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Friday Night Funkin': Corruptionnote  is a web series/Game Mod of Friday Night Funkin' created by Phantom Fear. Told primarily as a series of sprite-swaps for the original game, it is one of the first Dark Fics to make rounds in the game's community.

Set in an alternate ending to Week 5, rather than personally deal with Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Monster decides to aim higher by unleashing the titular corruption on the world. Taking the form of a black-and-pink tar-like substance that envelops the target before giving them claws and a Nightmare Face, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are first to be turned into monsters with the sole purpose of spreading the corruption even further.


With Monster's primordial evil rapidly spreading, the other characters are now forced to fight for their lives in a very real struggle against the once-pure duo - and while it may be possible to save them with The Power of Rock, it slowly becomes horribly apparent that the cost may be immense.

The playlist for the entire series can be found here. The mod is still being worked on, but a demo of Week 2 is currently available through this video, and a playable Week 6 is available here.

There is also a short, non-canonical animation made for Christmas 2021.

Spoilers up to and including Week 7 will be unmarked!

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    Song List (unmarked spoilers!) 
NOTE: As the mod is still in development, this is not a complete list and only contains songs that have been showcased.

Week 3 - In My Way (Pico)

  • "Pico (RetroSpecter Remix)"
  • "Philly (Kamex Remix)"
  • "Full Clip"note 

Week 2 - Good Times Must End (Skid and Pump)

  • "Spookeez (RenRenNumberTen Remix)"
  • "Sanguine South"
  • "Chiller"

Week 4 - Must Murder Mommy (Mommy Mearest)

  • "Matricidal"
  • "M.I.L.K."
  • "Schizophrenzy"

Week 6 - Delete (Senpai/Spirit)

  • "Senpai (Glitch Remix)"
  • "Dead Pixel"
  • "Treacherous Thorns"
  • "Roots"

Week 7 - One Left (Daddy Dearest)

  • "Lament"
  • "Dusk"
  • "Deathmatch"

Week 8 - ??? (Soul Boyfriend)

  • "Tormentor"
  • "Neuroses"
  • "Strength of Will"note 
  • "Discharge"

Week 9 - (currently unnamed) (Evil Girlfriend)

  • "Allure"
  • "Estranged"
  • "Yandere Attack"

Week 10 - (currently unnamed) (Evil Pico)

  • To be announced

Friday Night Funkin': Corruption contains examples of:

