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Just like the theatrical films, The Clone Wars has a number of characters that are very popular with the fans.

Click here to see the ones in the rest of the franchise and here to see the ones in the rest of Disney's Expanded Universe.

  • Many of the Jedi who originated in the Prequel Trilogy are extremely popular with the fans as a result of them being fleshed out and receiving Ascended Extra roles in The Clone Wars:
  • Among the Jedi that originated in The Clone Wars, we have:
    • Ima-Gun Di, who only appeared in "Supply Lines", for his design, voice, and noble Last Stand against the Separatist Droid Army.
    • Tera Sinube, for being a Cool Old Guy with an amusing trollish personality and the fact that he is quite capable despite his apparent senility.
    • Pong Krell, despite only appearing during the Umbara arc, for his design and fantastically loathsome personality.
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    • The group of Jedi younglings that are introduced during the Young Jedi arc, particularly due to being Badass Adorable.
  • Many of the Clone Troopers featured in The Clone Wars are also popular with the fans thanks to the characterization that the installment gave them:
    • Captain Rex, for being a clone of Jango Fett more than the others along with his twin pistols, design, servile snark, bond with Anakin Skywalker, and amount of moral choices throughout The Clone Wars. His popularity led to his return in Rebels, where he ended up doing the Fandom-Specific Plot of being disloyal to the Empire and teaming up with the Rebels and Ahsoka.
    • The members of Domino Squad earned plenty of fans in their breakout appearance in "Rookies", which led to them receiving an Origins Episode called "Clone Cadets" in addition to having their story continued throughout The Clone Wars.
      • Hevy, for his role as the team's Blood Knight and Heroic Sacrifice.
      • Fives and Echo, due to their memorable designs and personalities along with the fact that they both developed from rookie Clone Troopers to ARC troopers, especially for Fives during the Umbara arc and his tragic ending during the Order 66 arc along with Echo's return during the Bad Batch arc.
    • Commander Cody, for being Obi-Wan's second-in-command as a result of their relationship being fleshed out.
    • Waxer and Boil, for their snarky Sensitive Guy and Manly Man friendship and designs as well as the fact that they helped Numa during the Ryloth arc.
    • Cut Lawquane, the Clone deserter who abandoned the war effort to start a family, only appeared in "The Deserter", but he is very well-remembered and received an indirect mention in Aftermath.
    • Keeli, the Clone Commander under Ima-Gun Di on Ryloth. While supplies are negotiated off-planet, he and his Jedi Master make the most of being One Episode Wonders by holding the Separatist Droid Army off at all costs, with Keeli courageously refusing to leave his commander and dying alongside him.
    • Gregor, for his tragic backstory and the epic reclamation of his old identity, culminating in an apparent Dying Moment of Awesome that, as Rebels revealed, he survived.
    • Commander Thorn, who only appears in "Crisis at the Heart" and had a few minutes of screen time, for his rotary blaster cannon (which is nicknamed "Hammer"), unique design, and epic Last Stand made him a very popular Clone Trooper among the fans.
  • Riyo Chuchi, who didn't appear in a lot of episodes, for her design as a golden eyed Blue-Skinned Space Babe, South African accent, voice, and willingness to defy Chairman Cho in order to make peace with the Talz.
  • Numa (the Twi'lek girl who was introduced in "Innocents of Ryloth"), for being both a Moe and Heartwarming Orphan despite only appearing in the aforementioned episode of the installment.
  • The Battle Droids, for being very amusing to the point of which it is hard to dislike them.
    • The Super Battle Droids and MagnaGuards, for being powerful Separatist droids.
    • The Commando Droids, for having cool designs and being completely fricking badass compared to the Battle Droids.
    • The T-series Tactical Droids and the Super Tactical Droids, who are essentially the Battle Droids as cold, calculating intimidating generals.
  • AZI-3, who is introduced during the Order 66 arc, for bringing some much-needed humor to an otherwise dark story arc, showing more of a moral compass than the Kaminoans, and generally being very helpful to Fives throughout the story arc.
  • Hondo Ohnaka, for his cool design, memorable voice, entertaining lines, and hammy, greedy yet caring personality. His popularity went Up to Eleven in "Revival" and then more so after "A Necessary Bond." Honda even snarks at the Sith, how can we not like him?
  • Many of the Bounty Hunters featured in The Clone Wars are popular with the fans for their badassery:
    • Cad Bane, due to his cool design and skills along with the fact that he feels like a mix of Jango Fett and Lee Van Cleef with an impressive voice and unusually sinister tendencies as well as the characteristics of spaghetti-western villains.
    • Cato Parasitti, for her design and abilities to shapeshift and disguise herself, which she made good use of when infiltrating into the Jedi Temple undetected.
    • Embo, since he has acrobatics that would make a Jedi jealous along with a Nice Hat that serves as a blaster-proof shield and as a Precision-Guided Boomerang in addition to the fact that he took on Savage Opress and survived (although, it was partly because Maul let him and the others go because they were bounty hunters and not their true adversaries). His anooba Marrok is also pretty popular for not only giving Embo a badass pet, but also having an adorable personality outside of battle.
    • Sugi, for being one of the more kinder Bounty Hunters and a capable fighter, as demonstrated when she held her own against Darth Maul and lived.
    • Boba Fett carries over his popularity that he had with the fans during the Original Trilogy to The Clone Wars thanks to his skills along with his expanded role that shows him following his father's footsteps.
    • Bossk, for his design, voice, and portrayal as a protective figure for Boba Fett as a result of receiving an expanded role.
    • Latts Razzi, for her attractive design, badassery, and necklace that doubles as a whip.
    • Dengar, for being a Badass Normal along with his voice, sarcastic sense of humor, and cool design as part of his expanded role.
    • C-21 Highsinger, for being a Robot Buddy and his design along with his ability to take down mooks.
  • Admiral Trench, for being a clever tactician that is dangerous enough to necessitate a Jedi-led task force just to defeat him in the backstory of The Clone Wars. His reception among the fans is likely what led the writers to bring him back in the sixth and seventh seasons of the installment.
  • The Zillo Beast has an impressive following with the fans despite the fact that it is not part of a humanoid species. Although, anything that can tell Palpatine is evil and tries to do something about it earns our respect.
  • Asajj Ventress, for being a beautiful Dark Action Girl along with her development from a Sith apprentice to a more anti-heroic character with a neutral yet nicer personality.
  • The Force-wielders (the Father, the Son, and the Daughter), who were introduced during the Mortis arc, are very popular with the fans. Despite only appearing in three episodes, they are among the most memorable characters in The Clone Wars due to their impressive designs, cool voices, brilliant portrayals, memorable lines, and linking into the lore of the Force itself.
  • In addition to retaining the popularity with the fans that he had back in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul's brilliant portrayal, excellent voice, memorable lines, awesome design, and fleshed out Ascended Extra role in The Clone Wars have made him more popular with the fans.
  • Savage Opress, due to his tragic backstory and cool yet intimidating design along with the fact that he is an utter badass (even before getting a lightsaber) in addition to being Darth Maul's brother.
  • Some of the villains that appear in only one of the story arcs are popular among the fans. Riff Tamson and Osi Sobek are two good examples: Tamson is a shark-like alien in addition to both badass and unlikeable at the same time that he is an excellent villain while Sobek is a very savvy villain who runs a prison that was quite a bit harder to escape from than your usual Cardboard Prison and, just like the Tamson, he isn’t afraid to get his own hands dirty.


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