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Nightmare Fuel / Star Wars Resistance

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If you thought this show was going to be lighthearted, consider that Dave Filoni is directing. He also directed Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, both of which started off lighthearted before being hit hard by Cerebus Syndrome.

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    Season 1 
"The Children from Tehar"
  • Kel and Eila saying that their village was destroyed in a First Order attack led by Kylo Ren. And since no one knows who that is yet, the other characters wonder who could be such a monster...

"Signal from Sector Six"

  • On board a derelict freighter, most of Kragan's pirates fell victim to a creature breakout. And it turns out that Kowakian monkey-lizards — usually depicted as annoying but somewhat intelligent pests at best and dangerous when armed — have a much larger and monstrous subspecies in the form of Kowakian ape-lizards. Ape-lizards are not only willing to eat people, they are nigh-impervious to blaster fire.

"The Platform Classic"

  • Yeager was previously established in "Fuel for the Fire" as having had a wife and child who he misses greatly. So what happened to them? They were killed while spectating a racing match, in which a racer filled up his ship with too much hyperfuel and crashed into the audience when things went awry. The fact that they died in such a sudden yet relatively mundane way makes the whole thing even more tragic/terrifying, especially when Solo and other episodes of Resistance have already established the level of damage even a small amount of hyperfuel can cause, meaning that tons of other people likely also died in the crash and none of those deaths were pretty. And worst of all? The racer (who survived all this) was none other than Yeager's own brother.

"The New Trooper"

  • As bad as the Empire treated its stormtroopers, it seems the First Order is even worse. The Force Awakens alluded to the conditioning done to their stormtroopers, but when Commander Pyre and his sergeant believe that CS-515 (actually Kaz in disguise) has faulty brainwashing, they order him to undergo an immediate, involuntary brain scrape. Basically, the First Order treats their troopers (many of whom are stolen children like Finn) like organic droids, memory-wiping and reprogramming them whenever they step out of line. If this happened to Kaz, he would've been lost to the First Order for keeps.

"The Core Problem"

  • Everything that happened to the starless system Kaz and Poe discover. Its sun is missing. All of its planets have had their cores bored out, with most of them being shattered as a result. The one known inhabited location, the moon with the village, was subjected to a massacre. And the First Order is almost certainly responsible. Furthermore, the implication is that their actions in the system were connected to Starkiller Base, possibly as research for the superweapon.

"No Escape, Part I"

  • Kaz and Torra end up having to watch General Hux's speech preceding the Hosnian Cataclysm, as well as the Cataclysm itself, which for many was one of the most chilling scenes of The Force Awakens. To make it even more chilling, we see the First Order Stormtroopers on the Colossus saluting in unison as they watch the planets in the Hosnian System shatter, which serves to show what kind of unhinged fanatics the First Order are to cheer as they watch billions of innocent people die.

"No Escape, Part II"

  • As creative as Neeku's solution for getting rid of the Stormtroopers on the station is, it's also pretty grim in presentation. His plan is to flood the corridors they are patrolling and then flushing them out of the station. Afterwards, we get shots of the troopers sinking as they either drown or get eaten by sharvo fish (with one later seen carrying a trooper's helmet in its mouth).

    Season 2 
In General
  • Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny ordered by their superiors Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren to find the Colossus, or else... Kylo demonstrates to Tierny a taste of what exactly may happen if she fails.
  • Kaz, Eila, and Kel finding an "ancient power source", which seems to be related to the Sith...


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