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  • There's the ability to change the intro as much as you want. A hilarious example if you have LU BU dance in front of Diao Chan.
  • The interchangeable cutscenes from 3 and 4 are pretty funny. Imagine Lu Xun advised Sima Yi to be careful about Zhou Fang's fake defection in Shi Ting; or Zhang Jiao destroys a boulder while exclaiming he doesn't believe in magic; or Guan Yu exclaims how he's about to fight himself; or Liu Bei calls Guan Yu "foolish brother" while talking to Lu Meng; or Zhuge Liang breaks through his own Stone Sentinel Maze; or Sima Yi insults himself in Wu Zhang Plains; or Yuan Shao shows his own supply depot to Cao Cao's soldiers in Guandu; or Daqiao acts like an Alpha Bitch and calls Huang Zhong an old man in insulting way during Battle of Mt. Dingjun; or Dong Zhuo orders Allied soldiers to destroy his own Hulao Gate with battering ram, etc. See here for various interchangeable cutscenes in 3.
  • This whole video speaks for itself for 3.
  • The fourth game has a rather weird system in which it randomly generates allied playable officers that appear in most of the stages. For example, nothing prevents Guan Yu to appear in Yiling or Jie Ting despite he's already dead in history during those battles. In many ways, the randomly generated allied playable officers are treated as generics due to their lack of prominent role in the stage, so in practice, they're basically "generic officers, but flashier".
  • The fourth game's duel acceptance dialogues take it like your character says somewhere along the line of "I accept your challenge!" (like Zhao Yun), but certain combination of which character is issuing a challenge and which one is accepting can result a hilarious combination. For example:
    Meng Huo (challenging): You want to fight me? Are you stupid??

    Dian Wei (accepting): Ha! Sure thing!
    Taishi Ci (accepting): Yes, why not?
    (both just agree about Meng Huo's assessment about stupidity)
  • After you defeat Zhang He as Xiahou Yuan during the battle of Guan Du, Yuan will ask him to join up, saying that his Master "likes the strong and weird types". Zhang He accepts in the most unusual manner, to which Yuan asks Cao Cao for forgiveness as "this one is a little too strange".
  • If you're strong enough, you'll see a laughable strategy offered by a random officer:
    I shall teach you the basics of strategy! *beat the officer before he finished saying that* Some battles you win, and some battles you lose.
    -(Surely that was a strategy basic all right...)
  • In Dynasty Warriors 6, Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo come back from beyond the grave (with ridiculous ghostly hammy acting) to get revenge against Lu Bu, which prompts a snarky reply from Zhang Liao.
    Zhang Liao: It seems... we are up against a formidable enemy.
  • Another one in the sixth installment: Sun Quan declaring war on Cao Cao (battle of He Fei Castle) as if he were channeling the great god of war William Shatner.
    Sun Quan: We will lay siiiege to Weiii...and defeat Cao Caooo...
  • Most of Dynasty Warriors 3 voice acting falls under this:
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, Meng Huo meeting Xu Zhu on the battlefield of the Legend Mode stage, Struggle for Nan Zhong:
    Xu Zhu: Hey! You're big and fat, just like me!
    Meng Huo: What?! I'm not fat! This is all muscle!
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, some of the taunts officers give, along with their responses, whether they take the bait or not.
    • Diaochan's taunt: "You fear one such as I? Oh, you poor thing!"
    • Lu Bu's response to a taunt: "Do you have any idea who you are talking to?!"
    • Zhang Jiao's response: "Allow to me seal such a blasphemous mouth!"
    • Yuan Shao dismissing a taunt: "There wails the envy of the lower class! How pathetic!"
    • Wei Yan dismissing a taunt: "Who... cares?!"
    • Dong Zhuo dismissing a taunt: "It seems that even the vermin have aspirations of greatness."
    • A few generic officers get some good one-liners in, too: (Responding to taunt) "Let me see if I can't rearrange your ugly face!" or (Dismissing a taunt) "Oh go bite yourself."
    • The female create-a-warrior character dismissing a taunt: "Don't you have a better way of asking for a date?"