    Tropes A-H 
  • Adaptational Badass: In the original game, Daddy Dearest is the first enemy faced with some of the easiest songs; in Corruption, he is the final uncorrupted enemy faced with some of the hardest songs in the entire mod.
  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • Pico, the mercenary who was hired to kill Boyfriend in the original game, got corrupted trying to save him from his corruption.
    • Mommy Mearest, an Ax-Crazy lady who tried to kill Boyfriend, is pulling out all the stops to try save Pico during their Week.
    • Senpai's hardcoded desire to win is depicted as a savior complex instead of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing persona; after realizing something's wrong, he holds the line thinking he can protect Girlfriend from Boyfriend, but becomes visibly forlorn once he realizes they're fighting together. Even after losing to Boyfriend a second time, he simply demands they exit the game and leave him alone, only fighting back once Boyfriend attempts to delete him.
    • Daddy Dearest, who was very adamant at keeping his daughter away from Boyfriend, now tries to stop him once and for all.
  • Adaptational Location Change: Week 4 in the original Friday Night Funkin' took place on a highway at sunset, while Week 4 in the mod takes place in an unknown, foggy area. Justified, as Corruption Week 4 takes place after the canon Week 4.
  • Adaptational Sympathy:
    • Canonically, Girlfriend's parents are bastards who only care about themselves and their daughter. While still true within the mod, Corruption forces them to deal with the consequences of their actions in the most horrific way possible, losing everything in the process. In particular, Daddy Dearest is genuinely distraught over how hellish the situation is, trying everything to stop Boyfriend, and is so devastated over his wife's corruption he rapidly corrupts after being forced to fight her.
    • Within Friday Night Funkin', Senpai is a vulgar Sore Loser and Spirit, while understandable, is still trying to steal the body of an innocent person. In Corruption, Senpai's fear and Spirit's anger over the situation are highlighted as Boyfriend destroys the game from the inside out and neither of them can do anything to stop it.
  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • Monster, while a Soft-Spoken Sadist who had a fascination with eating Boyfriend and Girlfriend, that was pretty much all he was. Here, he lets loose a virus with the potential to take everyone's free will.
    • Due to being the first ones corrupted, Boyfriend and Girlfriend fight to spread the corruption rather than prevent it. Subverted later when they get uncorrupted and immediately start trying to reverse the damage they caused while corrupted.
  • Adapted Out: Due to Corruption branching off during Week 5 and Tankman not being in the base game at the time, the canon Week 7 never happens, with Tankman getting corrupted off screen.
  • Alien Blood: If the bleeding wounds in Skid and Pico's sprites are any indication, Corruption shells bleed out pink blood.
  • Allegiance Affirmation: When initially introduced in Week 8's first song, "Tormentor", Soul Boyfriend is set up as the manifestation of The Corruption that's taken control of Boyfriend's body. "Neuroses" throws that into question, as Soul Boyfriend reminds Boyfriend to stay focused when he falters and that the corruption "isn't my doing". "Discharge" firmly establishes Soul Boyfriend as a distinct entity with Boyfriend's best interests in mind; performing a Dynamic Entry and tossing him a guitar, Soul BF pulls Boyfriend out of his funk and the two play one final duet, ultimately breaking him free from the corruption's control.
  • All for Nothing: The Freeze-Frame Bonus of Week 8 suggests that all of the corrupted individuals are technically dead, with the corruption propping up their bodies and minds. If true, this would render the entire week pointless, as their wouldn't be anyone to save even if Boyfriend broke free. The ending of Week 9 reveals that this was a lie, with Girlfriend being restored to her former self after Boyfriend defeats her.
  • Ambiguously Evil: In Week 8, as the original Boyfriend gains the upper hand during "Neuroses", Soul Boyfriend says things like "Not again", "This isn't my doing" and "Focus on our battle", implying he may not be the true face of the Corruption and has been subjugated before. Ultimately, "Discharge" confirms that he's been benevolent from the start, as he helps Boyfriend break free of the Corruption. Soul himself lampshades his initial, seemingly evil status near the start of "MEMORY//LEAK".
    Soul Boyfriend: So much for making me the "bad guy".
  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • It's left intentionally unclear how much of a victim's original self is sealed away while fully corrupted, likely as part of the indication that the corruption isn't incurable.
    • While trying to convince Boyfriend to give in, split second dialogue by the corruption in "Discharge" suggests corrupted individuals may not even be alive in the traditional sense anymore, but it's left unclear if it's telling the truth or not. The ending of Week 9 reveals it was all Corruption's bluffing, as Girlfriend is alive and well after being uncorrupted.
  • Anachronic Order: From the core game's perspective, the game's chronology goes from Week 5 to Week 3, then to Week 2, then to Week 4 and Week 6 simultaneously, then finally to Week 1, which is renamed Week 7.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: It is implied that Soul Boyfriend is the personification of Boyfriend's reckless courage and will to keep going, created by his mind in an effort to rouse him and break free from the corruption's control. Even after Boyfriend leaves his mind, Soul Boyfriend is still there to support and encourage him.
  • The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People: All of the game's rivals set aside their previous agendas to fight back the encroaching corruption.
  • Art Evolution: The story initially starts out as a basic sprite-swap that completely fills in Boyfriend and Girlfriend's sprites with solid black and simply adds in the face of the human head from "Winter Horrorland"; as the series progresses, more effort is put into adding extra details to the corrupted characters to make them stand out, in addition to the backgrounds going from edits of the original scenes to whole sale new ones. This is best showcased in "Allure", where the song begins with Girlfriend's original sprites before fading to reveal a new, more detailed design.
