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Is this thing even on?
Ah yes, The Backwards Ampersandpoundsignonezerosevenonesemicolon.
o hai there! i see u found this thing, welcome! My first is name is Sean, last name RiceNote . I'm from The Philippine Islands, i live in Manila if you're inclined to know which city i live in, and i have a lot of things that i like (and... dislike). now i know this WIP but thats what kinda thing it's for! I'm not a professional at this "Troper Page" stuff, So... here are the things i should do with this page:
    The really incomplete to-do list 
  • Make a header image (done!)

  • Try to balance things perfectly (CURRENTLY DOING THIS RN)

  • Make a separate folder for info about m'self. (Done!)


  • Say done. (Done!)

  • Make a Troper Wall (if i could) ((Done!)

  • Be more productive when it comes to own workpages and this page.

  • improve vocab and other stuff. (Just felt like it.)

  • T̷r̸y̴ ̴t̶o̵ ̵k̷e̵e̵p̸ ̶b̷e̶i̵n̵g̷ ̸s̸a̷n̵e̵,̶ ̸f̸o̴r̴ ̸n̶o̸w̷.̵

So... yeah. That is that!

Oh, and here is some stuff.

     Info about m'self 
As you know, my name is Sean Calvin Cruz Bigas AKA . I was born in The Philippine Islands and currently live in Pateros, Manila. I am currently fourteen years old when writing this, and born on December 31st 2005, meaning that my birthday comes in the 365th day! I have a lot of experience with the arts, currently I'm in the fandom of music, but I'm planning to dive into the art of philosophy and political science / social studies (thx jreg. Also, I don't have a clear idea what I stand on the compass, the matter is that I support the ideologies that work for me(p based,y'know?). My musical taste is really varied since I don't have a least-favorite genre or instrument, though I do tend to "ironically" (or un-ironically) dislike popular modern music, keep that in thought. And if I had to pick my 10 fav albums, I could make a list in sandbox or RYN. What I dislike is actually based in a ton of things and should not be talked about since I want to keep this section brief, but what one of the things I mostly dislike is music elitism / gatekeeping in any form. Make of that what you will. I'm pretty much a nice and laidback but sometimes hyperactive slacker who talks alot if you'd actually meet me in Real Life, but if you can get to know me, I can probably get along with ya. I have a Steam account, name: SuperSeaners31. There you could see my odd taste in vidya, since I am indecisive when it comes to what I should play next. I also have an RYM account, 2nd one actually since I deleted the first one for unknown reasons. So yeah, that is me in like a bunch of paragraphs. I'm just a weird and probably out of touch teenager of culture who supports the wackiest things and has WAY too much time on his hands, in a nutshell.
     Somethingness... Vol 1.
ART #1
ART #2
ART #3
This is basically my random thoughts / ramblings / venting zone, you could also name it "The Fascinating and Strange Thoughts of My Brain".
  • It feels like yesterday that I did the Weezer album cover themes, even if it did happen last year. For now, it feels like nothing has changed for me at least, and I don't give a single complaint about that.
  • It's been a while since i've re-edited this. Time for some trimming of the fat (and... the fattening of the said fat).
  • Thinking of revisioning my answers from the "Ask the above poster a question" thread, since most of my past answers are prob outdated and / or have weird spelling mistakes in them.
  • Posting on 4 AM (it's a thing).
  • wibbly wobbly squibbly squabbly
  • Trying to be a completionist at vidya has now lead me in a life of despair and low self-esteem. Wish I'd known sooner...
  • WIP boys, WIP.
  • tfw some of yr fav philosophers are prob just drawings (looking at you stirner and kierkegaard).
  • Desperately hoping for another thing to hang on for.
  • I prefer the term "humour noir" rather than dark humor, thank you very much.
  • M!ŇĐ£€$$ $€£F !ŇĐÜŁĞ€ŇČ€ (did i do it correctly?)
  • Doing this thing. Wish me luck and happy Halloween!
    • FINAL SCORE: 22 out of 50. Not bad, not bad at all.
  • Hello hello hello.
  • Can't believe _____ exists... man.
  • (you know the deal).
  • My New Years Resolution is to listen to more New Wave and Synth-Pop. (Ambitious, ain't i?)
    • Well that aged poorly.
