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Discussed examples

  • In Mortal Kombat, he calls Sonja in Go-Go Enslavement gear “questionable but not problematic”.
  • "The Top 11 Hottest Animated Women". Goes without saying given the title, but went overboard with the leering, as Doug acknowledged later.
  • When Critic makes a sexist joke in Ferngully and Chick rolls her eyes at him, he tells her he's just mocking Batty for flying behind Krista.
  • His Sarcasm Failure over the random naked woman in Red Sonja, saying that it's the laziest excuse for a titty shot he's ever seen.
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  • In Barb Wire, he lampshades how they try their hardest to make a woman getting tortured be titillating and the man not at all.
  • In the Superman Story Arc, he punishes his male audience with a screamer for being distracted by Lois's partial upskirt shot.
  • In End of Days when the female lead takes her top off: "hello, pointless breast shot!" *few seconds later* "goodbye, pointless breast shot!"
  • His one complaint about the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Mad Love" is the unneeded fanservice of Doctor Harley and her colleague in short mini-skirts.
  • In his review of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, The Critic initially trashes the Mileena vs. Sonya fight as just pointless violence and pandering, but slowly gets sucked into it due to the fanservice. Eventually, he and three others who show up in the background are hooting and hollering at the fight.
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  • Over on the DVD review of Reefer Madness, he's a little weirded out on the wife character getting extra focus when she puts on her stockings. Especially when the prudish doctor is supposed to be telling this story to the group of people.
  • He's fairly disgusted by Shatner inserting in a half naked alien lady dancing for no other reason other than the obvious.
  • He might fancy the fuck out of Catherine Zeta Jones in The Haunting (1999), but his top brain wins out most of the time to voice his distaste with her constant Have I Mentioned I Am Gay? moments.
  • He interjects a quick Take That! to the concept in Patch Adams, saying that Hollywood would be horrified at putting a real unpretty Love Interest in their movies.
  • In Alien: Resurrection, he surmises that the deformed experiments scene is only there as an excuse to show Weaver's boobs.
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  • As to be expected, Michael Bay got pointedly trashed for objectifying women constantly in his movies.
  • Especially seeing as she's sixteen and asleep when this happens, he's grossed out by the pan up the girl's naked legs in Ernest Saves Christmas.
  • Also in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, a close-up shot is forced on Divatox's cleavage as Critic agrees with Zordon that spending all the movie's budget on that was worth it.
  • In "Why Is Loki So Hot", he forces a close up on Black Widow's boobs, saying he can't answer the above question himself "because [her cleavage] wouldn't let [his] eyes go".
  • In Man of Steel, Critic drools over Amy Adams's “s” and when Joe calls him out, Critic smugly shuts him up with “you've done worse”. Notable because the “done worse” scene is Manipulative Editing and Joe was actually making a joke about the writer's T&A mindset.
    • Also, when Joe wants to talk for more than a couple minutes for once, Critic conspicuously minimizes Joe's window and instead stares at a picture of naked Emilia Clarke.
  • In American Beauty, he thanks the movie for showing him a sixteen year old Thora Birch's boobs, and dismisses the main character's pedophilia leanings as at least he didn't go through it.
  • He spends a long, long time ogling Usagi and friend's transformation scenes, to the point where he makes a skit about his teenage dick being a literal gun threatening to shoot him if he doesn't watch.
  • In Rise Of The Commercials, he mocks HBO for “mind-blowing entertainment mixed in with pointless boob shots”.
  • He assumes Kate Moss's posing in The Matrix was to prove her legs look good from any angle, “which they do, they do”. There's also Tamara in a Spy Catsuit with the zip not covering her cleavage at all.
  • Subverted at the end of The Haunted Mansion, as another take had Zod being all too happy to go after porn!Tamara. Doug broke at that one though, and the actual take has Zod being in no way interested in her.note .
  • To mock the film, Tamara's version of Claire's top half is only a blazer and what looks like just a cleavage-enhancing bra.
  • Bay in Mad Max: Fury Road complains that the women in the film should be draped over the cars, not driving them.
  • In Conquest Of The Commercials, he complains about the Chuck E Cheese fog machines on the arcade game because that makes him unable to see princess cleavage.
  • In Lady in the Water, he mocks Shyamalan for only managing to hold a shot when it's Young-Soon Choi's ass.
  • In Freddy vs Jason, he mocks it for having teenagers deciding to go out in the rain where their clothes can get tighter.
    • The end gently theorizes that Snyder and Bay use fanservice overload to compensate for being in the closet.
    • Averted for his own show, as while Tamara still had to wear a Sexy Dorothy costume, no focus is given on it (Malice coming back is more the fanservice) and Malice kills Dorothy pretty fast.
  • In Dragonball Evolution, he snarks on the female assassin having a cleavage window. "Hope you like my assassin outfit making sure you know I have breasts!"
  • He talks about Starship Troopers having a fascist future trying to show equality with a co-ed shower, but it's really just an excuse to show boobs, leading to that fascism thing again.
  • Tamara-Lara in Tomb Raider review points out that she's revolutionary in a world of male dominated games, but all teenage boys care about is the square boobs.
  • His main criticism of the 1999 Sonic movie is all the sexualization of Sera from robots, foxes and hedgehogs.

Other examples

  • According to Elisa's formspring, Team NChick had to force Doug to let them wear the burlesque outfits for the Moulin Rouge! review (they enjoy dressing up), most likely because he was worried about this trope.
  • Shameless in The Swan Princess, with Tamara suddenly Of Corsets Sexy and the camera focusing right on her bust.
  • Despite being portrayed as a young girl, Evilina's bust can nearly always be seen when she's present. Even Doug leers in the The Cat in the Hat commentary.
  • Played straight in Catwoman, as the catwomen have cleavage-baring shirts, act seductive whenever they have the chance, and immediately fall for Critic's distraction of a romantic dance.
  • In the Nerd movie DVD review, he's confused by the military woman's line of Going Commando, and tells her she probably made some horny five year old's dream come true. And again when her colleague makes a comment about her boobs, cringing and saying they made a horny four year old's dream come true. He also thinks that Nerd promising a Cat Fight was how they got a tank.
  • According to the Turbo commentary, Rachel!Rita's cone boobs were giant for a reason. And in Devil, Santa Christ also takes a picture of her boobs twice (to her annoyance) when he's in the elevator with her.
  • Discussed in the Fantastic Four making of between Doug and Rob when Tamara acts out her Super Strength moment. Rob says “I'll hand the fanfic writers their keyboards” and Doug complains to Tamara “just because you're a woman you're immediately sexualized!”
  • Lampshaded in Planet of the Apes when the announcer calls Rachel “Rachel Beeeeewbs” in a childish tone, crossing out her actual surname.
  • His amnesiac state hit hard against the Female Gaze of Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee, whining at one point that the only nipples Todd would be seeing would be of men because there were too many shirtless scenes.
  • Mocked in Spawn when the Devil's assassin is Tamara in latex/dominatrix gear, and Critic thinks she looks ridiculous instead of attractive. Played straight when the woman in the movie gets an unsubtle shot of her ass, and Critic agrees that it looks good.
  • The entirety of Tamara's make-up tutorial is a Take That! at having to do way more than guys to look acceptable on the Internet, but "if you don't want to listen to what I have to say, you can just gawk at my lips" when she does lip contouring is the most pointed.
  • In the first viewing of Batman Forever, Doug asks how Rob didn't notice the cartoons the henchwomen are watching reflect their personality and Rob gets annoyed because of course he would notice the lingerie they're wearing more.


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