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  • Pretty much any time the unlikely team of Domon Kasshu, Milliardo Peacecraft, and Elpeo Ple are together.
    • For an example of this goofball trio in action, we present Ple's ending from the first game.
    • Another example, when Ple and Milliardo are doing their SP attacks together:
    Ple: Come on, Milliardo! Puru puru puru!
    Milliardo: Ugh, I can't believe this is happening...
    • Or Ple and Domon:
    Domon: This hand of mine is burning red...
    Ple: Its ROAR tells me to grasp victory!
    Domon: Come out, Gundam!
    *God Gundam flies in, and Domon does his traditional kata as the Gundam starts up*
    Ple: Hey, Domon! I wanna try that too! Watch!
    Domon: Huh? There's no way you could...
    Ple: Come out, Qubeley!
    *The Qubeley Mk-II likewise flies in and copies the God Gundam's movements (despite being controlled by a traditional joysticks-and-levers combination) to a T, leaving Domon gobsmacked*
    Domon: Huh???
    Ple: See? I did it! *while making the Qubeley do a Happy Dance*
    Domon: H-how did you do that?
    Ple: It's a s-e-c-r-e-t.
    • Domon's interactions with Heero in the latter's second story mission in the second game.
    (enemy mooks start spawning in the middle of Heero and Domon's duel)
    Heero: bastard!
    Domon: You don't get it, I'd never do that! This is a trap!
    Heero: Fight quietly! You're giving the whole world your position!
    Domon: I apologize... it appears my training was insufficient.
    Heero: The enemy has unlimited firepower; what's going on here?!
    Domon: They can regenerate themselves! Nothing to do but break through and run!
    Heero: Mission acknowledged, damn it! I'm counting on you!
  • Cecily Fairchild's story mission in the second game:
    Katejina: You are to become queen. I shall guide you to the throne.
    Cecily: Mind your own business! I decide my own future! The blood in my veins is the same blood that flows in yours!
    Quess: Why does the Captain only ever care about you? Don't I count?! A pretty face is nice, I guess; but what good is it in battle?
    Cecily: Pretty face? What are you talking about?
    Lunamaria: You must be Cecily. You're as beautiful as they say... but let's see if you know how to fight! Come and get it!
    Cecily: What is this with my looks again? How come everyone knows about me?!
    Lacus: You're good... it seems the rumors are entirely correct.
    Cecily: (exasperated) Who told you about me? I want to know!
    Seabook: Cecily... at last I've found you!
    Cecily: Seabook, I appreciate you looking for me but wasn't there a better way? Now everyone and their sister knows about me and I keep getting sucked into fights!
    Seabook: Sorry, Cecily, but if you'd just fired up a signal beacon at least-
    Cecily: What, so now this is MY fault?! Well, fine! If you're not willing to apologize...! (kicks the shit out of Seabook) Well, are you feeling sorry yet? You still owe me an apology!
    Seabook: (dejected) Sorry, Cecily...
    Cecily: (giggles) Apology accepted. Thanks for looking for me, Seabook; it's good to see you again.
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  • Kamille's first story mission from the second game:
    Jerid: Kamille! Today we settle this once and for all!
    Kamille: Lieutenant Jerid, stop it! I don't want to fight here, not now!
    Jerid: Gonna run away like a little girl? I guess your name says it all, Kamille!
    Kamille: KNOCK IT OFF!!! (kicks the shit out of Jerid) KAMILLE'S A MAN'S NAME, AND I'M A MAN!!!

