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"Take off your coat, it's gonna be a long night!"


Quebec is the eighth album made by Alternative Rock band Ween. Released in 2003, It was their return to the independent circuit (last one was The Pod), after having their Elektra contracts expired, and after the near-death of drummer Claude Coleman Jr. in a car accident. The album is famous for having a mixed reception when it released, because of the Prog-rock like songs and the darker tone it has, the latter of which was mainly inspired by Gene's at-the-time failing marriage that led to an apparently messy divorce. It's gained a following for the same elements that made its initial reception more mixed, to the point where it's a major fan favorite. Notable tracks are the opening track "It's Gonna Be A Long Night", "Transdermal Celebration", "Chocolate Town", and "If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)". In 2011, Dean Ween released a 2-disc MP3-only collection of demos called "Caesar" (the Working Title of the album). Dean said that the demos were made somewhere in 2001-2003.



  1. "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" - (2:48)
  2. "Zoloft" - (3:51)
  3. "Transdermal Celebration" - (3:25)
  4. "Among His Tribe" - (3:37)
  5. "So Many People In The Neighborhood" - (3:28)
  6. "Tried And True" - (4:01)
  7. "Happy Colored Marbles" - (3:12)
  8. "Hey There Fancypants" - (1:59)
  9. "Captain" - (3:58)
  10. "Chocolate Town" - (3:26)
  11. "I Don't Want It" - (3:16)
  12. "The Fucked Jam" - (2:53)
  13. "Alcan Road" - (5:10)
  14. "The Argus" - (4:51)
  15. "If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All) - (4:44)
  16. "Ooh Va Lah" - (2:59) note 


Caesar Demos

Disc 1:

1. "Chocolate Town" - (2:48)

2. "Potluck" - (2:27)

3. "Ooh Vah Lah" - (2:49)

4. "So Many People in the Neighborhood" - (2:26)

5. "Linda (the Sexy Dancer)" - (2:52)

6. "That Man (from the Flatland)" - (4:57)

7. "Happy Colored Marbles" - (2:39)

8. "Hey There Fancypants" - (2:08)

9. "If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)" - (5:44)

10. "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" - (2:46)

11. "Oh My Little Country Cottage" - (1:36)

12. "Among His Tribe" - (2:46)

13. "Transdermal Celebration" - (3:23)

14. "Captain" - (4:18)

15. "Tried and True" - (4:24)

16. "I Fell in Love Today" - (3:40)

Disc 2:

1. "I Don't Want It" - (3:57)

2. "Ambrosia Parsley" - (4:36)

3. "Zoloft" - (2:32)

4. "Love Come Down (9-11-01)" - (5:42)

5. "Alcan Road" - (3:35)

6. "Don't Let the Moon Catch You Cryin'" - (3:30)

7. "You Can Go Shit in Your Hat (Matt)" - (2:20)

8. "Someday" - (3:34)

9. "She Caught My Fancy" - (3:01)

10. "Eulogy for David Anderson" - (3:08)

11. "Things You Already Know" - (3:52)

12. "Hello Johnny" - (3:55)

13. "I'm Wide Open" - (5:16)

So many tropes in the neighborhood, i don't know if they're very good tropes.

  • Animated Music Video : Transdermal Celebration's music video was animated by Adam Phillips, creator of Brackenwood
  • Big Rock Ending: "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" ends with Gene wailing a lot.
  • Broken Record: "So many people in the neighborhood... so many people in the neighborhood... so many people in the neighborhood... i don't know if they're very good people." Later in the song, "How's about a piece of pie? Sock and locks and cocks and rocks - say inside, stay inside."
  • Darker and Edgier: While Ween were never a "comedy" band, a good portion of their songs had enough of a weird sense of humor that they're often classified as one, and their more serious songs like "Freedom Of '76" had a more light-hearted vibe. This album, on the other hand, was made while Gene was in full breakdown mode in the wake of his worsening marriage and eventual divorce, coupled with his worsening drug addiction and the near-death of the band's drummer Claude Coleman Jr. Recorded from 2001 to 2003, the album's tone has been speculated to also be in-part due to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, with the demo song "Love Come Down (9-11-01)" being the best link to that speculation. This increased seriousness is also a likely reason why the album has a general shift in genre from full-blown Genre Roulette to a more prog rock sound with fewer shifts into other genres than previous albums.
  • Drone of Dread: "Happy Colored Marbles", when it shifts to full gear.
  • Epic Riff: "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" and the third half of "Happy Colored Marbles".
  • Epic Rocking: "Alcan Road". For The Caesar Demos: "I'm Wide Open", "Love Come Down (9-11-01)" and "If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)".
  • Fake-Out Fade-Out: "The Fucked Jam" does this... a lot...
  • Genre Roulette: Goes from speed metal, to techno, to prog, to showtunes on "Hey There Fancypants", to acoustic rock, noise rock, and... Whatever "Alcan Road" and "Happy-Colored Marbles" are.
  • Instrumentals: "The Fucked Jam", which is just electronic babbling with a hip-hop beat thrown under it.
  • Mind Screw: "The Fucked Jam", again. At one point, one of the band members claimed that it DID have lyrics, and deep ones too, leading fans to try and figure it out, when it's probably gibberish. Probably.
  • Miniscule Rocking: "Hey There Fancypants" which clocks in 1:59 in the album, and 2:08 in The Caesar Demos
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Songs on Quebec: "Among His Tribe", "Hey There Fancypants", "I Don't Want It", and "Chocolate Town" are in the 1-2 range, "Zoloft" and "Tried And True" are a 3, "Transdermal Celebration" is a 5, and "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" is a 7. And then there's "Happy Colored Marbles"... which goes from a light 3 to an 8, even a 9, in an instant.
  • Mood Whiplash: "Happy Colored Marbles" has a slow, somber start... and then after the 2nd chorus it goes insane.
    • The opener is a speedy metal song, while the next song is a slow and somber one.
  • Pastiche: The opening track "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" is a song in the style of Motörhead.
    • "If You Could Save Yourself (You Could Save Us All)" sounds like Ween taking a stab at Pink Floyd style prog rock.
  • One-Word Title: "Zoloft" and "Captain"
  • "Sesame Street" Cred : "It's Gonna Be A long Night" appeared in the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
  • Shout-Out: The album cover is a reference to a 3M Paper Game called "Thorns"

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