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  • AI: The Somnium Files:
    • Most of the time, when Date examines Ritsuko, he will comment on her Gag Boobs.
    • Whenever Date is at Sunfish Pocket with Amame, he can use Aiba's X-ray functionality to admire her (or rather, her skeleton's) hip structure.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, the "slide" maneuver used while playing Catwoman to move through very narrow, low obstacles involves Catwoman sliding on her knees and leaning back with her arms spread just so, giving the player a perfect view of Catwoman's cleavage...
    • Talia. While she and Batman walk down the Chamber of the Demon, the camera has a pretty good view of her behind while walking down the stairs.
    • Used with Harley and Poison Ivy in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The latter could be considered part of her powers but the former is clearly just fansevice as she herself points out.
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  • Bayonetta, the main protagonist (the titular Bayonetta) is a gun-toting witch that uses her magic hair to cover herself in the form of a skin-tight sleeveless bodysuit, with the game's artstyle exagerating her limbs, making her backside look bigger in-game. Though the game is rather campy already and very overt about its fanservice in the first place.
  • In a particularly egregious - and hilarious - example, Kagura of Blazblue: Chronophantasma has this as his match intro if he goes up against a female character (barring Rachel, Tsubaki and Makoto). It involves a crosshair moving down his female opponent's body, followed by a small readout of her precise BWH measurements and a comment from Kagura. Video.
  • Borderlands has some of this in the Secret Armory DLC. There are wanted posters for the player characters and the pictures of Brick, Mordecai and Roland show their faces as usual, but for Lilith, her picture is focussed, uh... lower.
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  • In Brain Dead 13, Vivi says she's a little bit "behind". Guess what's appearing onscreen a bit after she says it?
  • The "erotic points for erotic photos" gimmick was replicated in Dead Rising, with the added Squick bonus that the women are zombies.
    • Also includes a hilarious Lampshade Hanging when Isabella is revealed via a POV pan-up from the knees - only for a fat guy to jump in Frank's way.
    "This is no time to ogle pretty girls, son!"
    • In Dead Rising 2, Chuck and Reporter Rebecca Chang come up against a locked door. Rebecca then bends over to pick the lock. Chuck, meanwhile, stares at her feminine curves.
    "You have some interesting... skills, for a reporter."
  • Devil May Cry:
    • Trish’s Absolute Cleavage gets plenty of attention in DMC1 and with the creation of Jiggle Physics Trish’s breasts get even more attention in DMC4 and especially in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • In DMC3 there’s a suspicious amount of times the camera zooms in on Lady’s thighs and her mini-skirt clad lower body in general and even if she’s wearing Modesty Shorts the Fanservice is unmistakable, especially when the camera zooms under her skirt at one point in the Mission 13 cutscene. Though in retrospect Lady’s depiction in third game was tame compared to her Stripperiffic attire in DMC4 or Lady’s lack of attire in DMC5
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    • In Devil May Cry 4: As Nero approaches the drawbridge, he witnesses Gloria as she engages several mooks in combat. During the fight, she spams split-related attacks, and the camera never misses an opportunity to pan across the area between her legs. Makes sense since Gloria is actually the aforementioned Trish in disguise.
    • In-Universe example comes from Handsome Lech Dante when he meets the Rusalka and becomes very excited, getting a close eyeful of their bosoms and buttocks. However you'll notice Dante subtly doesn’t let the Rusalka actually touch him as he gets close to their bodies and dodges their playful grabs as he’s ogling them because Dante knows they’re actually the lures of a giant frog demon, but that doesn’t seem to dissuade him from having a good perv.
  • The robes for a female mage Warden in Dragon Age: Origins and the way the PC runs seem designed to draw attention to her hips. A romanced Alistair certainly notices: "No no no! I wasn't looking at... you know, her... hind-quarters."
  • Used in Dragon Quest VIII when Angelo introduces himself to Jessica.
    • And again when Prince Charmles's father tries to convince him that marrying a princess isn't so bad... by using Jessica as a visual illustration of "Va-va-VOOM".
    • Which Jessica responds to with, "Please leave me out of this."
  • Wanna try something fun? Next time you're playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, choose a female character, turn the camera around until it's facing the character's front, then zoom in. Guess where it ends up.
  • Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas has female characters swinging their hips rather sensually when walking and running and its more pronounced when equiping the Leather Armor (a Road Warrior-esque outfit) due to the female version of the armor having tight leather pants that make their backsides more "notable" in Third-Person.