  • From the second game, Master Asia's story mission where he plays Warrior Therapist to Judau, Seabook and Kamille. And they thank him for it. Kamille's sequence in particular was possibly a clever ploy to get the player laughing too hard to notice the time limit.
    • Also from the second game, Emma Sheen's story mission "Fighting Giant Enemies." It's a training simulation based on the events of G Gundam, with respawning pilots, giant demon robots, and Hot Bloodedness all over the place. Poor Emma is left thoroughly confused by the end of it.
    (upon Kyoji respawning) "The same pilot again? This must be a mistake... or it's a bug in the program."
    (upon a short exchange between Domon and Master Asia) "Maybe I should just ignore what he's saying."
    (upon the Dark Gundam entering the battlefield) "Now I've got a headache..."
    • How about Emma's first mission "Atmospheric Combat", when she comments on the love/hate friendship between Kira and Athrun being "too in-depth/complicated/unrequired for a simulation." And the reenactment of the One Year War, where she calls Henken out for exaggerating with the Mass Produced Big Zams.
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    • Emma's final mission, a variation on the battle of Gryps with Quattro joining Haman. During the fight, Kamille calls out Quattro on his desertion, while Quattro launches into a speech about how he's really Char Aznable and this is his true path in life. If that sounds out-of-character for Quattro, remember that Kamille wrote this training program. Given his frustrations with Quattro during the series, it becomes much funnier.
    Emma: Kamille, your training program left a bad aftertaste...
  • In fact, pretty much any time G Gundam interacts with one of the more serious Gundam franchises, the results are either going to be hilarious or awesome.
    Heero: Be quiet or I'll miss the target.
    Domon: You'll be fine! LET'S DO IT!!
    • In one of the first game's story paths, Master Asia decides to make Heero Yuy his new pupil, over the latter's objections. This eventually culminates in Master Asia trying to teach Heero the Sekiha Tenkyoken... and Heero is actually considering it as he flies away.
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  • Scirocco's ending in the first game is also funny and ironic: the Musha Gundam's last words are the same as Scirocco's were in Zeta Gundam.
  • In the 2nd game, if you pilot the Zeta Gundam while not playing as Roux Louka, Glemy mistakes the pilot (even Kamille) for being Roux, and later gets mad when he finds out that the Zeta he saw is not piloted by Roux.
  • From the first game, Beecha Oleg's freak-out when he's near dead. Just his overall tone makes it sound more hilarious than distressed.
    Beecha: HEY! WHERE'S MY BACK-UP?!
  • From the third game, there's Ribbons Allmark's reaction to Schwarz Bruder.
    Ribbons: "Why do we always pick up the weird ones?"
  • When Duo Maxwell dies in the third game, his death cry is his famous Big "NO!"!
    • Duo in general:
    "Hey? Bad guys? Having a rough day?"
    (while chopping up enemies left and right) "Hey, how you doing? I'm doing great!"
    *dies* "Yeeeeaaaahhh... that could have been handled more gracefully, I guess."
    "You know, I've almost forgotten what peace feels like... whoa, I take that back, that was totally out of character for me!"
    • His initial encounter with Full Frontal.
    • His entrance quote when called in for a partner attack with Loran Cehack
    "I'll do anything for a lady."
  • One of the third game's storylines seems to enjoy exploiting The Comically Serious. It's made especially apparent when Full Frontal and Duo are surrounded by Treize, Master Asia and Yazan. It's pretty clear both are wondering how they got lumped into this group to begin with.
  • One Of Amuro's Partner Strike quotes in the third game is "Alright, let's kick some ass!"
  • Domon will be with his Gundam, somebody get him when dinner is ready.
  • Ribbons' "took the field" quote: "Oh hi. By the way, I took that field for you."
    • Which is trumped by Garrod's "Thanks for the field, suckers!"
    • Heck, most of Garrod's dialogue:
    (in a ridiculously cocky voice) "Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you: GARROD RAN! Mobile Suit pilot extraordinaire!"
    (Upon defeating the player) "What was that, some kind of suicide attempt? Get it together, man!"
  • Full Frontal and Char meet each other. There's an awkward silence, and Char then just comments that "Some things you never notice until you look in from the outside." Full Frontal is not amused and just stands there the entire time staring at Char.
  • The fact that, in the third game's Story mode, infamous lady-killer Scirocco's entire team consists of women, the only males being Loran and Garrod. Throughout the story, both Haman and Mineva make comments about Scirocco's flirting.
  • When Garrod and Ribbons are fighting together, after Ribbons gives one of his Smug Snake statements, you'll sometimes get this line:
    Garrod: Geez, whats her problem?
  • Random character dialogue can sometimes produce absolutely hilarious results:
    Full Frontal: "What gives you the right to invade another's heart and soul?"
    Domon Kasshu: "Gundam Fight International Treaty Article Three!"

    Char Aznable: "You can do better!"
    Kira Yamato: "I don't think so!"

    Jerid Messa: "Alright, time to show 'em how a man does it!"
    Elpeo Ple: *giggles* "That's funny!"

    Heero Yuy: "I will be victorious. More than anyone on Earth."
    Shinn Asuka: "So, you don't just whine all the time."

    Full Frontal: "What gives you the right to invade another's heart and soul?"
    Setsuna F. Seiei: "I am Gundam!"

    Elpeo Ple: "Why are you always so mean to me? I hate you!"
    Setsuna F. Seiei: "WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN?"

    Glemy Toto: "In this Bawoo, you're no match for me!"
    Garrod Ran: "SHUT UP! It's all your fault! Just get out of the suit!"

  • Even some of the Combo SP dialogue can be pretty chucklesome depending on the characters
    Paptimus Scirocco: Women are the goddesses of war, wouldn't you agree?
    Athrun Zala: Why the hell are you asking me?

  • Various lines from various characters in the Gundam Fight Mission:
    Gym Ghingham: "Finally, our wishes have come true. A new Dynasty Warriors Gundam Sequel!"

    Kai Shiden: "Come on man, it's an anime. Somtimes we like to party with the good guys."

