weapon will be a macuahuitl.
  • Confirmed in a sense, as the Fusion Obsidian wields a greatsword with a lava blade.

The Moon goddess statue will be another trapped gem, like Lapis.
  • If this is true, her name will probably be Selenite (also known as moonstone).

The Gem race goes to other worlds in search of new magic.
  • Jossed. The Gem race goes to other worlds to colonize them and create Kindergartens that will increase their numbers.

Gems can create "children" and Lion was one of Rose's.
The first episode showed the Cenipeetle could create smaller copies of itself without gems, so I thought maybe all gems have this ability. However, the way they are created is not like how children are born, and instead they are more like familiars than actual children. As an add on, since Lion looks a little like Rose and has no visible gem, and it was confirmed Lion is not Rose, maybe he's her familiar.
  • Partially Jossed. "Lars' Head" heavily implies Lion was just a normal earth lion who Rose brought back to life with her powers.

The true source of gem magic is channeled and focused emotion.
Steven was in the most control of his powers during the mid season finale due to his determination to save everyone. At other times, his powers fluctuate and have random effects. Perhaps this is because Steven is still a child, and emotion regulation skills don’t fully develop until adulthood. As such, his powers are beyond his control until moments where he is focused enough to tap into them. Gems may have a more natural ability to control their emotions as well as thousands of years of experience backing them up, but they can still slip at times. Pearl and Amethyst were too panicked to shapeshift at one point during Secret Team, for instance. And there are also moments where gems let their emotions go haywire, such as Garnet and Amethyst’s loss of control as Sugilite and Lapis Lazuli’s sheer will to go home possibly amplifying her power. However, human emotions may be more powerful than gem emotions, since Lapis Lazuli was no match for Steven’s shield. Therefore, Steven may be potentially the most powerful gem ever. And that may have been part of Rose’s plan all along..

Homeworld is both the supreme leader of the Gem government and the "mother" of all existing Gems.
Gems comes from a living planet that is literally a supermassive Gem hanging out in space, possibly flying around under its own power. It "births" Gems by breaking off proportionally minuscule pieces of itself, that then create bodies through their magic powers. Every individual Gem is like a tiny piece of an enormous jigsaw puzzle, and they can fit together with each other to make bigger pieces, and if Homeworld were ever to be destroyed, it would spawn billions of Gems floating free in space that could fuse with each other to recreate the planet.

Homeworld is actually a humongous billion-gem omnifusion.
Like the theory above, but with a somewhat darker twist. It will be written like a combination of an Elder God and Brahman, horrifying in its powers and appearance but also the origin and end of all Gemkind. It may be wise beyond comprehension, mad beyond comprehension, or both; no-one is really sure which.

There are different types of Gems, characterized by the placement of Gems on their bodies and their abilities.
Both Pearl and Peridot have their gemstones on their foreheads. Pearl sometimes creates holographic projections, something we haven't seen other Gems do, but Peridot is seen doing something similar, creating a holographic touch screen computer. It's possible that there are multiple different types or classes of Gems, with one class having gemstones on their foreheads, another with gemstones on their stomachs, and so on. Individuals in a group share abilities that aren't seen in the other groups. Different groupings of Gem would also explain Garnet having so many differences from the other Gems. It's likely that in Gem society, Gems are given roles and duties based on their type. In the Crystal Gems, Pearl seems to be the strategist of the group, even if that's not an officially assigned role. Like Pearl, Peridot seems intelligent, and it seems she was sent out to investigate the warp pads on Earth. A popular theory is that Garnet is a fusion of two Gems, but she may just be a different type of Gem. She has two gemstones, making her doubly powerful, so Gems in her group are likely used as fighters.

There are more factions of gems other than the star-emblem crystal gems and the diamond/rhombus emblem homeworld gems
We know that there is likely a difference between the crystal gems and the other gems, and one way that difference is seen is by their emblems: The Crystal Gems have a star incorporated into their design. Meanwhile, Peridot has a diamond/rhombus emblem, Lapis's clothing can be interpreted as having a diamond/rhombus cut in half by her midriff, and both Holo-Pearl and Pearl's space suit feature the same diamond/rhombus (likely foreshadowing SOMETHING). However, the gem fighting rose on the mural in Serious Steven (with the images to the left and right possibly being either the same gem or different yet similar looking gems) has a triangle on her design, not a diamond/rhombus. Plus, the original storyboard version of the mural features a gem with the diamond/rhombus instead of rose. It might be possible that the triangle gem/gems are part of a separate faction from both the diamond/rhombus gems and the crystal gems.

The Gems are a planetary virus
The virus structures in "On the Run" are literal viruses. If you look in the background, some of them were in position to inject something into the crust, with hundreds of human figures surrounding them once they hatched.Viruses work by injecting their DNA into a cell, tricking it into making innumerable copies of the virus. Eventually these destroy the cell. What if the Gems reproduce in a similar fashion, but on a planetary scale?If the Crystal Gems didn't rebel, they would've continued 'hollowing out the Earth', as Ronaldo suggested in Keep Beach City Weird. Eventually, the crust would've been too structurally weak to support itself and collapse, wiping out all life on earth. Once it was completely processed into new gems, they would then seek a new world to infect and reproduce.
  • Confirmed, though the planets the Gems victimize are transformed into space station-like "colonies" before they actually reach the point of collapse.

Gems are created specifically from gemstones.

Gem creation requires some kind of biological life force.
If it only requires gems or rock, there would be countless lifeless planets to mine from, no need to go on Earth... Unless Gem creation does somehow require biological life. The Kindergarten is completely devoid of plant or animal life, even though it was abandoned long ago, suggesting that the Gem creation process damages biological life.
  • Confirmed with all the subtlety of an anvil in "Back to the Kindergarten."

The identity of the Gem on that god-forsaken ceiling that spoiled the whole backstory of series
For those of you that are new here, there was a screenshot in “Serious Steven” that showed us a vast painted ceiling depicting Rose Quartz confronting another Gem with a large triangular gemstone spread across her chest and notable Anime Hair. Other details on that ceiling included us for many future Reveals in the show (largely, the war between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld), but there has always been endless speculation on who that other Gem is. Such speculations include, but are far from limited to:
  • It’s the Centipeetle.
  • It's Peridot.
  • It’s the leader of the Gem Homeworld, or at least a high-ranking commander there.
  • Her name is Diamond, since diamonds are the most famous and unbreakable of all gemstones. Plus, it would complete the Accidental Truth Ronaldo shouted out at the end of “Keep Beach City Weird.” (Preemptive apology for everyone that named their gemsona “Diamond".)
    • It depicts the Yellow Diamond character that Jasper mentioned in The Return?
  • It’s The Heavy that's going to be in “The Return.
  • Her power involves Gemstone Assault, since the picture features quadrilaterals floating around her. That also would draw some nice parallels to Lapis Lazuli’s Making a Splash (a Gem that does not attack directly with weapons).
  • It’s a guy.
    • If they were different at all, they'd be more androgynous in contrast to the feminine-looking Gems, since the Gems are neither guys nor gals.
  • It's Pink Diamond.

The Snake People created the Gem race.

There will be a gem that's an Evil Counterpart to Steven
Much like Steven, he/she is a half-breed whose mother gave up her physical form. However, unlike Greg, this gem's father resented him/her for it and disowned him/her. This gem would grow up to be prejudiced towards humans. Also, bonus points if this gem's father is Mayor Dewey, because he totally looks like the kind of sleaze that would have an illegitimate child.
  • Replace with Mayor Dewey with Marty for two reasons. 1. Mayor Dewey is shown to love his son. 2. Marty is already shown to be the kind of guy that one-night-stands women.
  • Well, Steven does have an Evil Counterpart, but it's White Diamond, since Steven has Pink Diamond's gem.

The god of the Crystal Gems was Earth All Along
Which makes sense since gems grow from the earth. She gave up her physical form to give life on earth.

Most Gems don't live as long as the Crystal Gems have.
As a world-conquering warrior race, they get into much bigger danger than the Crystal Gems do, and not all of them may have access to healing. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl may be some of the oldest living Gems.

Homeworld will want to take Steven for experimentation and study.
There's a chance that they might come back for him in a future episode. They might be especially interested in the fact that certain Gem weapons don't work on him.

Homeworld, after learning about Steven, may try to create more biological Gems.

The Kindergarten functions by sucking life force from the surrounding environment and focusing it into naturally occurring gemstones.
That's how it "makes" new living Gems, why there's no organic life in its general vicinity, and why it appears to be located in some sort of quarry.
  • Confirmed with all the subtlety of a meteor strike in "Back to the Kindergarten."

There are other groups of rebellious Gems.
They don't know about the existence of the Crystal Gems (Peridot's initial reaction implied they're believed to be dead on Homeworld - possibly a rumor spread by the survivors of those who fought Rose Quartz to discourage any other defectors), but somehow they find out (a high-ranking mole leaks the info Peridot gave to Yellow Diamond?) and begin coming to Earth to help them fight back.
  • Confirmed in "Off-Colors," though they're desperate fugitives.

The form that Fusions take is based on the nature of their parts' relationship
  • Fusions fueled by The Power of Love, such as Garnet, whose parts have the closest thing two full Gems can have to a romantic relationship and is, in her own words, "made o - o - o - of lo - o - o - o -ve", and Stevonnie, whose parts have the closest thing a twelve and thirteen-year old can have to a romantic relationship, fuse together very well, having a perfectly humanoid form and not splitting apart easily.
  • Fusions fueled by friendship or camaraderie, such as Opal, Sugilite, Alexandrite, and possibly that thing depicted by the statue exterior of the gem temple, merge slightly less well. They are fairly humanoid, but they have multiple pairs of arms. Also their fused gem weapons don't appear instantaneously but have to be assembled. And they are not as stable, sometimes only able to remain fused only as long as they have a mutual interest in performing a specific task. And sometimes they are not as nice as the sum of their parts, as shown with Sugilite.
  • Fusions fueled by The Power of Hate take the form of monstrous abominations, as shown with the six-armed, zero-legged Malachite. However they are surprisingly stable fusions, reflecting the ability of hatred to metaphorically "hold you prisoner".
    • The relationship between Ruby and Sapphire is confirmed as romantic in "Reunited," if it wasn't already. Both Rainbow Quartz and Rhodonite are also perfectly-humanoid romantic fusions. Fluorite, though, is a romantic multi-fusion and not even faintly humanoid. Also, Sugilite and Alexandrite are fully as terrifying as Malachite, while the friendship fusions Sardonyx and Smoky Quartz certainly aren't.