  • Autobots, Rock Out!: "Discharge", the second to last song of Week 8, is an intense, high-energy rock track with heavy electric guitar that sets the stage for Boyfriend finally breaking free from the corruption. Humorously, the trope is Invoked by Soul Boyfriend, who throws Boyfriend an electric guitar and tells him to play; the song is mainly a duet between the two of them.
  • Back for the Finale: The fauxnale "Deathmatch" has Daddy Dearest face off against not only Boyfriend, but all of the corrupted characters save for Girlfriend, Senpai, and Spirit.
  • Badass Armfold: In Week 8, Soul Boyfriend's left pose has him confidently cross his arms.
  • Badass Baritone:
    • Unlike in "Lament" and "Dusk", Daddy Dearest sings in a lower register during "Deathmatch" as he's fighting off Boyfriend.
    • In Boyfriend's mind during Week 8, Soul Boyfriend has a noticeably deeper voice than normal BF.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Each Week ends with the opponent being overwhelmed by the corruption, and Week 7's final video ends with Corrupted Boyfriend successfully corrupting Daddy Dearest, with the corruption soon after spreading to the rest of the world. Subverted with Week 8, which sees Boyfriend brake free from the corruption's grip.
  • Battle Aura: During "Discharge", Boyfriend manifests an ominous purple aura as the Corruption tries to threaten him into giving up. Soul Boyfriend responds with his own brilliant white aura.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Week 8 has Boyfriend, deep inside his mind, fighting against the corruption inside his body to free himself once and for all.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: It is heavily implied Pico shot himself so the corruption couldn't use his body. Unfortunately for him, it didn't work.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Senpai presents himself as a Nice Guy and Chick Magnet, but when presented with a pair that threaten both himself and the game he's in, he drops all pretense and hits Boyfriend with everything he has, which is quite a lot.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Monster, while still a Laughably Evil lemon-headed Humanoid Abomination with a fascination with eating people, still managed to spread the titular corruption to most of the main characters of the original game via Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Subverted. The corruption was initially hinted to have mind-altering properties; Skid and Pico's body language while almost completely corrupted and Boyfriend's fight with Soul Boyfriend reveal that the corruption is instead its own "being", one that overtakes its victims and suppresses their conscious until it has total control.
  • Broken Record: In contrast to the rest of the corrupted cast, Pico is only able to vocalize using lines from his songs from the original game, even if he's fighting another character in a new song.
  • The Cameo: Whitty prominently appears in the background of "Deathmatch" among the horde of corrupt individuals.
  • The Cavalry: A villainous example. After Daddy Dearest holds off the corruption for three songs straight, Pico, Skid, Pump, and Mommy Mearest all show up during "Deathmatch" to help Boyfriend corrupt him, and it's facing off against his corrupted wife that finally makes Daddy Dearest succumb.
  • Cerebus Call-Back: In the original game, playing the tutorial on hard would end with a random string of voiceless notes, as a funny Easter Egg to screw with players. "Deathmatch" ends with a similar string of silent notes, as if corrupted Boyfriend is flaunting his victory over Daddy Dearest.
  • Cessation of Existence: Once Week 6's final song ends, Boyfriend gains admin control and deletes Senpai successfully, making him and Spirit the only characters to die rather than being corrupted like the others.
  • Character Blog: About a week after the release of the video for "Neuroses", a Twitter account was made for the opponent of Week 8, Soul Boyfriend, used to retweet fanart of the character and make humorous posts about guitars.
  • Chained by Fashion: In Week 4, Pico has a cross of chains bound to his chest. Word of God indicates that this is because Pico attacked a chain fence.invoked
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Mommy Mearest, who gets corrupted by Pico and disappears until "Deathmatch", where she is vital in corrupting her husband, allowing the corruption to spread across the entire world.
  • Christmas Episode: The aptly named "Christmas Special" is a short animation of skits based on each Week of the mod, given a Christmas and holiday coating.
  • The Corruption: The titular corruption Monster unleashes is a tar-like substance that spreads across its victims, encasing them and taking control of their bodies. The fingers grow pink claws while the faces are replaced with wide-eye stares and Cheshire Cat Grins, also in pink.
  • Curse Cut Short: During the final song of Week 8, Soul Boyfriend shouts "Now get out there and kick that guy's... ASS!", but Boyfriend regains consciousness right before he hears the "ass".
  • Dark Fic: Although Week 5 of the original game demonstrates a Vile Villain, Saccharine Show and Week 6 completely re-contextualizes the ongoing narrative in a much darker light, Corruption actively brings the undertones of both weeks into the forefront and throws the game's characters into a battle with genuine stakes and devastating consequences.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: While the shadowy Soul Boyfriend at first seems to be the darkness within Boyfriend's mind, and a force of the Corruption after his appearance in Week 6, Week 8's "Neuroses" has him reveal that none of this is his doing, while the following song, "Discharge", outright confirms that he has Boyfriend's best interests in mind, and assists him in breaking free of the Corruption's grip.
  • Dark Reprise:
    • "Sanguine South" is the first original remix to appear in the story, being a version of "South" that illustrates Skid and Pump's hopeless fight against the corruption.
    • The original "Senpai" is an upbeat track to lull the player into believing Week 6 was going to be a simple, fun romp; in contrast, the remix used for the mod is slower paced and contains heavy audio glitching, mostly from Boyfriend, playing into the horror aspects and how deranged Boyfriend has become.