    Sydney: Keep your eyes on the mission, and off my ass, please.
  • Fear Effect. We get several close ups of Hana's feminine curves in both games. An in universe example is averted when Hana threatens to kill Deke for peeking at her.
  • Several in Final Fantasy.
    • Final Fantasy VII:
      • Tifa raises her arms above her head and stretches during her victory pose, which causes her breasts to jut outward. While in Dissidia 012, her pre-fight intro animation has her put her hands on her hips and lean forward, causing them to sway directly into the camera.
      • In the scene where Weapon is being released, Tifa is hit by a wave of blue energy that causes her to fall over on the deck, giving us an obvious shot of her breasts and up her skirt simultaneously.
      • Tifa also gets this in the ending FMV where she and Cloud are getting themselves up the ledge - the shot is focused on her breasts, which are very jiggly.
      • Lampshaded humorously if you take the Absurdly Long Stairway in Shrina, as Tifa whose further up than Cloud and Barret suddenly realises her Dangerously Short Skirt is giving the boys an eyeful. So covering herself embarrassed Tifa demands that Cloud and Barret go ahead of her (Cloud needs more prompting).
      • Lampshaded again when the party arrives at Costa del Sol and the player has the option to have Cloud recognise Hojo or notice the bikini-clad woman next to him. This causes Tifa question what exactly was Cloud looking at.
      • The original Final Fantasy VII opening cinematic begins with a closeup of Aeris's face (a significant shot that Bookends the game). The PS3 tech demo remake of the Final Fantasy VII opening cinematic crops her face out of the frame in favour of looking down her top the whole time.
      • In the E3 trailer for the remake there's bit where Tifa is bending forward and audience suddenly becomes aware of just how short Tifa's skirt is around her rear.
      • Dirge of Cerberus - Very frequently occurs to Shelke's toned backside in cutscenes.
    • Final Fantasy IX - FMV with Dagger atop Lindblum castle playing with the pigeons.
    • Lulu does the same, during her victory pose in Final Fantasy X, giving the gamer a generous view of her equally generous bosom. There are also times when the camera cuts to Lulu talking, that zooms in on her breasts, while leaving the top half of her face out of frame. Her introductory FMV also begins with her at a distance, before cutting straight to her chest, and then (very slowly) panning up to her face.
      • During his review of FF X, The Spoony One used a counter to keep track of the number of times that the camera was angled such that you got a close-up of someone's buttocks in the foreground while the important bit happened in the background. To be fair, a significant portion of the buttocks belonged to men (or Ronsos).
      • Rikku is also a frequent offender; her introductory FMV (which is pure fanservice material, either way) has a long, lingering shot of her buttocks. A lot of the time the camera focuses on someone's buttocks in the foreground, it'll be hers. Her bikini top-and-short shorts outfit in X-2 is even more revealing (to say nothing of any of the other costumes she, Yuna and Paine wear in the game).
    • Played with in an early scene in the same game where Tidus snatches a person's binoculars and looks around with them, lingering at one point over Lulu's breasts. A similar joke occurs in Final Fantasy X-2, in which Logos is supposed to be showing a sphere of the events they just encountered in Bevelle but the video opens with a long shot of the camera pointed at Yuna's butt. He attempts to pawn off the blame on Ormi, which is quickly deflected when Ormi appears in the same shot.
    • Final Fantasy XII - There's a scene early on where Penelo is trying to talk Vaan out of doing the heist he's about to attempt, and one shot inexplicably centers around her torso. Her chest and crotch are in the shot. Her face isn't. Additionally, Fran's metallic thong seems to have magic camera-attracting abilities. Either that or her buttocks does.
    • Final Fantasy XV actually got complaints from the European playerbase that Wrench Wench Cindy was 'too sexy'. The director Hajime Tabata suggested that she wasn't intended to be especially sexy but a 'carefree' sort of character, so they had to rethink the way she was presented in-game rather than cover her up.
    • Mobius Final Fantasy introduces Echo with a lot of attention on her breasts and butt. It disguises the irony when Wol complains that she needs to 'put some clothes on', even though he's less covered up than her.
