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Review of deadmau5's "W:/2016ALBUM"

"Hello, everybody. Welcome to The Wonky Angle, where I talk about electronic music, both new and old."

The Wonky Angle is a YouTube music review channel run by 256 Pi, real name Tommy Kaempfer (born October 19, 1995), running since July 2015. The channel revolves around, as the tagline says, Electronic Music, both new and old. Videos generally tend to fall into one of two categories; either reviews of recently-released electronic albums, or full album-by-album discography reviews of a single electronic artist, culminating in a Top 10 Best [artist] Songs list. There are other videos to be found as well; including CD collection showcase videos coinciding with the channel's anniversary, the occasional rant or thinking-out-loud video on something concerning the world of electronic music, a series of videos where he fills out an online March Madness-style bracket of one of his favorite electronic artists, a series of "worst to best" rankings of electronic artists and, at the end of every year, stepping outside the world of electronic music for Best and Worst lists of pop hits from the year prior, Todd in the Shadows or Spectrum Pulse style, as well as a list of the Top 10 best Electronic albums from that year.


TWA can be found here. Tommy's Twitter can be found here. He also has two other active channels, made prior to TWA; 256 Pi Music, the home of Tommy's original music (which can also be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music), and 256 Pi Alternate, a mainly Michael Rosen-centric YTP channel.


  • April Fools' Day: On April Fools' Day 2017, The Text-To-Speech Voice Guy counted down Tommy's Top 10 Best and Worst David Guetta Songs - previously the only discography review not to end in a countdown - as Tommy was off doing literally anything else, mainly sleeping in. The titles on the two lists were mixed.
  • Berserk Button: Anything that is related to Dave Nolan or The Chainsmokers almost always sends Tommy flying off the rails.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: A few cases.
    • BT's "Electronic Opus" received a rousing YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH out of 10, and would go on to be crowned his 2015 Album Of The Year.
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    • On the flip side, Dave Nolan's "The Outsider" saw Tommy initially give a 0/10, before spiraling into madness and changing the score to a -5 out of 10, a -∞ out of 10, an FMFL (fuck my fucking life) out of 10, and finally settling on an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA out of 10.
    • Kind of/almost did a Meaningless Value example with Sylv3on's "Adventure In Rainbowland", giving it a "OWIOQFU$(*o$Gj43h9fijabuIU#,WJEFK83ikdm7.0" out of 10, before the real score of a 7 out of 10.
  • Dubstep: Naturally comes up given the central focus on electronic music. Most extensively discussed in his review of Knife Party's four EP's, wherein he states he actually quite enjoys the genre for what it is, and detests the term "brostep".
  • Einstein Hair: Although he isn't a scientist, Tommy's hairstyle is reminiscent of this.
  • Fan Dumb: Has had to deal with this from certain artists with very dedicated cult followings; most notably those of Eric Prydz, Autechre, and Flume (even though the latter of those three was the only one he actually gave a negative review).
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The little blurbs of text that are added in at certain points in some of his videos.
  • Halloween Episode: His review of Burial's 2007 album "Untrue", in which he wore a Todd in the Shadows Halloween costume.
    • In that video, he hinted at possibly doing another one at a future date on Monolake's "Ghosts".
    • He did do another Halloween episode for 2017, but instead on Scandroid's "Monochrome", simply for having a cover of Thriller.
  • Leitmotif:
  • Moment of Awesome: invokedPretty much how he describes BT's "Electronic Opus".
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Is (understandably) unable to pronounce Peredur ap Gwynedd from Pendulum's name; later starts to refer to him as "that Perry guy".
  • Once per Episode: Not in every video, but the majority of his reviews on recent albums contain a segment called "[Artist] In Brief", wherein he speaks briefly on each full album in the artist's discography prior to that point.
  • Sanity Slippage: His review of Dave Nolan's mysterious "The Outsider" sees him descending into raging madness by the end.
  • Signing Off Catchphrase: "But of course this is just my opinion, you can feel free to disagree with it, but I'd like to hear your thoughts, so leave the comments in the comment thing down there. But yeah, that's pretty much it, that's all for today, see you next time."
  • Top Ten List: Does one for best songs by each artist at the end of their respective Discography Review, and three at the end of the year for Best and Worst pop hits and Best Electronic Albums.