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The Remote

  • Near the beginning of the episode when Nicole is showing why she needs a new microwave, she puts a potted flower next to it and turns the microwave on. The radiation from the microwave causes the flower to disintegrate, and she's worried the next time she uses it she'll grow a third arm.
  • The Wattersons besides Anais end up in a big kung-fu fight over the titular device. Right before it starts, a sign on the wall behind Nicole says this:
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  • Later in the same battle, Nicole performs a Matrix-like leap to the roof of another building. As Gumball and Darwin stop short, Richard attempts and fails to make the same jump. By the sound, his Epic Fail was rather painful.

The Colossus

  • The Bowdlerised version of Captain Punch:
    What's this? Looks like three ski enthusiasts have just withdrawn their hard-earned wages from the bank!
    Take this...
    (handwritten on whiteout over a picture of someone with a hand-drawn bouquet) lovely bunch of flowers!
    I'm gonna take you guys down... to a nice restaurant for a Swiss fondue!!
    (close up shot) My treat!''
  • Louie says "What did he say?" after Hector screamed in his face that he’s not boring.
  • Gumball prepares to give chase to Hector by grabbing a nearby broom and mounting it, and then he falls face first to the ground. Hector's mom says that the broom is a normal one she has because she's a cleaning lady, then adds that 'the witchy ones are over there', to which Gumball replies with I Knew It!
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  • When Gumball is in the middle of climbing Hector, Darwin smugly tries to get Gumball to learn a lesson.
    Darwin: You know, next time you want to judge other people's life choices, maybe you should take a long hard look at your own.
    Gumball: Well, maybe you should take a long, hard look at that duck!
    Darwin: ... duck?
    (duck comes from off-screen and slams into Darwin)
  • At the end of the episode, Hector sends Gumball and Darwin a friend request. Since he'll destroy the town again regardless of if they say yes or no, Gumball smashes the monitor with a hammer.

The Knights

  • The entirety of Gumball going ballistic on his family so that his study with Penny is perfect.
  • Gumball running out of toothpaste at the beginning and trying to brush his teeth with a bar of soap.
  • Gumball's various attempts to win over the respect of Mr. Fitzgerald, including, but not limited to: making him a cake, a mixtape, a ukulele song (complete with an a capella version for when the listener destroys the ukelele), wiping the sweat off his forehead while out jogging, and vandalizing a billboard for his construction firm to read "WAtteRson AND Fitzgerland Co.-FRieNDSHip UNLimited".
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  • When Patrick is about to accidentally drive into Penny, Gumball attempts a Diving Save, but once he does Patrick veers off-course looking like he's about to hit Tobias. He brushes just past Tobias, his mirror comes off and he crashes into the Wattersons' house.

The Fridge

  • Alison brags to Gumball that she managed to find a half-price salmon at a grocery store, and Nicole stares at him as he walks toward her. Cut to the car, where Gumball is holding the salmon and has a salmon-shaped red mark on his face.
  • Because "a winner stares fear in the face", Nicole makes Gumball stand on the roof in a lightning storm, holding a golf club.

The Flower

  • At one point Jealous Gumball calls Leslie a "nectar-faced, CO2-breathing, self-pollinating, photosynthesizing, soil-eating, root-drinking, deciduous petal-headed punk". Similarly, when Penny becomes jealous of seeing Gumball with Carrie she calls the latter an "undead, ectoplasmic, transparent, paranormal, spooky, floating, fringe-flicking freak".
  • Gumball's locker opening to reveal that it's stuffed with herbicide, weed killer, vandalized photos of Leslie and a book titled "The Root of All Evil".
  • After trying to subdue Leslie by gluing him to a bench and feeding him to slugs, Jealous Gumball makes three bad Bond One-Liners before giving up.
    • The day after, while eating lunch with Penny and Darwin, he says a better Bond One-Liner before switching back to normal, cheerfully adding "Naaaailed iiiiiit."
  • Leslie's failed Big Damn Heroes moment, where he tries to vacuum the jealousy Ghostbusters-style but ends up vacuuming Carrie's face instead, causing it to become stretched out. She pulls a hair out of her mouth and in a completely deadpan voice says "Gross."
  • When the jealousy is expelled from Gumball's body it goes flying around Carrie's room saying it wants all the stuff she has like a spoiled kid who wants a toy his best friend has. It then starts Body Surfing and making its hosts admit their desires; Leslie wants his own room like Carrie, Carrie wants her own body like Darwin, and Darwin says he's actually quite happy with his life.

