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Future DW Character speculation

  • Cao Hong
    • Was historically a Jerkass who belittled his fellow officers while trying to make himself look good. He's prime Token Evil Teammate material because of this, and could be an excellent Foil to Cao Ren, whom he was constantly seen with in earlier games. In order to make him somewhat likable, he could have a strong connection to his family: in the novel, he rescued Cao Cao, even after he threatened to execute Hong for screwing up against Ma Chao. While his early accomplishment was very minor, it could also serve as a future Memetic Mutation: His first blood against the Yellow Turbans is against He Man. Combine with the idea of him being a Token Evil Teammate material, can you say the idea of a 'somewhat grounded, a little bit more moral Skeletor'?
  • Liao Hua
    • Lived to see the founding and end of Shu. Was second-of-command during Jiang Wei's campaigns. His Musou Mode could consist of him being nervous about living up to the standards his predecessors established.
  • Wang Ping
    • An officer who defect from Wei to Shu in Battle of Han Zhong. He is one of the major general in Zhuge Liang's Northern Expeditions, especailly in Battle of Jieting. Also, he is the commander the battle of Mt. Xingshi in both 7 and 8, despise being an genetic officer. He also have grudge against Xu Huang base on the fact that the later contribute to his utimate defection to shu.
  • Ma Su
    • Zhuge Liang's infamous pupil who's blunder at Jie Ting forced him to be executed as punishment. His Musou mode would be him starting out as an Insufferable Genius and takes a level in humility after surviving it and becomes more humble and willing to accept he's not always right and listen to the advice of others as he becomes his successor in place of Jiang Wei.
  • Cao Rui
    • Cao Pi's son by Lady Zhen. Had a Calling the Old Man Out moment after Cao Pi had Lady Zhen executed on pretenses that she was too jealous of his other concubines. Was the ruler of Wei when Himiko sent emissaries to China, so this would be a way for her to cameo in the Dynasty Warriors series. Likewise, Rui is the last of the Cao clan that Sima Yi respected, so once Rui bit the dust, that would be the time Sima Yi thought that the Cao clan has degenerated and it's time for him to take over.
  • Zhuge Jin
    • Zhuge Liang's brother who served Wu and was known as The Tiger and was favored and trusted by Sun Quan. He would be a bit more laidback than Zhuge Liang but still a worthy strategist who prefers to let the younger generation take center stage. His musou mode would first have him aid Liu Bei at Changban but after Chi Bi serve under Sun Quan. At Yi Ling he defeats Zhuge Liang in a battle of wits and strategy but refuses to kill him saying he cannot bring himself to do so. Instead he helps establish peace and brings an alliance between Wu and Shu and they defeat Wei at Wu Zhang Plains bringing peace as the Brothers play Go against one another in his ending.
  • Gao Shun
    • One of Lu Bu's vassals and generals of his army and was the most loyal, staying by his side and defeated Xiahou Dun at Xia Pi when Cao Cao offered him a chance to join glared at him and accepted his execution. With the added focus on Lu Bu as of late it's only a matter of time before he joins as well either in XL or 9.
  • Bianshi / Lady Bian
  • Sha Moke
    • King of a barbarian tribe who allied with Liu Bei who killed Gan Ning and was cut down by Zhou Tai. His musou mode would consist of him surviving past Yi Ling and having a rivalry with Meng Huo over their tribes and after Nanzhong is subdued move on to conquer Wei at Jie Ting
      • He is now playable in Total War: 3 Kingdoms, this might enhance his chances.
  • Huang Hao
    • The scheming corrupt advisor of Liu Shan who through bribes from Wei stopped Jiang Wei's campaigns preventing him from getting any ground in the war during the later periods. His musou mode would consist of him pretending to be on and support Shu's side while at the same time planting seeds of doubt within Liu Shan about Jiang's ability to lead. But Karma will catch up to him in the end when its revealed he's been accepting bribes and either Sima Zhao will cut him down disgusted with his methods or Jiang Wei slays him and proves his treachery.
  • Zhou Fang
    • The Wu Vassal who cut off his long hair as a symbol of defection and in turn tricked Wei and achieved a great victory. His mode would consist of him at battles such as He Fei and Yi Ling for Wu and have a cutscene where in front of Wei soldiers and Generals such as Sima Yi, he cuts off his hair to show his change of allegiance (Having two models, one with long hair the other with short) and then at the battle shows his true loyalty to Wu and cuts down Cao Xiu at Shi Ting.