  • The existence of Zhang Lu in Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends. His voice... was a comedic goldmine. Good luck sitting through Yang Ping Gate or Jia Meng Gate without cracking up. It's actually an exaggerated version of young strategist's voice. The fact that Zhang Lu is somewhat depicted as Zhang Jiao 2.0 without the whole "destroy Han" thing is pretty funny, too.note 
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends. Pick Battle of Mt. Qi. Now play as Liu Bei. Now Fail Zhuge Liang's strategy. Now watch an Awkward dialogue.
    • Zhang He even lampshades this.
      Zhang He: "Is this how Zhuge Liang fights? Tch... not very graceful... (to Zhuge Liang) You're like a hideous stain on the face of this wondrous earth!"
  • Conquest Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 offers ample opportunities for these.
    • Of note is Cao Pi's first Legendary Battle, where he fights a series of suitors for Zhenji's hand, including his own father. His last opponent before coming face to face with Zhenji is Yuan Xi, Zhenji's first husband, who calls everyone out on trying to steal his wife.
    • In Sima Zhao's first Legendary Battle, he finds himself under attack with his brother Shi leading the charge. The reason? He ate one of Shi's Meat Buns, although an earlier line of Zhuge Dan's implies that he couldn't resist them either.
    • Zhang He's third and last Legendary Battle involves him recruiting people for his dance troupe. Of course, he has to beat the tar out of them first for them to comply. While Zhenji, Cai Wenji and Diaochan are rather obvious choices and he does get them, he also ends up taking Zhou Yu, Liu Shan and Zhuge Liang with the latter two lampshading their predicament.
    • If your bond with Lu Bu is strong enough, he will ask you what you think about him. If you respond by complimenting his ludicrously iconic headgear, he will gleefully respond with "Oh! So you like it too?"
      • Zhang Liao shares this particular question with the same possible answers. Granted, he also has a ludicrous hat.
  • One of the gag weapons in Dynasty Warriors 7 is the Three Kingdoms for the Flying Swords. Not the swords of the three leaders; the actual Three Kingdoms novels.
  • In DW7:XL, remember the infamous "I am my own opponent" line from DW3!Fan Castle?
    "I never thought I would have to face myself... This will be an interesting battle no doubt."
    • It gets funnier when you realized only Sima Yi and Lu Meng are the ones who don't have such line in that stage, but KOEI still bother to give Guan Yu that line!
    • Even funnier if you play as Liu Bei... considering he would blame Wu for Guan Yu's death later.
    • Most characters think someone's impersonating them or its sorcery. Liu Shan?
  • Also in Xiaoqiao's Legend Mode, when she meets up Zhang He...
    Zhang He: This battlefield is no place for a little girl like you. Leave before you get hurt.
  • Dialogues in DW7: Empires are constructed using mix and match mechanics, which can lead to some hilarious moments when one speaker continues to talk on nonchalantly despite the other angrily retorts or throws out death threats. Example:
    Zhou Yu: These are our conditions. Accept them for your own good. You do know what will happen if you refuse, right?
    Generic Ruler: Huh? Are you trying to get your face rearranged or something?
    Zhou Yu: Then it is agreed. I thank you for your understanding.
  • In 7: Xtreme Legends' Legend Mode, having Lu Bu as your Adjutant and speaking to him when your castle town's Atmosphere is Carefree:
    Lu Bu: Simply being in this town is driving me insane. The people no longer fear me due to the peace and tranquility.
    • When you speak to him as a female character when your town's atmosphere is Friendly:
    Lu Bu: I find myself searching for you whenever you're gone. Hmph! I cannot believe I allowed myself such weakness.
  • In the pre-battle of the Campaign against the Yuans in 7: Extreme Legends' Legend Mode, two nameless privates are discussing in a corner. One of them gives a strangely apt description of their raison d'ètre.
    Private #1: I can't decide whether I'm going to be the next Ma Dai or the next Pang De. Which do you think suits me?
    Private #2: I'd say you look like the next nameless peon who gets mowed down by a rampaging enemy.