The Banana

  • Banana Joe gets glue on his hand. He keeps getting his hand stuck on things but just makes a bad pun and pulls it off, until his hand gets stuck on his face, and when he tries to get it off he tears his own eye off.
  • Darwin orders Gumball to get "justice" against Banana Joe by chewing on his jockstrap.
  • Gumball and Darwin beat themselves up so Joe thinks they had an even fight, culminating in Gumball's idea for finishing it:
    Gumball: Hey dude, pull one of my teeth out!
    (Darwin reaches into Gumball's mouth)
    Gumball: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa that's completely over-the-top isn't it?

The Phone

  • Gumball whacking things out the window with a golf club in favor of the new phone.
  • Gumball's pants falling after putting the heavy phone in his pants.
  • The duo's phone number is apparently "poop" spelled in binary code.
  • Gumball squishing his face against a locker, where his face then spills to the floor.
  • This:
    Gumball: (in a ladylike voice) Hello?
    Ocho: I know you're behind the door.
    Gumball: (still in weird voice) Wha? No door here. Bye.
  • "How do you spell "LOL"?" "J-E-R-K!!"
  • After Gumball puts out a fire in Mr. Small's office and leaves the room full of extinguisher foam, Mr. Small thinks he has meditated too long and has become one with the universe.
  • Darwin making emoticon faces.
  • "MY CELL PHONE!!!"
  • When Gumball and Darwin are repairing the roof after Ocho damaged it, Darwin says he's over his cell phone addiction until Gumball imitates the phone, and Darwin picks up a brick and whacks himself in the side of the head.

The Job

  • The mere fact that Richard having a job (and doing it well) inadvertently results in a Reality-Breaking Paradox, and the World Gone Mad that comes from it.
  • Nicole mispronouncing "proud" as "prood", and making an utterly ridiculous face while doing so.
  • Gumball and Darwin deliver a pizza to the Pepperonis (a pair of talking pizzas) as it's apparently their newborn child. Cue Black Comedy Burst when Gumball accidentally drops the pizza while trying to claim their payment and the couple is traumatized after seeing it slither down the steps of their front door.
  • Gumball and Darwin give Mr. Small an ad-hoc vegetarian pizza, covered in mud, grass and some used gum. Mr. Small, who is starved because he switched to a Tibetan diet that calls for eating nothing but sunlight while it's currently cloudy, eats it immediately and faints. Gumball and Darwin assume he's dead until he blows a bubble.
  • When the Banana family receive their pizza they start singing, and Richard driving by causes them to go on ad infinitum. Gumball then begins asking them pizza-related questions while Darwin is visibly trying to hold in his laughter at their predicament, then when Gumball closes the door and looks at them through the mail slot they're slowed down.
    Gumball: That's one creepy bunch of bananas, man.
    • Later when the family and Larry are going after Richard, Joe floats by the car still in the singing loop, only sped-up this time.
  • When Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Larry are chasing Richard, one of his World-Wrecking Waves causes them to switch heads. Gumball with Anais' head says he suddenly feels smart, whereas Anais with Gumball's head says she doesn't.
  • As Nicole chases Richard down to stop him from keeping his job, she goes from switching into various colors to being turned into a live-action cat. Bonus points for Darwin, Anais, and Larry who were de-anthropomorphized into a rabbit tinted pink, a rock with a cap on it, and a goldfish with human legs.
  • An ominous chanting can be heard throughout the episode, which becomes less ominous considering it's actually listing pizza toppings.
    "Margarita! Mexicali! Bean burrito! Marinara! Mozzarella! Gorgonzola!"


  • The first thing Darwin does after being turned into a ghost is kiss Carrie.
  • Gumball and Darwin then go on a haunting spree that includes an attempt to possess Tina Rex. They botch that when they realize that controlling her seems to look and feel like trying to play QWOP.
    • Another one before it has them possess the head of a moose in the Robinsons' residence while messing with Mrs. Robinson - which promptly makes her drop a tray of tea...
    • Which she was about to bring for Mr. Robinson, who asks what's going on. The moose nonchalantly replies to him "Nothing." Cue Mr. Robinson passing out.
  • When Gumball and Darwin (as ghosts) run towards the haunted house to save Anais, a large ghost hand reaches out and grabs Darwin's head and face, determined to drag him back into the underworld. Darwin then spits all over the hand, prompting it to let Darwin go and wipe itself on a nearby tombstone.