  • He Jin
    • Commanded the Imperial Army against the Yellow Turbans, though got assassinated by the Eunuchs cause they were threatened by him. His musou mode would consist of him beating the Yellow Turbans and surviving his encounter with the Eunuchs to go on and unify China. Don't know what his personality would be like though, but this troper would make him a bit of a jerkass who loathes having to fight his enemies himself.
And in the new total war 3 kingdoms DLC as a he a mememe in the community in the new total war 3 kingdoms before this.
  • And in the new total war 3 kingdoms DLC as a he a mememe in the community in the new total war 3 kingdoms before this.
  • Zhang Liang or Zhang Bao
    • Zhang Jiao's two brothers and the closest thing to generals in the Yellow Turbans. Possibilities for individual story modes could be either the Way of Peace spreading throughout China (possibly even displacing the Three Kingdoms setup altogether) or one brother or the other dealing with Jiao's death after the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Chances of them ending up joining Wei or Wu would be fairly decent; Shu's just out of the question simply because of Liu Bei's lineage.
  • Luo Xian
    • Officer of Later Shu who guarded Shu's side against Wu while Jiang Wei attempted his campaigns and managed to hold them off. Later surrendered and served Jin after Chengdu fell. His Musou would be of beating Wu at Baidi Castle and racing back to Chengdu and aiding Shu and repelling The Wei Forces.
  • Lu Kang
    • Son of Lu Xun who served as commander of Wu after his father's passing and Zhuge Ke's death. Managed to keep Wei out of Wu territory even after Shu had fallen. His musou would consist of him trying to fulfill the large footsteps his father has left for him as The Three Kingdoms are coming to an end.
  • Yang Hu
    • Jin Officer who was close friends with Wu Officer Lu Kang and greatly trusted and relied upon by Sima Zhao, despite his skills he was never able to best Kang and was unable to conquer Wu. In addition of this, he's Xin Xianying's nephew and even the game acknowledged that, and thanks to her advice, he became wary of Zhong Hui and helped warning Sima Zhao about the rebellion.
  • Fei Yi
    • An advisor and regent of Shu who was able to have Jiang Wei's intial campaigns be successful against Wei. Was placed in charge of finances after Zhuge Liang's death and was able to keep The Country afloat. His murder at a banquet by a fake deflector of Wei proved to be disastrous to Shu. His character would be one who helps keep Jiang Wei in line so he doesn't get too aggressive and a Hypothetical scenario would be stopping his murder from happening.
  • Sun Hao
    • He ascended the throne in 264 after the death of his uncle Sun Xiu (Emperor Jing) in the light of the desire of the people to have an older emperor, considering the recent destruction of Wu's ally state Shu Han. However, he turned out to be a most unfortunate choice, as his cruelty, extravagance, and inability to handle domestic matters doomed Wu, which was eventually conquered by the Jin Dynasty in 280, ending the Three Kingdoms period.
  • Jian Yong
    • Working under Liu Bei since the very beginning of Liu's career and frequently played the role of a messenger or emissary for his lord. He was also known for being a very persuasive speaker and for his carefree personality.
  • Mi Fang
  • Mi Shi
    • In conjunction of Mi Fang above, this is his sister, one of Liu Bei's wives before Sun Shangxiang, and then the lady who delivered infant Liu Shan to Zhao Yun in Changban before committing suicide on a well. This lady would've been around since the earlier era of Shu, and since Koei puts Liu Bei X SSX as their OTP and Mi Shi WASN'T the blood mother of Liu Shan, Koei can take a lot of liberties with this one: She was one of the wives trapped in Cao Cao's services when Guan Yu was captured and forced to serve him so they could have a lot of rapport together, without actually marrying (female friend or sorts). She would accompany Guan Yu during the 'Guan Yu's Escape' scenario and probably also had a hand in Guan Yu's decision to adopt Guan Ping. While she's more of the intellect type, she would still possess the bravery to protect Liu Shan in Changban (this would translate to a Hold the Line mission with her) until Zhao Yun arrived, and then she threw herself to the well like usual. Sure, she might be short-lived, but the game also has a lot more short-lived characters like Dian Wei or Pang Tong. Likewise, this might have an effect to Liu Bei, who was also hiding the grief of the loss of one of his wives, though Sun Shangxiang will help him move on. But most importantly, Mi Shi would've been Mi Fang's Morality Chain, on hearing her death, he started having Sanity Slippage and blaming others for her death, but especially Guan Yu because he wasn't there at Changban regardless of the good rapport he got during their time trapped by Cao Cao. In case hypothetical scenario exists, Mi Shi might turn out to be a case of She's Just Hiding, either she survived the fall or she was cunning enough to make sure her fall wouldn't be fatal and then went into hiding (they Never Found the Body after all), only reappearing at Fan Castle to prevent Mi Fang from defecting to Wu.
