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Arachnid Tropes

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Tropes pertaining to arachnids, arachnid-themed characters and things often associated with arachnids. Sub-index of Invertebrate Index, and consequently Animal Tropes. See also Insect Index for tropes pertaining to another class in the arthropod phylum.

The most commonly seen arachnids in fiction are the spiders and the scorpions (and, to a lesser extent, ticks), and thus most tropes on this page pertain to them specifically. The other groups of the arachnid family — the pseudoscorpions, mites, harvestmen, whip spiders, camel spiders, whip scorpions, and horseshoe crabs— are generally far less likely to show up, but do so from time to time.

Despite the names, Spider Tanknote , Demonic Spidersnote , Spider-Sensenote  and Stab the Scorpionnote  don't go on this index. Neither does Black Widownote .