  • Pretty much any stage with this silly music playing is guaranteed to be hilarious.
  • Xiahou Yuan's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! look on his face upon seeing his bow break in 7 at Mt. Ding Jun
  • Watching your allies get caught in your musou attack.
  • Sima Yi's confession cinematics in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires: He runs up to his love interest and, in his usual Tsundere fashion, tells her that he's acquired some women's clothes in battle and would like her to have them. Now if you've read the ROTK source material (or paid attention to the Scholar's Test questions), you might remember that during one of his Northern Campaigns, Zhuge Liang sent Sima Yi a set of women's clothes for humiliation, in hope of provoking Sima Yi into leading an attack. So now do you know where Sima Yi got those clothes from?
  • Guan Yinping's second musou "sparring practice", especially when you finish a enemy officer with it.
    • Or if she misses. She stomped the ground in anger because that nobody wants to practice with her, enough that there is a high-damaging quake where you can even kill the enemy with it.
  • Pang Tong's second Musou the Power Nap, he damages enemies by scratching his back.
  • Much of the intro before Wei's Mt. Ding Jun stage. Xiahou Yuan is seen brooding, but is quickly interrupted by Zhang He trotting around the base in his usual "glamorous" dance routine. Yuan watches and eventually starts to subconsciously copy his moves, before coming back to his senses and shaking his head in disbelief as though saying, "What the hell have I been doing?".
    • He does that as well in 7 in the prelude to the battle against Zhang Lu but is more into it.
  • At the end of the Hypothetical ending in Jin's Route, Jiang Wei tells all three Sima men his reason for fighting, with Zhao joining his brother and father in berating the former for his foolishness.
    Jiang Wei: Why do you think? To carry out the will of my fallen master, and create a land of benevolence!
    Sima Yi, Sima Shi, and Sima Zhao: IMBECILE!
  • In 7 onwards you can have characters use other officers' weapons. There's something funny to be seen watching Lu Bu smacking enemies around with Xiaoqiao's weapon the iron fan or Daqiao's weapon the pugil stick and vice-versa.
  • In 8, when playing as Zhang Chunhua, Sima Zhao's "in distress" line is pure gold. It's the delivery that sells it.
    Sima Zhao: (clearly realizing he'll never hear the end of this) Mother?! I... need your help.
  • In 8, when you max out some of their bonds, you can get humorous clips from the other characters. Pang De, for example, if you max out the female bonds, desires to make you something nice...a coffin for both you and him in death. Keep it classy, Pang De...
  • This little gem from Jin's Story Mode in 7.
    Sima Zhao: (trying to warn Shi of possible assassination attempts) There are rumblings of discontent afoot. You should not walk alone.
    Sima Shi: (deadpan) But you won't bother to stop me.
    • Bonus point goes to Wang Yuanji, who is usually quite stoic, breaks into a chuckle upon hearing Shi's response.
  • In the battle of Ru Xu Kou in 8, Ling Tong and Gan Ning start another of their arguments and Lu Meng gets fed up and bonks them both on the head and admonishes them both telling them to be quiet. Unfortunately he gets louder as he goes on, alerting the Wei forces.
  • In 8, when Sima Yi is being informed that Zhong Hui has rebelled, what is his response? Screw the war, I'm eating meat buns! It's not until Zhang Chunhua confiscate his plate of meat buns and drag him out to battlefield, though.
    Sima Yi: (extremely angry voice) "Imbecile! You seem to have forgotten who dragged this old hermit out of retirement! Fool, if you claim you are the chosen one, then stop blaming others! Just what is the point of this rebellion!? Your foolishness knows no limits! Honestly! I would have prepared properly, and made sure that...!"
    Zhang Chunhua: (extremely calm voice) "My lord, I think that's quite enough."
    Sima Yi: (suddenly become calm and looks slightly startled) "O-of course."
    • The best part of this scene is that as Sima Yi berates Zhong Hui, the triumphant version of Jin's theme plays— and then abruptly cuts out as soon as Chunhua interrupts him.