  • Zhu Zhi
    • A Wu general who served under all three playable Sun patriarchs. He fought alongside Sun Jian as early as the campaign against Dong Zhuo. He was noted for his filial piety and modesty, was a skilled and successful tactician, and displayed great ability and talent in all of his missions, even once protecting members of Sun Ce's family. Zhu Zhi received many ranks and titles for the many battles he fought in service to his kingdom. He also became the adoptive father of Zhu Ran.
  • Li Jue
    • An officer of Dong Zhuo, he particularly looks like a terrifying Evil Sorcerer in Shin Sangoku Musou Blast. Anyway, he participated in the Battle of Si Shui Gate as a commander and foreseen how Hua Xiong died. Still loyal to Dong Zhuo after his death, he eventually got his revenge by killing Wang Yun, pretty much making him a hated enemy of Diaochan. Afterwards, he took the Emperor hostage, but ended up getting entangled to a civil war with his ally Guo Si and died as a result.
  • Guo Nuwang
    • Cao Pi's second wife and responsible in a rather cult-favorite family drama of the Cao family after Cao Pi, which is about her making Zhenji lose favor from Cao Pi, ordered to commit suicide, and then Cao Rui later found out and had her commit suicide and shamed her in death, just like she did to his mother. Now you might be thinking: Zhenji is already a rather haughty bitchy character, how would Nuwang differentiate? Easy. By making Nuwang an inverse of Zhenji, if Zhen is a haughty and bitchy lady, then she would be something of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, she looks standoffish and dismissive, but actually loves her husband very much deep inside. On the other hand, Nuwang would be a rather toned down Bitch in Sheep's Clothing (it's just not Koei's style to make a complete bitch without redeeming qualities): She acts sweet and polite, looking like Cai Wenji on the outside, but on the inside, she's prone to plot for her own nefarious ends, with self-mumbling, cursing at her opposition, or sometimes acting violent (this side could actually give Pre-7!Sima Yi a run for his money) and THEN utilizing Wounded Gazelle Gambit to win over others. She does have positive sides, like caring for the common people (let's say to contrast with Zhenji, she's born commoner, not noble) or fighting to defend her homeland or genuinely loving Cao Pi, but her negative sides make her really stand out to the audience, while the characters until Cao Rui didn't know any better.
  • Sima Yan
    • Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji's son, who started the Jin Dynasty and the one who finally ended the Three Kingdoms. Since Jia Chong and Wen Yang, who also served the Jin Dynasty, showed up as playable characters, he should appear as well in the next game. Well, Sima Zhao looks old enough to become a dad and Wang Yuanji could be just handwave like Zhang Chunhua for her youthful appearance. Sima Yan’s design may look like the one seen the ending of the seventh game but he should have inherited the hair color from his parents. He’s probably going to be the Nice Guy or the Token Good Teammate who really wants to unite the three kingdoms and is not a lazy bum like his dad so he might inherit his mom’s no-nonsense attitude. Then, Jia Chong influenced him after his father’s death but Sima Yan is careful not to always take his advice (like when Jia Chong opposed his plan to conquer Wu but Sima Yan refused to listen to him and went ahead with his conquest).
  • Yang Huiyu
    • Sima Shi’s (third) wife and Yang Hu’s older sister, who might be Sima Shi’s Morality Pet. I imagine her being the Oneesama or the Cool Big Sis of the group and is best friends with Wang Yuanji. But considering how Zhang Chunhua affected Sima Yi’s character, she will not make Sima Shi a Henpecked Husband. When Sima Shi dies, she will be devastated but she will continue to support her brother-in-law, Sima Zhao, and later her nephew, Sima Yan. To add the in-joke of Sima Shi’s obsession with meat buns, she will be a good cook whose meat buns are so delicious that Sima Shi refused to share it to anyone.
  • Zang Ba