The Treasure

  • Gumball pointing out the makeshift items the Wattersons have in lieu of the real thing; instead of an MP3 player they have a calculator with a pair of earbuds taped to it, instead of Kung Fu Panda they have a Vídeo Brinquedo-style bargain bin mockbuster called How to Ratatwang Your Panda, and instead of a blender they have a table fan pointed downward.
  • Darwin hypnotizes Gumball to make him remember past lives. Gumball flashes back to his previous life as a hypnotist, then hypnotizes Darwin.
  • When trying to get something out of his parents' room, Gumball bugs his parents into letting him sleep in their bed, gets rolled over by his dad, and spends several seconds completely engulfed by his girth until popping out.
    Gumball: (shivers) Oh, that was like being born.
  • Apparently Gumball was born with a misshapen head, and according to Richard, Nicole stayed at the hospital while the doctors tried to work out why he was so ugly.
    • After the photos of baby Gumball are revealed, Gumball himself finds a baby picture of Darwin, who has a horribly deformed face. Darwin's reaction is the same expression from the picture.
  • The look on Darwin's face before he beats the mailbox with a shovel.
    Darwin: (in deep voice) I'll show you what it's for.

The Apology

  • Brown does a very prolonged Spit Take after seeing Miss Simian's butt.
  • Gumball hands Ms. Simian his report card with Richard's signature written as "R. Watterson" in highly stylized letters (similar to the logo for the band Metallica), and she assumes that it's forged. When they show it to Richard, he replicates it on a suspension form signifying that it actually was his signature, so Gumball and Darwin are off the hook; this being Richard, it's not a surprise.
  • Gumball's Imagine Spot of a giant Tina fighting a giant defense-mode Bobert.
    Gumball: Yeah, I'd watch it. But it'd be better if they were in a cage.
    (cue Alan and William suddenly in a cage)
    Darwin: With spikes.
    (cage suddenly has spikes. Alan (who is a balloon) and William get scared.)
    Gumball: And on fire.
    (Alan and William look horrified and start bumping each other rapidly)
  • Ms. Simian in a church-like building, asking no one in particular whether or not it's right to frame someone you know is a troublemaker... and the reveal that it's actually a natural history museum and she's talking to her father('s skeleton).
  • When Gumball and Darwin try to get into school after-hours, Gumball has Darwin give him a leg up to get through a window. Darwin asks how he gets in and Gumball tells him "Give yourself a leg up!", so Darwin briefly defies physics to stand on the air.
  • "Why do I have to run every 8 minutes of my life?!"
  • Darwin's poor aiming when trying to throw a rock through Principal Brown's window.

The Words

  • This exchange:
    Gumball: You have to promise to do exactly as I say, no questions asked.
    Darwin: (starry-eyed) I promise.
    Gumball: I want you to walk like a dog with an itchy butt.
    Darwin: (still starry-eyed) I shouldn't have promised.
  • Darwin's first song, "What He Thinks About Us", which is one big insult to the backup singers. Calling Carrie an "emo freak", Jamie "half cow, half troglodyte", saying Masami's friends only like her for her money, and that Joe sings like a dog with rabies.
  • In response to Teri's germaphobia, Darwin tells her that her hand is covered in germsthen licks it.
  • "I'm tired of staring... at your hideous... hairy... MAN TOES!"
  • Darwin taking an inkblot test and being asked what he sees ("A very sad middle-aged man wearing sandals"). Mr. Small's extremely pissed off face when Darwin says it deserves a mention.
  • Darwin and Gumball have a Street Fighter-type insult fight at the end. Darwin beats Gumball in the first round by spamming the same attack over and over.
    • For those curious, here's that scene in Japanese. Aside from the inherent hilarity added by a Japanese announcer making the whole thing even more like Street Fighter, Gumball and Darwin are respectively voiced by Junko Takeuchi and Yumiko Kobayashi, who also respectively voiced Naruto and Black Star. In other words, watching this scene in Japanese is dangerously close to witnessing two of the hammiest ninjas in all of anime history having an insult fight!
    • When Gumball defeats Darwin in the second round, his victory pose is similar to Chun-Li's. He even yells "YATTA!" along with it.

