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Zen Studios loves pinball, and it shows in their borrowing of physical objects present in notable pinball machines. Some are so similar in structure that they might as well be Spiritual Successors.

    Pinball FX 

    Current Zen Originals 

  • Wolverine:
  • Spider-Man (Zen Studios):
    Doc Ock: "GET OUT"
  • Blade:
  • Iron Man:
    • SHIELD Multiball functions very similarly, if not exactly the same way, as Attack from Mars's multiball mode.
  • Ghost Rider:
  • Moon Knight:
    • The playfield layout closely resembles Riverboat Gambler.
    • The looping habitrail around the bottom is similar to Batman Forever, though there are other pinball games like Hurricane that utilize this style as well.
    • The upper flipper shot to the Moon is taken directly from Transporter The Rescue.
  • X-Men:
    • The targets located just beneath Magneto largely resemble those from Attack from Mars.
    • The flipper layout near the top of the game, with an upper left flipper and additional top right flipper, resembles the one from Judge Dredd.
    • The skill shot and bumper area appear to be reminiscent of Road Show.
  • Infinity Gauntlet:
    • The layout is similar to that of Frank Thomas' Big Hurt.
    • The Soul World playfield is taken directly from The Twilight Zone, with drop targets on the sides and Kray-Tor defending the exit.
    • A second plunger can be accessed on the left side, which is also a special feature of Fun House and Road Show.
    • Shots to the Gauntlet have 5 exits that divert the ball to different areas of the playfield, a feature previously seen with the Cryo-Claw in Demolition Man.
    • The dual Wizard Mode system, in which there is a mini-wizard mode for failing at least one mission and a true wizard mode for beating every mission, may remind players of Monster Bash.
  • Fear Itself:
    • The outermost playfield area functions like NASCAR. The drain beneath the flippers functions this way as well.
    • The Neutral Ball functions like the Powerball in The Twilight Zone, unaffected by magnets.
  • Fantastic Four:
    • The sign on the upper-left of the playfield is built similarly and in a similar location to the rotating jungle in Gilligan's Island.
    • The Invisible Flip mechanic is a reference to the Phantom Flip mechanic in Monster Bash, although it does not exactly behave the same way.
  • Captain America:
    • The semicircular captive ball lane in may have been based on the identical one in Baby Pac-Man, as it's also in the same location on the playfield.
    • The Howlers' sinkhole, with its accompanying standup target, shares its structure and location with a scoop on The Lord of the Rings (which is in turn based on the Catapult up-kicker in Medieval Madness).
    • The right ramp functions similarly to Rescue 911.
  • Venom:
    • The layout is a combination of both Blackwater 100 and Centaur.
    • Its Carnage mini-playfield is inspired by the main playfield of Varkon.
  • Deadpool:
    • The criss-crossing ramp design that's a signature of Mark Ritchie, particularly the kind used in Fish Tales, though it functions differently.
    • The Blind Al Mode can turn off the lights and provides you with a glowing ball, much like how Viper Night Drivin' works.
    • Ball locks are placed to the middle-left and middle-right out in the open, like with Star Wars Episode I.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy:
    • The ball lock on the lower-right of the playfield is based on the TARDIS in Doctor Who.
    • The skill shot involves pressing the launch button when a moving target passes by a stationary reticule, which was previously used in some of Data East's games, including Star Trek.
    • The left Guardians ramp is inspired by Guns N' Roses (Data East).
  • Ant-Man:
    • The playfield of is a mirrored version of Theatre of Magic.
    • Ant-Man's helmet follows the ball like Homer's head in The Simpsons Pinball Party.
    • The Pym capsule acts similarly to the Menagerie ball in Cirqus Voltaire.
    • During single-ball play and Pym Multiball, the Pym ball acts similar to the Powerball in The Twilight Zone.
    • The spinner rules, where the value can be increased by making enough shots to the right orbit before making the left orbit, resemble the ones from Nine Ball.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron:
  • Marvel's Women of Power - Champions:
    • When the "Bombshell" mode is activated, a magnet activates at the center of the playfield. Feel the Power!
    • The video mode also bears some resemblance to that of Johnny Mnemonic.
    • The detail on the spinner is the wheel from Wheel of Fortune.
  • Marvel's Women of Power - A-Force:
    • The playfield greatly resembles Radical.

    Star Wars 
  • The Empire Strikes Back:
    • The central area with the spinners, loop, and flipper layout resembles F-14 Tomcat.
  • Boba Fett:
  • Return of the Jedi:
    • The lower left area is similar to that of the The Wizard of Oz's State Fair bumper with five targets, as well as the left upper playfield loop.
  • Darth Vader:
  • Starfighter Assault:
    • Ramps to an upper playfield with three bumpers with a return to an inlane is a direct inspiration from Full Tilt! Pinball.
  • Han Solo:
    • The crane is based off of the Glove toy in Johnny Mnemonic.
    • The lower playfield area has a familiar inlane/outlane setup, as with Cirqus Voltaire. Even the pop bumper raises and lowers here.
  • Masters of the Force:
  • The Force Awakens:
    • The left ramp normally leads to a section that diverts the ball to one of three exits, a feature similarly seen in Star Trek (Data East).
  • Might of the First Order
    • The name of the wizard mode is none other than "Rule the Universe", a tribute to Attack From Mars.
  • The Last Jedi:
    • The upper playfield lock area pays homage to Breakshot.
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story:
    • The crossing ramps and center captive ball area bear great resemblance to Fish Tales.
    • The skill shot used is a cross-playfield jump into one of two circular areas, a feature similarly seen in Comet.

    Other licenses