    • A bandit who helped Tao Qian against Yellow Turbans, he later allied with Lu Bu and following Lu Bu's demise, joined Cao Cao where he served as a capable minister and decent general. As a governor, he was allowed to operate with a great deal of independence. Cao Cao praised him for his moral integrity on a few occasions (Including one where he refused to hand over some of Liu Bei's supporters to Cao Cao) and he is also known to have stood fast in a situation where even Zhang Liao wanted to retreat without permission. Even after being dismissed from his military post, Cao Pi would still consult him on military affairs. Adding him would give another character to both Wei and the Lu Bu factions.
  • Jiang Wan
    • Zhuge Liang's handpicked successor to lead after his death, Jiang Wan proved to be capable of handling the duties of Prime Minister after Wu Zhang Plains. However he was constantly sick during his time preventing him from carrying out a planned assault against Wei which would be referenced in the game as he's a man who's pushing his body to do what it can to help Shu before he passes. A scenario would be to keep him from overdoing himself thus enabling his body to survive the illness and avoid his passing. Also, there must be a event where he and Guo Huai meet and exchange advice and tips on medicine and ailments.
  • Cao Mao
    • The second to last Emperor of Wei but did not become a puppet ruler like the others as he fought against the Sima family raising in rebellion to take back his family's power but was ultimately killed. The past two games he's had a unique character design and his rebellion has gotten a stage so 9 seems like a good time to add him. If they do Hypothetical scenarios for Later Wei, he'd be the main character along with Zhuge Dan and others who are loyal to Wei not the Sima family and stop their seizement of power thus keeping Wei in the Cao family.
  • Gan Ji
    • The mystic that was eventually responsible for the death of Sun Ce. He'll still play the role of villain, however, but he'd be portrayed as less malicious, and his appearance will allow an early appearance of Zuo Ci. We will say that together with Zuo Ci, Gan Ji was a member of a group of mystics that kept the power of sorcery in balance, until the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out and Zhang Jiao was abusing it. Because of this, both Gan Ji and Zuo Ci entered the scene to see how they could restore this. Gan Ji decided that the best way was to use magic to help people, while Zuo Ci disagreed and thought the best way was to find someone that can end the chaos. Gan Ji's quest unfortunately led him to help out the remnants of Wu army that was beaten by Sun Ce during his unification, and he fell to the wrong crowd. Helping out these people that was filled with vengeance and hatred against Sun Ce for beating them, he became indoctrinated with the thoughts that Sun Ce is evil and must be stopped. Because of using this magic for petty reasons, he became corrupted by it that while he finally succeeded taking down Sun Ce, he became a wandering ghost that terrorized people, forcing Zuo Ci to put an end to his comrade and bring peace to his wayward soul.
  • The Yuan Brothers: Yuan Tan, Yuan Shang and Yuan Xi
    • Children of Yuan Shao and an attempt to expand the Yuan family and in the same time expanding the lives of Zhang He, Zhenji and Xin Xianying during the time they were with Yuan Shao. Yuan Shang was Yuan Shao's favorite son and spent more time with his father. Described as 'strong but arrogant', Shang often butts head with Zhang He, he often arrogantly chided Zhang He's narcissism. Yuan Tan was described as 'brave, but impulsive and violent'. He hung out a lot with Yan Liang and Wen Chou, but his violent attitude and the fact that he was favored less than Shang made him a bit more abusive to some of his followers, in particular his ambassador Xin Pi and his daughter Xin Xianying, who often tried to advise him to not be that violent, but Tan sees them as commoners with less levels to even speak with him. Yuan Xi is described as 'Intelligent but weak and indecisive', and his marriage with Zhenji was more or less Arranged Marriage, and Zhenji was pissed that Xi was that indecisive that he influenced many of Yuan family advisors (eg: Ju Shou and Tian Feng) to be cowed by the noble prestige, nor does he try to mediate with Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang (favoritism issues, or Yuan Tan's abuses to the Xin family). After Yuan Shao's defeat at Guandu, there was a succession crisis, which Cao Cao took advantage to defeat them, and the rest is history: They die. Maybe even in death, both Tan and Shang realized where they screwed up and reconciled in death (also, Yuan Tan will try to make up for his abuses by sending Xin Pi and Xianying to head to Wei). Meanwhile, Cao Pi personally slain Yuan Xi with the help of Zhenji, and then he gave a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech, finally making Yuan Xi realize his weakness and allowed Zhen to go with Cao Pi.