The Skull

The Bet

  • When Principal Brown takes Gumball and Darwin to his office, Gumball argues that what he's doing is a violation of the First Amendment, to which Principal Brown informs him that his preventing Bobert from making out with the school defibrillator and cracking jokes about the nurse's mother is not a violation of their freedom of speech. When he sentences them to mow the football field, Gumball wishes that he would get lost, so Bobert knocks him out and abandons him in the Forest of Doom. Gumball then has Bobert burn a diagram into the football field reading "glasses + horse's ass = Principal Brown".
  • Bobert taking all of Gumball's metaphors literally; when he wishes Ms. Simian would chill out Bobert puts her in the cold storage room, when he wishes there were less skaters in the world Bobert shoots lasers at Mr. Small, and when he tells Rocky to get out after Rocky tells him that school is canceled, Bobert throws Rocky out the window.
  • Joan telling Miss Simian that she's not a mechanic after fixing Bobert for the second time, and Miss Simian responds accordingly:
    Well, I'm not a floristnote  or a meteorologistnote  or some kind of freak show ownernote , but you don't see me complaining, do you?
  • Gumball hiding in cold storage, only to run out screaming after Miss Simian tries to cozy up to him for warmth.


  • The Mood Whiplash after the Wattersons run over the hobo who looks like (and turns out to be) Santa. The opening goes from being cheery and very Christmas-like to hilariously awkward.
  • Richard runs around offering windshield cleanings and distracts Principal Brown, who crashes his car and launches an inflatable tree at an electronic reindeer and it gets jammed, causing the reindeer to burst into flames and traumatizing Rosie in the process.
  • Nicole tells the kids that if the homeless man touches anything, they should clean it with fire.
  • When the kids try to get the homeless man to be Santa at the mall, he asks them what they want for Christmas. He calls them spoiled and tells them they shouldn't get anything they asked for, so they start wrecking the decorations in anger until eventually, he joins in too.
  • When Gumball asks Santa's magic bag for a pair of walkie-talkies, he gets them gift wrapped and can't open them in time because they're so well wrapped. He asks the bag for a pair of scissors, which are also gift wrapped, prompting his response of "Are you kidding me?!"

The Watch

  • Gumball's magic hands.
    Darwin: (After slipping the watch into Gumball's hand) Now check your hand.
    Gumball: What, this one? (opens his hand to reveal he isn't holding anything) Or, this one? *opens his other hand to reveal the same* Now check yours.
    Darwin: (Sees he's still holding the watch) WHAT?! (Sees that Gumball is gone) DOUBLE WHAT!?
    • And later...
      Marvin: (Pushes the watch on Gumball) No, I want you to have it.
      Gumball: Check your hands... You keep it.
      Marvin: Check behind your ear... You keep it.
      Gumball: Now check inside your pants...
      Marvin: But I'm not wearing any... (looks down to see he's suddenly and inexplicably wearing pants)
  • Gumball threatens to knock himself out with Marvin's cane and accuse him of doing it, only to end up giving himself a concussion after the first whack.
  • When trying to prove he’s crying, Gumball awkwardly contorts his face several times before his eyes eventually explode.

The Bumpkin

  • The episode begins with Gumball and Richard's conversation about why people go to school and get jobs, while Darwin and Anais are understandably terrified by Richard's driving.
  • Nicole and Anais continuing to sit on thin air after Gumball takes the chairs from them.
  • Richard, Nicole, and Anais tearing up when Gumball says that they have to turn off the TV. Darwin laughs for a few seconds before realizing that Gumball's serious and tears up as well.
  • Richard telling Nicole to punish Gumball for being boring.
  • When the family is singing, Richard manages to break his top tooth in half, then when he talks he whistles through it until it fixes itself in the next scene.
  • When a wasp comes by, Gumball hides from it in Nicole's skirt. Said wasp then stings Gumball's finger, and when he attempts to suck the venom out his lips swell up.
  • Gumball's digestive organs expressing their disdain over Gumball eating dirt.