  • There's a Badass Boast from enemy generic when you confront them in DW7. Usually this is from generic who has brash or brutish voice:
    "So you are my next opponent! I shall crush you like all the others!"
    • Bonus point if they actually use giant club as their weapon since its basic attack is by crushing the ground and enemies around it. Additionally, after you defeat them, their retreat quote will be like this:
    "I shall return! Remember that! For yours is the first head I shall seek!"
    • Some players consider this funny, some other players consider this hilariously lame.
  • From DW7 onwards characters now have different portraits to reflect their moods. In DW8 while everyone's else angry expression ranges from being upset to outright pissed, Sun Shangxiang's expression? Simply her rolling her eyes, annoyed.
  • Han Dang's desperation to be noticed after becoming playable. When you fight him in combat, he claims he'll make this a battle everyone will remember. After you beat him, he tells you to forget you ever saw him.
    • His Subordinate Praise line has him snapping at the player character to stealing the spotlight away from him, while Huang Gai has a special praise line towards Han Dang where he says that he'll try not to forget about this.
  • At the end of a stage in 8 XL for Jin, it looks like Sima Shi will finally get to enjoy his precious meat bun, since at long last, Zhao is finally letting him to have one, only for a Tiger to appear out of nowhere and swipe it from Shi's hands. Shi immediately draws out his weapon and chases after it yelling at it to give him back.
    • In fact, the last Xtreme Legends-exclusive stage for the four kingdoms are generally set up to be comical in fashion. Wu has its four strategists competing for commander dominance based on a drunk Sun Quan's suggestion; Wei has their officers searching for Cai Wenji to the point of disturbing all the other female officers, who they've mistaken as her; Shu has their female soldiers setting out to find the runaway Red Hare, only to disturb other animals (and their owners) in the process; and Jin's stage has their soldiers searching for the ingredients for the perfect meat bun... fuelled by Sima Shi's own desires.
  • In Wei's DW8 story, when Xiahou Dun gets his eye shot out, the would be assailant starts ranting at there futility of taking back the castle from Lu Bu, Yuan simply responds with probably the laziest firing of arrows ever.
  • Guan Yinping can be a walking Comic Relief with her Does Not Know Her Own Strength trait. Example found in the expansion's Find Red Hare stage:
    Soldier: (spectulating about the whereabouts of the Red Hare) maybe a horse thief stole it.
    Yinping: Huh? You mean they carried him on the back and ran off?
    Soldier: I don't think so my lady. Only you would be capable of such feats...
  • There's plenty of hilarious gems Wei's Xtreme Legends' final stage "Find the Beauties":
    Zhang Chunhua: Someone is approaching us like this is obviously trying to sell us something. Shi, please deal with them for me.
    Sima Shi: We do not wish to purchase anything from you. Leave us at once.
    Yu Jin (bewildered): Purchase something? What exactly are you accusing us of?
    • And this one after failing to defeat the mini Lu Bus disguised as Unit Commanders:
    Zhou Cang: That little girl has the blood of the God of War in her veins. You're nowhere near strong enough to face her in battle.
    Xiahou Yuan: I get that, I really do, but why are you're attacking us as well?
    • You can even play this stage as the missing person, Cai Wenji herself, and it triples the humor in which she's basically tailing the search party (who are of course unaware of her presence) in curiosity about who the missing person is, with no clue that they are actually looking for her. This stage also contains her Sixth weapon.
    • Another note is that; ALL characters who don't appear normally except for Cai Wenji have unique dialogues with the groups of beauties. Some of these nitbits include, Zhao Yun finding the drunk Zhang Fei, Xingcai trying to silence her brother on not helping her deal with their father, Wei Yan and Xiaoqiao fighting for the Panda, Jiang Wei finding Zhuge Liang pandering to another one of Yueying's projects, Guo Jia and Cao Cao lusting over the two Qiaos and Sun Jian breaking the moment for his daughter.
  • Now that you can equip whatever weapon you like on any character, have fun watching the petite Da Qiao swinning around a Drill Lance three times her size with ease, or Dong Zhuo twirling his hip like a girl in tutu with the whip.