  • Sima Fu
    • Sima Yi's younger brother and Cao Zhi's good friend (which would made an interesting parallel to Cao Pi and Sima Yi's friendship). He tends to voice disagreement over Sima Shi and Zhao's (especially the latter) mistreatment on the Cao family. When Cao Mao was murdered, Sima Fu miserably wept at his departed lord's knee and blamed himself for Cao Mao's death. He caught wind that Sima Zhao intended to bury Cao Mao like a commoner and was outraged. He bravely opposed his nephew by demanding that Cao Mao be given a ruler's funeral. It will be nice to have a Sima who actually holds fundamental loyalty to the Cao family for a change.

  • Ju Shou
    • A Strategist serving Yuan Shao. Though incredibly loyal, and quite perceptive of Yuan's and Cao Cao's strengths and weaknesses, his sound advice was ignored by Yuan Shao ultimately leading to Yuan's defeat. Could be used as a contrast to Chen Gong; Whereas Chen Gong is self-centered and egotistical, Ju Shou could be Noble, Loyal and completely selfless.
  • Jiang Qin
    • One of Sun Ce's original officers who went on to serve Sun Quan. He held Zhang Liao so that Sun Quan could escape and participated in Lu Meng's invasion of Jing. Could have his character revolve around looking after Sun Quan in Ce's stead.

