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    Season One 
  • Katuunko, the King of Toydaria, proves to be an honorable man and reluctant to side with the Separatists. When Katuunko finally decides to join the Republic, Yoda saves him from being assassinated by Ventress, which the king is very grateful and pledges undying loyalty to the Republic.
  • Yoda taking a moment of rest to get to know his clone troopers better, and pointing out that despite their shared appearance, they're all unique individuals, and more than just soldiers. A little Heartwarming In Hindsight, as this fact turns out to be something that informs the entire series.
  • Even though the Clone Troopers aren't Force-sensitive, Yoda seems to take joy in giving them a little lesson in the Force, and how it can apply to even ordinary people.

"Rising Malevolence"

  • Plo Koon treats everyone under his service with incredible respect and kindness, if a little snark here and there. He proves his Father to His Men tendencies in this episode when he's stranded with several clone troopers in space with little hope of rescue.
    Plo Koon: Sergeant, why are you so certain no one is coming?
    Sergeant: We're just clones, sir. We're meant to be expendable.
    Plo Koon: Not to me.


  • Rex, the hard edged captain, giving the "shinies" a well done speech and saying he'd be happy to induct them into the 501st Legion.

"The Gungan General"

  • Senator Kharrus getting out of his seat to assist Jar Jar without hesitation, securing him safely while their ship is crashing. Sadly, this act of selflessness ends up killing him. An act which genuinely moves Jar Jar himself.
  • Commander Stone probably says one of the nicest things anyone ever has about Jar Jar as the Gungan goes to negotiate with Hondo's pirates.
    Clone Trooper: He's probably gonna get himself killed.
    Commander Stone: Don't worry, he's smarter than he looks.
  • The Commander's faith pays off too, Jar Jar manages to intentionally sabotage the pirates vehicles while feigning ignorance.

"Innocents of Ryloth"

  • The ending of the episode. After the fight is over and Numa is reunited with her family, she waves goodbye to Waxer and Boil, calling them "nerra", as she had throughout the episode. When the two clone troopers ask Obi-Wan what it means, he smiles and replies:
    Obi-Wan: Nerra - it means "brother".
  • That entire subplot is one massive Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Waxer's concern for Numa is adorable, as is the way Boil warms up to her in the end. This only makes what we know will happen and the revelations about Order 66 and how it works even more tragic in hindsight. The clone troopers are mostly shown to be good people, who are going to commit a horrible act through what is essentially, programming.
    • Even more gutwrenching is Waxer's death during the Season 4 Umbara arc.
    • Though it gets better as a heartwarming subplot- flash forward to Rebels, and Numa remembers them.

"Liberty on Ryloth"

  • In the beginning of the episode, after one of their tanks breaks down due to being hit by Separatist fire, Mace Windu chases out his men and tells them to take cover, while he rushes back and breaks the window of the tank with the force, so he can get the injured driver to safety. This is proof that even one of the most serious members of the Council does not consider his clones to be expendable.
  • It's a small moment, but in the episode, Commander Ponds' first reaction to seeing how bad things are for a lot of Twi'lek villages is to see if his clone troopers have any supplies they can spare to help.

    Season Two 
"Senate Spy"
  • Anakin and Padmé just having a (thwarted) date night at the beginning of the episode.

"The Deserter"

  • This episode introduces Cut Lawquane, who is a clone trooper that fell in love and settled down into civilian life after he'd survived a massacre.
  • After some friction over Rex calling Cut out as a deserter and a traitor, Rex comes to understand his choice and decides not to turn him in.

"Bounty Hunters"

  • Ahsoka reassures Seripas when it's revealed that he's actually a small harmless looking alien wearing a suit to make himself more intimidating.

