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  • Actor-Inspired Element:
    • Some of Kazuda's mannerisms are based on Christopher Sean while he records the lines.
    • Filoni has noted that Donald Faison's character, Hype Fazon, is the first character Filoni has ever made that was based around the actor.
  • Approval of God: In the DVD commentary for "No Escape", Christopher Sean (Kaz) and Josh Brener (Neeku) made a joke that Neekaz is a thing after watching a scene where Kaz and Neeku had a close moment, which actually does have rather vocal supporters in some parts of the fanbase.
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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Greg Proops as the elderly female Arcona, Garma.
  • Early-Bird Release:
    • "The Recruit", "The Triple Dark" and "Fuel for the Fire" were all released online on October 7, 2018, the same day the series premiered with "The Recruit" airing on TV.
    • All episodes after that have been released online and on-demand at the beginning of the day, prior to the television broadcast at night.
  • God Never Said That: During Season 1, it was widely mistaken that there would be a season-long mystery of the identity of a First Order spy on the Colossus, presumably due to interpreting Poe warning Kaz not to trust anyone before sending him off to the Colossus as this.
  • I Knew It!:
    • After the announcement of Rebels, rumors went out that the series following Rebels would be titled Resistance. Whether or not those rumors were true or just lucky (considering that Resistance is a fairly obvious title choice given some of the other Star Wars titles) remains uncertain.
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    • That based on the way he acts, Captain Doza was a former Imperial officer.
    • After "The First Order Occupation" introduced the underwater sections of the Colossus and concept art showed that the Colossus as a whole is similar in shape to Skystrike Academy, many accurately predicted that the Colossus was actually a space station or spaceship, which was confirmed in "No Escape, Part I".
  • Inspired by...: Ōban Star-Racers.
  • Jossed: Going by Trolling Creator and the fact that the show takes place three decades after the ending of Rebels, it can be safe to assume that Resistance will take place long after the resolution to Sabine and Ahsoka's journey to find Ezra has happened, debunking the popular theory that the following show after Rebels would detail that story.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • The Other Marty: As noted below under Role-Ending Misdemeanor, Rachel Butera was originally cast as Leia Organa, but after mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford online, she was replaced by Carolyn Hennesy before Leia's first speaking appearance, "Station Theta-Black".
  • Playing Against Type:
    • It'll feel pretty weird having Myrna Velasco voice Torra Doza, considering her previous roles were villainous characters such as Carla Delgado.
    • Cherami Leigh, a prolific voice actor who is more known for her roles in the anime industry than anything else, plays Mia Gabon, one of Kazuda's squadmates at the beginning of "The Recruit". On top of that, the two shows she's done for Disney skew much younger than this series.
  • Production Posse: Many people who worked with Brandon Auman on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) and Ultimate Spider-Man joined him again here.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Donald Faison states that he's a huge Star Wars fan. Not to mention he's the voice of Gary the Stormtrooper...
    • Suzie McGrath grew up with Star Wars. After landing the role, she did more research into it and has decided that her favorite character is Ahsoka Tano.
    • Josh Brener, a self-proclaimed geek, squeed when he got the role of Erskin Semaj in the previous series (thanks to his friendship with Tiya Sircar, the voice of Sabine, having met in The Internship), and even more so now that he's landed the main role of Neeku. He names Obi-Wan as his favorite character while growing up, and now considers Sabine his favorite character.
    • Christopher Sean grew up with Star Wars as well.
    • Myrna Velasco dragged her family with her to see The Phantom Menace.
  • Recast as a Regular:
    • Josh Brener voiced Mon Mothma's attaché Erskin Semaj on Rebels before playing Neeku Vozo.
    • Gary Anthony Williams voiced One-Shot Character General Riff Tamson on The Clone Wars before playing Kragan Gorr.
  • Refitted for Sequel:
    • Flix's species is based off of concept art for the Ewoks.
    • Jace seems to be based on concept art for Kanan and Sabine, who were both considered as Dark-Skinned Blondes in grey and brown clothes at points during production.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: DuckTales (2017) cast members Bobby Moynihan (Louie), Jim Rash (Gyro Gearloose), and Josh Brener (Mark Beaks) are working together once again respectively as Orka, Flix, and Neeku.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Leia was originally voiced by actress Rachel Butera. However, less than two weeks before the series premiered, she posted a video online mocking the voice of sexual assault survivor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. When "Station Theta-Black", the first episode with Leia in a speaking role, aired in December 2018, the credits revealed that Carolyn Hennesy had been quietly brought in to replace Butera.
  • Role Reprisal:
    • Oscar Isaacs, Gwendoline Christie, and Anthony Daniels reprise their respective roles as Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, and C-3PO.
    • Carolyn Hennessy voices Leia just like in LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars.
