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  • Keep poking the pink teddy bear. C'mon, go ahead!
  • "Goodnight Mr. Bahir" ends with a confrontation with Bento, the producer of fake Antizin. Right before Kyle confronts Bento, the drug dealer claims that his Antizin gives people superpowers. He can even be heard shouting at his thugs to use their own powers.
  • When wandering the city, it's possible to find encounters where you meet some of Rais's soldiers. If you kill them until only one is left, the remaining soldier may have an (entirely appropriate) Oh, Crap! reaction before then running away.
    • At higher levels you can find guns, allowing you to kill the soldiers with a single headshot, or craft exploding or burning throwing stars to kill them faster. If you kill the soldiers fast enough, you can make ruthless bandits turn tail and run.
  • The escort missions in this game manage to be surprisingly fun, which has a lot to do with how strange the survivors you help are.
    • One has you helping a man gather ingredients for a cure...for his lycanthropy. He seems to think his condition makes him unstoppable in combat, sometimes he howls like a wolf, and if he sees a Goon he calls it a Frankenstein's Monster.
    • Another is looting stores and asks for your protection, promising a handsome reward for the favor. At the end, he admits he was planning on ripping you off, but after witnessing Crane slaughter every zombie in their path, states that doing so would probably be suicide.
    • Yet another has you following a chemical cleaner salesman around to make his deliveries to houses that are very obviously empty, but he still shouts through the door that their subscription is an automatic renewal, so they can expect another package next month! As Crane wryly points out:
    Crane: You know, I usually feel good about helping people.
    • One involves a man who really wants to go fishing, even through he is in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. He asks Crane to protect him while he gets his reel back from the pawn shop, and his rod back from a deceased friend. All the while talking about fishing, and how great of a deal he got on his reel.
      • Made better by the fact that the man knows that there's a Zombie Apocalypse going on, outright acknowledging the presence of infected.
    Fisherman: (Upon seeing a Toad) There is no fish equivalent.
  • In the second to last story mission, Broadcast, Crane is tasked with taking an amplifier to the top of the tallest antenna on the far side of Old Town so that he can break through the signal jamming and forcefully call off the Ministry's planned bombings. Throughout this mission, he suddenly takes a level in snark and regards everything around him with growing exasperation and sarcasm, as if he only just now realized how ridiculously difficult the things he does are.
    • Upon jumping from the top of a dam into a heap of rubbish to cushion his fall:
      Crane: One day I'm gonna do this and end up landing on a bag of rusty knives, I just know it.
    • He has to search the shipping containers for a keycard left by another survivor, which he does not hesitate to complain about to his Mission Control. Upon finding it, after having to fight various Toads and two Demolishers to get to it, his reaction mirrors the players in the most joyful and excited way. It's so unexpected that it's even more hilarious than it normally would have been.
      Crane: YES!! Fucking FINALLY!
    • Crane seems to have suddenly decided to take his role as the Audience Surrogate more seriously during this mission, as many of his comments are exactly what the player is muttering to themselves behind the screen. For example, his exuberance over the keycard fades very quickly once he gets to the base of the antenna and sees a Goon, Toads, and numerous Bombers waiting for him. The tone of his voice turns more exasperated than anything else.
      Crane: Oh, the exploding ones, fucking perfect.
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    • After managing to clear the area and attempting to begin the climb up, a cable snaps, and he falls back to the ground as Agiles swarm him.
      Crane: You've got to be fucking KIDDING ME-!"
      • Made better in the French version were he instead shouts:
    • Lastly, when he finally does get to the top...
      Crane: Oh, of course it waits until I'm already up here to stop raining.
  • Closely related to the above, but if you've completed all of the quests for the twins before after this quest, the businessman who hired you invites you to the test-run / maiden voyage of the submarine they built nearby... which promptly explodes.
    • He then asks for new ideas from the twins, which they chime in immediately with "human cannonball". He decides he wants a Jet Pack.
  • When instructed to take a tunnel back to Old Town, and coming across dozens of decaying corpses on the ground, Crane's reaction is to tempt fate and sarcastically point out "Nothing can go wrong with this plan."
  • During the final mission, when confronting Rais, he starts in on one of his many long-winded speeches. The moment his voice registers in Crane's ears, he finally says what so many players have been expressing the whole time. Also a minor Awesome.
    Crane: ''(struggling the words out) God, would you just SHUT THE F*CK UP!
  • Volatiles. Fast, strong, absolutely relentless in their pursuit of you if they see you... and they scream like a girl whenever they fall off a building.
  • One little sidequest starts with you hearing a woman scream in a house. Once you're in an knock at the door the cry came from, a man open the door and explain that his wife is giving birth and that he need alcohol to sterilize the air as much as he can before closing the door. The first time is pretty straightforward with Crane giving the bottle and hoping it helps. The second time Crane starts to argue that the couple would be better at the Tower, where Lena could help them, only for the guy to answer that they don't want to risk anything. the third time Crane tries to explain that, since the virus isn't airborne, there's no need for so much alcohol but the guy just closes the door before he can explain. After the fourth time, you can now lockpick the door and discover four people who are completely drunk.Crane's reaction ?
    Crane: Of course. I should have known.
  • In this fan song at one point, Crane asks "Am I the only who's managing/to stop this apocalypse from happening?". What makes it truly hilarious however is that, if you pay a little attention, you can clearly hear someone else saying "Yep."
  • In The Following, one sidequest has Crane delivering mail to the locals, you deliver three letters. One of them (that Kyle has to read out loud) is from a friend that has a Bash Brothers relationship with Polt, the second one goes to a woman that thanks you for (or a moment) bringing a bit of normality in her day and the last one,... is an electric bill.
  • In The Following, you meet the twins again. And Kyle, usually glad to help people and nice, make his exasperation at seeing them again extremly clear.

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