"Voyage of Temptation"

  • The ending of the episode. Obi-Wan foils a hostage/assassination plot upon Duchess Satine, who he used to be romantically involved with when he was still in training. He admits to Satine that if she'd asked he'd have left the Jedi Order to be with her. Both of them acknowledge their feelings for each other, yet being unable to act on them, due to their roles in society, they part having also come to terms with their opposing standpoints on the war. After Satine remarks on what a wise Jedi Obi-Wan is, the following exchange occurs:
    Satine: And yet... I'm still not sure... about the beard.
    Obi-Wan: Why? What's wrong with it?
    Satine: It hides too much of your handsome face.

"Death Trap"

  • Clone Cadet Jax sticking up for Boba. Even after Boba leaves him and his fellow cadet's to die in space, Jax seems to feel sorry for him rather than angry.
  • A bittersweet moment occurs after Boba plants a bomb at the door to Mace Windu's quarters. After he's been called to the bridge by Anakin, he passes down some datadisks to the clone trooper who gave him the message and tells them to place them in his quarters instead. Of course, he triggers the explosive trap and, while the ship alert is blaring, we see Windu Force pulling the clone trooper's body away from the danger, takes his helmet off, and places him in his lap. Mace then shakes the clone trooper lightly and asks if he can hear him, possibly still clinging to a tiny shread of hope that the trooper yet still lives. A bitter moment since this is not the case, but sweet since we see yet again that he cares what happens to his clone troopers.

"R2 Come Home"

  • For nearly the entirety of this episode, Mace Windu does not put much faith that R2 will come through and bring help as he and Anakin are trapped under rubble in the destroyed bridge of the Endurance. By the end of the episode, the two of them are rescued and Windu sees he was wrong, realizing why Anakin places so much faith in R2, even praising the little astromech droid.

"Lethal Trackdown"

  • Hondo telling Boba to help the Jedi:
    Hondo: It is the honorable thing to do. It's what your father would have wanted.

    Season Three 
"Clone Cadets"
  • 99 being kind towards the other clone troopers and convincing Hevy to remain part of the Domino Squad.
  • The bounty hunter El-Les, the Nice Guy who compared to Bric. Shows a bit more compassion towards the clone trainees.

"ARC Troopers"

  • 99 helping the clone troopers receive their weapons.
  • Echo and Fives getting promoted to the clone rank of ARC trooper.

"Supply Lines"

  • Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di making his stand on Ryloth. Cut off from reinforcements, he and his men go down fighting so that the Twi'lek refugees have time to escape. The Clone Wars were always intended to serve as a corrupting force on the Jedi Order, forcing them to fight as soldiers. But Master Di shows that even amidst the war's darkness, there are still those who unwaveringly serve the light.
    Ima-Gun Di: (having been shot, but hearing over his communicator that vitally needed supplies have gotten through) The Twi'leks will live to fight another day.
    • There's also his grave expression as he looks at his men preparing. Just like many other Jedi, he evidently doesn't see his soldiers, clone Troopers or not, as expendable. It obviously hurts him to have to order them into what is essentially a suicide mission.


  • Obi-Wan gets to see and speak to Qui-Gon one more time. That's all.

"Altar of Mortis"

  • The episode is pretty much this. Nevermind that Ahsoka was briefly turned to Dark Side, but the beginning when Ahsoka asked if Anakin had seen a nightmare and again in the end, when after Ahsoka had been revived by The Daughter, they hugged.

"Wookiee Hunt"

  • Anakin and Ahsoka's reunion in the end of this episode.
  • Ahsoka, Chewie, Jinx, and O-Mer manage to trick the Trandoshans into an ambush. O-Mer takes control of the Trandoshan's speeder, looks over at Ahsoka, extends his hand, and, with a Casanova Wannabe-like smile, asks "Need a lift?" This boy has been in abject despair throughout most of the Trandoshan arc, even more so than the other two younglings on the island. Yet, Ahsoka has got him believing in himself and his friends again, not to mention smiling again.

    Season Four 
Mon Calamari arc

"Mercy Mission"

  • Once C-3PO explains to King Manchucho that he and the clone troopers have arrived to help. The little king gives C-3PO a hug of gratitude, it's surprisingly adorable.