    • Matthew Wood voices Ello Asty. He also voiced masked Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and Battlefront II before playing him unmasked in season 2.
    • Ellen Dubin takes over as Captain Phasma in season 2 after voicing her in LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • The show hasn't gotten the best treatment by the network. Put simply, it airs only new episodes on Disney Channel on Sunday nights at 10pm, while all of its encores are on Disney XD.
    • Even Disney XD treated the show poorly, with reruns of the show taken out and replaced with reruns of Phineas and Ferb and Big Hero 6: The Series.
  • Similarly Named Works:
  • Throw It In!:
    • The name of Captain Doza's voice actor is Jason Hightower, which is presumably where the writers got the name for the tower on the Colossus.
    • In a character sheet of twenty character designs by Amy Beth Christenson, it was by coincidence that she drew Flix and Orka's designs next to each other. Dave Filoni saw this and picked them as the character designs for their acquisition guys.
  • Trolling Creator: At the press conference for the private Q&A screening of the Rebels finale, Donald Faison (35:45) asked "How soon can we expect to see the Sabine & Ahsoka show?" Two months later, Resistance was announced with Donald Faison as a cast member, meaning that he knew that the next show wouldn't be about Sabine & Ahsoka.
  • Voices in One Room: According to Donald Faison, this is usually the case, but scenes where their characters are in the cockpit are done alone. And in his case, he does multiple takes because he hams it up.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Tam was supposed to be a background mechanic, but the crew loved her character design so much that she became a member of Team Fireball.
    • Synara San, one of Kragan's pirates and a recurring character, was conceptualized as both a Weequay and a green-skinned Mirialan, before they decided to keep her Mirialan but make her the first purple-skinned member of the species.
    • "The Children from Tehar":
      • The episode was originally listed as "The Runaways".
      • After Kaz and Neeku hear about the runaway kids, there were scenes of them asking around the Colossus about any sightings of the kids, such as going to Flix and Orka's and the Admissions Office. Since this didn't add anything and slowed down the episode, it was cut.
      • The Ugnaught merchant that Kel and Eila steal food from was originally supposed to be a recurring character.
    • CB-23 was originally named BB-23, but they thought that having two droids named "BB" in the same episode would be too confusing, so she was renamed as a nod to Carrie Beck from the Story Group.
    • "The Platform Classic": Han Solo was originally considered as the famous racer who came to the Colossus to compete in the race, given his known involvement with racing in other canon works. They eventually decided to make the racer Yeager's brother both so that the story was more personal, and because they were concerned that Han's presence would overshadow all the other characters.
    • "Dangerous Business" was originally going to have Team Fireball working on repairing Bo Keevil's Yellow Ace.
    • "Descent":
      • Originally, Commander Pyre was going to question Tam.
      • Tierny was an admiral in the first draft, before they turned her into a security agent for the second.
      • The scene where the pirates intercept Kaz's message was originally at the end of the episode, but was moved to immediately after the message is sent out, feeling that ending the episode with Kaz's resolve instead was stronger.
    • "No Escape, Part II":
      • In an early cut, there was a scene with Recurring Extra Garma where Kaz ran into her during the corridor-flooding sequences, and she pinched his cheek and called him "an adventurous one".
      • Originally, Aunt Z and Hype's return was unheralded, before they decided to better set it up by having Neeku receive a transmission from her.
      • When Captain Doza frees the Aces, the original version of the scene had Griff working out by doing pull-ups, and Freya complaining about him, saying "Do you know what it's like to be stuck in a cell with Griff for three days?"
    • "Into the Unknown":
      • The episode originally started with Kaz in the marketplace weathering complaints from concerned citizens who blamed him for the situation. Later drafts started with Bucket and CB watching the hyperspace tunnel. Not until the final edit did the episode open with the First Order at Castilon, a scene that was originally placed later in the episode.
      • The scene where Kaz bumps into Opeepit in zero-G was originally conceived as him colliding with Bolza Grool, who was trying to round up a bunch of free-floating gorgs.
    • "A Quick Salvage Run":
      • At one point, Kaz and the pirates were going to fight off First Order sentry droids in the wreckage of the dreadnought.
      • In an early version of the episode, Neeku was going to say that his ideas about pirates came from him hearing stories about them robbing the rich and giving to the poor.
      • An extra obstacle of the coaxium cartridge not fitting into the Colossus' fuel chamber was cut to save time in the third act, which was already very fast-paced.
  • Word of Gay: Just under a year after the series' premiere, Jim Rash confirmed that, as had been subtly hinted in-show, Flix and Orka are a couple.
  • Write Who You Know:
    • Christopher Sean takes inspiration for his role as Kaz from his Navy veteran father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, as well as his three stepchildren.
    • Suzie McGrath relates the marketplace on the Colossus to her family's former linen shop in England.
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