    • Pushed to the peak with the amount of customisation Edit characters can receive in the Empires expansion. You can meet a grumpy, muscular, uninteresting-looking Edit in the field who begin to leash out equally uninteresting moves at you, until he suddenly activates his Musou and start prowling on his knees like a cat...
  • For those who understand basic Mandarin, the constant mispronunciations may also count. (Especially when Cao was pronounced as "Cow")
    • Which of course gave us the now infamous line from Cao Pi's Dynasty Warriors 5 story mode:
    Cao Pi: I am COW PEE, like my father, COW COW...
    • Played for laughs at the English version of Dynasty Warriors 8. At the "Pursuit of Nanjun"
    Soldier 1: Did you hear about the riots at Xuchang? Apparently, some mystic was behind it...
    Soldier 2: I heard his name was Zuo Ci. I'd like to "Ci" him for myself.
    Soldier 1: You're hopeless... I don't even think that's how you pronounce his name.
  • In 5, pick Battle of Xia Kou and play as Daqiao. Then face Gan Ning when he appears and fight him. After a while, an exchange happens where Daqiao declares she won't let him hurt Sun Ce (who fell ill at the time) and Gan Ning responds that he doesn't know whether he wants to kill her or kiss her. This is a very rare chance to hear Gan Ning hitting on female character.
  • In earlier games (mostly in 5 and its expansion), there are several occassions if you face Sima Yi as Yueying, the former takes a chance to insult her devotion to her husband Zhuge Liang, whom Yi calls weak. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when in 8, his own wife, Zhang Chunhua, is the only person Sima Yi fears.
  • While many Grateful lines in 8 are heartwarming, few of them are outright hilarious. Some characters will complain about the rescue they don't like (such as Gan Ning and Ling Tong to each other, who will accuse the other for trying to laugh at their expense), others simply feel embarassed being rescued by their beloved ones (such as Guan Ping if you rescue him as Xingcai) or claim that it's part of their plan (such as Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi). Funnier for Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi if you rescue them as their wives, proving that two rivals are not so different, after all. If you rescue Zhuge Liang as Jiang Wei, Zhuge Liang will claim he's just pretending and utterly disappointed that his apprentice can't see that. If you rescue Lu Bu as Lu Lingqi, he will get angry at her for putting herself in danger and claim that he put himself in danger because he wants to. If you rescue Sima Zhao as Sima Shi, Zhao said something that implied Shi giving him a Disapproving Look. If you rescue Sima Shi as Zhang Chunhua, he will beg her not to punish him for his apparent incompetence.
  • Sima Yi's praise and 1000 KO praise to his wife Zhang Chunhua is priceless. His "praise" to her is asking her to not to be too cruel on their enemies, and his 1000 KO praise to her is stating how truly terrifying she is... before correcting the "terrifying" into "terrific".
  • In Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, you get a scene where after successfully rebelling against your current lord, you get a short scene with the character either gloating or justifying their actions for doing so. If you chose Liu Shan however.
    Liu Shan: I am now Lord of the Castle, these are dark days indeed.
  • You can mess with the cutscenes in 8: Empires in the gallery which would create a lot of Out-of-Character Moment such as having characters of the same gender confess their love and get married (imagine Ling Tong confessing to Gan Ning or Lianshi marrying Sun Shangxiang), having an clone army of your character walking towards the balcony after successfully reuniting the land (like a clone army of Cao Caos) and letting sworn enemies like Wang Yi and Ma Chao smash the pot as sworn siblings. There's also the bodyguard scene where your character does an Arrow Catch; now do that with characters like Liu Shan or Daqiao.
    • Same goes with the cutscenes in 7: Empires which has a lot more scenes where you can have Zhao Yun flip tables, Lu Bu go fishing, Zhuge Liang do wushu moves and Dong Zhuo talk nicely to peasants.
    • 6: Empires takes the prize for the funniest and most lighthearted cutscenes ever most especially when you can have one character saving a puppy from being hit by a carriage, three characters doing the "Super Sentai" Stance or some Tai'Chi and one character trying to impress one female character by dancing except that she falls asleep in the middle of the perfomance.
