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Theriocephalus: derives from the ancient Greek words therion ("beast") and kephalos ("head"), meaning roughly "beast-headed", hence my avatar.

On the wiki, I'm mostly involved in the launch pad and in curating work, character and trope pages. I'm... perhaps slightly obsessive about wanting to keep pages tidy; sometimes, what starts as a light edit to order a couple of examples doesn't stop until I've got the whole page squared away.

I have a particular love for fantasy works, which make up a significant majority of my media consumption, and of fantasy creatures especially. This may or may not be obvious from a look at the trope and work pages I have created.

Nerd cred follows:

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    Tropes that I have drafted and launched 

    Indexes that I have made 

    TLPs that I have adopted and launched 

    Work pages I have started