  • Fire Emblem Fates has Camilla, the older sister of the Nohr family, who has very big... err... assets. This is acknowledged in her pre-fight cutscene on the Hoshido route, where the camera does a cycle around her butt, crotch, and yes, her chest. "I choose Nohr for boobs!" has become quite the rally cry for guys who have chosen to side with Nohr, and by extension, her.
  • Halo: In the original trilogy, whenever Cortana's visible, the camera does its best to show off her translucent feminine curves. Halo 4 largely averts this, with the camera firmly focused on her face.
    • A video by Frank O'Connor explained that she appeared in such a form because it helped throw off men and gave her an advantage in conversation. To be honest, she didn't need to be a supergenius computer to know this would work.
    • If you stare long at a female marine’s chest area in Halo 3 they make funny comments ranging from merely explaining why that’s why they call it a “breastplate” or literally telling you that milk isn’t gonna come out so there’s no point in ogling.
    • There's a particular moment in Halo: Reach where the camera pays attention to Kat's pronounced buttocks as she walks away with her hips swinging, it's kinda funny when you consider Spartan's genders are supposed to unidentifiable with their armor on. Kat herself lampshades it if you look at long enough.
    Kat: Stare all you like, I'm used to it.
  • Hyrule Warriors: 90% of Cia's intro clip consists of closeups of her legs, butt, and chest.
  • Jak and Daxter's Daxter takes a couple opportunities to check out his female friends' cleavage during the course of the series. At least he looks them in the face first, though.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Most likely unintentional but Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has a rather... plump backside. It helps by the fact that she's completely naked (although she lacks any sort of visible genitalia).
    • Too blatant to not be intentional in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: During one of the memories, Zelda is on her hands and knees looking at a flower, with her butt shoved directly in the viewer's face. Then the perspective changes, and reveals that Link has been sitting in the grass behind her the entire time, and at one point is pretty clearly staring right at her ass.
  • Lineage 2: Here's a gravity-defying fight scene between two rough and tough female characters and also the camera likes to linger to positively lick their busts and hips for some reason.
  • The first shot the player sees of Celestine from Magna Carta 2 is her boobs.
  • Birdo's intro animation in Mario Tennis Aces has the camera focus on her butt as she jumps down before she turns around.
  • Mass Effect introduces Sha'ira, the Asari Consort, with a lingering shot of her behind as she walks upstairs.
    • And later, during a heterosexual sex scene, the camera lingers much more on the female partner in the relationship... even if you're playing her.
    • Matriarch Benezia's introduction includes a lingering shot of her Cleavage Window.
    • Mass Effect 2 has a scene with Miranda Lawson, a character who wears a skintight catsuit, in which she gives you a choice to take on a side quest. The choice menu comes up right as the camera holds on a view of her butt that takes up most of the screen. In fact, until the player makes a conversation choice, the camera stays on this shot. They take every opportunity they have to show off Miranda's body with quite a few butt shots in this and in part 3.
      • Miranda's camera-attracting abilities are spoofed in Kabuto the Python's rap parody "Those Minerals":
      You need to get a fuckin' upgrade, talk to Miranda,
      She'll prob'ly get up from her desk so you can stop for a gander....
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda does better with the cutscenes in terms of avoiding this, but at one point in the background you can hear an angaran woman chiding her male companion to stop staring at a female Ryder after informing him that Ryder is a "she" not an "it."
    • Samara seems to have the camera more interested in her body than her face, as well.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo introduces a minor NPC and rather Stripperific, Witch with a first-person view point of Neo, who's crouched on the floor, looking at her slowly from her feet to her corset to her head.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid: after the scene where Solid Snake first meets Meryl, there is an extended shot (in slow motion) of her buttocks as she is leaving. It was intended to draw attention to her unique walk so she could be identified in disguise.
    • The third game had a first person 'Snake Cam' at certain points during cutscenes, and when the female character EVA was around pressing the button would often greet the viewer with an extended shot focused on her breasts, either intentionally (Snake looking) or unintentionally (EVA showing him).
    • Hideo Kojima even managed to turn this into a narrative device; later in the game after falling in love with EVA, the Snake Cam focuses solely on her face.
    • The director even went so far as to include some bonus 'Peep Show' segments on the Director's Cut edition, which involved the scenes with EVA recut in various ways, with her dressed in an interesting alternate outfit.
