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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why make the excitable Kazuda a spy for a secret movement against a secret movement? He's the last person anyone would suspect of being one.
  • Given that Cardinal has been established as being the only red-armored soldier in the First Order, why does Vonreg also have red armor, when he could just have easily had armor of a different color? Cardinal has already left the Order at this point, and it's more than likely that Phasma would enjoy disrespecting his legacy by bestowing red armor upon a steadfast First Order loyalist.
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  • Kaz wonders if Hallion, a Neimodian, is a spy for the First Order. Given that Kaz and his family are from the Core Worlds and have probably never seen the Clone Wars that close to Hosnian Prime, Kaz might hold some Fantastic Racism due to propaganda and stigma.
  • Torra's reacting rather lightly towards Kaz when she mistakes him for trying to sneak into her room to meet her late at night makes sense considering that due to her sheltered upbringing, she doesn't realize how bad this is even if this was the case or how her father may react if a boy her age (or five years older than her, that is) is trying to see her, since she warns Kaz about her father more because he's trespassing rather than because her father won't like his daughter and some boy being lovey-dovey.
    • Not to mention that Torra caressing Kaz's face weirds Kaz out, considering you'd least expect that kind of stuff from a teen who acts so young like Torra. Who's to say she isn't trying to copy what she's seen people on the holos do?
  • In the first episode, Kaz makes or gets close to making several bullseyes. Well, yeah, as someone enlisted in the military as well as a starfighter pilot, of course he'd have to have good aim.
  • Kaz appears to have little combat and athletic prowess, despite having military training. Remember that it was his privilege that got him this far — it's stated in the first episode that his father had to help him get into the naval academy.
    • It's also implied that the New Republic is rather lax when it comes to military training, which further proves that the New Republic's complacency and lack of foresight for self-defense.
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  • In "The Platform Classic", Kaz is the only one of Team Fireball who knows about the rumours that Marcus Speedstar is competing in the titular race. Well of course he does — since he's a spy, listening to rumours is his job, and he's shown more aptitude for doing that then mechanical work anyway.
  • With The Reveal that Captain Doza is ex-Imperial, this has been foreshadowed: the way he dresses greatly resembles an Imperial officer’s uniform, his Old Soldier yet clean appearance (with the typical mustache) resembles other Imperial officers, such as Yularen, Konstantine, and Skerris, and his manner is professional and detached yet courteous just as an Imperial officer may be.
  • Since Captain Doza is ex-Imperial, it would help explain his apparent ties to the criminal underworld that are supposedly so bad that it would warrant New Republic investigation and possible intervention, considering the Empire had a habit of working with or turning a blindeye from the criminal underworld.
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  • Besides possibly being busy with tasks involving Starkiller Base, there's probably another reason why Vonreg hasn't been sent back to the Colossus. Given that the last time Vonreg went to the Colossus, he had his men fire on a (supposedly) innocent citizen during a meeting with Captain Doza, which he wasn't pleased to hear, so of course, the First Order starts sending Pyre instead. This is even stated in "The Children from Tehar", where Doza tells Phasma that he doesn't want her men causing trouble on the platform like last time, so she sends Pyre instead.
  • Captain Doza is tolerant of letting Halloran, a former Imperial pilot who clearly misses the Empire, stick around on the Colossus as one of his Aces, because as a former Imperial Navy officer himself, he's familiar with Imperial pilots like Halloran.
  • In "The Recruit", Poe mentions that the Colossus is a super tanker refuelling depot built by the Empire, and one of the last such remaining. Captain Doza's past as an Imperial officer would explain how, exactly, he gained control of the platform.
  • Yeager has promised Tam the Fireball, but Kaz is the character who winds up piloting it regularly. Why? Well, besides him being the main character...
    • Tam is extremely protective of the ship, and is shown to be unhappy when the Fireball needs to be flown when she thinks it's not ready to fly. At the moment, she doesn't consider the ship repaired up to her standards.
    • As with all other racing ships in the show, the Fireball can also double as a starfighter. Given that there's a war about to break out and the contents of the midseason trailer, the ship won't be doing much racing in the near future. As far as we know, Tam has no skills or training in starfighter combat, and since we haven't actually seen her fly we don't know how good she is. Kaz, on the other hand, is fairly talented and actually does have combat training and experience, making him the better choice of pilot in these situations.
    • Finally, Tam allies herself with the First Order, making her unavailable to pilot anything (at least, for the heroes' side).
  • When trying to convince Tam to not leave the Colossus, Yeager and Kaz don't tell her about Hosnian Prime, even though this would definitely persuade Tam away from the First Order. Well, telling her that when she's standing right next to two armed, high-ranking First Order officers would put her life in danger, either by You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, She Knows Too Much, and/or I Have Your Wife.
  • How is Tam and her family (it is confirmed by Word of God that they also believe the Empire is good) so ignorant of all the bad the Empire has done, like blowing up Alderaan with a planetary superweapon? They're from Kuat, a Core World that was strongly under Imperial control. The Core Worlds were mostly left untouched by the rebels and the Galactic Civil War, except for some attempted rebel assaults and other attacks (like the bombing that killed Gideon Hask's family) that certainly wouldn't paint a good image of them to the locals. And you can be sure that the Empire would keep information like the Death Star and the destruction of Alderaan under hush-hush, thanks to their tight grasp on Kuat.

Fridge Horror

  • As shown in the midseason trailer for Season 1, Kaz and Torra end up watching General Hux's speech from The Force Awakens. Considering what happens after that, Kaz may end up losing his father and teammates from the pilot episode, and probably everyone he knew before moving to the Colossus.

Fridge Logic

  • Tam is upset that Kaz and Yeager didn't tell her... about Kaz being a spy. Problem is, that is literally the last thing you want to share with your friends.
    • She's not upset about that, she's specifically upset her colleague and mentor turned out to be spies for a terrorist organization and were supposedly deliberately using her to maintain their cover without regarding that they'd be putting her life in danger in the process. If she were more sympathetic to the Rebellion/Resistance and wasn't being naive enough to listen to the First Order, she would probably be more understanding. For example, Torra and her dad seem to understand that Kaz and Yeager had to hide this for a reason.

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