"Nomad Droids"

  • C-3PO and R2-D2 are on their own on a planet with no real hope of getting back home. At one point, where things are looking particularly bleak, C-3PO quietly comments at that he'd expected to already be safe by that point because R2 was so good at getting out of these kinds of messes. It's so rare to have C-3PO actually compliment the smaller droid and it was rather nice to see.


  • The episode has a small one, where Bossk sticks up for Boba in prison when he sees him tangling with Rako Hardeen (Obi-Wan in disguise), and proceeds to throw him clear across a table.
    Bossk: You got a problem with Boba, you got a problem with me.

"Slaves of the Republic"

  • A subtle one (and some Fridge Brilliance) comes in the form of Anakin's slaver alias when he infiltrates the Zygerrian empire: Lars Quell. The first part of his name apparently came from his stepfather, Cliegg Lars, the man who freed his mother from slavery after buying her from Watto, showing that he thinks very fondly of him. The last part of his alias, Quell, means "to put an end to", describing Anakin's desire to end slavery like he always wanted to.

"Escape from Kadavo"

  • Ahsoka's conversation with Governor Roshti at the end of the episode.
  • Also, when Govner Roshti thanks the Jedi for rescuing his people, Anakin rejects it, stating that Ahsoka was the real hero, since it was her creativity that saved the day. Ahsoka's reaction? A shy almost "ashamed" smile, and deliberately staring at the floor.


  • At the end of the episode, Ventress gets a Pet the Dog moment when she decides to free the girl who was to become a bride to the warlord and let her go with her brother.


  • Ventress is briefly seen chatting amicably with a fellow bounty hunter named Latts in the episode, despite quitting her group in "Bounty".
  • Savage Opress' reaction when he finally finds Darth Maul. It shows that, even after all the Nightsister magic and mind control spells he was subjected to, Savage is still a caring brother. He already lost one brother in "Monster"; he didn't want to lose another.

    Season Five 


  • The episode has several moments for Savage and Maul, showing that the pair makes for a different kind of Sith duo, ironically closer to that of a Jedi and his Padawan: Savage tries to go directly against Sith ideals and makes the case to Maul that there shouldn't be dominance between them; the fact that even with Kenobi tired and drained right in front of him, Maul still chooses to save his brother over revenge; when Maul loses a leg during their escape, Savage picks him up with his remaining arm and the brothers run together, Savage carrying Maul and Maul protecting them with his lightsaber. Really makes one wonder how the two could have turned out if they were picked up by the Jedi Order.

"Front Runners"

  • Anakin giving Ahsoka some tips for her relationship issues, a topic he's all-too familiar with.

"Tipping Points"

  • Lux and Steela sharing a Now or Never Kiss. Ahsoka giving Lux a friendly punch on the arm afterwards also counts.

"The Gathering"

  • During the opening narration in "The Gathering", one of the flashbacks shown is Plo Koon taking care of a very young Ahsoka. The sight of baby Ahsoka during the opening narration is Moe Up to Eleven.
  • Petro going back to save Katooni from being trapped behind an ice wall.

"A Necessary Bond"

  • Hondo's Motivational Lie to encourage Katooni to finish her lightsaber.
    Hondo: (sounding genuinely encouraging, while still being his Large Ham self) This is worth the price of a ship. To see the construction of a Jedi lightsaber, this is priceless. Finish it! And together, we can defeat Grievous...
  • Really, the entire episode is one for Hondo. From his almost father-like interactions with Katooni to deciding to save Ahsoka even when he's got nothing to gain and at the end, the moment where he looks back and gives a smile to Katooni before leaving, showing he's not such a bad man after all.

"Secret Weapons"

  • The episode features Colonel Gascon growing fond of the droids and praising them at the end.

"A Sunny Day in the Void"

  • In the episode, while he and Gascon are separated from the rest of D-Squad, WAC and the colonel hitch a ride on some flightless birds to the nearest water source. WAC proves he's not a total Jerkass when his mount nuzzles him after he pets it.

