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Tear Jerker / Star Wars Resistance

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And of course, it isn't Star Wars without its tales of hardship and tragedy.

Spoilers are off.

  • The beginning of the series is marked by hardship and tragedy, especially for Kaz. It's bad enough that Kaz has a strained relationship with his father, he can't do his job right, and he's ridiculed by everyone in the Colossus. As the Season 1 midtrailer came up, it's only going to get worse; he and Torra end up having to watch General Hux's speech, and considering what happens afterwards, it will be one huge Trauma Conga Line for him.

    Season 1 
"The Recruit"
  • Kaz telling his teammates to flee without him while he holds Vonreg off. And then he promises "I'll be right behind you.", a phrase that viewers from Rebels associate with Famous Last Words.
    • In fact, Kaz would've died right then and there had Poe been a moment too late.
    • Kaz doesn't say goodbye to his teammates before leaving for his spy mission, and given the secrecy of the mission, they may have believed he died saving them.
  • Kaz making one last transmission to talk to his father and ask for his help. Senator Xiono is frustrated that Kaz is squandering everything he's worked for by throwing his lot with "the extremists" and complains that he has to do everything for his son and that's the only reason why he's successful, leading to Kaz changing his mind on asking for help and angrily hanging up the call.
    • This can be Truth in Television for kids who have grown up under My Beloved Smother, as they end up finding it difficult to be independent due to their parents doing everything for them out of mistaken belief that they're protecting their children as opposed to gradually teaching them how to do things on their own so that they don't need their parents when the time comes.
  • Yeager and Tam giving Kaz a What the Hell, Hero? for getting secondhand parts to repair the Fireball, since now they'll have to spend some extra time making sure the parts are good enough. A frustrated Kaz walks off, muttering that "Everything I think I do is right is wrong."
    • In the following scene, Kaz gazes out at Castilon's twin moons and explains to BB-8 how his father was strict and did everything for him because he believed Kaz couldn’t do anything right on his own.

"Triple Dark"

"Fuel for the Fire"

  • Kaz finding a picture frame in Yeager's office, showing him as a younger man celebrating the victory at the Battle of Jakku with his squadmates, with another picture depicting him with his wife and kid. Kaz senses that something must've happened that Yeager doesn't want to talk about, and shortly after, Yeager finds the misplaced pictures and takes a moment to look at them before putting them back.

"The High Tower"

  • Hype trying to make a genuine effort to reconnect with Tam. Every time she snaps at him he seems genuinely sad.

"The Children From Tehar"

  • Kel and Eila, orphans who watched their home planet wiped out by the First Order forced into living on the streets. When Kaz finds them they have to steal food just to get by.

"The Platform Classic"

  • We find out what happened with Yeager's family. He was in a race with his own brother, who cheated and loaded his fighter with hyper-fuel. And just like in "Fuel for the Fire", he lost control. Worse, he struck Yeager's racer and caused a crash that killed his family. To say that Jarek and Marcus ended up on bad terms after that incident would be an understatement.


  • Yeager breaking his stoic, rational demeanor when Bucket is shot off of the platform. Kaz has to hold him back and tell him that they have to keep moving. Fortunately, Bucket turns out to be fine thanks to the Chelidae.
  • How everything falls apart for Tam. Her dream ship is to be impounded and she's learning truths about Kaz and Yeager that had been kept from her.
  • When they get cornered by First Order stormtroopers but have been able to send a message to the Resistance, Yeager realizes that both he and Kaz are in danger of getting captured or worse. Yeager tells Kaz he did a good job before pushing him into the water and staying behind while Kaz and CB-23 escape. Kaz lets out a "No!" before he hits the water.
  • Neeku's reaction to Kaz confessing to him that he's a Resistance spy. Initially, he takes it as a bad joke, and later, when he sees Leia's message addressed to him, a hurt Neeku (in a both comical and serious way) asks why didn't he tell him.

"No Escape, Part I"

  • Having to see the destruction of the Hosnian System again. What makes it even sadder than in the film is that now, it's more personal for Kaz because he loses home and family. It gets worse when you remember that the last time he had contact with his family was when he contacted his father all the way back in "The Recruit", and that conversation ended on bad terms. Now, Kaz will never get the chance to repair his family relationship.
  • Tam angrily rebuffing Yeager when he finally gets to explain his side to her. It was clearly pretty harsh from her end, yes, but there is an element of hurt to her anger from not feeling that he and Kaz could trust her.

"No Escape, Part II"

  • And as if seeing the Hosnian system blow up again wasn't enough, the episode starts by showing it one more time. We see Kaz cry out and Torra has to hold him back and tell him that they have to keep moving.
  • Kaz telling Yeager that his home is gone.
  • Tam giving a What the Hell, Hero? to Kaz and Yeager, using everything Tierny told her about them. If the heartbreak in her voice doesn't get to you at the very least, then nothing else will.
    • When Kaz asks Tam what the hell is she doing, she hurls back that she's getting away from him and everything he's done to her. We've come a long way from Ice Queen to Defrosting Ice Queen to We Used to Be Friends...
    • Tam taking Tierny's hand, thus cementing her Face–Heel Turn, and throwing one last angry glare at a shattered Yeager as the ship's boarding doors close.
    • After Tam leaves, Kaz, Torra, and Yeager accept that there's nothing else they can do for her. The way Yeager reacts to it is as if Tam is dead to him.
    • Remember that Yeager's young daughter died ten years ago, so if she were still alive, she would be around Tam's age... so in a way, Yeager lost another daughter, this time to an enemy he fought years against yet it still found a way back to hurt people again.
  • At the end, though everyone is relieved that they're finally out of the First Order's control, Kaz laments that they've lost Tam, and as far as they know, they may never see her again, or at least on the same side.


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