There was some sort of power struggle in Homeworld's empire that kept it from bothering with Earth until the events of "Warp Tour".
Either Gem civilization was totally disrupted and it's only just now recovered to the point of being able to use the Galaxy Warp, or the winner(s) of the struggle focused their efforts on securing the important parts of the Gem Empire before bothering with an ugly, organics-infested backwater like Earth. It could be that a three-way fight between Blue, White, and Yellow Diamond occurred (with Yellow eventually winning).
  • If that conflict heavily thinned their numbers, it might explain why they could only spare one powerful, warrior-type gem to protect Peridot on her mission to investigate the continued presence of Crystal Gems on Earth. Hoping that Jasper and the power of the ship's exterior weapons would be enough to subdue or kill all the Crystal Gems on Earth (they only knew of three, but for all they knew there could have been more) was a calculated risk that they had to make due to limited resources; it may not have been simply out of hubris that they neglected to send a large army.
  • A war between Gems would make sense. The basic weapon of Homeworld Gems is a Gem Disruptor which apparently only works on Gems. Steven wasn't as affected by it as much as Crystal Gems, normal humans probably wouldn't react to it at all. If Homeworld was united and ruled by a single group with no rebellious factions there would be no need for such a weapon.
  • It appears that the reason Homeworld didn't return to use Earth for more kindergartens is because of the Cluster - they'd turned Earth into a ticking time bomb.

Certain aspects of Gems, such as their abilities and possibly personalities, depend on where they were created.
Jasper and Amethyst have similar character designs, rough personalities, and are the only Gems we've seen do the spin attack. It's pretty safe to assume there's some connection there. Jasper and Amethyst may have come out of the same Kindergarten. This might also explain why Peridot has a more robotic appearance than other Gems, if she was created differently. Going off this, it's probably safe to assume that there are other Gems who share similarities to Pearl, Peridot, Lapis, and others.

Gem creation doesn't require biological life, but it does require some kind of rare resource.
If all Gem-dominated planets had biological life, it seems odd that Rose would focus on saving Earth rather than any of the others. At the same time, dealing with biological life forms would be a hassle, even moreso if lots of Gems disagree with using those planets, so there must be something special about Earth for Homeworld Gems to fight for it.

Gems with double names are some sort of nobility or leadership and are more powerful than normal gems
So far only three gems who don't have a single name were introduced: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Diamond. Rose was a powerful leader of the rebellion, Lapis was so powerful around water that Crystal Gems stood no chance against her and Yellow Diamond is some sort of leadership figure among Homeworld Gems.
  • That said, Lapis was imprisoned inside a mirror being used as a mere object and is only powerful around big bodies of water, on a desert she would be useless. Plus, she didn't even seem to have a gem weapon and was overall quite submissive in her ways. So she being a noble seems unlikely, unless she was part of some dethroned nobility or gems have types matched with a tasked "job" and doing a poor enough job can get you demoted into an object; making Lapis indeed a "leader" or something, but she failed so miserably at her entrance test that she ended up in a mirror to log gem history.
  • Jossed. Holly Blue Agate in "Gem Heist" practically prostrates herself to the single-named Sapphire. Smoky Quartz has no particular special authority.

Gems were created by super advanced humans, but then literately blew them back to the stone age.
That's why even Homeworld Gems are humanoid despite really having no reason to. (before then one could argue that the crystal gems had a more alien look but just made themselves human to blend in a little better) In the distant past humans created gems to serve some sort of purpose but they backfired upon them. Perhaps earth was just a colony for advance humans and they remain the last ones still living. It tends to be esoteric knowledge that only the oldest gems even still remembers most gems forgetting their creation.
  • It may also be why Rose Quartz decided to defend Earth specifically: It's implied that the Gems have conquered other worlds, yet Rose seems to have confined her efforts to Earth. The origin of Gems was lost until they arrived on Earth, and Rose learned it was either their original homeworld or housed the last remnants of their creators: She decided to rebel not just from a general love for living things, but to try and make amends for the Gems wiping out the rest of Mankind, and maybe because she knew that humans could do great things and wanted to see the species advance again. Most of the Gems' tech would have been taken or adapted from their human creators, which might explain why there are organic elements (the Crystal Heart, the contents of the Kindergarten machines, Rose's plant-based powers) in an otherwise inorganic society.
  • Alternatives: Gems were created by super advanced humans in the future (the idea above) or from a different dimension (and in this case humans of Steven's Earth can be another creation). Or Gems and humans have the same Precursors (cfr. Time Lords, Neon Genesis Evangelion and so on).
    • In the comparison with Neon Genesis Evangelion, White Diamond can be the analogous one of Lilith fusion with Adam: gigantic, assimilation abilities... she has knowledge (like humans) and power (like the "angels").
    • The human origin appears more probable because of the last episode: White Diamond berates Steven for behaving as a child... but Gems have no children! So the language of the Gems appears clearly of human derivation. See also Fridge Logic.

All currently living gems are in fact, fusions. This quirk in their biology is also the reason for their planet conquering.
Fusions appear to be their a form of reproduction... Two individuals come together to create a new individual. Of course, the obvious problem with this is that the gem population would decrease by half every generation. There is another method for creating brand new individuals without sacrificing the parents. But perhaps this method is difficult and requires huge amount of resources... More then their homeworld can sustain. So they go other planets and gather their resources from there.
  • The Kindergartens allow the mass production of gems, but leach minerals from the soil that other creatures need to survive. Given that the interior of Homeworld is a GIGANTIC Kindergarten, it seems more like they just used up all the resources at home and started spreading out. There's no indication that fusion is in any way involved in reproduction; Peridot and Jasper are both shocked at it being used for any purpose other than increasing strength for battle.

The Snake People created the gems, but were Benevolent Precursors
The Snake People created the Gems as mystical crystal-energy automatons millions of years ago, out of a love for the gemstones they pulled from the ground. They taught the Gems the ways of magic and of life, but unlike their creations, they were mortal, and lived on a dying planet (if making the Gems didn't already destroy it). The Gems learned the secret of their creation from the sneople before they died out, and they abused that secret to conquer other worlds and make whole armies. As for why the Gems are humanoid when sneople clearly wouldn't be, the Snake People might've visited Earth and been inspired by humans...or maybe Steven himself visits them in a future episode via time travel!
  • Steven's status as a half-Gem would probably come up at some point, most likely when a situation calls for one of his powers, ex. his shield; without knowing the Gems' origin, Steven would have no reason not to be as open as usual with the Snake People, leaving them with the seed of an idea for human-shaped beings with gem-based powers. But maybe the world of the Snake People isn't suitable for organic beings, or they just want to see if they can boost their creations' abilities and make them stronger, like the Crystal Gems (who Steven would have undoubtedly talked about), leading to the creation of human-looking, but wholly inorganic, Gem-based beings... who would then proceed to destroy or abandon the Snake People, setting off to conquer worlds and create an empire. Steven is indirectly responsible for the creation of the Gems!

Fusions are looked down upon by gem society for being too impractical for most gems to do.
From what I seen on the show getting a stable fusion is probably very difficult and very rare. The best most gems can even get is something like Opal who broke apart relatively quickly, if the fusion breaks in the middle of a fight you're screwed.. or you get something like Sugillate who can't be controlled and will probably cause massive chaos and destruction. The very worst being something like Jasper's and Lapis's fusion where both parties are conflicting with each other. In general fusion's more trouble then it's worth for most most generals so they pretty much just leave it as absolute last desperate resort.
  • Following on from this, we know that Homeworld Gems ultimately lost the war on Earth, leaving very few of Rose's followers alive (one could interpret Greg's words as meaning only the Crystal Gems we know). Perhaps the conflict on Earth was the "absolute last desperate resort" that caused the commanders to order Fusions to be used among their remaining troops. And maybe it even backfired; some think that the statue outside/surrounding the temple is the fused form of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Rose. Several smaller, badly-suited fusions could have fought, and lost, against one massive one (going by Alexandrite's size) who had the advantage of being supported by a Gem like Rose.
    • The strawberry fields are full of ancient Gem weapons, some of which are Sugilite-sized. Considering how Garnet describes it- "A maelstrom of destruction and death"- it's easy to imagine any number of poorly-joined fusions rampaging across the battlefield as a last resort.
  • Fusions like Sugilite can't be controlled, but they can be beaten by one determined opponent- like Pearl. Gem society probably considers fusions to be unstable and dangerous, but also simply over-rated, a last resort of those too weak to stand on their own. Considering how much Jasper likes to fight, she may have sparred with- and defeated- fusions before. Garnet, however, is so in sync with her selves that she can properly channel her power.

Fusions were a key part of the Crystal Gems' victory on Earth.
Like it said above, the battlefield had many weapons that only a fusion could yield. However, Homeworld Gems are shown to both dislike fusion, and not being the strongest advocate for open emotions and communication. Rose and her rebellion, on the other hand, were in part founded on the ideals of acceptance and love (And someone like Garnet to advise). AKA the Crystal Gem fusions were much stronger and able than the last resort fusions of Homeworld.It also adds to Jasper's own dislike, she calls it a cheap trick for weaker gems, which she probably thought of the whole rebellion as.

A Gem's first Fusion is roughly the Gem equivalent of a Sacred First Kiss
It does require a high degree of emotional intimacy, after all. Plus, it would be really, really cute.
  • Steven practiced fusion with Amethyst in "Alone Together," so if this is true it's absolute Squick.

Physical size correlates to power in Gems.
Hence why most Gem fusions tend to be very large, and why the most powerful Gems we've seen so far (Jasper and Rose) are huge.
  • Correlates to physical power, that is, as Lapis Lazuli had the strongest ability seen but wasn't particularly large.
  • "Reformed" seems to support this theory. When Amethyst tried to take a larger form, she wasn't able to maintain it in combat.

