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  • Science has proven it, therefore it must be real.
  • According to Sarah Palin Newsweek's cover is this in context that they used a cover from Runner's World and added a new caption!
  • A New York magazine article discussing flash mobs and other public pranks showed a picture of one of them, where a group of people all simultaneously took the Subway wearing no pants. Despite the fact that there are at least a half-dozen men in the picture, the camera is looking up the subway stairs at the one woman in lacy lingerie, naturally centered and in-focus.
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  • According to this interview, Inoue Meimy has a Male Gaze. She says she likes females, but specifically through a Male Gaze and not a Female Gaze despite being female.
  • This footage of The Runaways begins with a five-second close-up of Cherie Currie's backside.
  • Happened to Peggy Bunker on The Daily Buzz while she was reading a story on breast implants, with some Tempting Fate beforehand and exasperated reaction afterward.
  • A cameraman at a 2012 National Hockey League playoff game between the Flyers and Penguins accidentally broadcast a fine example.
    • Also happened at a baseball game in Japan (1:37-1:45), except this time the offending (?) cameraman appears to have been caught on camera himself (1:46-2:02)!
  • A article about Alien chose as the header picture a shot of Ellen Ripley bending over in her panties. Amusingly, the text of the article notes how the film is over-analyzed as a piece of feminist art.
  • A particularly egregious example occurs in some of the 'Dolphina Belly-Dance' tutorial films. They're supposedly videos to instruct in the basics of belly-dance for fun and fitness, and the instructions are clearly pitched at women. The trouble is that they are filmed in this trope, so quite frequently Dolphina is instructing the viewer to do such-and-such with their feet, but the camera is too busy panning over her abs to show what the step is actually supposed to look like.
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  • The infamous photo of Barack Obama and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy supposedly checking out a curvy Brazilian intern. It turns out Obama was actually in the middle of helping the girl behind him down the steep flight of stairs. Sarkozy, on the other hand...
  • A verbal example appeared in the 2013 Academy Awards, where host Seth MacFarlane sang a song called "We Saw Your Boobs," highlighting the nude scenes of many of the actresses in the audience. Unfortunately, three or four of the scenes he mentioned were rape scenes. Also qualifies as Dude, Not Funny! (and as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, since one of the lyrics went "we haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence's boobs at all." That would change after Labor Day 2014, when the people who stole private pictures of her and many other female celebrities released them online).
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  • This video, perhaps, has said EVERYTHING all men in the entire world want to say why they have this tendency, and why this trope even exists. Yes. Everything.
  • Ruth Orkin's 1951 photograph, American Girl in Italy, captured the moment when numerous Italian men flirted at Ninalee Craig (then known as Jinx Allen) while she visited Florence.


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