    • The third song of Week 6, "Treacherous Thorns", is an even darker spin on an already foreboding track, showing that Senpai is done playing games and wants Boyfriend gone.
    • "Deathmatch", the climactic final song of Week 7, borrows motifs from several songs from the base game and "Chiller" from Corruption itself. Most notably, Corrupted Mommy Mearest sings the beatdrop from "MILF" as the final nail in the coffin against Daddy Dearest.
    • During "Discharge", the chorus of "Chiller" plays again as the Corruption loses its patience with Boyfriend and Soul Boyfriend, threatening the former.
  • Deliberately Monochrome:
    • The normally colorful arrows are all rendered gray with black splotches, as if the corruption has even managed to affect the UI.
    • Over the course of Week 6, the bright and colorful school grounds become darker and duller, until the only colors remaining are those of the characters.
  • Double-Meaning Title:
    • The mod's version of "South" is titled "Sanguine South" — the usual definition of "Sanguine" is "optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation", fitting for Skid and Pump's usual attitude. However, an archaic definition for the word is "bloodthirsty", an obvious reference to the Corruption's desire to further spread itself by any means necessary.
    • The second-to-last song of Week 8 is called "Discharge". "Discharge" can mean "to release an electric charge", referencing the electric guitars used throughout the song. It can also mean "to tell someone officially that they can leave", a nod to Soul Boyfriend snapping Boyfriend out of his delirium and helping him escape his own head.
    • The name of Week 9's first song is "Allure", meaning "the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating", an apt description for Girlfriend. It's also a homophone for "a lure", referencing Corrupted Girlfriend fooling Boyfriend into coming closer so she can attack him.
  • Downer Ending: Each week up to Week 7 ends with Corrupted Boyfriend's opponent being corrupted, or in Senpai and Spirit's case, outright dead. The final video for Week 7 then ends with the entire world being corrupted. Week 8 is the first week to break this trend, instead ending with Boyfriend freeing himself of the Corruption with Soul Boyfriend's help.
  • Dramatic Shattering: At the end of "Discharge", the bleak Mental World that Boyfriend has fallen into shatters apart like glass. Then Soul Boyfriend smashes his guitar onto the floor of the Womb Level from the first two songs, leaving them both in a White Void Room.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Due to the idea of a full-ass mod coming later, Week 5 is a simple sprite-swap without any real meaning, and thus lacks much of the details that appear in later weeks.
  • Empty Shell: Victims of the corruption have no genuine emotions or drive, only a simple-minded desire to spread it further. Week 8 implies that the victim is rendered dormant in their own mind until they awaken.
  • Evil Knockoff: The binary code next to Glitch Boyfriend in the image file for his portrait in the options menu translates to "You are a mere copy of me. An inspiration.", which implies that Glitch Boyfriend is not the same entity as Soul Boyfriend, but is instead an evil clone version of him born of the Corruption to take on Senpai and Spirit and stop them from intervening, explaining why Glitch Boyfriend does not have a tail like Soul Boyfriend does.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Corrupted Boyfriend speaks using a tone and voice effect that more closely resembles Pico's, sounding deeper and like it's been processed through a radio. This is most noticeable in less hectic songs like "Senpai (Glitch Remix)", where Boyfriend is noticeably off-pitch while Senpai is relatively the same.
  • Exotic Eye Designs:
    • While corrupted, Skid's eyes become bright pink Xs.
    • After getting corrupted completely, spirals swirl out of Pico's pupils to the edges of his eyes.
  • Eye Scream: After Boyfriend tries and fails to delete him, Senpai's eyes disappear from his face, as if they'd been gouged out. This does not deter him in the slightest - if anything, it just pisses him off further.
  • Falling into His Arms: At the end of Week 9, Girlfriend, freed from the perch the Corruption put her on, falls to the ground, and Boyfriend quickly dives to catch her. He succeeds and Girlfriend gives him a thumbs up once she comes to.
  • Fearless Fool: After being trapped inside his own body and mysteriously woken up inside his own mind to fight against the corruption itself, and almost the entire cast visibly worried and suffering as they struggle, Boyfriend is the first character in the entire series to not give a single fuck, having a smug grin for the entirety of "Tormentor" and only being briefly startled by waking up. This is Played With as the series goes on, revealing that Boyfriend has genuinely been emotionally affected by what he's gone through and has a real fear he'll be unable to make things right, but powers through anyway with the hope that everyone can still be saved.
  • Forced to Watch: The eyes are always the last part of a victim's original self to go once the corruption overruns them, forcing them to watch as the rest of their body is transformed into an evil facsimile.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In the original finale video for Week 3, the song was a mashup of "M.I.L.F." and "Blammed", initially odd considering "MILF" is one of Mommy Mearest's songs and that it is the only mashup in the mod's OST... until you get to Week 4, which has a fully corrupted Pico face off against her.
    • When Boyfriend initially tries to gain admin privileges in Week 6, the current admin is listed as a series of question marks. When Boyfriend attempts to delete Senpai during "Treacherous Thorns", his request is rejected, with the error textbox revealing that the current admin is Senpai himself.
    • Corrupted Boyfriend's appearance in Week 6 deviates significantly from his usual purple-and pink silhouette design; instead, his body is pitch-black, with a single glowing white eye and Jagged Mouth. It isn't until "Tormentor" in Week 8 that this is revealed to be an actual entity separate from Corrupted Boyfriend, with the cutscene leading up to final song "MEMORY//LEAK" revealing that he's a figment in Boyfriend's mind.