The Flakers

  • In the opening scene, Gumball tries to trip up a pursuing Tina by spilling soapy water on the floor. This initially works but then she gets up and we ended up with a skating T. Rex.
  • When Darwin flakes on Gumball, the latter tells Tina to just do what she's going to do. Cut to them at home with Gumball in a neck brace and a very pissed look on his face. Even funnier when it's seen that Darwin is playing a Legend of Zelda-style video game where a giant, dinosaur-like beast is constantly squashing the hero.
  • When Gumball drops the computer on Darwin's foot in retaliation for forcing an apology out of him, Darwin lets out a shriek with a pitch-modulation effect so silly and over the top, it's hard not to laugh.
  • Richard acting high from dental anesthetics for most of the episode, specifically Nicole messing with Richard by saying the phone receiver he's using as a showerhead is actually an ice cream cone, Gumball's line about how Richard's driving and parking are better when he's high on anesthetics, and Richard's Mushroom Samba of chasing after a hamburger in a magical world of junk food while three condiment bottles chant, "Sauce! Sauce! Sauce!", which turns out to be Richard trying to eat Rocky and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais yelling, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"
  • Darwin and Anais's failed attempts to see what Gumball is miming.

The Authority

  • Nicole taking her anger of Granny Jojo moving in to help raise the kids out on an I.V. stand, then bending it back to the way it was after the bandage doctor tells her that it costs $300 to replace.
  • When Granny Jojo is trying to make the family afraid of everything in "The Authority", she doesn't let Anais close the window, closes the thing herself, then it explodes—because Jojo planted A BOMB in her own granddaughter's room.
    Granny Jojo: And this lesson shows that nobody is safe around windows.
  • While everyone is screaming in Slo Mo, Darwin stops prematurely, and upon realizing everyone is still mid-scream, quickly jumps back into it.
  • When Nicole tells her family to remember what they learned, the kids all have a flashback of them learning from their mistakes:
    • Darwin puts a bowl in the microwave while a metal spoon is in it, causing an explosion. The next time, he remembers to take the spoon out.
    • Gumball tries to get a snack out of a vending machine by sticking his arm inside, which leads to his whole body getting stuck inside and Hank having to cut him out with a circular saw. The next time, he remembers to put a dollar in.
    • Anais tries to reach a cookie jar on a shelf high up but falls on her face. The next time, she gets Gumball to do it instead because he's taller, and he also falls on his face but manages to get the jar.

The Virus

  • As an alternative to washing the hand that he high-fived Penny with, Gumball suggests cutting it off and keeping it in a memory box.
  • As Gumball and Darwin impersonate Teri:
    Teri: (turns to be visible to the audience) I'm right here you know.
  • "OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THAT?!" "That's my mom. This is her website. She's a doctor."
  • The school nurse recalls many times Teri has had false alarms with her, including Teri thinking she got rabies when really there was toothpaste in her mouth.
  • "What the pox?"
  • The anticlimactic ending where the virus is simply stepped on by Gumball as the former finishes his villainous speech.

The Pony

  • The Teal Tow Truck Driver who refused to help Tony gets crushed under Tony. Darwin and Gumball not only ignore his plea for help, Darwin adds insult to injury by taking the DVD out of Tony's buttcrack, then wipes it off on the teal tow truck driver.
  • When Carrie checks the movie out for them, it accidentally winds up in her case. When Gumball and Darwin come back for it, they find her watching it in her room, transfixed. She loved it.
    Carrie: (anguished) I thought I was a hardcore horror movie fan and I was living a lie! (seizing the front of Gumball's shirt emphatically) Tell me: is it wrong for a punk-rock chick who lives in a haunted, malevolent mansion to be touched by the magical friendship of a pony?

The Hero

  • Richard barged in on a break dance match and started doing his own moves, totally embarrassing Gumball and Darwin. They think back to a Career Day presentation that Gumball brought him to, where he did exactly the same dance.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to eat and prepare near-expired groceries, only for them to hit their expiration date and rapidly turn to nothing.
  • Gumball is being a jerk to his dad while he's trying to rescue him. When Richard seemingly falls to his death, Gumball gets teary-eyed and regrets his jerkiness. However, Richard appears behind him A-OK and Gumball goes right back to being a jerk like nothing happened.

The Dream

  • Darwin's various attempts to apologize to Gumball after the latter's dream, which include a sappy poem, hiding in his locker to surprise him, sending him a video of a singing dog, and locking himself in medieval stocks as he's pecked by crows.
  • In their dream, Gumball at one point finds that he and Darwin are alone in the family's car slowly sinking into the sea. Darwin tells Gumball that they've been there for 3 days and in that time he's considered eating him, but Gumball notices bite marks on his arm that mean Darwin evidently progressed beyond "considering".
  • When they eventually return to Gumball's dream and Darwin is being forced to repeat his original actions against his will, Gumball tries to stop him by putting a brick wall in front of him, which injures him but doesn't stop him in his tracks, then makes his lips suck in so he can't kiss Penny, which doesn't work, so while Darwin is in mid-kiss Gumball replaces Penny's face with Sussie's. Back in the real world, Darwin is understandably horrified.