The Kindergarten creates flawed and incomplete synthetic Gems.
Every Gem we've spent a significant amount of time with except for Amethyst has exhibited a special unique power: Garnet has Combat Clairvoyance, Pearl can create holograms and Lapis Lazuli has hydrokinesis. Rose Quartz has been said to be able to create specialized plant lifenote . Even Peridot seems to be able to easily create and control machines. Amethyst has only ever shown abilities that all Gems seem to have, such as her Crystal Weapon and shapeshifting. This is because The Kindergarten creates gems that do not have unique powers, either as a flaw of the production process or as a way for the Gem Homeworld to quickly create an army of Gems that are less powerful but plentiful, and able to be put down quickly if needed.
  • The spin attack has only been seen in Amethyst and Jasper. It doesn't joss your theory, but we haven't seen enough Gems to know if some special powers are seen in multiple Gems but not all.
  • Jossed. Jasper herself is a Kindergarten gem, and Peridot calls her "the ultimate Quartz".

The Gems are a Dying Race.
The Oh, Crap! reaction the Crystal Gems gave when the found out that Homeworld Gems are coming back for them made it sound like the series was going to go out on a Bolivian Army Ending as soon as their ships could get to Earth. Instead, then send 3 Gems, only one of which would qualify as a willing warrior. Considering they were successful in the past, Homeworld would be justified in sending dozens, if not hundreds, of soldiers to absolutely make sure the Crystal Gems were done away with. There might not be that many gems left anymore, if there is a special quality a planet needs to house a Kindergarden. The one on Earth is non-operational, and the one on Homeworld may be out of juice. If there was another one, they could use it to give birth to thousands of more gems, but, given the aforementioned personnel shortage, those two may be the only ones.

In conclusion, unless Steven can figure out of to heal dead gems, the entire race is basically extinct.

  • Considering the length of their lifespans and the ambiguity of their exact methods of reproduction (it does take an extremely long time for gemstones to form in Real Life), it could be easily inferred that their natural "birth" rates are unfathomably low by human standards. As mentioned elsewhere on the page, assuming this problem has been around that long, this may have been their motivations for coming to Earth in the first place.

The Gem Homeworld doesn't have water, or very little.
It's why Peridot and Jasper are not particularly worried about Lapis. They don't actually know how dangerous she can be.
  • Considering Gems don't require the things that humans require to survive, such as water, this would make sense.

The Gem Homeworld was invaded.
  • Meaning Homeworld has been taken over by (Cyborg-like) advance Gem technology.
  • Yellow Diamond and Peridot are generation of cyber gems that currently control the population of Crystal Gems.
  • They travel to various worlds rich in mineral and harvest a colony of Crystal Gems as servants.

Gem society is stagnant.
Yes they are making technological progress but Gem society has been stagnant since the Crystal Gem rebellion, Homeworld used the rebellion as an excuse to strengthen the ruling caste and crack down on individual liberty stifling any cultural developments that could have happened ensuring the top of the system remains powerful while everyone else suffers. On a related note Steven is something entirely new and this makes him a much greater threat to the established order of Gem society then any rebellion, he is the physical embodiment of change.

Gem's main weapon needs time to "recharge" before they can be reformed.
In friend-ship when Amethyst was restraining the gears to try to save Pearl and Garnet and the whip just breaks, she didn't just immediately create a new one and tried to continue to restrain it. Also in the same episode Steven did imply it took a lot of energy out of him to summon the shield that many times in one day.

Gems were first created by powerful aliens to be their servants.
If those aliens were organic, biological, animal life-forms and humanoid in shape, then it may explain why the Gems are humanoid even though they have no obvious reason to be. Unfortunately those aliens may have been of the Neglectful Precursors variety, using gems for corrupt purposes such as trying to conquer the galaxy. They are probably not around anymore, and so long gone that few gems remember they ever existed. However, there may be artifacts of their rule over the Gems in Homeworld power structure and culture.

The Crystal Gems' "feminine" appearance are at least in part a product of human influence.
It is not something that all Gems inherently possess. Currently, all the Crystal Gems harbor an unquestionably "female" appearance - though that definition of "femininity" is already fairly broad, they're clearly presented as female characters. Homeworld Gems, however, don't necessarily portray either gender; Lapis Lazuli, who is actually quite feminine, aside, they are actually quite ambiguously "gendered" in terms of their appearance, an in fact, as the entire 'concept' of gender is fairly alien to them, and given their bodies are simply physical projections of their identity from their gem, it's more or less entirely about presenting themselves as an image that they identify with or are comfortable with, whether that is "feminine", "masculine", or neither/a mixture of both. This is especially obvious in characters like Peridot, who doesn't have 'any' distinct gendering aspects, and Jasper, who appears at first glance somewhat more like a girl, but behaves in a very masculine manner - she is basically a 'male pro wrestler' in terms of both her design and demeanor. What little we've seen of Yellow Diamond so far suggests similar ambiguous or lack of gendering traits, and the mural images and other such relics also depict Gems in a very vague, non-gendered manner.

It is likely that the Crystal Gems, who sympathized with humans and vowed to protect them, saw both beauty and strength in the human race but in women in particular, and gradually began to adopt certain visual elements of human women over time as it was somewhat relatable to what they were used to already.

On a related note to the above, it's likely that Ruby and Sapphire's appearances are more akin to their time pre-Earth, as Ruby, similar to Jasper/Peridot, is very nonbinary in appearance (although Sapphire is clearly what humans would consider feminine, similar to Lapis Lazuli); as fusions essentially become a single "consciousness" that can grow and change on its own (much like single gems) with only general influence from its constituent gems, Ruby and Sapphire as individuals likely do not change much in appearance (as they don't spend much time separated) while Garnet as a single being continues to evolve. (This is also suggested by how impersonal they are with Steven when separate, as seen in the episode 'Keystone Motel', despite knowing who he is and how important he is to them/Garnet - they simply don't feel the same 'personal attachment' to him when they're separated.)

  • Jossed by Blue Diamond and her pearl. While we haven't seen Blue Diamond in detail, she still has what's clearly an extremely feminine look and structure and, as far as we know, had absolutely no affection for earth or any reason to adjust their appearance for it. (Remember, a gem's clothes are part of their permanent appearance and can't be casually changed.) Blue Diamond's pearl is even more clear, since we can see her more clearly - while the curve of her chest is subtle, she's still unequivocally wearing a dress cut around the idea that she has breasts, with cups intended to cover them. Both her and Blue Diamond have clothes that are at least as feminine as anything worn by the current Crystal Gems. It seems more likely that, rather than the Crystal Gems coding themselves as more feminine, the coding is divided according to color, gem type, and caste; all Blue gems seen so far are heavily coded as female, whereas Yellow ones (and Rubies) are all much more androgynous. Pearls tend to be somewhat coded as female but adopt some of the coding of their masters (so Blue Pearl is heavily female, while Yellow Pearl is subtly female and more androgynous.)
  • The one part where this might be true is Rose Quartz, whose outfit is more clearly-feminine than anyone else in the show and who is the only Gem so far with clear cleavage; not coincidentally, she's also the gem most fascinated by earth, so it's not implausible that she regenerated herself into a form patterned off a human female shortly before or after the war began. (The one problem with this is that her dress - which we know she was wearing back then because we've seen it in flashbacks - doesn't even remotely resemble 6000-year-old human fashions.)
  • A related WMG, of course, might be that it was the other way around - in the Steven Universe universe, "feminine" coding for clothes was adopted by female humans aping the blue (and possibly pink) gems during the colonization and war 6000 years ago. Male humans tend to be closer in physical form to Rubies and other gems we consider "androgynous", so they adopted their fashions instead. This could explain why Rose and Pearl were wearing modern-ish fashions 6000 years ago; rather than aping Earth clothing, Earth clothing slowly came to ape them, based partially on relics and images of them left behind.
  • Seems Jossed since 1. gems predate modern humanity and modern human fashion, and 2. gems that have no respect for humanity take forms that have the same fashion sense.

Rose Quartz's absence is why Homeworld got even worse.
Going off the theory that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, Lapis' general personality towards earth was just one of annoyance rather than one of actual malice. She wanted nothing to do with Earth period, and was horrified by Homeworld when she got there. Comparing her to the psychopathic Jasper and the sociopathic Peridot, it seems like things have just gotten worse since they left. Why? Because Rose was the Token Good Teammate among the Diamonds, being the loving person she is, and was keeping Gemkind from growing ever worse as time went on. But once she was gone, so was The Heart of Homeworld's leadership. It's not Rose's fault, but she was the one thing that kept Homeworld from going to Hell, Just no one realized it until she was gone.
  • Jossed. Rose Quartz was not Pink Diamond, nor was she apparently significant enough in gem society to have such influence.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Rose was Pink Diamond and the token good teammate for the Diamond Authority. However she was treated more or less as an annoying younger sibling and figurehead, and so barely had any, if all, influences on Gem Society. While Homeworld conditions have gotten worse, it's due to a possibly unrelated factor (running out of resources) rather than Rose being absent.

Homeworld Gems have only recently discovered Faster-Than-Light travel.
Or rather, they only had the Galaxy Warp, which requires a companion warp on the other side to be useful. Gems would roam the stars in slower-than-light spaceships, building warp pads at their colonies to connect the empire. Time wasn't much of an issue, because Gems are immortal Hard Light projections who don't need to eat or breath. Space isn't an issue, because Gems could retreat inside themselves and be packed away until planet-fall. Because of this physiological advantage, Gem Homeworld could carve out a functioning empire on a scale that's impossible for us humans.

Homeworld never returned to Earth before because of the time and resources it would to send an army. Even if they built a fleet and stuffed it full of Gems, it would take a massive amount of time before the army arrived. Homeworld Gems would be flying blind, heading towards an enemy who quite possibly had millennia to prepare new, deadly weapons, much like Jasper and Peridot first defeated the Crystal Gems. Homeworld did use a super weapon to end the war, but they had to abandon Earth as well, and for all they knew, Rose Quartz and her rebellion simply shrugged off the damage and rebuilt themselves. It was safer for Homeworld to write Earth off as a lost cause, and focus on internal matters.

Now, though, Yellow Diamond has access to FTL technology. She can send out a spaceship with a lone (expendable) technician on board to scout out the Earth, and learn about the situation in a matter of days. She can dispatch a troubleshooter like Jasper as needed. And, now she knows that there are only three Crystal Gems left on the entire planet, and- depending on how many spaceships she has- Yellow Diamond can send an army whenever she pleases.