      Soul Boyfriend: "I'm not even real, you know?"
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You:
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In Week 8, the messages from the Corruption during "Discharge" briefly flicker into additional words that cause them to take on a much darker implication:
    How long has it been? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?
    Who are you waiting for? You don't even know.
    Let us take over. STOP RESISTING.
    We'll make you feel alive AGAIN.
    Don't forget. I spared you. Your loyalty.
    You will never see them again. They are dead - gone.
    You will regret this betrayal. YOU WILL DIE BY MY HANDS.
  • Free-Range Children: Deconstructed; in their home series, Skid and Pump are two young children who go wherever they please with no adult supervision, and any threat they face is subdued by dumb luck. This ends up biting the two when the corruption begins to spread, as they're far from home with no one to protect them and no way to defend themselves.
  • Futile Hand Reach: In Week 8, after Soul Boyfriend disappears at the end of "Neuroses", Boyfriend reaches out to where Soul was, and is met with silence. When Soul Boyfriend returns in "Discharge", Boyfriend reaches out again, only to met with a guitar to the face.
  • Game Face: In "Deathmatch", Daddy Dearest is grimacing with his his sharp teeth and Glowing Eyes of Doom on full display. Once he faces off against Mommy Mearest, he loses it and goes back to the sad look he has in "Lament" and "Dusk".
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Deliberate Integration at the end of Week 6, where Senpai is permanently deleted by Corrupted Boyfriend. The game reflects this on the week selection screen, where his name and the footage of his week are replaced with 'NULL' and a permanent static screen, respectively. Furthermore, attempting to play the week again will crash the game.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Soul Boyfriend reappears at the start of "Discharge" to toss a guitar at Boyfriend, breaking him out of his funk and inviting him to duet.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom:
    • In Week 4's third song, Pico's eyes have a white glow to them, and the now corrupted backup dancers are all black with shining white eyes.
    • During Week 6, the corruption showing through Boyfriend is all black, save for his shining white eyes and grin. This same appearance shows up during Week 8 in all its HD glory.
    • Boyfriend's eyes gain a white glow similar to Pico's while facing Daddy Dearest.
    • When he briefly appears during "Deathmatch", Skid has white glowing dots in the center of his eyes, simulating pupils.
    • Girlfriend's new sprites in "Allure" feature glowing white pupils, solely focused on Boyfriend.
  • Good Is Not Nice: While Soul Boyfriend is ultimately on Boyfriend's side and plays a vital role in helping him break free of the Corruption, his methods tend to be rude and aggressive. Notably, he roars at Boyfriend to forcibly wake him up at the beginning of the week, constantly taunts and belittles him throughout "Tormentor" and the first half of "Neuroses", and even flings a guitar at his head to snap him to attention when he returns for "Discharge". At the end of "MEMORY//LEAK", he decides to uppercut Boyfriend in order to knock him back to reality.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: While the Boyfriend is the main threat to the rest of the characters, Monster is the one who initially released the virus and corrupted Boyfriend and Girlfriend in the first place. He can also be seen watching through the window when lightning flashes during Week 2.
  • Helpful Hallucination: Soul Boyfriend implies before "MEMORY//LEAK" that he's not real, but just a part of Boyfriend's mind. Despite this, he plays a huge part of freeing Boyfriend from the Corruption, even if he's quite rough around the edges.
  • Heroic Second Wind:
    • After losing confidence and weakly clinging to what remains of himself, Soul Boyfriend reappears and snaps Boyfriend out of his funk, setting the stage for the two fighting against the corruption together and, for the first time in the series, succeeding.
    • In "Estranged", Boyfriend begins to spiral when it seems like the corruption instantly reverses the progress he made with uncorrupting Girlfriend, going so far down even his healthbar begins to rapidly drain. Soul Boyfriend then appears behind Boyfriend, giving him the push to realize it's another illusion before going right back to giving it his all.
  • Homage: In Week 8, "Discharge" serves as an extended love letter to Guitar Hero (specifically Guitar Hero III), being a heavy metal song that has several parts of its chart done in an odd number of keys rather than the standard four of FNF and changes the UI to resemble that of the game series during those sections. It also borrows the main guitar solo portion from "Through the Fire and Flames," Guitar Hero III's most iconic song, at one point.
  • Hope Spot:
    • The second song of Week 3 sees Boyfriend breaking through his corruption and singing alongside Pico in an effort to free themselves completely. In the final song of Week 3, Boyfriend has not only been reconsumed, but Pico's own corruption has worsened, and he loses himself completely after the song finishes.
    • The second song of Week 4 shows that while Mommy Mearest has now been corrupted by Pico, Pico himself has managed to peek through his corruption enough to show an uncorrupted eye, hinting that he's still Fighting from the Inside, only for him to revert back to being fully corrupted on the final song as Mommy Mearest is taken over herself.
      "He's still in there, somewhere..."
    • Both the second and third song of Week 7 showcase Daddy Dearest managing to resist and push back the corruption while having to deal with every single corrupted cast member one by one in the third song. He manages to do well against Boyfriend, Pico as well as Skid and Pump until he ends up facing his now corrupted wife, causing his will to keep going fade as the corruption finally and quickly manages to take over.
    • In the middle of the first song of Week 9, Girlfriend is seemingly freed of the corruption. Boyfriend begins to happily approach her, but it's quickly revealed to be a ploy by the corruption, one that Boyfriend catches wind of before Girlfriend is able to harm him.