  • In 8: Empires, defeating an enemy officer for the first time would cause them to retreat. When they came back and encountered you again, they would say "You again?!" and depending on the character, they would usually say they're sick and tired of seeing your face.
  • 8: XL. Ambition Mode lets you recruit generals from all factions, including the leaders, and play as any one while assigning the others to posts in the town you're building up. The humiliation is one thing, but knowing your lore and recruiting generals related to your main can unlock special conversations when you approach them.
    Cai Wenji: I thank you for making me the keeper of our treasure trove of poetry.
    Cao Cao: The weather is fine today; I would like to regale in some poetry.
    Cai Wenji: I shall start from the first 400 verses...
    Cao Cao: Actually, such fine poetry should not be wasted on this remote location.
  • During the Battle of Shouchun in Lu Bu's campaign in 8, Zhang Fei gets left behind to guard the base camp, only for him to get bored very early on and abandon his post. Soon after, he appears in front of some of Yuan Shu's cargo and starts smashing boxes, causing Yuan Shu to freak out over his "precious boxes."
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 managed to sneak in the infamous "Arrow in the knee" meme. Extra points if you play as Xiahou Dun.Explanation 
  • How Zhao Yun first meets Zhou Cang in 9: Zhou Cang is running in high speed and bumps into Zhao Yun who is suspicious of him being a former Yellow Turbans rebel. When Zhou Cang explains that he's a follower of Guan Yu, Zhao Yun still doesn't believe him until Zhou Cang realizes who he is and runs away fast like Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • In 9, Lu Bu faces a very drunk Zhang Fei who challenges him on a duel. As expected, Lu Bu kicks his drunken ass but Zhang Fei stubbornly yells at him for another round until his men try to drag him away.
  • While the individual endings in Dynasty Warriors 9 ranged from sad to heartwarming, they are those endings that are hilarious:
    • In Bao Sanniang's ending, Guan Suo thanks and praises for helping him in the battlefield. Sanniang gushes that Suo wants her to be on his side until she realizes that he's talking about something else. When Suo tells that they have war council to attend to and leaves, Sanniang yells at him to praise something different about her.
    • Dong Zhuo's ending is Black Comedy gold where he got so bored that he tosses his goblet at one minion and complains that concubines are no fun. When Diaochan enters, she lays her head on his lap much to the fat bastard's joy. Then came Lu Bu, holding his halberd...everybody knows what comes next.
    • Of all people, Wang Yi's ending is very funny too. Cao Xiu challenges her for a drink which Wang Yi agrees. Later, Cao Xiu and his men are stone cold drunk while Wang Yi manages to hold her drink.
    • Even Lu Xun's ending is hilarious where he, Zhu Ran, Ding Feng and Xu Sheng decide to take a swim in the full body armor. When Sun Quan tells him to join them as well, Lu Xun tries to excuse himself until he trips himself and splashes in the water.
    • Wang Yuanji's ending has this part where she finds Sima Zhao resting in her bedroom and skipping off his duties. She tells him that he's going be punished for this. Then, Sima Zhao nonchalantly tells to go ahead and "punish" him which Yuanji retorts that she didn't want his meekness.
    • In Zhang Chunhua's ending, she invites Wang Yuanji into her home and lets her eat her meat buns which Yuanji finds it delicious. Then, you probably realized that this might be the reason why Sima Shi is addicted to meat buns because his mom is so good in making them.
    • Zhang He's ending shows him drilling his soldiers while Guo Huai and Xiahou Ba are awestruck on how he is able to keep his men in order. Later, the music changes and he and his men begin to dance as if they're doing a zumba workout.
    • Sima Yi's ending has this part where he is able to turn his head 180 degrees which scares the shit out of his sons. This is actually a Shout-Out from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.
    • Ma Dai's ending has Guan Yinping wondering where are the supplies. However, she's carrying her huge mace on her shoulder that she accidentally destroys a bunch of crates and nearly hits two soldiers.
