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It wouldn't be Star Wars without its moments of family and friendship.

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    In General 
  • Poe not minding Kazuda's keet personality and being cool with him, similar to how he would befriend Finn. It's like Poe is a Cool Big Bro to everyone.
  • Torra being a Nice Girl and being friendly to Kazuda even though he's the competition. She even appears to be helping him with piloting later in the trailer. It's a nice thing to have after Ahsoka started off with a snippy attitude and Sabine being a Defrosting Ice Queen.
  • Neeku and Tam being supportive of Kaz's aspirations to be an Ace Pilot.
  • Kaz starting his story surrounded by friends and people who are supportive of him, unlike how Ezra initially had doubts about his place in the Ghost crew and got the respect of his fellow crewmates over time and Ahsoka also felt unwanted when her assigned master complained about having to take on an apprentice.
  • As far as we currently know, Kaz is just a regular Ascended Fanboy. No Dark and Troubled Past like Ezra, not born into an obligation like Kanan and Ahsoka. Just a young man wanting to achieve his dreams. At the very least, he has some Daddy Issues, but they're fairly tame in comparison and are issues that a regular person could have in real life, so Kaz is not alone.

    Season 1 

"The Recruit"

  • Kaz telling his squadmates to leave him behind while he stalls Vonreg. They're reluctant to do so and one of them tells him that he better "be right behind them."
  • Kaz asking Poe to tell Leia that she's the bravest person in the galaxy. And this is in spite of Leia's reputation being ruined by the reveal of her true parentage back in Bloodline, which makes Kaz's everlasting admiration doubly heartwarming.

"Triple Dark"

  • Kaz sacrificing his precious trophy to brace the door so Grevel can get through to safety. Saving the Aleena's life despite the fact that he'd been harassing Kaz over money just minutes before.

"Fuel for the Fire"

  • Whatever happened to Yeager's squadmates and family is uncertain, but it's clear he misses them dearly. When he notices their holopic misplaced from his shelf, he takes a moment to look through it before putting it back.
  • Kaz saving Rucklin. Why? Because he doesn't want him to die. Yeager notes that Rucklin is lucky to have a friend like Kaz.
  • Yeager telling Kaz that if nothing else, he's a good person.
  • Yeager having Kaz to work on the engine outside so that he can watch the race. Granted, it falls off the ledge again, but Kaz realizes that Yeager is letting him watch the race and Tam notes that Yeager is warming up to him, and implied that she's warming up to him too.

"The High Tower"

  • When Kaz is climbing on the ledge of Doza Tower, Tam shows expression of concern and worry for him. In fact she appears to be the one most concerned for him, with most of the other onlookers making bets on if he will fall or not. That said, most of the onlookers (even some who'd bet against him) seemed genuinely happy when Kaz made it safely.

"The Children From Tehar"

  • The friendly Chelidae, humanoid turtle maintenance workers of Colossus who help Kaz, Neeku, Kel, and Eila.

"Signal from Sector Six"

  • Poe acting like a Cool Big Bro to Kaz in the way he mentors him.
  • Poe and BB-8 reuniting.
  • Kaz and Poe refusing to leave Synara behind and trying their best to help her.
  • Despite Synara being a stranger, Kaz does his best to give her all the help that he can, assuring her that she'll get medical help, that she'll get registered on the Colossus, and that she can stay on the Colossus if she wants. Although Synara is ultimately manipulating him, unless she's really that good of an actress, she does seem genuinely surprised and touched by Kaz's kindness.

"Synara's Score"

  • Tam's genuine concern for Synara's safety during the Pirate attack. Synara meanwhile, despite initial confusion, seemed genuinely grateful for the concern.

"The Platform Classic"

"Secrets and Holograms"

  • Kaz perking up when he learns that Torra has his favorite hologame series at her house, er, tower... room. Kaz wanting to play it is enough to persuade Torra to get back home so that they can play it together, and they're clearly having a lot of fun while doing so. Just like the kids they should be.
  • It's refreshing to see two of the kid heroes playing video games in the Star Wars universe. Many protagonists around their ages in this franchise are Child Soldiers that get their childhood taken away too early.
  • For those who have read Women of the Galaxy, the implication that the love between Torra's mother, a rebel pilot, was willing to overlook the past of her husband, a defected Imperial officer, and possibly even convinced him to leave the Empire, is this.
  • Captain Doza telling Torra that they're going on a brief cruise as he promised earlier.

"Station Theta Black"


  • Neeku's protectiveness towards Bibo. He even threatens to quit if Yeager doesn't let Bibo stay.
  • Though Yeager and Tam both hate Bibo, they both try to help him. When Bibo escapes, Tam helps Neeku find him. When Bebo's mother attacks the station, Yeager, thinking it's a predator, refuses to hand Bibo over.
  • Knowing Neeku is dejected over losing Bibo, Kaz buys him a gorg as a Replacement Goldfish...which Neeku promptly eats.

"Dangerous Business"

  • Tam is griping over Kaz damaging the Fireball only to find that Kaz has gotten up early and already done all the necessary repairs. Though he did make a mistake, Tam is genuinely grateful for his work.

"The Doza Dilemma"

"The First Order Occupation"

"The New Trooper"

  • Kel and Eila fishing together.
  • Team Fireball eating lunch/dinner together at the table.
  • Yeager noticing Kel and Eila watching them and kindly asking if they want some food.
  • Tam tagging along with Kaz, Neeku, and BB-8 to help Kel and Eila. When Kaz awkwardly tries to tell her that she doesn't have to come along, Tam angrily shuts him down, saying that she's in it for the kids, not him.
  • Tam hiding Kel and Eila when CS-515 comes to.

"The Core Problem"

"The Disappeared"

  • When stormtroopers try to recruit Kaz & co., Aunt Z shoos them off, saying "These kids are too good for you!"
  • Torra being concerned about Hype being missing. The first person she turns to for help is Kaz, who doesn't hesitate to do so.
  • Torra and Hype hugging after they escape from custody.


  • Yeager, though he does joke earlier on that Kaz can definitely sink the Colossus, tells Kaz that he'll fight alongside him any day and even lets himself be captured by the First Order to let Kaz escape. It's a far cry from the beginning of the season, where he wanted nothing to do with Kaz or the First Order-Resistance conflict.

"No Escape"

  • When Kaz calls Neeku "Buddy", he's thrilled because "That is a term of endearment in many cultures!"
  • Flix and Orka are trying to escape the First Order by hiding in a box and being mailed off the planet. When Kaz finds them, they offer to share the box with him.
  • When she and Kaz witness the activation of Starkiller Base's superweapon, Torra puts a comforting hand on Kaz's shoulder as they both learn that one of the targeted planets was Hosnian Prime.


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