"Point of No Return"

  • When Anakin learns that R2 sacrificed himself to save everyone and was on the ship when it exploded, he immediately orders a search for him in the rubble. Listening to his tone of voice makes you realize just how much Anakin cares about the droid.
  • Then, when R2 is fixed, Anakin comes to see him. Just look how happy he is to see his little buddy safe and well.


  • Darth Maul's affection for his brother is definitely unspoken rather than explicit. However in the episode, he looks ready to tear Pre Vizsla's throat out until Bo-Katan threatens Savage. Maul immediately backs down.

"Shades of Reason"

  • Eventhough he's a villain, Savage smiling for Maul's victory over Pre Vizla is a little endearing.

"The Lawless"

  • Maul of all people gets one when his brother Savage is killed by Darth Sidious as he briefly forgot about the fight to rush to his side in terror.

"The Jedi Who Knew Too Much"

  • In the episode, Anakin refuses to believe Ahsoka could be a murderer, and does his very best to try to convince her to come back peacefully. From the same, Rex is also quick to deny Ahsoka being a killer.

"The Wrong Jedi"

  • During the final scene in the episode, Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, and Anakin runs after her to talk to her. The conversation is a mix of tear jerker and heartwarming. He empathizes with her and her desire to leave, and Ahsoka replies that she knows he feels the same way. Regardless of how much of a tear jerker it is, it ends heartwarmingly as Anakin lets her walk away and watches her proudly.
  • The episode has a smaller one for Obi-Wan, who is the only one on the Jedi Council who remains vehemently opposed to giving Ahsoka up to the Senate. He even moves to follow Anakin as he runs after her when she leaves, though Plo steps in so Anakin can have a moment alone with her.
  • According to interviews with Filoni, as well as Plo's disbelief in the accusations levied against Ahsoka (even when presented the false evidence), Plo probably voted with Obi-Wan, even if he didn't get to say as much and hides his emotions better. Given their close relationship, it would be harder to believe he went along with the majority opinion.
  • Even though the Council made some massive errors in judgement, they should at least get credit for recognizing just how badly they screwed up. Their conversation with Ahsoka can essentially be summed up as "You put up with way more crap than you ever should have, and we're going to knight you for handling it as well as you did."
  • Even Ventress gets one, genuinely sympathizing with Ahsoka's plight and calling out Anakin while she's at his mercy for both him and the Jedi Council abandoning her. This is actually what gets Anakin to hear her out calmly.

    Season Six 
  • A subtle example, but the idea that the clone troopers have their own bar on Coruscant, and there's no "separate but equal" clause being enforced here as even non-clones are allowed if you look carefully. This alone suggests that the Jedi Order was already working on getting the clone army more civil rights despite their status as technical slave soldiers, and had the war ended in their favor, they would have tried to get them away from the Kaminoan government and integrate them into society.
  • Fives' last words as he dies: "The nightmares... they're finally over." Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.

"The Rise of Clovis"

  • Obi-Wan trying to relate to Anakin about what he is going through with Padmé in "The Rise of Clovis", showing that while he does not fully grasp at Anakin relationship with Padmé, he still wants to help (It is also a bit of fridge brilliance since it can also be seen as a Call-Forward to Return of the Sith).

"The Disappeared"

  • While the idea that Jar Jar has a girlfriend in the form of Queen Julia is a Funny Moment in itself, you must admit his attempts to save her and her belief in him is this in the two-parter story arc.
  • The way Mace Windu's attitude towards Jar Jar changes over the course of the story arc. At the beginning of the story arc, Mace's typical reaction towards Jar Jar is that of annoyance. Then, he begins to grudgingly respect the gungun. At the end, it's clear that Mace has come to view Jar Jar as an ally. Considering that The Clone Wars softened many people's opinion of Jar Jar, Mace Windu could almost be considered an Audience Surrogate.