The Sidekick

  • Gumball uses Darwin as a player character for a real life video game. He glitches Darwin and somehow restarts the world to fix him.
  • The entire scene where Gumball and Darwin impersonate each other to prove their respective points.
    Gumball as Darwin: Hey, I'm Darwin! Oh, your shoes are dirty! Looks like you could do with a doormat! (Gumball wipes Darwin's shoes on his own face) Hello, Gumball! Would you mind holding my hand for my entire life? What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go? What are we gonna have for lunch today? Because I find even the simplest decisions (regular voice) baffling. (resumes impersonation) He he! Look at that beautiful pigeon pecking the mold off that old chicken leg! Isn't the circle of life beautiful?
    Darwin as Gumball: Duh, hey I'm Gumball. Duh! I'm too busy to look where I'm going 'cause I'm in love with Penny, or something! Duh, hey Sussie! While conveniently ignoring my own character flaws, I'm happy to point out that you eat with the grace of a one-toothed camel! Hey Rocky (shoves Rocky over), let me help you with lasagna! (Darwin laughs while throwing lasagna at everyone) What the what? I should apologize, but I won't, because I always assume I'm in the right!
  • Gumball freaking out after Darwin kidnapped Jackie. His delivery of the lines sell it.
    Gumball: You STOLE HIS MOM?!
    Darwin: You said to take something he likes!
    Gumball: Something, not someone!
    Darwin: Uh, did I go too far?
    Gumball: Oh, I don't know, why don't you ask our new house guest?! [Turns Jackie around who is bound on a chair] Do you think he's gone too far? Oh wait, she can't answer, because you TIED HER UP, YOU PSYCHO!

The Photo

  • All of Gumball's terrible photos.
  • Banana Joe tries to keep a pose for the picture, as he is waiting in line. And when the picture is taken, he ends up splitting some of his peel.
  • Gumball takes "smile with your eyes" a little too literally.
    Darwin: Are you crying or drooling?
    Gumball: I DON'T KNOW!!!
  • Some of the faces that Darwin creates for Gumball, including Gumball's burger face.

The Tag

  • Richard's attempts at taking out the trash at the beginning.
  • Gumball and Darwin drying up from crying too much.
  • Richard falls for another prank by Mr. Robinson by bathing in cheese. He casually uses it to eat nachos.
  • "What the wasp?"
  • "Margaret? We're out of canned toothpaste!"
  • The parody of Justin Bieber's "Baby" on the radio:
  • Mr. Small's slo-mo attempt at dodging the runaway trash bin. It doesn't work.

The Storm

The Lesson

  • Gumball and Darwin "studying" by finding all kinds of ways to goof off.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to absorb knowledge by eating books. What's worse, they're not even math books. Darwin eats a book on how to speak Spanish and begins speaking the language while Gumball eats an Elizabethan poetry book and begins speaking like a character from a Shakespeare play.
    Gumball: Be still, you curd. Imbibe thy portions swiftly. On we face our trial!
  • Gumball and Darwin finding and laughing at Mr. Brown's pin-up calendar for Ms. Simian.
    • The punishment for finding and laughing at the pin-up calendar: spend the day listening to Mr. Small's poetry.
  • Gumball steals Scythe's rake and his deformed bodyshape makes it obvious that he ate it. When Scythe looks at Gumball suspiciously, he nonchalantly points at some other guys, and Sctthe buys it immediately. Cut to the next scene where Julius is waiting outside the bathroom and Gumball hands him the rake he kept in his body.

The Game

  • The rotten milk under Gumball's bed has gone solid, and when Nicole pours out the contents, it bursts through the floor onto Richard's head.
  • "You don't know what you're doing!!" "Yeah! You didn't write any instructions."
  • Gumball flashbacks to running past dogs in a suit of ham. He outruns them, but then Richard, with fangs, appears and attacks Gumball.
  • Anais thinks that "Dooj or Daar", based on her wording, sounds like an alien choosing a baby name.
  • "I'll have lamb. (sheep bleats) AH, I meant chicken! (chicken in waiter attire appears) I meant the check!"
  • Gumball's card that makes him sing, effectively breaking the mood in several scenes.
    Gumball: Everyone, TAKE A DODJ CARD!
    • And a little earlier, it makes him fail his school presentation.
    Mr. Small: I didn't realize you found global warming a laughing matter. Three hours detention!
    • Shortly after that, Darwin's left arm is forced to do whatever Richard's does, causing him to volunteer for a bunch of unpleasant extracurricular activities with Mr. Small, concluding with an eco-protest where they'll spend forty-eight hours chained to a doomed tree, something even he feels the need to give a significant warning for:
    Mr. Small: Are you sure Darwin? I'm not gonna lie to ya buddy. We're gonna get maced!