  • Partially jossed by the fact that Lapis, who had no access to modern gem technology, was somehow able to fly from Earth to the Gem homeworld in a sane length of time; this implies that Lapis Lazuli gems have FTL innately. This only partially josses the theory because it's possible that Lapis Lazuli gems are capable of personal FTL flight, but not capable of bringing anyone or anything with them; however, why wouldn't Homeworld have at least sent a Lapis scout at some point over the past few thousand years, if that was the issue, especially given that a Lapis gem is basically a Person of Mass Destruction on a water world like Earth? Another possibility is that Lapis was able to reach a much-closer homeworld gate somewhere in the solar system... but if one of those exists, then the gems didn't need FTL travel to reach earth.
  • Partially confirmed. The Rubies had a faster-than-light vessel, which Peridot (as an Era 2 gem) and the Rubies were familiar with but that the other Crystal Gems found to be a novelty. On the other hand, the Earth wasn't being left alone after the rebellion — it was boobytrapped. Yellow Diamond was perfectly able to send ships and troops, but there wouldn't have been any point until it was time to collect the Cluster.
  • Jossed as of "Legs From Here to Homeworld", as Pink Diamond's ship, created before the rebellion, can travel from Earth to Homeworld in hours.

There are no fusion-only names in Gem society.
Because if there were, most of them would be reserved for unique combinations that may never exist. Fusions know their own names when they're "born" because there are single Gems on Homeworld with similar appearance and abilities.
  • Amethyst knowing what Smoky Quartz's name would be, despite the fusion almost certainly being completely unprecedented (low ranking soldier + Diamond), strongly implies that there are other Smoky Quartzes for her to compare them to, possibly high-ranking soldiers.
  • Confirmed by Rebecca in the Steven Universe Podcast.

The Fusion experiments that Peridot performed in the Kindergarden are highly illegal in Homeworld
It's gotten clear at this point that Homeworld Gems aren't out to reactivate the Kindergarden and resume Gem production, but are instead using Earth as a test-ground for cruel and unethical fusion experiments. But why go through all the trouble of reactivating an ancient warp system and utilizing antiquated technology from thousands of years ago when you could do it all in state of the art labs on some Gem-controlled planet? The answer is simple: because it's a carefully guarded secret. The show rarely falls into generic black and white morality, so it would make sense for Homeworld Gems to have some moral and standards concerning their own kind, even if they don't understand the value of organic life. This would also explain why Peridot and Jasper are the only ones sent to Earth — more Gems would mean more chances for leaks. The reason why Peridot says that Earth has "an expiration date" is because she knows that Yellow Diamond is going to destroy the planet to wipe out all the traces of the experiments once they're done.
  • Jossed. The Cluster is meant to be what destroys the Earth, and it's an act of vengeance against the planet that was the center of the Rebellion. Also, Peridot wasn't the one who made them; she was checking up on them.

Gems don't actually need a fusion dance to fuse. It is simply a polite formality.
This theory came about after seeing Friend Ship. How DID Pearl and Garnet do a fusion dance in such a small, cramped space? The answer: they didn't. The fusion dance is simply the way gems give permission for their partner to fuse with them. Since they were in such a cramped space and it was an emergency, Pearl and Garnet merely gave spoken permission to one another.

There are actually a few other things that could back this up too: when Jasper asked Lapis to fuse with her, she says "Just say Yes." Lapis doesn't say anything, but instead gives her her hand and the two dance. Secondly, when Greg and Rose dance in "We Need To Talk", they don't fuse. You could say that this is because Greg is human, but it may also be because Rose didn't know he was trying to fuse with her, simply because she thought that, as he was human, he wouldn't be able to.

Finally, notice that Ruby and Sapphire never do a full dance in order to fuse. You could say that that is show of their love, and indeed it could be: Ruby starts to dance with Sapphire, but the two of them already know they don't need each other's permission, because they love each other THAT much.

  • Alternatively, dancing could just be the easiest way to synchronize gems, but some gems may be good enough at fusion to not actually need to synchronize.
  • Another piece of evidence in favor of this theory is that the second time Garnet and Amethyst fuse, they simply walk into each other.

Homeworld is going to see Always Chaotic Evil as a Denied Trope.
  • Rebecca Sugar did say that the show wouldn't have antagonists in the conventional sense. Instead of a planet full of a bunch of Bastard Aliens, or even a small controlling elite ruling over everyone else with an iron fist, it's much more representative of the way real Governments work, with bureaucracy, political arenas, popular opinion, the media, and more playing a role. The real problems arise when you have unscrupulous hardliners like Yellow Diamond and her ilk put in a position where they can use the lack of transparency and accountability inherent in the system to pursue their own political agendas. If the Symbol Peridot and Jasper both wear is indeed a military denotation, it could bean especially sharp commentary on expansionism, colonialism, and heavy-handed foreign policy.
    • Although Always Chaotic Evil does seem fully averted in the sense that any evil is not racial in origin, the rest of this seems Jossed. In Homeworld society, there is a strict caste system rather than anything resembling democratic politics, and the Diamond Authority seems to in fact be a small controlling elite ruling over everyone else with an iron fist.

Humans aren't as ignorant of Gem stuff as they seem.
You don't have a whole war going without some people noticing. Perhaps humans are very aware of the existence of gems, though since it been thousands of years since the whole homeworld gem invasion and we were left with only four gems in existence that seem to prefer their privacy Gem stuff became more of a subject of history. Perhaps there like a common agreement between nations to basically leave the remaining gems alone and keep out of their affairs maybe because Rose Quartz is a good diplomat and convinced to do so, or because if they did try to just take them and their tech to a lab to be experimented on they be on their own with dealing with the gem monsters and they still do not quite the firepower to deal with them. Basically people know the gems exist and a big war happened, maybe even they know about things like Kindergardens but with there being only 4 gems, now 3 gems and a hybrid it wasn't like a lot of people would meet the gems.....though that could be one of the attractions of beach city, to see one of the last remaining gems on earth (though you bother them at your own risk.)

Serial Number Names
It's already been made clear that there are multiple Gems of the same gem type in existence; or at the very least this is true for Pearls and Peridots as of "Back to the Barn." All Gems also go by the name of their gem type, but with multiple gems of the same type they would need a way to differentiate them from each other and with what we know of their Homeworld so far I think that it would that their full names would include a serial numbers, their gem type and maybe even the location they were made at.
  • Confirmed. Peridot rattles off an identification, including the facet she was created in, and later Homeworld gems are shown differentiating themselves in similar ways.

The structure of the Gem society
I originally posted this in the comments, before "The Answer" aired. It confirmed a small part of this WMG, while leaving the rest still out in the air.

The Gems originally evolved/were created without the strict social order they now exhibit, as evidenced by their physical ability to empathize with others and grow beyond their "programming". These early Gems had strong, broad-scoped and unique abilities that surpass those exhibited by the newer models by an order of magnitude. But their formation depleted the minerals of Homeworld, resulting in increasingly weaker and smaller Gems being born with more limited abilities. So the early Gems decided that the new generations would have to become more specialized to be any good at anything. This was the start of the caste system. They were divided into aristocrats, who handled the decision-making, and had the greatest amount of resources expended in their creation, warriors who were physically strong but less versatile and prone to single-mindedness, and workers, who physically weak and specialized in highly specific tasks that they were supposed to follow for the rest of their lives.

But even this system didn't stop the decline of the planet's condition. New generations of aristocrats and warriors were increasingly weaker than their predecessors, and so the Gems decided to expand their territory by colonizing an xenoforming new planets for their needs. The Gems produced on other planets relied increasingly on mass production, with thousands or millions of nigh identical Gems being made to serve the needs of the expanding empire. And so the Gems became the mechanistic, rigid culture that we know today, run by narrow-minded drones who can't see beyond the duties of their own caste, while whatever aristocrats remain have fallen out of the loop and just live in luxury on Homeworld, pretending that nothing has changed from the past.

In this WMG Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire are aristocrats, signified by their more humanoid anatomy and dress-code, Amethyst, Jasper and Ruby are warriors, and Pearl and Peridot are ofcourse workers, albeit from highly different specialisations. Ruby and Sapphire were among the last non-worker Gems produced on Homeworld and are stunted and (relatively) weak because of it, which is also probably what originally gave them common ground in spite of their very different castes. Rose Quartz is unique and from the ancient stock, not a later specialised model Gem. The same may or may not apply to Yellow Diamond.

  • So far Sapphire has been confirmed as an aristocrat, and Peridot has revealed that new Gem generations are weaker than their predecessors because of the dwindling resources of Homeworld.

Homeworld is responsible for making Mars lifeless.
They had started the colonization process, but the Crystal Gem Rebellion and Ruby and Sapphire's betrayal forced them to abandon the Sol System, leaving Mars in a lifeless state before they could create a single Kindergarten or Spire. They may have also been forced off by Martian military forces when they found themselves unable to counter the tripods, so they brought one of the planets they converted into a battle station into the Sol System, and turned Mars into a lifeless rock, before the Crystal Gems destroyed it, its fragments scattered to the solar wind, thus forming the asteroid belt (this station was bigger than Jupiter).

All Gems have natural superpowers but the Diamonds have spent the last 5000 years suppressing their use as a control measure
Follow me on this one. The majority of the Gems we have seen in the show, at least those that actually have extended screen time, have shown some sort of unique ability. They start off basic with the ability to produce weapons or other things like Lapis wings from their gems and progress from there with things like Sapphire and Ruby's cold and heat generation through to really powerful capabilities like Garnet's future vision and Lapis hydrokenesis. The one Gem we've not seen do anything like this is Peridot, who is also the one Gem who is explicitly born after the rebellion. She has been completely dependent on technological devices like her limb enhancers. This is an active policy of the Diamond Authority put in place to control Gem society. They suppress the use of natural powers and promote the use of technology to make Gemkind dependent on something the Diamonds can control and to reduce creativity and free thinking.

Homeworld stopped sending troops because they kept swelling Rose's ranks.
Considering that Rose only had a small number of followers, you'd think a follow-up army could crush Rose Quartz's troops, but Jasper seemed surprised that there were only 3 (technically 4, 5 if you count Steven) remaining Crystal Gems on Earth. You'd think they could muster up more troops given they are an intergalactic civilization.Despite all the conditioning on Homeworld, deep down many gems are deeply unsatisfied with how things are being run there, they just don't realize there are alternatives. They were able to avoid losing people during the war by heavily smearing Rose as a traitor, but afterwards, information seemed to be suppressed from the newer generations.

