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Pantheon suggestions

    The Monkeys 
The Monkeys, Gods and Goddesses of Overkill
  • Potential House: Combat Other
  • Rank: Varies, from Quasideities, all the way to Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Super Monkey’s emblem, or bananas
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Extreme Overkill, Everything's Better with Monkeys, Super Intelligence, coming in a variety of non realistic colors, games that don’t really have a plot, Skill Tree, Loads and Loads of Characters, Acid Attack, Wave-Motion Gun, Physical Gods, Nuke 'em, Playing with Fire, only having two females (well, there are three, but the last one is in the patch notes), and so much more.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bounce Man, the House of Water & Moisture (Gwen)
  • Terrifies: The houses of Ice & Cold and Plants (Gwen), Emmet
  • A normal day in the pantheon was interrupted when a portal appeared in the sky and a bunch of balloons came out of it. They did little more than annoying most of the people near the portal and then a bunch of monkeys popped out of the portal and started mercilessly killing them with a ton of weapons. It was quite a scene.
    • After the very few surviving balloons fled, one monkey in a tank said that he and his teammates have been fighting Bloons for years. Their brutality against the Bloons earned them a place in the Combat Other sub-house for Overkill on the spot.
  • Once the temple for them was made, the monkey engineers swiftly got to work, building a monkey paradise, with plenty of places to make new weapons if need be.
  • Because of his round, balloon-like shape, Bounce Man quickly got attacked by these balloon popping monkeys. Bounce Man quickly went to the Main House to kick them out. The results of this remain hidden to the public, but most assume he failed to.
  • Most monkeys have hung out their temple from time to time; some good, some bad, but they liked the company. This, of course, led Spike to their temple wanting to know why there were so many monkeys in one place, suspecting they were up to know good. Gwen told him not to worry, and said that he could call on their help anytime.

  • Exclusive to Quincy:

  • Exclusive to Gwen:

  • Exclusive to Striker Jones:
    • Being a military general, he was more than impressed with the fact that the pantheon has a War house, trying to get into it at least as a temporary member, he got accepted, so he often visits.
    • He also travels to the Gaming house every once and awhile. The first time he visited, he found some worms shooting at targets and failing. They were off their game, so Jones drove them through a crash course of various obstacles. After lots of failures, the worms got their groove back, and they became Fire-Forged Friends.
    • He gets along with most people who shoot things like the Inklings, the aforementioned worms and more, he honed his skills killing bloons and he will keep on doing it that way.

  • Exclusive to Obyn:
    • He often stops by the house of Plants, being a spirit of the forest after all. He talks to them about improving the house to its fullest potential. The leaders declined, but he keeps trying.
    • He also goes to the house of Ambiguity, due to his mysterious nature, he struts about, and he talks to the deities to learn the latest gossip. The house of Beast is another common stop due to his Attack Animal, though he doesn’t stay long.

  • Exclusive to Churchill:
    • He, like Jones, likes going around to the house of War and training there, but he is more respected than Jones due to his Tank and sharper military intellect, able to make better decisions. Despite this, they are still good friends.
    • Being a secret fan of anime, he has a wide amount of knowledge about it, and he often talks to people from anime to learn more.

  • Exclusive to Benjamin:
    • Him being a bank hacker he stays alone most of the time, only coming out to play or be the house of music’s DJ as his alter ego DJ Benjammin’.
    • A lot of people think that he is nothing but trouble, but he hacks for a good cause: getting extra money. This doesn’t stop someone like Roboking from getting worried about getting hacked. Ben simply told him to calm down and he couldn’t hack him even if he tried, and they are friends now.
    • Being named after slang for the $100 US dollar bill, Benjamin, he and the real Benjamin are good friends, but almost never see each other due to them doing their own thing.

  • Exclusive to Elizi:
    • Nothing much is known about her, other than she is a witch doctor who spends most of her days sacrificing various things. The house of Life and Death welcome her to stop by anytime, but she never got the memo, she still considers them her friends.

  • Exclusive to Pat Fusty:
    • Not Being called “The big monkey” for nothing, he oftentimes is fighting big opponents using his punches, his slaps, and his hugs. Him and his opponents often tie, with better understanding of each other.
    • Due to sounding similar, him and Patrick Star are often swimming with him an grabbing a bite with him. He is also a good friend to Spongebob for this reason.

    Cookie Masterson 
Cookie Masterson, God of Fortune Cookies

    Chica's Magic Rainbow 
Chica’s Magic Rainbow, God(dess?) of Rainbow Lite (The Rainbow)

”Ladies and fricks!”

Chadtronic, God of Ladies and Germs (Chapstick, Chad Tropic, Chad Dad, Dad (much to his confusion), Chaprod, Rumble Chapkin, your favorite nursery rhyme character)

     The Battle Cats 

The Battle Cats, Devine Collective of “Free” games(The Cattle Bats)

    The Lord of Games 
The Lord of Games, God of Self Amusement Motivations (L.O.G)

Hunger Games Simulation event ideas

     Events Where Nobody Dies 

     Events That Have 1/ 2 death(s) 

HGS Character Ideas

I have MartyManic Jamiera CatThe Bittercold, A Teachertron and Gargan.

Ideas For Pages

[[folder:Air Marty]]
Meet Marty and his family!
Marty's hard work has finally paid off. He's saved enough for a family vacation!
Wouldn’t you join them?
The Games intro
Air Marty is a Mind Screwy choose your own adventure game released on November 18th, 2019 created by Myles Jorgensen.

The game has you play as Marty, an office worker who has saved up for a family vacation. At first you do normal stuff like buckle in and enjoy a drink. But this eventually leads to things like defending yourself from a flock of ravenous chickens or trying to turn off your oven so it doesn’t burrow into the earth and destroy it.

Yeah, it’s THAT kind of game.'


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