  • Huche'er
    • An Interesting Officer whose model while still generic, is slightly unique to the others.

Some characters that has appeared uniquely in Total War: Three Kingdoms will get their DW rendition

Kind of similar to the above WMG, except for those that has appeared in TW3K. In particular, the Yellow Turbans character, finally giving Zhang Jiao more people to interact with, in addition of his brothers.

Descriptions can come later.

  • Kong Rong
  • Zhang Yan
  • He Yi
    • He Man
  • Huang Shao
  • Gong Du
  • Zheng Jiang
  • He Jin been added in 3 kingdoms new DLC.
  • Yan Baihu was added as well, might give the Shanyue a bit more play.
  • Furious Wild added Shamoke and Mulu along with Shi Xie, so those 3 might have enhanced chances.

Koei-Tecmo will soon spin off the Warriors series to include the American Civil War
An entry from the Dynasty Warriors YMMV page gives an interesting take on this:
Imagine if you will a similar game based on the American Civil War, where you get to play as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Ulysses S. Grant, and William Sherman as gun-toting badasses, and Abe Lincoln gets reimagined as leading from the battlefront wielding twin laser-sighted M1s. Then imagine the game based not on the actual history, but on a unashamed rule of cool romanticized novelization of the history, written in 2850 A.D. (i.e. a thousand years after the historical events have passed into oral legend). Then, imagine that instead of two sides, there are three (North, South, and WEST!) and instead of 5 years or so, it lasts 100...
More realistically, Koei-Tecmo can slightly romanticize the events of the American Civil War for the sake of a video game. Though the mentions of slavery could be a sensitive subject, especially in a video game, it is a central theme of the war to begin with, Possible names for the game:
  • Civil Warriors: America
  • Dynasty Warriors: America
  • The Japanese name of the game would be 南北戦争無双 (nanbokusensoumusou, literally "American Civil War Unmatched/Musou")
Koei has already spun off the Warriors series to include the Warring States period of Japan, the Hundred Years' War, the Trojan War, as well as a series with Gundam, One Piece, and Fist of the North Star. The American Civil War is the next obvious step from here...

Similarly to the above, there will be a Dynasty Warriors: World War II.

If there is DW8, Shu will receive a lot of Token Evil Teammate

Come on, as if this isn't obvious enough. They could add in either Mi Fang or Fu Shiren (the two dudes who betrayed Guan Yu and caused his eventual downfall), though as they try to make this world of woobie, the two can receive more positive treatment and end up like Jerkass Woobie. Aside of that, since Jin is on the fray now, they can also add Huang Hao, who'll rival Dong Zhuo in terms of evil (in a way of Evil Chancellor than Evil Overlord), probably lifting some crazy things given to Jiang Wei in 7, as well as making even Zhong Hui be completely disgusted at him.

  • Jossed, but not completely. There's always DW 9 in the future. Or XL.
  • Comfirmed by the debut of Fa Zheng, who is not your normal good guy found in Shu according to both actual history and in-game description.

Zhao Yun in Dynasty Warriors is a double-agent working for Wei, and later Jin

  • If you think about it, almost every single one of his incarnation wears large chunks of blue/cyan colour, instead of the green like every other Shu characters, while in the latest installment the colour of his wear changed to light blue, which is very close to the Jin faction colour. This explains how he is able to breakthrough the heavily occupied Changban without a scratch, just so Wei can make sure Shu will have an incompetent successor after Liu Bei dies.
    • Coincidentally enough, this is one of the running subplots in Ravages of Time — although Zhao Yun aka Liaoyuan Huo, by chapter 386 seems to have had Liu Bei's righteousness rub off on him, and it's more about Zhao Yun building up Liu Bei as a powerful rival to Cao Cao so that Sima Yi can move up Cao Cao's ranks to set up a coup.
    • Ravages reference, perhaps?
      • Actually, the color of his clothes have nothing to do with his allegiance. Kind of similar to how Superman is often depicted in red and blue, Zhao Yun is always seen wearing white and blue armor in folklore. It's his trademark outfit.

The "it's me!" guy from 7XL is a time traveler.
  • Think about it, how come he appears from Yellow Turban Rebellion all the way to Zhong Hui's Rebellion (about 80 years) without aging one bit? This guy probably comes from the future and disguises himself as a soldier of the player's side to learn more about the history of the era by experiencing the battles firsthand, considering he's a history buff.
    • Actually, this is explained in universe. The "it's me" guy does age, and eventually passes away, and his son replaces him in the army after informing the player character that he will fight just as loyally as his father did. This is why he appears as a younger model during Zhong Hui's Rebellion - because he is a different, younger man.
      • That's the "it's me" guy from 7, the post above talks about the "it's me" guy from 7XL's Legend Mode.