Yoda arc

  • During the Yoda arc, there's a brief moment where Obi-Wan takes a jab at the Council's lax judgement as of late, clearly meant to remind them of the debacle with Ahsoka. Given Yoda's vision of Ahsoka in that same context, it obviously hit home.
  • The unerring faith and reverence the rest of the Jedi Council holds for Yoda during this story arc. The scene where they meditate with him simultaneously is a highly notable moment.
  • Yoda's vision of a world without war. True, there is something uncanny about the entire scene, and it quickly falls to dust, but for a scant moment, we see the Jedi as Yoda wish they could be. The jedi we know and love are alive, standing under the tree in the Temple gardens. Dooku, a revered jedi master, is standing alongside his fellow jedi and telling a story from his apprenticeship under Yoda.

    Season Seven 
"The Bad Batch"
  • The episode introduces the "Bad Batch", a team of four clone troopers who have specially designed genetic mutations, are known as "Clone Force 99". Given how 99 was considered a defective clone, that this group would have their group named for him is kind of sweet. Even Rex realizes where they got that number (even though it isn't explicitly mentioned).
    Cody: "Experimental Unit Clone Force 99 - the defective clones with, uh, desirable mutations."
    Rex: "99, eh? Heh, nice touch."
  • When Cody is crushed in the wreckage, Rex immediately tries to run in and get his friend out.

"A Distant Echo"

  • The episode reveals that Ahsoka isn't the only one who knows about Anakin and Padmé. Rex has also been covering to give them time to stay in communication while Anakin's on the Front.
  • Obi-Wan may know as well. And given how much a stickler he is for the rules, it says a lot that he hasn't said anything to anybody about it.
  • Add to that, Anakin and Padmé have seemed to reconcile since the Clovis arc, which had done a number on their relationship. And the visual of their hands (both separated by hologram) shows how much they love each other.
  • Rex reuniting with his long lost brother, Echo. In spite of the horror of what the Separatists did to him, it's a touching moment.
    Echo: Rex... you... you came back for me.
    Rex: Yes. Yes, I did.

"On the Wings of Keeradaks"

  • A subtle one in the episode, but during the defense of the Poletec village, Crosshair pats Echo on the shoulder after he sees him gun down three airborne D-Wing droids with just a single blaster pistol. It's especially notable since Crosshair previously dismissed Echo as another expendable "reg" before finding out he was still alive. Whatever the reason may be, Echo has definitely earned Crosshair's respect.

"Unfinished Business"

  • Once the battle is over, the Batch downplays the medals Obi-Wan says they've earned, claiming that medals aren't their thing. Then, Hunter asks Echo whether or not they're his thing too. It's subtle, but Rex immediately picks up that Hunter is offering Echo a place in the squad. As glad as Rex is to have his brother back, he understands and cares enough to realize that Echo has grown, and it may be time for him to move on.
  • Mace's willingness to stay behind to try and defuse the bomb that only Trench knew the combination to, deciding that even if it's the last moment he'll have, he'll spend it trying to save people. Luckily, Anakin helps him with the combination before it's too late.
  • And while we're at it: One Domino still stands!

"Gone with a Trace"

  • After Ahsoka drives off Pintu and his cronies, an impressed Trace asks her where she learned how to fight. The former Jedi's response? Her older brother taught her. Not only was Anakin her mentor, but she also saw him as a surrogate brother. Turns into a bit of tearjerker when watching her battle with Darth Vader in Rebels.

"Deal No Deal"

  • Ahsoka again references Anakin in the episode, claiming she learned all the various things she knows at 'Skywalker Academy' while concealing her past as a Jedi. It's also made clear he still feels loyalty to her as well, given that he appears to sense Ahsoka aboard a freighter through the Force but tells Yularen to let the ship pass despite it being in restricted airspace.

