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Web originals with their own pages

  • Invoked with the thumbnails for the Cartoon Hooligans episodes "What If Superman Got Sick?!" and "Not So Fantastic Four", where Wonder Woman and Sue Storm's butts are prominently displayed (the latter even has an arrow pointing to it!). This doubles as a case of Thumbnails Always Lie, as their asses are not prominently displayed in the videos themselves.
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  • In Echo Chamber, whenever Porn Girl or Shannon enter a scene, they immediately steal the focus away from whatever was in frame beforehand. This is an in-universe example, since Zack, the cameraman, is a character, and Zack likes boobies.
  • There's a lot of cleavage in The Black Legend episode of Epic Meal Time. Also in the Maximum Mac and Cheese Recap Special.
  • Folding Ideas: Conserved twice. Instead of focusing on its relationship with women and gay/bi men, Dan focuses on the Internalized Misandry within how male characters are often portrayed.
  • Parodied in the KateModern episodes "Birdwatching" and "Much, Much Worse". In both cases it is implied that the cameramen - Gavin and Toe respectively - are perhaps enjoying their camerawork a little too much.
  • Controversial Lonelygirl15 episode "Girl Tied Up" features a pan over Emma as she lies tied up on a bed. Suspiciously, the thumbnail for this video on YouTube is of the moment where it passes her cleavage; consequently this is the most watched LG15 video on that site, but one of the lowest rated. Particularly disturbing since the film is supposed to be being shot by the adult Dr. Hart, and Emma is 15. Surprisingly enough, the Creator responsible for this video was Amanda Goodfried. When fans asked her about the episode, she simply replied, "I know what sells."
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  • When asked in a Q&A video who he thought the hottest female was, Matt Santoro said Kate Upton, and to prove it, he played a clip of Kate Upton dancing in lingerie. This distracted Matt for a few seconds before he regained focus.
  • Parodied and subverted in The Matrix Reloaded episode of Rifftrax where the camera settles on a clear and long shot of a woman's cleavage at a dinner table. The guys say nothing apart from Kevin going "hmm" and chuckling quietly to himself. When the shot goes to another person Mike comments "that water looked good" (referring to the woman's drink).
  • Stop Looking, Ya Damn Perv
  • Parodied in the web show The Guild. The opening theme features a close-up of each character in turn, and when it gets to Clara, the camera stops on her breasts, then just gets a very quick shot of her face before moving on.
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  • While all pervs, the ladies and gentlemen of That Guy with the Glasses will always point this out in a disparaging way when they review something. Regarding their own fanservice, the Female Gaze is much more common.
  • Tobuscus has a Catchphrase specifically for occurrences of this in his videos: "Hot hot hot", said at Motor Mouth velocity and frequently a distraction from whatever he was talking about at the time.
  • Discussed in an episode of Needs More Gay, and differentiates between this and Female Gaze, the later typically being static, distant shots to convey power rather than panning close-ups of body parts. However, while he makes the Double Standard abundantly clear and how awkward it can be for those not sexually attracted to women, Rantasmo concludes that there is no easy way to cater to a society that enjoys sex without it alienating some people (just to prove his point, the episode ends with him staring at pictures of Chris Hemsworth).
  • One Two Best Friends Play episode begins with Matt purchasing that episode's game at a kiosk, filming the entire process. When the female clerk turns to take the game off its shelf his camera briefly pans down to focus on her butt.
  • RWBY: When Weiss appears on-screen in Volume 4, the camera usually only focuses on one thing. This'll give you an idea of what we mean.
  • The subject is covered in extensive detail by Lindsay Ellis in one episode of "The Whole Plate", a series of video essays examining various aspects of film theory through the lens of the Michael Bay ''Transformers'' movies.
  • IMDB has their own keyword for this, "camera-focus-on-female-butt."


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