    • He also did a recut scene of a segment where Snake undressed an attractive male, which raises some awkward questions about the director. Especially when it's taken into account the way the games are notorious for dressing men in Spy Catsuits and having long, lingering shots on their buttocks too, and also that the lead character always ends up shirtless at some point in his adventure. Metal Gear Solid's penultimate battle is a shirtless fistfight on top of a Humongous Mecha.
    • Outside of the recut sections, notice too that holding the button around Bishōnen Raikov reveals Snake's eyes to be permanently fixed on Raikov's junk.
    • MGS2's Raiden had a segment where he ran around stark staring naked, hands over his junk. (During this segment, he could run and dodge, but could not do anything that would require his hands to be elsewhere than covering himself up.)
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4, the cutscenes before each Beauty boss fight spend a lot of time behind the ladies as they are on all fours. Or anything else, really, especially after they're out of their One-Winged Angel form and in catsuits. This happens to be when their mental instability is usually underlined in bright red marker, making it rather difficult for players to be titillated. Snake gets quite a bit of this treatment in cutscenes involving him as well.
    • Hide for a few minutes and every Beauty fight becomes a fashion show.
    • Parodied in Metal Gear Solid 4, when Otacon and Naomi are using the computer together. His webcam feed is displayed on his laptop, as they work, and while Otacon isn't looking at the video, he's clearly angled it specifically to video Naomi's cleavage. When Naomi tries to look at what's on the screen, he panics and tries to point the camera away so that she doesn't notice. She does, but she actually seems quite pleased.
    • And then, later, he's spying on her and her comrades by positioning a tiny invisible robot between her legs. The target displaying what Otacon is most focused on at any one time flips back and forth from whoever's talking to Naomi's feet, buttocks, or thighs. He does go in for a Panty Shot, but she notices the robot a fraction of a second beforehand and one of her coworkers destroys it.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 2, you can photograph various Page Three Stunna pictures and send them to Otacon, to which he has various amused/aroused responses. You can also send him either pin-ups of semi-naked men or photos of a burly bisexual man, which cause him to question Snake's (and the assumed male player's) orientation.
    • Mistral’s curvaceous body gets some very loving attention in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, even the Happily Married Raiden has a slight reaction when Mistral drops her coat to reveal her ample bosom.
    • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain opens with the PC lying in a hospital bed; you control nothing but the head, looking around. Almost no matter what you do, you end up with a face full of nurse breast. And then there's your introduction to Quiet. Hell, just Quiet in general.
  • Zero Suit Samus from Metroid is introduced in The Subspace Emissary, the Adventure Mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with her dropping to the ground from an air vent followed by a slow pan from her legs to her face. Clad in a Spy Catsuit as she is, this is hardly surprising.
    • It does build suspension and makes it all the more powerful when she does show her face near the end of the clip.
    • The Smash Bros Brawl website plays Equal Opportunity with this, related to Metal Gear above. When describing Snake's Final Smash, one of the stills is of Snake (also in a Spy Catsuit) as he's climbing down the ladder, and his buttocks the screen.
    • This Japanese ad for Metroid: Zero Mission has a Japanese glamour model as Samus, and takes great advantage of it, complete with a butt shot.
    • The introductory video for Palutena has close-up shots of her hip (on the side where her dress is split) and her chest.
  • Metroid: Other M was developed by the T-and-A-loving Team Ninja, and the game's director apparently asked them to tone down the fanservice compared to what the team wanted to do. Of course, while deconstructing the game's many, many Unfortunate Implications, many have remarked that the version that came out spent an awful lot of time focusing on Samus's Spy Catsuit-covered behind, including during dramatic scenes where Samus has been shot.
  • In the PS2 survival horror game Michigan: Report From Hell, you are a cameraman whose job is to keep the camera rolling and keep on filming a number of various sexy female reporters (if one dies another replaces them, though once they all die, the game ends) going above and beyond the call of duty in delivering their news reports, even as Michigan City literally goes to the proverbial hell (imagine this as the The Blair Witch Project meets The Mist) in a handbasket. You can take pictures of anything, for which you score points, with "erotic" pictures getting "erotic" points. If you score enough "erotic" points overall, you get the Golden Ending where whatever sexy female reporter with whom you scored enough erotic points with, will proceed to pose, parade, and pole dance for you in sexy lingerie whether she actually lived or died by the game end (you can even get all the girls together in the ending if you repeat the game enough times, with a new girl added each time until you already have them all).