    Tropes I-W 
  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: Skid has a bloodied handprint on his right temple in "Chiller", while the corrupted Pico has blood splatters on his face and points his gun towards his head instead of the ground in his animation for hitting a right-facing note; both suggest that they tried to self-mutilate or take their own lives to stop their bodies from being used, but somehow failed.
  • Imposter Forgot One Detail: When Girlfriend becomes "uncorrupted" in "Allure", she's noticeably wearing her usual outfit instead of her Christmas attire. Boyfriend realizes this as he gets closer, and quickly moves out of the way before she can harm him.
  • Interface Screw:
    • In the guitar sections from "Discharge", your notes change into those of Guitar Hero and you lose the right receptor. Not like there are any right notes to hit in these sections, anyway.
    • In "MEMORY//LEAK", your streamline is split into two, with the left and down notes on the left side and the up and right notes on the right. Your receptors also become invisible.
  • Interface Spoiler: The portion of the videos showcasing the stages always end in asking the viewer to subscribe for the next video, with the second video of each Week using "final battle": if the second video instead uses "next battle", it's a sign there's something else going on.
    • In the second "Pico vs Mom" video, this was because the following video was a momentary perspective shift depicting Boyfriend's first match against Senpai, with the final "Pico vs Mom" video being released the week after.
    • In the second "Boyfriend vs Senpai" video, this is because Senpai has four songs, not three - the third video is instead the one to use "final battle".
  • In the Style of: "Dead Pixel" is "Roses" in the style of the soundtrack for the Friday Night Funkin': Neo mod, being made by the same composer.
  • It Can Think:
    • During "Discharge", the Corruption starts speaking, threatening Boyfriend into succumbing to its influence once again. As he and Soul Boyfriend continue through the song, it gets more and more desperate.
    • During Week 9's "Allure", Corrupted Girlfriend actively sets up a trap for Boyfriend: she uses an illusion to trick him into thinking that she's been freed from the Corruption, then encourages him to come closer so that she can impale him with her Tendrils of Darkness. When Boyfriend narrowly evades the attack, she chuckles faintly.
  • Killed Off for Real: While the corruption is ridiculously hard to get rid of, it isn't incurable, meaning the characters affected could theoretically be freed from it. Senpai however is deleted, with the game in shambles and his code unrecoverable, making him and Spirit the only characters in the mod to outright die.
  • Leitmotif: With the exception of "Strength of Will" and "MEMORY//LEAK", all of the songs in Soul Boyfriend's week, and "Estranged" in Week 9, feature Saster's, one of the mod’s composers, personal leitmotif.
  • Lightning Reveal: When lightning flashes in the window during Week 2, Monster's silhouette appears, revealing he's watching Boyfriend fight Skid and Pump.
  • Lonely Piano Piece: In Week 8's soundtrack, the intro to "Discharge" is in fact a separate song on the OST named "Strength of Will", a brief segment consisting of a lone, hollow-sounding synth keyboard to represent Boyfriend's struggle to keep going.
  • Marathon Level:
    • "Discharge", the third song of week 8, is over five minutes long, much longer than any song in the base game or in the mod itself.
    • "Estranged" is a little under five minutes long, longer than any song in the base game and second-longest in the mod next to "Discharge": the song is primarily composed of quick back and forths or out and out duets between Boyfriend and Corrupted Girlfriend, leaving little breathing room for the player.
  • Mickey Mousing: While not initially noticeable, Girlfriend twitches her head to the song every other beat.
  • Mind-Reformat Death: Like in canon, Daddy Dearest trapped Spirit into the Hating Simulator years before the events of the mod, turning him into data and locking him behind Senpai's code. When Boyfriend gets into the game, he attempts to corrupt said code, then tries to delete Senpai outright when he resists. Senpai and Spirit fight back but ultimately lose, and Boyfriend deletes their data before breaking the game entirely.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Week 6 begins with the usual dialogue for Boyfriend and Senpai, until Boyfriend says a code command that clips out of the text box.
    Senpai: Ah, a new fair maiden has come in search for true love!
    Boyfriend: Beep bo bop
    Senpai: A serenade between gentlemen shall decide where her beautiful heart shall reside.
    Boyfriend: void StartTransferal(Soulbf_soul){ switch (admin) { case"user": admin == "???"} GrantOwnership(admin) Console.Write("You are next.")
    Senpai: ...
    • The 2021 "Christmas Special" is a series of skits juxtaposing the dark nature of the mod with the usual holiday events one would expect from Christmas, with things like Daddy Dearest dejectedly sitting by the fire with a mug before being enraged at the corrupted Boyfriend, Pico, and Skid and Pump breaking into his house, or Skid and Pump about to give each other presents and Skid fearfully hiding behind his once Pump gets corrupted.
  • Neck Snap: Corrupted Girlfriend bends her head enough to crack her neck before "Allure" begins proper while screaming in agony.
  • Nerves of Steel:
    • Pico and Mommy Mearest approach the corruption head-on and calmly persevere even as it latches onto them. It's implied that keeping a cool head actually slows down the conversion process, as Pico stays half corrupted for two songs while the scared out of his wits Skid goes from uncorrupted to fully corrupted over the course of three.
    • Daddy Dearest remains composed if distraught throughout most of Week 7, in turn keeping the corruption near completely at bay; it is only when he is confronted by the corrupted Mommy Mearest that his resolve breaks, and he is swiftly taken over.
  • No-Sell: After Senpai tells them to leave, Boyfriend attempts to delete his data, only to find that Senpai has administrator privileges — he denies the request and is incredibly pissed off at the attempt.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: The week selection screen includes footage previewing the gameplay of each week...except for Week 8, which is simply titled '???' and shows Corrupted Boyfriend slouching listlessly as in the cutscene before "Tormentor". The soundtrack also fades out to little more than a mechanical ticking sound, a pounding heartbeat, and echoing ambiance to add to the ominous atmosphere.
  • Not Me This Time: Implied by Soul Boyfriend during the second phase of his battle with Boyfriend, as he states that 'this isn't my doing', referring to the corruption encroaching on the battle. This is one of the first hints that he isn't part of the corruption and is on Boyfriend's side.
  • Master of Illusion: Week 9 reveals that like Monster, the Corruption is able to create illusions to fool its victims, shown with corrupted Girlfriend nearly duping Boyfriend into thinking he uncorrupted her.
  • Off-Model: Boyfriend was corrupted while wearing his red parka, which is reflected in his sprite; however, when he briefly breaks through his corruption during Week 3, the parts of his chest not covered in gunk show him wearing his white t-shirt instead. Both designs are combined at the end of Week 8, with the uncorrupted Boyfriend wearing the parka, but unzipped to reveal his t-shirt.