    • In Yueying's ending, Guan Yinping and Guan Suo are looking at the juggernauts until the former accidentally breaks the head and the latter, who may or may not have Super-Strength like his sister, puts it back on. Later, Yueying shows the Guan siblings and Jiang Wei the doll/statue of her husband, Zhuge Liang, on a wheelchair and explains that the doll can be used to boost their troops and strike fear on the enemy, making them believe that her husband is around. When Yueying notes that the wheelchair is too heavy, Guan Yinping carries it with ease and the former assigns to let her carry it. Also remember that the doll is based on a legend which is said to be used to drive Sima Yi to retreat during the Battle of Wuzhang Plains which led to the saying, "A dead Zhuge scares away a living Zhongdanote ".
    • Zhou Tai's ending has a drunk Sun Quan calling out for his trusty bodyguard to come out and show his scars that he earned while protecting him. The man in question is on the other side of the wall, looking very annoyed. After he and Xu Sheng converse, Zhou Tai takes a barrel of wine and tells Xu Sheng that they're going to drink it somewhere else, away from his drunk master.
    • Guan Suo's ending shows him being surrounded by his fangirls who give him flowers while Bao Sanniang looks on jealously. Jiang Wei comments that Guan Suo always receives flowers from his fans but never understands the reason for it because he's Oblivious to Love. Then, Guan Suo asks Bao Sanniang if she likes to wear a flower which the latter responds delightedly while Jiang Wei Facepalms because Guan Suo misses the point that Bao Sanniang has a crush on him.
    • Dong Bai's ending shows her sitting on her throne with Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao and Shu and Zhang Liao on their knees. She swings her flail in front and demands them to bow down before her. These five men, who are known to be cunning and fearsome, end up bowing to her in fear. Then, it turns out that it's All Just a Dream.
    • Hua Xiong's ending has his troops being offered wine from Dong Bai as congraulations for their victory but he dismisses it, claiming he'll drink it later after he wins again and charges off to battle Too bad for him his next opponent is Guan Yu
  • Even before Dong Bai's ending, she actually got Li Jue and Guo Si to surrender and serve under her command, as if she's a chaperon scolding two misbehaving boys. If you know the history well, you'll know that these two are Opportunistic Bastards who follow Dong Zhuo around, take over the remants of his army when he died, kill Wang Yun when he intended to execute them for their crimes with Dong Zhuo, drive Lu Bu out of Chang'an, seize Emperor Xian and make him Puppet King again, and finally kill each other due to increasingly mutual distrust after the Emperor ran away from them. It's really hilarious to see these two behaving under a much younger girl.
  • In 9, thanks to being able to climb very high mountains and still have free reign to do whatever you want, you can just climb on the highest mountain peak you can find and then take a dive with an Aerial Musou and suffer no damage whatsoever. Mundane Made Awesome and funny indeed.
  • For 8’s Jin story, Cao Shuang’s complete incompetence at Mt. Xingshi is bad enough, that even the usually dry and impartial battle log goes into Deadpan Snarker mode.
    Cao Shuang has arbitrarily decided to go down the mountain path again!
  • At the end of Battle of Ruxukou in 9, Lu Meng praises Ling Tong and Gan Ning for being able to work together. In response, both of them deny being friends, while speaking in unison.
  • In 4, on Wei’s version of Mt. Ding Jun, if your officer runs into Huang Zhong, there is a cutscene where usually, they insult Huang Zhong’s age, leading to him angrily declaring he’ll fight to his death. If one is playing as Zhang He though, his reaction to meeting Huang Zhong is simply “Go away”, which gets the same angered response.
  • In 3 XL, you have the option to fight as the generic officer. And there's certainly no stopping you for picking Hua Xiong (back then just a random officer) in Hu Lao Gate (Dong Zhuo side). Of course, meet Guan Yu and it's instant Game Over for you. What were you thinking, taking such obvious Schmuck Bait?
  • In8 Empires when doing quests the only factor on if it's a good quest or evil quest is if the person giving it to you is a free officer. This can lead to strange things in assassination missions since the target need only be nearby to be valid. Zhou Yu might ask you to end one of the Qaio sisters or Cao Cao might want to off a Yuan.