  • In Need for Speed Most Wanted, during the initial introduction with the Silent Protagonist's sidekick Mia Townsend, the camera pans along her body as she walks towards the player's car.
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: When Travis goes to the UAA office for the first time, he follows behind Sylvia, bending over low enough to put his face about 6 inches from her butt.
  • Planet Explorers has several suits of women's armour which feature crop tops, corsets and shapely breast-plates, alongside more protective sets. Aida Acosta's unobtainable uniform includes a crop top as well.
  • Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is a huge example of this, since the game was supposely a romantic comedy with erotic overtones (though it failed horribly). Just as an example, the introductory FMV is just the female lead talking about the game as the camera zooms in to her breast.
  • Particularly blatant near the start of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, in which a female antagonist enters the scene and the camera spends several seconds focused on her Thong of Shielding.
  • In the completed yet never (officially) released US edition of Princess Maker 2, there is the infamous "nude suit" for the female heroine even as a young girl.
  • "Nostalogic", a song sung by Meiko in Project Diva F has the camera often lock on or swing past Meiko's rear, midriff, or breasts, which also bounce.
  • Resident Evil
  • Rumble Roses has lots but the one that really stands out is when a character is ready to be finished off with a "humiliation move".
  • Lampshaded in Shadow Hearts 3, where the end of the scene where Johnny and Shania meet has an actual, on-screen arrow pointing from Johnny's eyes to Shania's chest. Also the Transformation Sequence. Dear God, the Transformation Sequence.
  • In First-Person Shooter SiN Episodes (i.e. a game in which the camera angles are almost entirely up to the player), the character of Jessica Cannon wears a Spy Catsuit that, when viewed from behind, is apparently designed to draw attention to her rear end.
  • Rouge the Bat in Sonic the Hedgehog. She tends to pose in... odd ways in the anime Sonic X and gets a bit of this in the games too, as sometimes it seems as if she poses for no apparent reason other than to highlight her cleavage.
  • Most of Cammy iconic victory poses in Street Fighter, as well as her STARTING POSE in IV involve her having her back facing the camera.
  • Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken provokes this a LOT. Her versus screen, victory and win screen poses all focus on this, and her special intro with Hugo before a fight outright shoves this in the player's face.
  • Lara Croft utilizes this in many ways in the Tomb Raider games; not only does she possess somewhat... exaggerated attributes in the bosom and rear end departments, but the clothes she wears (particularly in the earlier games) are designed to enhance them even further. Coupled with this is the fact that she is mostly viewed from behind during the game (partly as a necessity of the game mechanics), and it's not hard to imagine what many gamers of the male persuasion would be thinking about when playing the game.
    • This was taken a bit further in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, where the updated graphics and animation allowed the developer to do the same game except with more fanservice—as Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw notes in his review, when she comes out of the water she's realistically wet and glistening, and if you leave the game idle for a while she does these shamelessly erotic stretches.
    • It goes even further than that in Tomb Raider: Underworld, where Lara dons a swimsuit-leotard for significant portions of the game.
    • Crystal Dynamics have stated they were specially trying to avert this in Tomb Raider (2013), to the point that they iterated on her model until people in tests were found to naturally focus on her eyes rather than her breasts. Though with that said some camera angles overlook her cleavage, but to the developer's credit it’s more rare than previous titles.
  • Just about everything Vanillaware does is heavily garnished with stuff George Kamitani likes, and what he likes are boobs, butts, and buffness. Dragon's Crown takes this trope to level that borders on parody.
  • In Vanquish all the cutscenes with Elena have the camera placed low to ground looking up, getting the best look at her legs to point where the camera seems like it’s gonna fly up her skirt at any moment.
  • Played for laughs in Warriors Orochi 3: Guest Fighter Ayane briefly crosses blades with Yoshitsune Minamoto. Their fight is cut short when Yoshitsune catches a glimps of Ayane's ample chest, and he becomes too flustered to continue fighting her. He spends a lot of time afterwards insisting Ayane dress in something less Stripperific.
  • In Overwatch, one of Widowmaker's highlight intros starts with the camera panning up from her rear and turning up her side toward her face, ending with her glancing at the camera with a smile, as if acknowledging that she knows exactly what you're looking at.
  • Judith from Tales of Vesperia has her large picture in skits involve her bending over giving us a good look at her cleavage. The look on her face clearly shows that she's doing it on purpose.


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