  • Oh, Crap!: After "MEMORY//LEAK", Boyfriend has a wide-eyed panicked expression on his face, similar to when he woke up at the start of Week 8, as Soul Boyfriend prepares to punch him out of his mindscape.
  • Ominous Obsidian Ooze: The corruption is a dark purple substance that spreads across its victims; upon encasing them completely, it takes them over and uses their bodies to further spread itself. Those consumed are given a Healing Factor and are capable of supernatural feats their normal selves would never be able to do.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Due to taking place within the Hating Simulator videogame, Week 6 features heavy use of visual and audio glitching; for the first song, it's to contrast the normal bright nature of the dating sim with the corruption, with everything going screwy as corrupted Boyfriend messes with the game. The corruption itself is presented as black pixels glitching over and covering the character sprites.
  • One-Winged Angel: In its final stand to keep Boyfriend from uncorrupting her, the Corruption tosses aside Girlfriend's speakers and props her up with wings and tendons made from corruption ooze. Girlfriend's voice also heightens in pitch, sounding similar to her mother.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: A firmly established fact of the series is that fully corrupted individuals are driven to further spread the Corruption to anyone they can find. Corrupted Girlfriend's attempt to skewer Boyfriend in "Allure" implies that the Corruption no longer has any intent to corrupt him, but rather wants him dead outright to prevent him from fixing everything. When Boyfriend sees through the Corruption's illusions and frees Girlfriend, it sends Corrupted Pico in to finish the job.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Hidden binary can be found in the Week 6 demo that translates to Soul Boyfriend calling the copy of him that appears in "Roots" little more than just that, further confirming he's on the side of good.
  • Outside-Context Problem: In a flip of the original Week 6, Senpai and Spirit are completely blindsided by the corrupted Boyfriend and Girlfriend, having no context on the two or what's been going on outside the game, only that they have malicious intent and their mere presence is destroying the Hating Simulator.
  • Painting the Medium:
  • Precious Photo: In Week 8, Soul Boyfriend telling Boyfriend to remember his friends is accompanied by a photo of Girlfriend's parents, Girlfriend, Pico, and the Spooky Boys smiling for the camera, implying the main cast set aside their differences and learned to get along before the Corruption took it all away.
  • Prehensile Tail: In Boyfriend's mind, Soul Boyfriend has a devil-style tail that he uses to hold his microphone in his left and down poses.
  • Promoted to Playable:
    • In Week 4, the player takes control of corrupted Pico in order to battle against and corrupt Mommy Mearest.
    • In the final battle for Week 7 against Daddy Dearest, the player shifts in control for the corrupted Boyfriend, Pico, Pump and Skid, and Mommy Mearest.
    • After spending the entire game playing as corrupted characters, Week 8 sees the player taking control of an uncorrupted Boyfriend to do rap battle with Soul Boyfriend, and ultimately teaming up with him against the Corruption itself in the week's finale.
  • Power Floats: In the final song of Week 6, Corrupted Boyfriend has entered the game completely and is hovering off the ground to signify his own power and the otherworldly nature of the corruption. Soul Boyfriend also floats in Week 8, more noticeable due to BF still being on the ground.
  • The Power of Rock:
    • Winning a music battle against a corrupted character uncorrupts them, at least partially; in contrast, losing a battle against a corrupted character will cause the loser to corrupt or speed up their conversion if they already are corrupting.
    • "Discharge" is a more literal variant, as Boyfriend and Soul Boyfriend duet on both vocals and electric guitars throughout the heavy metal song until doing so causes the realm from Week 8 to completely and utterly collapse.
  • Recycled Soundtrack:
    • Week 3 and the first song of Week 2 consist of fan Friday Night Funkin' remixes that were created separately from and are completely unrelated to the mod, repurposed to fit the context. Following the first song of Week 2, Phantom Fear brought on musicians to create new music specifically for the mod, starting with "Sanguine South".
    • "Yandere Attack" is an existing song from Etherflux's BOSSFIGHT album, remixed by the original composers and with Boyfriend and corrupted Girlfriend singing over it.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: While Daddy Dearest has bright red eyes by default, both he and his character icon repeatedly shift between them being visible or not during "Lament", "Dusk" and "Deathmatch".
  • Red Sky, Take Warning: "Sky" is subjective in this case, but as Boyfriend's Battle in the Center of the Mind intensifies during "Neuroses", the dark greyish-purple of his Mental World starts to glow red. This happens again when the Corruption attempts to reassert itself in "Discharge", with the addition of the ground taking on a cracked, volcanic appearance.
  • Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain: Implied. In "Yandere Attack", Boyfriend tries to uncorrupt Girlfriend throughout the song. By the end of the song, the only part of the Corruption left is attached to her head, and when that's gone, she is freed from it for good.
  • The Rival: Invoked; Soul Boyfriend acts as Boyfriend's opponent, but not for any malicious reasons. His ultimate goal is to challenge Boyfriend in a way that reignites his will to keep moving in spite of The Corruption so they can escape together.
  • Rockers Smash Guitars: At the end of "Discharge", after the bleak landscape shatters away to reveal the setting of the previous two songs, Soul Boyfriend and Boyfriend smash their guitars into the ground, breaking everything entirely.
  • Rotten Rock & Roll:
    • Week 8's first three songs are all rock tracks, featuring heavy amounts of electric guitar in their instrumentation. The week's opponent, Soul Boyfriend, even manifests an electric guitar to perform the guitar solos in "Neuroses" and "Discharge" In-Universe. The 'rotten' part is ultimately subverted, however: while Soul Boyfriend initially appears malevolent, he turns out to be anything but, helping Boyfriend break free from the Corruption through a guitar duet.
    • Week 9's "Allure" shifts to electric guitar-centric instrumentation similar to Week 8's songs midway through. This is a straighter use of the trope: unlike Soul Boyfriend, Corrupted Girlfriend is definitely ill-intentioned, attempting to straight-up kill Boyfriend rather than just corrupt him again.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Unique to this mod's interpretation of Senpai is that he rhymes every other sentence: in addition to his base game dialog rhyming "decide" and "reside", his dialog in "Dead Pixel" has him rhyme "distance" with "mistress" while threatening Boyfriend. Him abruptly dropping this quirk in "Treacherous Thorns" is a tip off that Spirit has taken control of him.
  • Scary Teeth: The mouths of corrupted characters resemble Monster's: numerous rectangular (or triangular for Girlfriend's parents) teeth put in the general pattern of a constant grin. The exceptions to this are Pump and Skid, who instead have rows of white, shark-like teeth and a Jagged Mouth, respectively.
  • Sequel Hook: Before "Deathmatch", every video that was not the final video of each week always ended with "The battle isn't over yet! Subscribe for Part (insert number here)!"