The reason is because their leaders were facing constant defections whenever they sent troops to Earth. Steven was able to turn Peridot after only a few weeks, which is minuscule in the lifespan of a Gem. Imagine someone with the experience and knowledge of Rose Quartz. She'd know a lot more about the problems in Gem society, and know how to get more people to turn their backs on it. Sending a follow-up army after the Gems were reduced to Rose Quartz, Pearl, and Garnet (Amethyst wouldn't be discovered for another 500 years) probably could have destroyed them easily and taken Earth back.

Instead, they set up the Cluster and pulled out. They would destroy the Earth and everyone on it, rather than risk losing more troops to Rose's charisma.

Homeworld would've wanted to break the Gem and start over with better Injectors in another Kindergarten, but Rose secretly took the Gem and bubbled it away to a safer place until she could figure out how to heal it. This could've further prompted her to go against Homeworld.

Kindergartens are basically magic cloning facilities.
It has been noted that there are more than one Peridot and Jasper, and many many Pearls. However, it is rather strange how so many of a singular type of Gem can exist, yet they do not naturally reproduce. The injectors don't make any sense; they just inject something into the ground and out pops a fully formed Gem? This theory is that the injectors are placing genetically identical Gems into fertile soil in order for them to absorb life force from the surroundings, which explains why they sought out Earth instead of any uninhabited rock.As for Amethyst and the other variants of Pearl, one could say that Amethyst is the Gem equivalent to a mutant. Heck, Peridot even said it as "Gemetically speaking," a pun on genetically. Pearls, on the other hand, are "gemetically" engineered to fit a certain appearance. They're still Pearls, but it isn't as if their skin and hair were dyed those colors.On another note, this could mean that all Gems of a specific type were descended from a single ancestor. The kinds of stories based around these ancient Gems would make for some serious Fanfic Fuel.
  • This goes a long way to explaining why, for example Pearl gets so many abilities that you wouldn't expect from a decorative maidservant, such as being way stronger than some other "civilian" gems like Peridot. The idea that all the mass-produced Gem types are made by cloning unique, singular "prototype" Gems that occurred naturally or were created by some other means which is no longer known to Gemkind, suggests that Gems weren't actually designed for the role of their caste, but rather were co-opted into them.
    Although Pearls, unlike other mass-produced Gem types, seem to be somewhat customized for their individual masters, this customization is probably limited to superficial factors (maybe even just changing their color). They don't alter them any deeper (for example, reducing their physical strength or their intelligence to something more appropriate for a lowly maidservant), because a Pearl that deviated too much from the original would be considered defective, and no one wants to be seen with a defective Pearl.
    It's unclear what bearing this has on whatever way in which Jasper, at a glance, identifies the CG's Pearl as defective. It could be that she may not actually gemetically differ from a "standard" Pearl, but her "non-standard", independent behavior causes her to be seen as defective anyway.
  • An expansion of this theory, with a heaping helping of Fridge Horror: this cloning is accomplished by taking a small shard of the Gem you want to clone, and burying it in the ground to grow and absorb life energy until it has grown and developed back into a full-size Gem, with all of the abilities but virtually none of the memories of the original. In other words, maybe a Gem has to be smashed to bits in order for new ones to be made. And maybe Pearls are made by smashing a Pearl to bits and embedding the little chunks into some kind of magic oyster or something to grow new Pearls.
    Maybe a little while after the beginning of Gemkind, the Diamonds conspired to murder all the other gems, then developed the Kindergarten technology to grow armies of clone servants out of their parts.
    The reason there is only one of each color Diamond is that none of the original Diamonds was willing to be shattered in order to propagate herself, but they were willing to shatter others in order to build their armies. (And/or, it could also be because Diamonds are formed by compression of carbon and thus can't be grown in the same way as other crystals.)

The only issue with this theory is that in Steven Universe S0E1 "What are gems?" (assuming it's canon), when they teach about the nature of Gems, Pearl says that a shattered gem will "cease to be", an apparent euphemism for death. However, she may have explained it that way since she's in denial about the real situation of shattered gems because the truth is too horrible to accept.

If all the shards of a single broken gem fused (legitimately fused, as opposed to just gluing them together like Homeworld's experiments), it would recreate the original Gem.
The only problem is that gem shards, being disembodied limbs, are far too stupid to fuse on their own. (And the horror of dealing with a bunch of writhing chunks of your dead friends has probably discouraged the CGs from making very many attempts at setting them loose and struggling to get them to do it.) And even if they managed to do it, if they were subsequently poofed they would revert to a pile of shards and have to start all over. And they'd probably not be in very good shape compared to their fully intact self, probably as bad or worse than being cracked.

Maybe even forced fusion would work, if they stuck the pieces back in the right configuration rather than a random cluster, but unfortunately Homeworld Gems are more interested in pursuing this technology as a weapon to make war monsters out of random chunks of their enemies, rather than seeing its potential as a lifesaving procedure to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Shapeshifting is a learned skill, and most Gems can't assume unusual forms without extensive practice.
NOTE: Though this makes a lot of reference to Amethyst, I'm putting it here since it's still a theory with general implications.

Even though all gems are theoretically capable of shifting to any shape as long as they don't exceed their normal size by too much or for too long, assuming coherent non-humanoid forms is not easy for most of them. This is the reason we only see Amethyst shapeshifting significantly, since she is interested in it and has done it so often as to become really skilled at it.

It may be that being left completely alone for the first several hundred years of her life, she had nothing to do but spend a lot of time practicing it, and since she had no way of knowing the "standard" for what she was supposed to look like since she didn't grow up with other Amethysts (who all emerged 500 years earlier), she probably tried a lot of forms, building up so much experience in shapeshifting that she eventually ended up a lot more experienced in it than even most gems that are much, much older than her.

Most gems, since they prefer their default forms and are not really interested in shapeshifting, are really out of practice in it, and if they suddenly tried doing what she does they'd probably just end up as a deformed blob. IIRC, the only time we see anyone besides Amethyst shapeshift is Garnet, and the most extreme things she does with it are shift into Steven to play "Steven Tag" (still humanoid), and make giant fake gem-shard disembodied arms to prank Pearl in revenge for not telling her that the gem shards escaped the bubble in "Secret Team".

One thing that suggests that shapeshifting isn't easy and requires learned skill, is a line from "Message Received". When Peridot runs away in her robot, Amethyst gets a wild look in her eye and exclaims "I've been ready for this!" before turning into a fully-functioning passenger helicopter. That line and the way she said it suggests that she wasn't just able to do it spontaneously; she'd probably started practicing it after all those instances of Peridot escaping using the helicopter-fingers on her limb enhancers.

As irresponsible as she seems, it probably bothered her that going airborne offered such an easy escape, so she spent some time mastering helicopter form (a full-size passenger helicopter for serious use is probably more difficult than just screwing around in the living room as Dogcopter, which she had done already) so no one could get away that easily again. She may actually spend a lot of the time she's alone in her room practicing new forms, which may be why she makes it look so easy.

Homeworld is against two type Gem fusions because it challenges the caste system.
Peridot mentioned the Cluster being in the Earth's mantle slightly below where Garnets would be formed. If two Gems such as Ruby and Sapphire are able to Fuse and form a faux-Garnet, that would greatly disrupt the caste system among Homeworld Gems.

The Ruby Squad sent to find Jasper aren't as dumb as they appear
How could they be? Before leaving, Left-Eye Ruby turned and whispered "Thank You" to Steven, sounding like she knew that they were lying but they were getting an excuse to continue their mission. Being on assignment gives them a measure of autonomy, giving them a reason to stretch things out as much as possible. They may also be aware of the faults in the Gem Empire and see this as a way of distancing themselves from it. They might also be on the outs with Yellow Diamond and this is a punishment detail, since they seem to fit the Ruby equivalent of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.
  • Seems Jossed - the Rubies came back and they came back angry at being tricked. It wasn't an act, Eyeball really fell for it along with all the others.
    • However, Navy is later shown to be more than capable to fool Steven.

Obfuscating Stupidity is actually a common tactic for Rubies
Kind of inspired by the above, but if the Rubies act as dumb as possible, their enemies would underestimate them and let their guard down, allowing the Rubies to get the jump on them if they have to fight.
  • Implicitly Jossed. Seems the Rubies really are that stupid/gullible.
    • Possibly not. Navy showed that she was more than capable of playing the fool to trick Steven and co. to get her ship back.
    • As far back as "The Answer," the Crystal Gem Ruby is shown to be more intelligent than the average (though just as prone to let her temper control her). Despite being mass-produced, Rubies seem to have as much intellectual variation as humans.

Natural gem reproduction and the reason for Kindergartens
The normal method for gem reproduction is the same way as how mundane gemstones form on Earth, by chemical reactions between water and minerals, crystallized magma, etc, but possibly with some additional magical component. This is brought up in "Gem Drill" when Peridot says that she formed out of peridotite on Homeworld, so it is reasonable to assume (but not yet confirmed) that other gems form naturally in this manner. However, this could take thousands or millions of years. It has been shown in the show that gems are a spacefaring race interested in conquering other worlds, and if they encounter resistance from other intelligent species, which is likely, they would need a way for replenishing their numbers more quickly. This is why the Kindergartens were created. They find suitable planets and seed them with Kindergartens, and in much less time than it would take for gems to form on Homeworld, they'll have fresh workers and soldiers ready to continue expanding the Gem Empire.

Bismuth wasn't the gem that poofed Lapis...
Rather, it was a fusion of Bismuth and Rose that did it. This is the true reason Bismuth was sealed away; much like Sugilite, Rose and Bismuth feared what would happen if they ever fused again, even accidentally.

The reason the Rubies are dumb is because of the lack of resources.
The Rubies in "The Answer (ours included)" seem a lot smarter the ones in "Hit the Diamond". Besides Leggy, we don't know when the other Rubies were made, but they could be of a more recent Era, and Homeworld had to cut back on Ruby intelligence in order to make more of them.
  • Eyeball was implied to have witnessed Rose shattering Pink Diamond, which is implied to be during the rebellion. However, this doesn't really deconfirm this, as Eyeball seems a lot more intelligent and competent than the other Rubies.
    • Rubies were always dumb. They just got dumber.

