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"Welcome to the Mother Ship of amateur comedy writing! (Amateur means we don't pay you to do it.)"
The poor, meme-ridden "comedy" website Uncyclopedia is the stuff of Internet legend and infamy. The site, which is thought to have originated in 1860 as an American imperialist tool for global domination, is now a multi-national effort and is seen as the best of its kind by some. Uncyclopedia currently specializes in tedious mockery of perceived competitors and petty in-fighting, with much of the content seen as mass-produced junk. Yet, there remains a peculiar fondness for some of the articles by fanatics.

The Other Wiki. No, the other Other Wiki.

Uncyclopedia is an Affectionate Parody of Wikipedia that would like to be to wikis what The Onion is to newspapers. It advertises itself as the "content-free encyclopedia".

Uncyclopedia can be found both here and here, as a large handful of the site's members executed a fork in January 2013, meaning that two versions of the site are now active. The "good" articles (so judged by Uncyclopedia users) are listed both here and here.

The site's guidelines and rules are written in a truthful and non-satirical, but still humorous tone, the best example of which is "How To Be Funny and Not Just Stupid".

International editions are notorious for sometimes creating new puns for their titles.

  • Désencyclopedie ("discyclopedia"), the French version, has a pair of dice ("dés" in French) as logo.
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  • The Norwegian version is called Ikkepedia ("notpedia").
  • The Russian version is Absurdopedia.
  • The Finnish version is Hikipedia ("sweatpedia").
  • The Spanish version is Inciclopedia.note 
  • The Danish version is called "Spademanns Leksikon", a pun between respected Danish encyclopedia Lademanns Leksikon and "spade", Danish slang for "retard".
  • In the Mandarin version, the name is still transliterated from Wikipedia, but the first word used here also means "fake".
  • Necyclopaedia, the Latin version, simply transposes the first two letters of "encyclopaedia"note  to form the Latin word ne, "not".
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  • The Italian version is called Nonciclopedia, basically the same pun as the original one.
  • The Japanese version is called Ansaikuropedia, from the katakana rendering of Uncyclopedia and is notorious for such bashing of Japanese media, including anime; they are not hesitant to ridicule other countries, especially China and Korea.
  • The Hebrew version is called "Eincyclopedia". The prefix "ein" means literally "there isn't", so the translation of the full name would be something like "there's-no-cyclopedia" or "Nocyclopedia" (to leave no doubts about the pun, the N letter is in the form that is only supposed to appear at the end of a word).
  • The Indonesian version is called "Tolololpedia", punning on the words "tolol" (Indonesian for "stupid") and "LOL".
  • The Polish version is called "Nonsensopedia" and has grown divergently, changing a bit in tone and having many more articles about games that could do well on the original.
  • The Greek version, like the original Spanish one, is called Φρικηπαίδεια.

Let it be noted that we listed them before they listed us.

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