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Is this thing even on? i did make this crap for fun!
Well Rome wasn't built in a day, y'know?
Oh ok.
Waitaminute! What about the jokes?!
There isn't any!
Well that's a shame...
Gamers, we goin' to the Guy Fieri Mainframe.

o hai there! i see u found this thing, welcome! My name is Sean, from The Philippines. I have alotta things that i like (and dislike). now i know this WIP but thats what kinda thing it's for! I'm not a professional at this "Troper Page" stuff, So... here are the things i should do with this page:

So... yeah. That is that!


Oh, and here is some stuff.

     Somethingness... Vol 1. 

     Some works i need to make 

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