    Master Asia: "Gundam Fight... Ready...."
    Shinn Asuka: "GO! Man, I feel kind of stupid for saying that."

    Schwarz: "Gundam Fight... Ready..."
    Heero: "Go."

    Schwarz: "Gundam Fight... Ready..."
    Banagher: "Huh? Oh! Gooooo!"

    Domon: "Enough talk! Gundam Fight!! Ready..."
    Frontal: "If this is what I must do, then so be it. Ready, goooo!!"

  • An e-mail from Heero.
    From: Heero Yuy
    Subject: I'll... kill you!
    I will kill you!

  • M'Quve's only story mission in the second game is all about...transporting his beloved vase from one end of the map to the other whilst avoiding taking too much damage and having it break. Only for the extraction point to be blocked off leaving M'Quve to deal with whatever aces are currently on the map gunning for him. And then Ramba Ral shows off yelling at him for not providing support when he was commanded to, even asking if M'Quve prioritized a stupid vase over Ral's men...and M'Quve says that yes, he DID value the vase over the soldiers. What a guy. Even better is what the game says when it orders you to kill Ral:
    Attack Ramba Ral! They are worth less than a vase!

  • In the second game, one of Glemy's lines when your relationship with him goes down is him simply shouting "I Heard That!" So really, with good timing, any of your mid battle lines could have somehow ticked him off, from Athrun's SP shout of "Enough foolishness!" to Elpeo Ple doing her "Purupurupurupuru!" schtick.

  • In the third game, if Elpeo Ple sees you in a OYW-era MS like the Guncannon....
    Ple: "Wow, that Mobile Suit's older than god! But at least you wear it well!"

  • One random event in Reborn has Char Aznable, Johnny Ridden, and Full Frontal all show up and have a three-way brawl... because they're arguing over which one of them is the most awesome with red mobile suits.
    Char: Admit it, Red suits me best.
    Johnny: C'mon, everyone knows I'm the real Red!
    Frontal: It's time for an empty vessel to inherit the mantle of Red!
    • Random events in general have the potential for becoming funny moments whenever they happen at the most inopportune times. Examples include Durandal announcing his Destiny Plan while Gato is trying to drop Axis on Earth, or Marida starting a fight with Banagher over ice cream in the middle of a Big Zam attack in the city they're in.
  • Dozle spawning in Reborn has him attacking Banagher for being overly friendly with Mineva, and then Riddhe shows up with this gem of a line:
    Riddhe: Father! I'll cover you!
    Dozle: What did you just say? You have no right to call me that...
    Riddhe acting as if Banagher set him up:...BANAGHER!!!

  • Someone on Reborn's translation team messed up and didn't realize the word "ko" can refer to children in general, not just girls. The end result is CCA-era Char referring to every single young pilot as a girl. This is just weird with Judau or Garrod, but rather hilarious with Kamille or Loran.

  • From the third game onward, the Guncannon got a considerable buff to its Charge moves, two of which unleash its inner Goldberg. Its C3 has it grab whatever MS is in its path and throw it bodily across the its funny watching the Guncannon pick up the likes of, say, the Strike Freedom Gundam or Sinanju and tossing it like a bag of trash, while its brand new C6 has it grab said MS and spin it around a few times (trashing anyone else caught in the spin) before throwing it away. Basically, the Guncannon became a hilarious Badass Normal (insofar as a Mobile Suit can be considered this) in this series. Then there's its regular SP attack where it rampages across the battlefield swinging its arms into a Wheel Of Hands and smashing everything away.

  • One of CCA Char's lines in the third game is him simply shouting "I'm outta here!" Since the game has an odd argument dialogue system between characters, its possible for Char to say this in response to, well, anything. If anything, depending on who spoke first, it looks like he Rage Quit a debate against, say, Elle Vianno or Sochie Heim.

  • Similarly, one of Lacus' mid-battle lines is her laughing about how her Haro robot likes to go on walks. With DWG3's argument-dialogue sstem thing, its possible to have, say, Beecha yelling about how he hates kids having to fight wars adults start, Treize faux-sympathizing...and Lacus giggling about her Haro, as if she has no idea what's going on around her.

  • The English localisations of the series tend to drop some real weird line translations, but they do end up making players laugh anyway, with some of the best being:
    Kamille: We could be dead by morning. Should've changed my underwear.

  • Domon can be set as an Operator in the third game. One of his very first lines in this position is him immediately complaining about being kept in reserve.

  • The second game gives Lacus a mission that's essentially her going around and picking fights, frequently for extremely petty reasons. Then you realize it's her response to Kira commenting at the end of her first mission that she doesn't have it in her to start fights (and immediately regrets it), and Fridge Hilarity sets in: Lacus Clyne, the All-Loving Heroine, is petty enough to resort to invoking Disproportionate Retribution just to prove a point to her boyfriend.

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