Homeworld is running out of resources, but not the Gempire as a whole.
The Gempire has plenty of resources at its disposal, however, the Rebellion taught Homeworld a harsh lesson about its colonies, namely that it can't rely on them. Rose's Rebellion cost Homeworld far too much and many colony gems didn't feel like laying down their lives so that one planet they don't particularly identify with any more can plunder the resources of a different planet, resources that won't be going to the planet they're living on. That's part of the reason that Yellow Diamond wanted the Cluster. Their attempts at clamping down against the various secessionist gem groups were radicalizing them and with resources dwindling, they couldn't afford another rebellion. So YD changed tactics. She decided that fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this Cluster.

The rebellion started a chain of events that caused Homeworld to lose resources.
The apparent success of the Earth rebellion may have inspired other Gem colonies to rebel. As a result, Homeworld began to lose not only Gems, but the planets they mined for resources, making it difficult to obtain more Gems. Homeworld then had to ration resources, making their new Gems smaller and less powerful so they can have enough to run their society. Because the new Gems lack power, they had to focus more on technological development.

Homeworld leaders know that their new Gems have powers, but tell them that they don't as a means to control them.

'Gem Weapons' are a Crystal Gem innovation
Ever notice how everyone uses manufactured weapons during flashbacks to the Rebellion? Rose, Pearl and Amethyst all have remarkably large collections of weapons for a race that creates their own weapons through their gems. Strawberry Fields, the site of possibly the biggest gem conflict is littered with the discarded weapons of shattered gem warriors. One of the Crystal Gems learned the secret to creating Gem Weapons and taught the rest how to do it. A few Homeworld gems (Like Jasper, who explicitly fought against the Crystal Gems in the Earth Rebellion) have picked it up too. This innovation may have even been one of the things that helped the Crystal Gems win the war.
  • Possibly jossed since we've seen Holly Blue Agate, Aquamarine and Topaz all summon weapons just like Crystal Gems.
    • Aquamarine's wand turns into a ribbon she wears on her head rather than being stored in her gem.

After Rose Quartz's successful rebellion, the Gem Empire faced a series of rebellions.
If we look at how technology has changed since the rebellion, it seems like much of their research has focused on anti-gem weaponry (such as gem disrupters.) Additionally, based on what Lapis said, their society has changed drastically for the worse; by implication, it's become more authoritarian, much more suspicious of its population, much more tightly regimented. The logical reason for this is that they had to clamp down on copycat rebels after Rose was successful. This is also why Rose and the Crystal Gems were eventually Unpersoned, since the Diamonds realized that their successful rebellion was leading to rebellions elsewhere.
  • The fact that it's referred to as The Rebellion and not, say, "Rose Quartz's rebellion" indicates that there's only been the one, though it could be that it got the title because it was the biggest and most successful.

The reason fusion is restricted on Homeworld.
The long term effects can severely harm gems, we've seen it numerous times now. In "Jail Break" Ruby was completely irritable, even to Steven because she couldn't get back to Sapphire. In "Cry For Help" Pearl went to the trouble of lying and rebuilding the communication hub just so she could be apart of the "perfect relationship" even for a few minutes. In "Hit the Diamond" Ruby and Sapphire couldn't control themselves around each other and blew their cover. Finally the coup de grace is Lapis and Jasper in "Alone at Sea"; Jasper seeks Lapis out so they can form Malachite again, the once proud gem warrior drops to her knees, and begs another for something. Lapis is just as bad, she actually enjoyed unleashing all her hate on Jasper. The only saving grace is that Lapis refused Jasper's offer. However, it all makes sense. Homeworld gems are very militaristic, they don't seem like the type for bonds beyond superior and subordinate. So naturally they would restrict something that could cause a healthy or unhealthy relationship between gems.

Anti-ranged weapons defense
The reason that the Gems in general seem to shun artificial ranged weaponry (There hasn't been so much as a bow used by Homeworld or the Crystal Gems) is that gems have some sort of magic "field" that is generated around their bodies which diverts physical attacks like bullets or arrows. Given how strong most gems are, artificially made melee weapons (like Pearl with her swords) move fast enough/hit hard enough to mostly ignore the field. However, the field can push away projectiles such as arrows, which don't have any additional force from something larger (IE, a gem) backing them up, or at least weaken them enough that the Gem's natural Super Toughness can allow them to ignore the blow. However, this still has two weaknesses - other Gem's magic can bypass this field, such as Lapis's Making a Splash. Or alternately, Area of Effect attacks that deal damage in a large radius, such as an artillery shell; even if it just hits nearby, you still have a good chance of dying.
  • Not so much Jossed as based on a false generalization. Opal uses a bow in "Giant Woman."

A large number of Beta Kindergarten Quartzes defected to Rose's side
Given the attitude towards subpar Gems, Jasper's comment about how Rose managed to "manipulate" desperate Gems, how the Kindergarten was noted by Peridot to be lacklustre, and how Homeworld tried to pull out with their troops before the end, it might be that Homeworld's attempt to crank out soldiers backfired on them. With them likely being treated like crap by their side and Rose's compassion, many transferred their loyalty to her. This doesn't invalidate Amethyst's concerns about being a monster nor Pearl's condolences about her being the only good thing to come out of the Kindergarten, because they didn't know about the Beta site.
  • Season 4 shows that lots of Quartzes made on Earth (possible even all of them, save for Rose Quartzes who ended up bubbled) now serve in the Human Zoo. However, they seem to share Amethyst's friendly personality and eventually side with her rather than with their obnoxious boss.

Gem anatomy is more complex than we thought.
  • Despite being made from light, outside of their gems, Gems seem to work a lot like humans in terms of mechanics. Their basic forms may be somewhat similar to a Titan's: no complex organs like intestines or reproductive organs, but they have muscles and bones, and have a sac in their chest/abdominal cavity used to exhale. Why exhale? Speech, of course. That's probably the only reason they have a mouth and throat, because it allows for communication. Perhaps without all the extra organs they don't need, they can emit more complex sounds than what the average human can make, and shapeshifting could easily help with this.
    • Of course, than that brings in languages. Perhaps the gems have a natural sort of translator in their gems, which helps with communication with other gems (and by proxy us humans). However, when corrupted, their natural translator is damaged and what would usually sound like speech would sound more like the inhuman screeches and clicking that Centipeetle does. The Crystal Gems, who have lived around humans for years and have shapeshifted to a degree to get closer to humans on Rose's behalf, may not be able to speak their native language anymore. They probably are the only ones who actually do speak proper English, whereas Peridot and the other Homeworld Gems are just using their powers.

The first Gems were computers created by an organic race.
In an example of the technological singularity, sentient polymorphic rocks were originally created to service a biological species, but the gems grew to despise them and destroyed their creators. However, creating more gems and procreating is a hugely resource intensive, destructive process and the gems started colonizing other worlds in order to continue reproducing.

Similar to the theory above, Gems were originally Cylons from some earlier, long-forgotten iteration of humanity.

The Gem Warship's weakpoint is that port on the back and/or from the back

The port seems to stand out and was put there intentionally so it must have a purpose. During her fight with Garnet, Jasper was punched into the viewing area of the room they were in which cracked the ceiling, that room was on the back of the ship. These two areas could be where it's vulnerable to attack, since why it blocked all attacks with the front. Peridot knows these ships as a technician, so we might see these exploited in the future.

Navy has a crush on one of the characters.
And that's why she started blushing and got flustered when she was talking to the group.
  • Room for Ruby makes this really unlikely, as it shows that Navy in particular is VERY deceptive.

There is a lot of Gem propaganda downplaying the Crystal Gems and Pink Diamond, and the Diamonds' corruption attack was part of a False Flag Operation to discredit the Earth.
There is strong evidence that public Gem knowledge is very heavily censored and altered. From what we can glean from Peridot and other sources, the official story is that Earth ceased to be a viable colony and all Gems on it were wiped out, with further elaboration being that the Earth is a hideous mess from top to bottom that is better off destroyed. Furthermore, Peridot didn't know anything about the Crystal Gems or Rose Quartz's rebellion and even information regarding Pink Diamond seems very heavily suppressed.

Of course, we know that the "official story" has a lot of false information. Peridot and even Navy have commented on the Earth's beauty, with Peridot even proposing solutions to use Earth resources without damaging the planet, and the real reason why the Earth was put on the Diamonds' blacklist was Rose Quartz's rebellion. We also know that the Gems on Earth weren't "wiped out", they were corrupted by the Diamonds.

Ancestral Gems Didn't Have Hard Light Bodies
Several Gems have demonstrated Elemental Powers; the most obvious is Lapis Lazuli's hydrokinesis, but Ruby has pyrokinesis, Sapphire has cryokinesis, and Peridot has been recently revealed to have metallokinesis. Peridot's case is unusual, since she is an Era 2 Gem, stated to not possess "Gem powers". So why would she have, out of all possible powers, control over metal?

Imagine an ancestral Gem, without any light-projecting abilities (including bodies) but with some form of elemental control. If these proto-Gems can reproduce, whether directly by fission or in some more complicated manner involving natural Kindergartens (which could still be less complicated than the reproductive cycles of, say, grape phylloxera), they can evolve. Over time, they may find it convenient to create "bodies" out of the materials or energy they control. Eventually, Gems evolve the ability to project light; this is eventually used to build bodies which are more versatile, durable, or otherwise superior to the elemental bodies. Thus, we have a race of Gems with hard light bodies and elemental powers.

There are some questions which arise from this speculation. For instance, why can't Gems (apparently) reproduce naturally now? Aside from the obvious though weak possibility that they can but choose not to for whatever reason, it's possible that they became sterile after they learned to create artificial Gems, either due to random mutations or deliberate design. (If the Diamonds did the sterilization, they could probably still reproduce.) It is also possible, though less likely, that parts of Kindergarten machinery are created from whatever "wild" Gems use to reproduce (with machinery around them for more standardized, useful, or efficient Gems).

In addition, if all Gems have elemental powers, why do only a handful use them? It's possible that they just don't know about them. Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot only discovered their elemental powers after a period of stress (fleeing Homeworld and nearly losing her tablet, respectively). Most Gems may not have had an experience which triggers these powers, and it would not be surprising if the Diamonds chose to suppress knowledge of them except for the few Gems who would be regularly using them (such as, presumably, Lapis Lazulis). It is also possible that some Gems are using their powers without knowing it; for instance, Steven and Rose's ability to regulate their descent or or stop falling could be due to aerokinesis (supported by Steven's inability to be weighed down by even a boat—he could have been supporting it with air, which also explains why he wasn't harmed), or Malachite's ability to create and control ice could be a mixture of Lapis's hydrokinesis with some other power possessed by Jasper.