The Limit

  • Gumball making a face so sulky, an eye sticks out of his socket slightly.
  • The kids throwing a fuss over not getting candy, and Gary looks at Nicole judgementally, likely accusing her of bad parenting.
  • Richard's man boobs sticking up when he goes up to Nicole, who easily scares him off with a sonic boom.
  • Nicole getting crushed by a bunch of overweight men.

The Voice

  • Masami's ElmorePlus comment:
    My grandmother passed away last night. She will be mist.
  • Tobias breaking the fourth wall:
    Tobias: I feel like the supporting character of my own life!!
  • Gumball's attempt at crying, to which Carrie quickly tells him to stop or he'll burn his dignity.
  • Darwin growing hair, which was modeled after J.G. Quintel.
  • The mysterious figure accidentally makes a fire extinguisher go loose with his powers and it hits him in the face.

The Promise

The Castle

  • Gumball and Darwin freak out over being late for school, only to realize it's Saturday and Richard is in charge.
  • Gumball making fun of Darwin's cracking voice.
    Darwin: Dude, have you noticed that your voice has changed?
    Gumball: What? You mean how I sound like a man and you squeal like a piglet on helium?
    Darwin: You take that *Voice crack* back!
    Gumball: *chuckle* Sure, when you ask me like a man.
    Darwin: *High pitched* I AM A MAAAAAN!!!
    Gumball: Really? Cause right now you sound like a mouse whose parachute won't open.
    Darwin: *Goes into a long, incoherent squeaking tantrum, which hurts both Gumball and Anais' ears*
  • Mr. Small admitting to Hank and the Gray Construction Man wrecking the kitchen that he's only a vegetarian so he can rub his moral superiority of not eating meat in other people's faces.
  • Anais tossing Harold back in the house after he won't stop poking her.
  • Gumball trying to call the police about the house party, but Donut Cop can't help them — because he's at the party.
  • Nicole comes back and demands that everyone clean the house and leave, in a demonic voice.

The Boombox

  • "Dude, you need to type words, not cockroach noises."
  • Gumball and Darwin celebrating Miss Simian's alleged retirement.
    • During that scene, Richard is watching TV when the duo appears running and screaming on every channel he watches. He finally thinks he's watched too much TV and decides to read.
    Richard: (reading aloud) Chapter one. Gumball and Darwin ran through the living room...screaming?
    (Gumball and Darwin do just that, scaring the bejesus out of Richard)
  • ""Jump"! Coming soon to a playground near you!"
  • After Gumball scrapes his hand on the keyboard and searches, Elmore Search says "do you need medical help?"
    Gumball: I'm tempted to say "yes".
  • Alan getting stuck to Principal Brown, where the poor balloon is forced to enter the bathroom with him.
  • The videos Gumball and Darwin use to display what they think/say, including a tired puppy falling over, and a close-up of a man crying.
    • Gumball has the same tears as the man in the video.
  • "What's that? Little Timmy fell down the well?"

The Tape

  • Darwin repeatedly failing to give his intro.
  • The entire introduction segment.
    Gumball: Tobias Wilson as Tobias! Nigel Brown as The Principal! Hector Jötenheim as Hector! Carrie Krueger as Carrie! This guy as...this guy! And introducing all of my other friends in THE AMAZING WORLD OF—Ugh, forget it. Who's gonna watch that!? [walks away as the camera is still rolling]
  • The nature documentary spoof of the Watterson household.
  • Gumball using the Konami Code only to glitch up and get stuck in a tank.
  • The entirely of Ninja George II.