  • I'll always remember that playlist called "True Patrician Music". It was my first introduction to a ton of stuff i was missing out on, but now it's gone in time (I know there is another one, but it's lacking a ton of vids that i remember).
  • Sorry John Romero. But i do not want to become a female dog.
  • this. (Can someone tell me the background it uses? Just curious.)
  • How do i kick the weasels from Double Date?
  • Man, being a kid in the late 90's with internet access must be all types of fun / surprises. You got your Space Jams, your Pinballs, your Rotten.coms, and most importantly, your Angelfires / Geocities.
  • Sometimes i have plans, sometimes i don't.
    • I'm kinda like They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song; Often Busy, and Always Broken (not like in "mentally broken", just "broken" like the Dismotivation I feel, and... Ah you get the point).
  • Realy cool tracklist, realy rwally cool.
  • G
    • o
      • i
      • n
      • d
      • o
      • w
      • n
  • Just watched the first three episodes of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei... and it was friggin' Worth It man!
  • Uh yes, I would like to reveal my ketamine addiction to the world.
  • So many vidya to complete and albums to listen, so little time.
    • Thanks 1001 Video Games and Albums, for reminding me that trying to know what to complete makes you paranoid.
  • help.
  • This is irrelevant. Carry on (my wayward son).
  • If alot of people loved eachother... the world would be a better place to live.
  • Applejacks '94
  • N
  • Trying to be an industrialist (Industrial Fan), and kinda failing at it.
  • So, Steam just gave some games for free? Now that's a pro gamer move, and a steal!
    • Just wait for the summer sale!
  • TOYNBEE IDEA 2020: Make soggy bread rock a thing
  • I dunno why, but my 3DS XL has this problem where when i unfold the 3DS completely, it just turns off (A tutorial says it's the ribbons prob).
    • Don't worry guys, the 3DS is fine, all i need to do is just put it in standard unfolded position. Now all i have to do is actually complete the dang games.
  • Recently discovered Spotify, time for an Archive Binge... (listens to Merzbow cluelessly)
  • i can vibe to that.
  • PORK AND EGG SAUSAGES NEW FROM WOLLS repeat times infinity
  • this.
  • Gonna step my halloween game someday.
  • It's Friday the 13th here, and after this it's Pi Day so... yeah.
    • And it happened again...
  • Yo yo yo.
  • The industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race (i believe this unironically).
  • Iron Man lives agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!
  • A quick one before the halloween train arrives.
  • One of the things i want most in life, is a song / album with a bass guitar, violin and a saxophone (other instruments optional).
    • Scratch that, i need a song / album with EVERY INSTRUMENT. Maybe Mike Oldfield would do that...
  • i was too drunk ok
  • Am I not the only one who's too conscious about hard drive space (and if so, is that a bad thing)?
  • Still trying to get into the After Dark screensaver lore / community.
  • Can't believe Isaac Asimov was the first Beastie Boy...
  • gonna make Weezer Type O Negative now in the Raditude page.
  • It is i! The East! Ready to destro- (plane brokes down and crashes).
  • when the
    • kite string pops
  • This thing will never reach vol. 2 at this rate.
  • Anyone got cereal around here?
  • Kierkregaard and Camus are bae.
    • and so is Stirner.
  • I just erased a big portion of my troper page, hooray?
  • I don't want the world... I just want yr half.
  • Rock over London, Rock on Chicago... "Mentos, The Freshmaker".


     A folder that is just the whole rap section from Rush's Roll The Bones. 
Jack, relax
Get busy with the facts
No zodiacs or almanacs
No maniacs in polyester slacks
Just the facts
Gonna kick some gluteus max
It's a parallax, you dig?
You move around
The small gets big, it's a rig
It's action, reaction
Random interaction
So who's afraid
Of a little abstraction?
Can't get no satisfaction
From the facts?
You better run, homeboy
A fact's a fact
From Nome to Rome, boy
What's the deal? Spin the wheel
If the dice are hot, take a shot
Play your cards, show us what you got
What you're holding
If the cards are cold
Don't go folding
Lady Luck is golden
She favors the bold, that's cold
Stop throwing stones
The night has a thousand saxophones
So get out there and rock
And roll the bones
Get busy
Roll the bones

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