Finally, if the Diamonds don't want most Gems to use their elemental powers...why don't they just remove them? They might not be able to, either due to insufficient Gemnetic engineering technology or because the elemental powers are linked to some vital function of the Gems (such as if the mechanisms for light projection and elemental control are linked or the same).

It is possible that the ultimate origin of the Gems will never be addressed, and likely that if they arose naturally their evolutionary history will be explained. Even so, it's fun to speculate about.

Bismuths are metals that were enslaved
In the show Bismuth is a powerful smith that can handle temperature of molten metal, but in real life its weak, brittle,easy melting, and what more important - the metal.But, you say that Bismuth is in crystalline form so it can be a gem. So who is Bismuth?Here is a few things.Bismuth does not exist in nature in pure form,but contained in alloys.So,you need just "pure" a metal from matter which you dont need.Why Diamonds needed only Bismuths, if metals like steels are much powerful?Maybe because they couldt make them obey.Only Bismuths are weak enough to sumbit. But why is she strong?Because of life energy that gems suck away from planets.That energy allowed to her spirit take shape in strong humanoid.So, Diamonds enslaved a Bismuths, and they dont know it?Actually, somewere deep in their hearts they know. Thats why Bismuth so want to kill the Diamonds.Because even crystallized, weekened metal remembers.

And some less important detail.You maybe noticed that she is too masculine,even more then Jasper.

The Unusually Uninteresting Sight passive effect Gems have is intentional for colonization.
Like a Cuckoo Bird invading the nest. Most Homeworld Gem invasions have no resistance at all. The natives are psychically manipulated into thinking this is normal, if they pay attention at all. They'll notice earthquakes, sinkholes, and the planet eventually cracking apart; but not put together that it is caused by the colonies.
  • Yellow Diamond being head of Homeworld's Army is not as big a deal as one might think, because most planets don't have the psychic resistance to fight back. For the few who do, she's called in.

Gems possess a built-in universal-translator.
It is made clear that Gems are gemetically engineered for space-travel, as their forms alter their mass on whatever planet or planetoid they inhabit, allowing them to traverse the terrain. Despite being aliens, the Gem's vocal language is English, a recently-invented (in the scope of Human history) Earth-based language. It is also clear that they do not just "learn" English for the sake of any human they come across. Jasper and the Ruby platoon, all of which could not care less about humans, speak it the entirety of their stay on Earth. Even when Peridot and Yellow Diamond spoke to one another, Yellow Diamond and her Pearl spoke English during their conversation, unaware of Steven and the gems being there.

Not only do all of the gems in the show speak English, but in "Log Date 7 15 2", Peridot was able to read a joke book written in plane English, despite being made clear in "Monster Reunion" that their written language is very different from English. Despite her intelligence, the odds of her just "learning" English writing by herself in the current passage of time is very unlikely.

Gemkind was made by humans in the future.
Why would gems leave such an artifact as the legendary hourglass of time on a apparently insignificant planet such as earth? The hourglass is also unlike any gem creation we have yet seen, as it doesn't look like it is powered by a gem. Why do gems look like humans, talk like humans, and have the same basic emotional layout as humans? Why do gem spaceships and the moon base have an earth-like atmosphere? The answer: gems were made originally by humans, in the future. The gems were made by the humans as a Von Numman probe. But how would they ensure that the gems would have enough time to finish colonization prep before the humans got there? By sending them into the deep past, and to another galaxy. But, since A.I. Is a Crapshoot, the gems eventually forgot their purpose, found earth in the not-so-distant past, and found it was exactly perfect for growing new gems! This also explains why earth was the first planet to have a rebellion on it, gems have an attraction towards humans because humans are their creators, and they can even create a gem-human hybrid like Steven. No word yet on a possible Stable Time Loop.

Carnelian and Skinny will become very important later on, and may possibly become Crystal Gems.
Carnelian and Skinny are amongst the most unique Gems in the Zoo facility, they get along very well with Amethyst and they have actually been mentioned before way back in "Beta".

The signs add up; we've seen that the Zoo Gems are surprisingly sympathetic and kind to the humans in their care, they've been abused and discriminated against by their bosses their whole lives, the show has a liking for oblique Chekhov's Guns and one of the key tenets of the Crystal Gems is individuality and uniqueness. It's not too far out of the question for the Crystal Gems' adventure in the Zoo to light a spark of rebellion, with Carnelian and Skinny leading the way...

Singing/music is an important part of Gem culture.
Not only would this explain the show's numerous epic songs, but it would also explain why Rose Quartz was interested in Greg's concert in the first place, as well as why Yellow Diamond engages in a Villain Song with her and Blue Diamond's Pearls.

The Rose Quartz gems were originally created to care for the humans in Pink Diamond's Zoo
Per this Tumblr post, their power set (healing tears, plant growth, shields for weapons) and human-like, motherly appearance seem to suggest the Rose Quartz line was created to serve as the ideal care taker for the humans being held captive in the Zoo. However, one Rose Quartz sympathized with the humans a little too much, and the rest is history.
  • Jossed on two counts:
    • One, the power set demonstrated by the Crystal Gem Rose Quartz is actually because she was Pink Diamond in disguise, and thus is not possessed by real Rose Quartzes.
    • Two, it's revealed in "Now We're Only Falling Apart" that Blue Diamond was the actual creator of the Human Zoo, not Pink, and Pink was the one who created the Rose Quartzes.

Holly Blue hates the Earthborn Quartzs because she sees them as failures.
She feels that the Amethysts failed to protect their Diamond and do not display the appropriate level of grief for the situation, while she feels that the Beta Kindergarten Quartzs that were made after Pink Diamond's shattering displayed insufficient rage and regret at their Matriarch's death. She might think better of Jasper, who never stopped fighting or wanting to fight.

At least one cut of gem identifies as male.
However, they are scarce, and likely to be considerably lower class.
  • The Zircons seem quite masculine...
  • You say "lower class," but how about off-colors?

Amethysts aren't solely designed to be soldiers and guards, but also orderlies.
Every Amethyst depicted so far has been not only amicable, but also comforting to those in distress. From what we know, civil wars and other forms of unrest among Gemkind are rare, so unless there are a number of galactic threats the Gem Empire has to deal with regularly there would be a great deal of soldiers left without task unless they were delegated to other duties besides guard-work in such a (caste-enforced) peaceful society.

Aquamarine will be a tragic character
Her gem is in the shape of a tear and right below her eye. While not quite a Beauty Mark, it's close enough to be a potential tragic beauty mark.
  • On the other hand, as a prison tattoo a solid teardrop under the eye indicates a stone cold murderer.

Homeworld is at war.
Perhaps there are other, larger rebel factions at war with the Homworld. Or maybe there's some other enemy out there that has forced Homeworld into a corner. This is why Yellow Diamond suddenly sent someone to investigate the cluster apparently leaving it for centuries: they desperately needed a weapon. It's also why no one has come to take out Peridot. Or the remains of the Crystal Gems. Homeworld can't spare the resources.

Aquamarine will betray Topaz
She clearly doesn't respect her and looks down on her, so she lied to get Topaz and Topaz to back down.
  • What?

Gem society at large is on the brink.
Between the very clearly repressed emotions that all gems are entirely capable of, even without outside influences see Topaz as the example, and severe classism Gem society is very heavily strained. In fact it's sort of on the brink of collapse at this point between the repeated crackdowns on emotions, freedoms, and the outside influence of humans and others slowly seeping in the Diamonds are unaware that they are rapidly losing control. It is likely that even a single human child capable of a convincing speech could bring the whole thing to a head.
  • It would be amazing if that single human child turned out to be Lars, not Steven. If he's going to be stuck up there for a while, he might end up accomplishing something.

Aquamarines are specialized for gathering intelligence.
Small, quick, able to view things from above, not physically strong but smart and manipulative. Claims to have perfect memory, though that might have just been a boast. She's also quite high-ranking, so she must be made for something important. This may apply to Beryls in general (we know that Morganites also exist).

Morganite will resemble a pink Aquamarine, and served Pink Diamond.
Real life morganites are beryl gems just like aquamarines, and the Pearl part of Rhodonite seems to have been pink in hue.

Only Gems built for combat can summon weapons. Pearl is a notable exception.
If you compare which gems were seen summoning weapons in the show with their position in Homeworld's hierarchy, it's possible to notice a pattern:

Sapphires are seers. No sapphire was shown summoning a weapon.

Quartzes/Agates are elite soldiers. Rose/Steven, Amethyst, Jasper and Holly Blue can summon weapons.

Bismuths are builders and arhitects. CG Bismuth didn't summon weapons, only shapeshifted her limbs to fight.

Rubies are low ranking soldiers. Both CG Ruby and Eyeball were seen summoning weapons.

Peridots are engineers and technicians. Peridot has never summoned a weapon.

Pearls are servants. However, CG Pearl can summon a weapon.

Lapis Lazulis are terraformers. Lapis has never summoned a weapon.

From what we've seen, Topazes seem to be used as brutes and guards, and both Topazes shown so far can summon weapons.

So, from what has been shown so far, it seems that summoning weapons is a power exclusive to Gems who were designed for combat in some form or shape. That would make a lot sense, considering Homeworld's practical, objective view of Gemkind: if you weren't built for fighting, you shouldn't need to have a weapon.

However, there is a single exception to this rule: Pearl, who albeit not being made for combat, is able to summon a weapon anyway. I believe there are two theories that could explain this contradiction. Either summoning weapons is an exclusive ability of combat-oriented gems, but Pearl was born with a defect that gave her this ability, or combat-oriented gems can summon weapons by default, but other types of gem can also develop this ability if they train hard enough.

Gem production isn't inherently destructive, they just overproduce
The Prime Kindergarten is a barren, lifeless canyon. Nothing at all can possibly grow there, and the entire area seems to suck life back out of anything that's planted. The only life that exists there Corrupted Gems and the Cluster experiments. However, it's likely that this not the natural reaction of Gem production on the area and is only due to overuse of resource heavy Gem production techniques. We already know that due to the war effort Gem production was accelerated tremendously and that Gems draw in energy and minerals from the surrounding rock face to grow leaving the area barren of microbial life.