Cao Cao used to have an Evil Twin named 'Cow Cow' until he took the stage in 6

If you think about it, it makes sense. Up until 5, Cao Cao is spelled as 'Cow Cow' and is a Card-Carrying Villain. But in 6 and forward (or rather, the Warriors Orochi series), the spelling was fixed, and he starts acting more as an Anti-Villain. So who's to say that up until DW5 we've been dealing with an imposter named 'Cow Cow', pretending to be Cao Cao, until the man himself took over in 6/WO and made sweeping changes to how Wei works, so it's more of an Anti-Villain faction?

The "Rival Warlords" scenario in DW 8:Empires takes place in the Warriors Orochi world

It has characters from DW, Bladestorm, Taira Kiyomori, and even Genghis Khan at war with each other in a very time-displaced China. Kiyomori and his officers (namely Sun Wukong and Himiko) look like their Orochi incarnations, and the very premise is right up Orochi's alley.

DW9 will have the aging system
Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada experimented on the characters aging and it worked. So, this could also work for DW 9 so that, we won't have to put up with Willing Suspension of Disbelief of some characters staying exactly like they were (e.g. Sima Yi, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei etc.). This also means Liu Bei might get his mustache back.
  • At least the Liu Bei mustache part is confirmed

Sima Yi's and Zhang Chunhua's weapons in 8 shows that they're into BDSM
You had to admit Sima Yi loves smacking and whipping his enemies with the horsewhip and he even ties them up while his wife Zhang Chunhua also ties up her enemies. Either they're into bondage and other kinky stuff or that Koei is messing our heads. Or maybe it has something to do with their bedroom dynamics. But looking into their relationship in the game, it's obvious which one of them is the dom and the sub.

The next Warriors crossover game is Soulcalibur
Well, given that Soulcalibur VI is coming soon which resurrected the franchise, it's highly likely that this will get the Musou treatment considering that Sophitia is a guest character in Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate. Of course, some elements of Soulcalibur can be retained such as the Soul Crush, Guard Impact etc.

Yueying is Indian
Having read about how she's supposed to have been unattractive in real life, it got me thinking maybe that's by Chinese standards. The area Shu controlled appears to border India, so perhaps her family moved to China and she married Zhuge Liang. Also, in recent entries in the series Yueying seems to sport a bindi between her eyebrows. Who knows? By Indian standards she could have been downright gorgeous.
  • According to fans from Taiwan, Yueying is a ganguro girl and Komei is into that type of fashion.

There will be a spin-off dedicated to the Sima clan until the War of the Eight Princes
Total War: Three Kingdoms will have a DLC which focused on the War of the Eight Princes. Koei already had a portrait of Jia Nanfeng thanks to the mobile card game so it's possible that the spin-off will be similar to Samurai Warriors: The Spirit of Sanada but it will focus on the Sima clan, starting with Sima Yi's military career up to the War of the Eight Princes, if possible. It will also bring some of the Sima clan members as playable characters such as Sima Fu (Sima Yi's brother), Sima Liang and Sima Lun (two of Sima Yi's sons who were involved with the War of the Eight Princes), Sima Yan (Sima Zhao's son and the first emperor of the Jin Dynasty) etc. It would also expand the characterization of Xin Xianying and Wen Yang because the former had more involvement post-Wuzhang Plains than in the game's storyline and the latter's career was at his peak during Sima Yan's time. This also means the barbarian tribes such as the Xianbei and Xiongnu will be introduced.

Ancient Roman Warriors game series.
Fist game Centres around Julius Caesar obviously at the big named mr. Big of the time and basically ends with him getting assassinated and having a scenario where somebody comes and two of them saved him. Most likely his son-in-law if you can save him or his number to at the time( I am horrible with names) the second game where I expand the story with you becoming his adopted son nephew, Please add every historical character you think would have a good chance of joining and why?