  • Series Fauxnale: "Deathmatch" was heavily teased to be the final song of the mod by the creators... until The Stinger, which was followed by the start of Week 8.
  • Silence Is Golden: Zig-zagged: the story is majorly told via the stage and characters physically changing over the course of the Week, but like the original game, Week 6 has text cutscenes alongside the aforementioned stage evolution; occasionally, characters will also "speak" via lines of text showing up during the songs themselves, like the end of "Dusk" or during parts of Week 8, and Soul Boyfriend's lines in "Discharge" are outright voiced, as is Girlfriend's attempt to seduce Boyfriend in "Allure" and "Estranged" and her taunting of him in the latter.
  • Slasher Smile:
    • All of the major corrupted characters sport a wide grin showing all their teeth: in particular, Pump's shark grin is on full display for all of his animations, making him look gleefully unhinged.
    • Spirit has a large teeth-baring smile during "Treacherous Thorns" and "Roots".
    • Corrupted Boyfriend's expression alternates between an even wider smile and an agonized expression during "Tormentor" in Week 8.
  • The Stinger:
  • Sudden Gameplay Change: Parts of "Discharge" are charted in 3K (omitting the right arrow) and play the song's strings rather than vocals, with the UI changing to resemble Guitar Hero.
  • Suddenly Voiced:
    • Soul Boyfriend begins speaking actual lines during "Discharge" and "MEMORY//LEAK", courtesy of one of the mod's composers, Saster.
    • Girlfriend speaks during the illusion midway through "Allure" and in parts of "Estranged" courtesy of one of the mod's directors, PincerProd.
  • Summon Backup Dancers: Played for Drama; due to the much more serious tone, Mommy Mearest's backup dancers normally present during Week 4 are absent for the first two songs. They suddenly appear during the final song, corrupted and motionless save for the occasional twitch. Unlike other corrupted characters, their eyes are a bright, glowing white; as Pico's eyes are also glowing when they weren't before, it's implied he somehow called them over, as if to mock Mommy Mearest.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Corrupted characters will do anything they can in order to spread the corruption onto others. In particular, Boyfriend forced himself and Girlfriend into Senpai's Dating Sim simply so they could corrupt it.
  • Surprise Creepy: Week 6 initially begins like canon, complete with an apparently uncorrupted Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Then Boyfriend's text box is replaced with code commands of him trying to take admin control, and the song, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and even the Background Freaks start heavily glitching out.
  • Take My Hand!: During "Yandere Attack", Boyfriend attempts to grab Girlfriend's uncorrupted hand before going back to singing. Towards the song's end, when the corruption has been reduced to her head and parts of her hair, Girlfriend reaches out to Boyfriend, revealing she's regaining control of herself. Boyfriend moves to grab her hand, leading into the final part of the song.
  • Taking You with Me: When Spirit realizes Boyfriend has screwed with the game so much it's going break no matter what they do, he attempts to take Boyfriend down with him, and fails.
  • Tears of Blood: Corrupted characters cry pink, and any normal tears that roll over corruption will turn pink, as shown with Skid.
  • Tendrils of Darkness: Corrupted Girlfriend manifests four black tentacles around her speakers midway through "Allure". She puts them to use later in the song by attempting to skewer Boyfriend with them.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: The first video of Week 6 was uploaded before the final video of Week 4; within the context of the narrative, Pico is fighting his final bout against Mommy Mearest whilst Boyfriend is infiltrating the Hating Simulator videogame to have a match against Senpai.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Girlfriend's parents fighting Boyfriend during Week 5 sets the stage for Monster's takeover and the events of the mod, as not only does it give him the opportunity to nab Boyfriend and Girlfriend and corrupt them, but also gives him a mall full of unsuspecting people as a perfect ground zero to release the virus.
  • Vampire Refugee: Week 3 sees a half-corrupted Pico fighting against the fully-corrupted Boyfriend. While he puts up a good fight, Pico succumbs shortly after losing his third song.
  • Villain Protagonist: Corrupted Boyfriend is the main villain of the narrative, with him being the playable character in almost all of the weeks aside from Week 4, where the player takes control of Corrupted Pico, and the final video for Week 7 where the player swaps controls between almost the entire corrupted cast. Subverted for Week 8, which instead has the player control Boyfriend while facing off against Soul Boyfriend, and eventually teaming up with them against the Corruption.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • During "Discharge", the Corruption starts talking to Boyfriend in an effort to keep him under its control. Its messages get increasingly menacing as the song goes on, and by the end, it's outright sending him death threats.
    Corruption: You will regret this betrayal. YOU WILL DIE BY MY HANDS.
    • After the events of Week 8, the Corruption stops trying to break Boyfriend and starts actively trying to kill him. It starts by trying to use illusions to fake him out, but by the end of Week 9, it's sending Pico in to try and shoot him and the newly uncorrupted Girlfriend.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Throughout the mod, Girlfriend is in the background twitching along to the beat. She abruptly disappears during the final song of Week 6, and her unexplained absence continues into Week 7. She is also mysteriously absent from the Christmas special despite it covering Weeks where she was present. She finally shows up in The Stinger for MEMORY//LEAK's video, and serves as the rival for the entirety of Week 9.
  • What If?: The entire story asks what if the severed head in "Winter Horrorland" wasn't just for show, and answers that hypothetical scenario with a full-blown Zombie Apocalypse.
  • The Whole World Is Watching: The video for "Dusk" ends with a text box stating "Everyone is watching us". In the following video for "Deathmatch", there's a giant hole in the wall showing hordes of corrupted people watching Daddy Dearest fight Boyfriend. The end of the video sees the entire world corrupted after Daddy Dearest succumbs.
  • Wingding Eyes:
    • Averted. Unlike in the original game, the character icons on the health bar keep the character's eyes as they are and simply show the corruption spreading when the icon nears the edge. The exception is the first fight against Mommy Mearest, whose lose icon still depicts her snarling with X's for eyes.
    • Skid's corruption plays the trope for horror. His lose icon for "Sanguine South" has the corrupted side of his face with a pink X for an eye: come the third song, and it's revealed to not be a stylistic choice, but rather his eye has literally turned into an X.
    • In a comedic example, when Soul Boyfriend chucks a guitar at Boyfriend during "Discharge", Boyfriend's right eye briefly turns into an X and a triangle before returning to normal. Boyfriend's right eye once again turns into an X during "MEMORY//LEAK", when Soul Boyfriend literally punches him out of his mindscape and back into conscious control of his body.
    • When Boyfriend pulls out the wrapped guitar during the Christmas special, his eyes turn into white stars.


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