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    Season 1 
"The Recruit"
  • The opening dogfight. After getting his fellow pilots to flee, Kaz manages to survive against One-Man Army Vonreg for several minutes before Poe rescues him, and then the two of them drive Vonreg off.
  • Even though he crashes, Kaz does really well in his race against Torra. He might even have won had he not been using the derelict Fireball.

"Fuel for the Fire"

  • Kaz rescuing the ungrateful Rucklin from his own decisions, with an assist from BB-8 and Yeager.

"The High Tower"

  • Kaz, despite not being especially athletic or a Force-user, manages to make his way along several narrow ledges on Doza Tower and get down to a door and out, despite being shot at by stormtroopers towards the end of it. While unwittingly being cheered on by the patrons of Aunt Z's.

"The Children from Tehar"

  • With only minutes before stormtroopers break into the room, Kaz comes up with a Faking the Dead plan to save Kel and Eila, which goes off without a hitch.

"Synara's Score"

  • Kaz and Yeager installing the targeting computer for the platform defences while having to fight off several pirates at the same time.

"The Platform Classic"

  • Yeager gets in a racer for the first time in a decade... and proves that everyone commenting on his ability wasn't just talking him up. He really is that good a pilot, and the only reason why he doesn't win is because he decides at the last second not to.

"Station Theta-Black"

  • Kaz gets rid of some stormtroopers chasing him by luring them into a room by hiding, and then running out and shooting the door shut. He's getting better in these kinds of situations.
  • Kaz uses a crane to take out a catwalk, causing Poe's pursuers, including Captain Phasma, to fall. Phasma then proceeds to rather gracefully make her way to the floor.
  • Kaz weathering the explosion by sheltering behind an asteroid.


  • When Griff Halloran's ship gets damaged by the sea monster, Kaz flies alongside him and gives him an assist with the wing of the Fireball, preventing the Black Ace from crashing into the ocean.

"Dangerous Business"

  • Kaz manages to escape from the cargo container before it's dropped into the ocean and jump onto a crane with moments to spare.

"The Disappeared"

  • Aunt Z refuses to let stormtroopers post First Order propaganda in her bar and shoos them off when they try to recruit Kaz, Tam, and Torra.
  • Hype tapping the shoulder of, and punching a Stormtrooper in the face, causing him to fall to his watery doom.


  • The sinking of the Colossus, which, despite all of the potential dangers, goes off without a hitch.

"No Escape, Part II"

  • Kaz, Yeager and the Aces versus Major Vonreg's TIEs as the Colossus is launched into the air.
  • Synara leading the Warbirds to help, partly because she's helping a friend and partly to get back at the First Order.
  • Kaz ambushes Vonreg from behind by flying through the Colossus' superstructure, a very narrow area.


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