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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E2 "The Triple Dark"

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This episode aired on Disney XD October 14, 2018. It was also released online the same day "The Recruit" aired. Gwendoline Christie guest-stars as Captain Phasma.

Team Fireball has been hired to work on a Neimoidian's shuttle, but Kaz's lack of mechanical skills is causing him trouble with his cover, especially when he accidentally causes a feedback loop while working. As the Neimoidian, Hallion, insists that he is in a hurry, Kaz is sent to get a part from acquisitions. While on the way there with BB-8, he decides to get started on his spying mission, even though he doesn't know where to get started. In the market, after making a bit of a fool of himself with his over-the-top "spy" behaviour, he overhears two men arguing and thinks he's found something, only to discover they're betting on the races. Unfortunately, they discover him eavesdropping, and they work for Grevel, the Aleena who insists that Kaz owes him 1500 credits due to the rigged dart game on Kaz's first day at the Colossus. During a scuffle, Kaz's lucky trophy falls out of his jacket, and Grevel insists on it as a payment, as it's made of a valuable material. Kaz refuses, and BB-8 helps him escape by tripping the gorg vendor so his cargo lands on Grevel and his thugs.


Kaz and BB-8 wind up at Flix and Orka's after the crate they hid in is sent there via a chute, and Kaz picks up the part, only for an annoyed Tam to turn up and drag him back to the workshop, telling him off for being late. Yeager isn't impressed either, as their client is in a hurry. While Kaz installs the part on Hallion's ship, he overhears him talking with someone on a comlink about how they should be good to go for a "triple dark". After he's done, Kaz slaps Hallion on the back, causing him to drop his comlink into a crack in the floor. Hallion leaves, and Yeager takes the lost comlink out of Kaz's pay.

Later, Kaz is sitting outside with BB-8, and tells him about how he got the trophy, when they're told to get inside because a storm is coming. Kaz is unconcerned, but is then told the storm is a "triple dark". Remembering that Hallion used the phrase, he asks what it means, and is told it's a storm where the visibility is so bad that pirates like to use it to attack. Kaz realizes that Hallion was a pirate spy, and that there's going to be an attack. He starts to head off to tell the others, only to be accosted by Grevel, who wants to exact revenge and payment. Before anything can happen, Kragan's pirate band attacks. Eventually, as the station's defenders are scrambled, Kaz, BB-8 and Grevel manage to get inside, Kaz using his trophy to brace the door so the Aleena can get through. Kaz then has an idea.


As the Aces fight the pirates, Kaz returns to Team Fireball's garage and, watching the combat, realizes there are too many pirates. He and BB-8 retrieve Hallion's comlink, and Kaz broadcasts a feedback loop through the pirates' com channel, which forces them to retreat. Freya Fenris, leading the attack, notes that the pirates have retreated, but Torra Doza suspects there was more to the victory than just the Aces' skills. When the rest of Team Fireball returns to the garage, they find Kaz working on the Fireball. Kaz tells Yeager what happens, but isn't believed. He also admits he has a lot to learn.

In space, Kragan's gang contacts their employers, Major Vonreg and Captain Phasma of the First Order, who aren't impressed by the pirates' failure. Kragan promises that Hallion, their inside man, will be punished for his failure. Phasma says that she was skeptical of Commander Pyre's idea to hire pirates, and after what just happened she's even less certain of the idea.



  • Bad Liar: Kaz has trouble selling his cover story as a mechanic from a Coruscant factory that worked on "new ships" to Tam.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Hallion's lost comlink and Kaz's lucky trophy.
  • Crush the Keepsake: Kaz's trophy is damaged when he uses it to hold open a door. He's not too bothered by this, however, merely commenting that he always knew the trophy was lucky.
  • Deadly Euphemism: At the end, Kragan promises Vonreg and Phasma that Hallion will be punished for his failure.
  • Double-Meaning Title: A "triple dark” is a slang term used to describe a low visibility storm, which pirates like Kragan and his men like to use to hide in when they attack the Colossus. It also fits how the First Order, who is revealed to be behind Kragan's attack in this episode, are preparing to surprise-attack the New Republic all the way from the unexplored outer reaches and nobody suspects a thing.
  • Ear Ache: Tam drags Kaz away by the ear when she finds him at the Office of Acquisitions.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Synara is one of Kragan's pirates.
  • Fantastic Racism: Kaz wonders if Hallion has something to do with the First Order. Considering Neimodians are probably known for being associated with the Trade Federation and the Separatists, not to mention that Kaz is from a privileged background away from any war, there's probably a reason why Kaz thinks that.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Kaz saves the Colossus from the pirates by putting the broken high frequency he made earlier that day on Hallion's comm, which was still on the pirates' line. The pirates flee and appear to have left for no discernible reason. Afterwards, Team Fireball finds Kaz outside of their shelter and assume he was screwing around with the Fireball. Kaz only tells Yeager about what happened, but is dismissed.
  • Loud of War: Kaz broadcasts an earsplitting feedback loop over the pirates' comm channel, both preventing them from communicating with each other and visibly throwing off their fighter pilots.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Two of them, Captain Phasma and Major Vonreg, are secretly funding Kragan's pirate gang, so their attacks on the Colossus will force Captain Doza to accept protection from the First Order.
  • Outside Ride: Kaz and Grevel, hanging onto his foot, are briefly thrown onto the outside of Kragan's ship before falling back to the Colossus.
  • The Reveal: The First Order is interested in taking over the Colossus as they can use it as a staging area to attack the New Republic.
  • Space Pirates: Kragan's gang, who try to raid the platform and steal fuel.
  • There Was a Door: Kaz enters the Office of Acquisitions through a delivery chute instead of the front door.
  • Title Drop: A "triple dark" is a low visibility storm. Pirates like Kragan like to use it to attack the station.
  • Too Much Information: Neeku tells Kaz about his old pet named Lucky, which died. And then he ate it. And then, he got a bad case of... and then Kaz cuts him off.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Kaz ultimately saves the life of the Aleena that's been harassing him when he's caught outside during a pirate attack, even though he was threatening him with a blaster minutes before.


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