The Sweaters

  • Gumball's head inflating to massive size, corresponding with his ego, as Sarah speaks of what she'd heard of him.
  • Gumball and Darwin knowing how the plot of the episode will happen, and it goes exactly as they predicted despite their efforts to make it not happen.
  • The Coach of the two kids, Mr. Kreese, briefly appears to be a voice of reason but turns out to be insanely childish, practically singing about how they would lose if they got in a fight.
    Mr. Kreese: You scared, little piggies?
    Gumball: Uh, yeah. You're a fully-grown man screaming at us, and if you continue, I'm gonna call the police.
    Mr. Kreese: Just what I'd expect from a couple of cowards like you! Who's the hardcore one now?
    Gumball: You, I guess.
    Darwin: You know what the worst thing is? This guy is a teacher.
    Gumball: No, dude. The worst thing is that this guy's got two sweaters and he's not wearing either of them.
  • Principal Brown's advice when he's told about kids trying to get in a fight:
    "Now, fighting is never okay... But let's say he's got his arms around your neck like this. It might seem like a bad spot, but you have to take advantage of your environment. 'Oh, looky what we've got here!' His own shoe! You can just grab that, it's really very easy, most people won't expect it. Now you can throw it across the room, and he will release you, because most people usually really want their shoe back.... Another trick is that most shoes are opaque, so you can use it cover his eyes, effectively blinding him. Seize the advantage, spin him round, and spank him with his own footwear! With a 'bang' and a 'bam' and a 'bim' and a 'pow'!"
  • What is Gumball's heart telling him?
  • When a non-moving background character is hit with a tennis ball and falls over like a cardboard cutout. The timing was just perfect.

The Internet

  • One line in Darwin's song pleading for the Internet to stop making fun of Gumball:
    You are adding sombreros and lasers
    to a kid who looks like he was tasered
  • The Internet hacking a traffic signal and Gumball and Darwin inadvertently causing a huge pileup.
  • The Internet tries to impede the duo's process by showing the Sheriff a forged police warrant for them, but thankfully for them, he takes Police are Useless to its fullest extent.
  • Gumball's reaction to the Screamer Prank.
  • The Internet is personified as a 1990s-2000s style PC and his mother is a modem who communicates in dial-up noises.
  • The Internet's reaction to Gumball and Darwin hugging him.
  • Gumball attempts to get into the Internet by taking off his clothes and scanning himself... only for poor Darwin to get an eyeful of something unpleasant.

The Plan

  • The first spot of Gumball sneaking into his parents' room with amazing flexibility, only for Anais to point out how unrealistic it was, then we get a more realistic one where Gumball is portrayed as being much less acrobatic.
  • Gumball getting a wedgie trying to climb the gate into the park.
  • When writing a fake e-mail to Daniel Lennard, Gumball gets frustrated by Darwin and Anais repeatedly pointing out that he's doing something wrong and when he's done he ends up writing the subject as "Fake email to Daniel Lennard", which becomes a Brick Joke when it's the reason the latter sees through the kids' ruse. Gumball then imagines himself going back in time to convince his past self to avoid making that mistake, only for past!Gumball to be too lazy to do it and both Gumballs getting into a fight using time as a weapon, such as present!Gumball slipping a mouse trap under past!Gumball's hand, past!Gumball eating candy to give present!Gumball bad teeth, present!Gumball putting Krupoch the Barbarian's weapons on the computer seat, past!Gumball licking the keyboard to make present!Gumball sick, and present!Gumball taping past!Gumball to the chair with Krupoch's weapons still there.
    • What makes it even funnier is the fact that they're imagining it!

The World

  • Earth and the Moon vocalize "Also Sprach Zarathustra", to the Sun's annoyance.
    Sun: Do we have to do this every morning?
    Moon: (singing) Yes I do~o... 'Cause~... I can!!!
  • The overly enthusiastic hot dog in the microwave.
  • The overdramatic burger, fries, and soda, who act like they're in a war.
  • Gumball stubs his toe against the coffee table and almost hits it, only for it to ask why he would do that and how is that its fault. Then Gumball notices from the marks on the floor that it did move to be in his way, and the table runs off to avoid answering why.
  • Anais tells her doll Daisy she's her best friend. Daisy talks back, saying the same, and Anais freaks out and kicks the doll.
  • BACTERIA!!!!

The Finale

  • Everyone in town is going after the Wattersons because their antics affected everyone else's lives.
  • Mr. Small is suing the Wattersons for giving him claustrophobia, so Gumball shoves him into an envelope, folds it, then mails him to the smallest country in the world.
  • "Dad fight! (crowd instantly gathers, Spock vs. Kirk music plays)"

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