Due to serious deficits this causes in every form of life and useful minerals the places used as Kindergartens literally sucked the life out of everything that was planted there during the brief attempt to return life to the area. Normal plants will not desiccate to the point of breaking down into powder or losing all stem strength naturally in a single day. It seems that the barren area within the Kindergarten is absorbing minerals and water back into the ground slowly revitalizing the area. Presumably if Gem production was more gradual no Kindergarten would go barren in the first place.

Oddly this might explain the Diamonds distaste for earth, if it's only wasteful practices that ruin Kindergartens and biological life to draw from is a necessity for Gemelogical life to survive it would be a slap in the face to the Diamonds themselves. After all take into consideration the distaste Yellow Diamond expresses in her tone for biological life when talking with Peridot. Over production on Homeworld due to Diamond egomania might well be to blame for the sudden colonization effort as well, if they accidentally drove the only source of Biolife on Homeworld extinct that would mean no more gems at all without expansion.

Gems using any pronouns other than she/her is forbidden.
The writers have made it clear that the Gems have a feminine appearance by default, however if a Gem wanted to, they could take on a masculine appearance during regeneration. Individuality Is Illegal for Homeworld Gems, which explains why none have taken on a male appearance.

Era 2 Gems are made weaker not due to lack of resources, but to prevent further rebellions.
  • Given that the Diamond Authority has thirty-plus colony worlds, and has had five millenia to put down new colonies after the loss of Earth, it makes no sense that the loss of one colony could have done so much damage that the Diamonds are suffering the kind of critical resource shortages Peridot implies. But it makes at least some sense that the Diamonds would want to make their servants weaker. Rose Quartz's rebellion was so successful in large part because the majority of the Era 1 Gems' powers and weapons came from the Gem itself, and so when Gems defected to Rose Quartz, they could bring most of their strength with them. The Diamonds now deliberately make their Gems weaker so that they will be dependent on Homeworld technology and support to function and be less of a threat should there be another rebellion.

Guesses at unseen Gem types.
  • Obsidian:
    • Fairly high-level Gems, used more as assassins/scouts than brutes like a Quartz or Topaz. Low toughness compared to other soldier Gems (because obsidian breaks easily), but powerful offensive abilities (because it's so sharp). Probably have pyrokinetic abilities like Rubies (since obsidian comes from volcanoes).
    • Alternately, cheap "mook" Gems similar in rank to Rubies. As above, low toughness but comparatively strong attacks and probable pyrokinetic abilities.
  • Jade:
    • Artisans and crafters. Bismuths might have built the structure of the Moon base, for example, but it would be a Jade that made the murals. They also might be responsible for things like the thrones or the palanquins (or at least designing the aesthetics for such things, even if they don't actually build them).
  • Amber:
    • A more common and "cheaper" Pearl, used by Gems a bit too low on the hierarchy to have a Pearl.
    • Alternately, Ambers could be historians and/or handle information management.

The Rose Quartzes in the zoo are fake.
In fact, the entire Rose Quartz line of Gems was made up by Pink Diamond as part of her alter ego's stories, with her simply creating fake gemstones that look like hers from a certain angle (much the same way she later created fake shards) and bubbled them all to say, "Look, I managed to contain the rest of them." There's even a section of the Prime Kindergarten that she and Pearl filled with fake exit holes they can claim the Rose Quartzes came from, and one of them was specifically manufactured to look like a hole "our Rose" would've emerged from in the exact spot corresponding with "Crystal Gem Rose's" alleged Kingergarten Serial Number. Yeah, the back story of Pink's Rose persona is detailed right down to her serial number.

Pink Diamond chose the "Famethyst" Gems to guard the Human Zoo because of their friendliness.
  • So it's the middle of the war and there's a nice vein of Amethysts just out of the ground, ones that are manifesting unusually friendly and cheerful personalities, but are too loyal to their Diamond to be turned to the Crystal Gems. By sending them off to guard her Zoo, Pink accomplishes three things.
    • First, they really are the Gems most suited for the job. Their friendliness and empathy will make them unusually suited to solve any problems that may pop up with the Zoomans, far more than almost any other Gems Pink could tap.
    • Second, this gets them safely out of the line of fire on Earth.
    • Third, this removes several unusually friendly and empathic Gems from Homeworld's forces on Earth, where their influence might keep other Gems from defecting.

The Gems' bodies seen by us and the humans in the show are not their true (or at least defined) forms
Basically, something along the lines of a boggart minus the worst fear factor - in other words, an organism that appears differently depending on who or what's looking at them, also supported by Pearl's statement that a Gem's body is made of light and an illusion. For instance, us viewers and most members of Beach City are all humans, and so all the (uncorrupted) Gems are human-like and look more or less consistent in their given gem type (e.g. all the Rubies look almost the same, and the Pearls shown so far are similar to each other while also being distinctive). Same can be said for their speech; all of them speak English (or at least another given language if it's a foreign dub) and yet they write in scribbles unintelligible to us, and the reason is because their speech is automatically translated to match that of any and all organism listening (e.g. to us it sounds like one of our languages, while an animal like a bird or cat will register it as how its species normally communicates). When a Gem becomes corrupted, this trait is lost - their form becomes universal and thus they appear as monsters of the same kind across all species (e.g. a Gem and any animal will see Centipeetle the same way we do, as a big centipede-like creature), and their ability to speak becomes butchered and as a result no organism is able to understand them anymore. Steven is an exception form-wise as he's consistently perceived as a human (due to being a human-Gem hybrid), and his translation ability is limited to that of humans and the Gems (i.e. only humans and Gems will understand what he's saying as opposed to every living being understanding what a regular Gem is saying).

White Pearl will have her gem in her navel, but will be pretty unemotive.
A possible way to contrast with our Pearl, who has her gem on her forehead but is emotive.
  • Confirmed on both counts.

Era 1 Peridots had ferrokinetic powers
  • Peridot randomly manifesting ferrokinetic powers in "Too Short To Ride" doesn't seem to make any sense... unless you suppose that ferrokinesis was a power Peridot's gemline was supposed to have, but didn't receive due to the resource shortages. In that case, it's possible that she did have that power, but in a very weak form, so weak that she didn't even realize she had it until sheer desperation boosted it to a usable strength. Moreover, ferrokinesis is actually a very logical power for technician-caste Gems to have.

There are still Gems trying to grow in the Prime Kindergarten.
In "Back to the Kindergarten," healthy flowers crumbled into dust within a day of being planted in the Kindergarten, even with compost brought in from outside. Why would the Kindergarten still actively drain nutrients millennia after the Injectors were deactivated? If there were still Gems in the ground, the ones planted just before the Kindergarten shut down, who are stuck in the ground forever because all the nutrients they need to grow are gone.

Pearls are servant class in Gem hierarchy because they are organic life forms.
Since pearls are made from organic matter, and Gem society clearly looks down on organic life, seeing it as nothing more than a resource to be exploited, pearls have come to be seen as something to be possessed and exploited in the same way. If there are other organic Gems on homeworld (corals, ivories, ambers, jets, etc.), they too are considered members of the lowest caste and are treated as servants or slaves.

White Pearl is just a robot
For whatever reason, White Diamond was not able to acquire a pearl of her own. So she decided to make a robot Pearl from scratch. This would explain White Pearl's robotic behavior, the fact that she has a Ghostly Glide, and her being voiced by the same actress who plays White Diamond.

White Pearl is the series' true Big Bad
White Diamond will serve as the antagonist for the next couple of episodes, but then White Pearl will trap or shatter her and oppose Steven, the Crystal Gems, the Homeworld Gems, and the Diamonds, with a plot to rule over the entire Universe. She will also turn out to be a Card-Carrying Villain Complete Monster.

Eyeball and Navy will make amends with Steven
Now that they've found out of Steven/Rose's true identity as Pink Diamond, Eyeball and Navy will frantically apologize to him for what they did to him. Steven will forgive them and apologize to them back, causing Eyeball and Navy (along with the rest of the Ruby Squad) to have a Heel–Face Turn for real and Eyeball to tell Steven "thank you" in a more sincere way.

The Rubies, Eyeball, Aquamarine, Topaz, Holly Blue Agate, the Famethyst, Prosecuting Zircon, Defense Zircon, and Emerald will all be at the ball in "Together Alone"
Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Everyone else is jossed, though some of the Famethyst may have attended.

White Pearl having White Diamond's voice is connected to Pebbles having their Diamonds' voices.
Making that guess because of them sharing the "sharing voices" trait.

Pink Pearl will sing a reprise of "It's Over Isn't It"
But with the person Pink Diamond "chose" being the Crystal Gems Pearl and the lyrics changed.

Pink Pearl will eventually gain a arc focused on her.
And the main point of this arc will be her learning to adjust to the current state of Gemkind (she must be a Fish out of Temporal Water, assuming that she was mind-controlled right after being brought to White), and the fact her Diamond died with no chance of giving her a proper goodbye.

There will be Gems that appear to be male.
Since the Gems are genderless, and some appear to be female, some may also appear to be male, while not truly being so.
  • Arguably confirmed with Jasper in "The Return" and "Jail Break". Along with being a type of gemstone, 'Jasper' is also a male name, and he certainly seemed more masculine than any other Gem we've met to me. Obviously this a matter of opinion, but for my money, Jasper's the first 'male' Gem we've met.
    • Not confirmed at all. Jasper is referred to with female pronouns and though her appearance is less feminine-coded than the rest of the Gems, that doesn't mean she isn't at all.
  • This one is complex. Now that we have a more complete view of Gem society, it's definitely jossed in its core thrust by Word of God saying Steven is the only male gem; 'appears to be' is complex and depends to an extent on the viewer's interpretation, but butch females are a thing and Jasper unambiguously uses female pronouns, as does every Gem but Steven. The core thrust of this WMG isn't just that there are Lady Looks Like a Dude gems but that (while gems are genderless) some are male to the extent that the ones we've seen are female, which definitely isn't the case based on what we know now.
    • But this is made even more complex in Steven Universe: The Movie by the introduction of Steg, who is unambiguously male; but he only exists as a fusion and not as a "natural" gem, and doesn't really fit what the WMG was going for.
gem illnesses can only be spread by fusion
because gem are kinda like computers, then all their illnesses work like computer viruses, thus their minds need to be fused for illnesses to spread, some of the stigma against fusion between different types of gems/outside of work is a result of this, but the danger is somewhat overblown


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