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  • Depending on the games, Zhao Yun will usually be this with Liu Bei, but Dynasty Warriors 6 didn't pass on the chance of giving him a friendship with Ma Chao.
  • Zhuge Liang with Jiang Wei; often mixed with Mentor Ship, though it's considerably one-sided for the latter. When Xiahou Ba made his debut in 7, the games played this up for Jiang Wei as much as possible.
  • Given they are cousins, Ma Dai with Ma Chao.
    "Young master, you sure know how to get me motivated!"
  • Despite his short appearance in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, Fa Zheng is paired with Liu Bei. The scene where Fa Zheng took an arrow by the shoulder and Liu Bei shows concern cements this.
  • Guan Xing with Zhang Bao; justified when other Derivative Works for Romance of the Three Kingdoms made them pseudo-Blood Brothers.
  • Sun Quan and Zhou Tai. The latter's Undying Loyalty to the former is very prominent in the earlier games and this is before Lianshi's debut.
  • Gan Ning and Ling Tong. They hate each other at the start due to the former killing the latter's father. But it's so intense, shippers could have sworn that these two are just having a lovers' quarrel. This goes up to eleven where Ling Tong tears up after witnessing Gan Ning's death in 6 and 9.
  • Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. They're historically blood brothers who always watch each other's back. This is showcased in Zhou Yu's ending for Dynasty Warriors 6 where he and Sun Ce leave the leadership of Wu to Sun Quan and ride out to the sun together.
  • Lu Xun and Zhu Ran's friendship is absolutely overpowering which is blatantly obvious in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends where they both help each other in the fire attack against Liu Bei. Their obsession with fire might have something to do with it.
  • Taishi Ci and Sun Ce. They considered each other as Worthy Opponent before the latter recruits the former for his cause. There's even this cutscene from Dynasty Warriors 6 where Sun Ce chases Taishi Ci, pushes him off his horse, and lands on top of him.
  • On the Les Yay side, Lianshi and Sun Shangxiang. Asides from being her bodyguard, Lianshi is very concerned about her Princess' well-being most especially after the events of Fan Castle. This relationship is very evident in Warriors Orochi 3 wherein a side mission, Sun Shangxiang has to save Lianshi from Taira Kiyomori's brainwashing.
  • Sima Yi with Cao Pi; despite the latter's ending in Dynasty Warriors 5 hinting he's aware of Yi's motives, Pi tells him to "take care of it" when he's no longer around.
  • Jia Chong's devotion to Sima Zhao can be seen as "direct"; particularly obvious in 8: Xtreme Legends when Chong decides to learn of Zhao's favorite dish and cook it for him - purely for motivational purposes, of course!
  • On the Les Yay side, you have Zhang Chunhua who is very flirty towards Wang Yuanji which reaches the point in her ending that she invites her to her house to eat her meat buns.
  • Cao Cao has the largest pool of this with nearly every male character in Wei, chief among them with his cousin Xiahou Dun. Dian Wei and Guan Yu, when the latter was serving under Cao Cao, are a tie for second.
  • Given how Camp Gay (or Camp Straight) his portrayal in this series is, any time Zhang He interacts with a male, though Xiahou Yuan seems to be the recipient of most of his antics. For instance, in Dynasty Warriors 6, Zhang He's saddened to learn that Huang Zhong shoots Xiahou Yuan dead at Mt. Ding Jun.
  • Li Dian, with Yue Jin. They debut together in Dynasty Warriors 8 and are always seen together in several cutscenes and battles. It doesn't help that they have a duet character song together.
  • The Wei strategists are a very tight-knit group who would always show concern to each other. One of the most extreme examples would be Guo Jia and Xun Yu where the latter shows a lot of concern for the former's health.
  • Man Chong and Xu Huang are paired together because they were good friends in history and the novel as the former is responsible for having the latter join Wei.