"Old Friends Not Forgotten"

  • Anakin is absolutely elated to see Ahsoka again, even through a hologram. He's happier than he's even been in the series, probably only matched later when he finds out he's going to be a father. And when we get to Revenge of the Sith, we understand why he's a lot happier than in the previous movie. Couples with being MVP at the Battle of Coruscant, and finding out Padme is pregnant, this was definitely "the happiest day of my life".
  • As the Mandalorian ship approaches, Anakin finds himself seeing Ahsoka's leaving in a whole new light; being away from the Order put Ahsoka in the right place to uncover Maul's whereabouts. You can hear the hope in his voice: If they roll up Maul, the Council will be impressed, and even if Ahsoka doesn't come back to the Order (which he is clearly angling for), she should at least be comfortable enough to stay in touch with him. He is so close to having everything back where he feels they should be, then that alarm goes off.
  • A small moment, but when Ahsoka arrives with the Mandalorians, R2 immediately perks when he sees her and zooms over to her like an excited puppy. Ahsoka just smiles and fondly rests a hand on the little droid's dome.
  • Walking down the corridors of a ship, the clone troopers of the 212th salute both Anakin and Ahsoka as they pass by, even addressing the latter by her old rank. Ahsoka is surprised, but Anakin tells her that the clones respect her for the years she's fought by their side, whether she's a part of the Order or not. Then Anakin opens a hatch to show several members of the 501st, including Rex, with their helmets painted like Ahsoka's face and markings. He says they'd been working on it ever since they heard from her. If you don't tear up when that door opens to all those orange and white helmets, you're a monster who deserves to die in a fire.
  • When Rex calls Ahsoka "Commander", Ahsoka tells him he doesn't have to call her that anymore. His response:
    Rex: Sure thing, Commander.
  • In preparation for the Siege of Mandalore, Anakin informally reinstates Ahsoka back into the Republic military, naming her advisor to the newly-promoted Commander Rex. He then returns her old lightsabers to her and has the proudest smile on his face when she tries them out. Ahsoka's joyful expression says it all.
    • And then, of course, their goodbye. Ahsoka bids Anakin luck in his mission to rescue the chancellor, and he gives her a warm, encouraging smile in return. Spirals back around into Tearjerker territory when you recall from Rebels that this is the last time they saw each other as friends, and it shows why Ahsoka would be so reluctant to believe Anakin could be Darth Vader.
    • Listen to the music during this final moment between them. You can hear a subdued bar from "Across the Stars". The relationship between Anakin and Ahsoka may not be romantic, but it is Love.
  • When Rex apologies for not getting Ahsoka a jet pack, but she says she doesn't need one. While what follows is amazing, the heartwarming part is Rex's smile followed by the sheer joy in his laugh as she proceeds to leap out just like old times. For all the trials and tribulations the two have gone through, the thousands of brothers that Rex has seen die, he is just happy that the one (adoptive) sister he has is back.
    • And then there is the clone pilot that she saves - panicking as his crashing gunship's canopy failed to blow off and left him trapped, the second he sees Ahsoka he calms down, knowing she had his back. And as his confidence is rewarded, he takes a moment that by all rights he should have been spending ejecting to thank her before making his escape.
      Clone Pilot: Thanks, Commander!

"The Phantom Apprentice"


  • During Ahsoka's conversation with the Jedi Council, Yoda makes it quite clear that Ahsoka is welcome to return to the Order whenever she wishes. He refers to her as "Padawan" even as she insists she is not yet ready to return. And he remains in the communication after the rest of the Council leaves to make sure there is nothing else she needs to say, even offering to pass along a message to Anakin. He obviously cares for her very much and wants her to return but seems to understand that he must let her make her own choices.
  • Rex and Ahsoka discuss their ambiguous feelings about the war.
    Rex: Without the war, we [clones] wouldn't exist.
    Ahsoka: Well, then some good has come of it. The Republic couldn't ask for better soldiers, nor I a better friend.
  • Rex's Undying Loyalty and friendship with Ahsoka. It enables him to resist Order 66 long enough to save her life.
  • Ahsoka returns the favor by knocking Rex out and dragging him into a medical bay so she can have the medical droid in there perform surgery to remove the inhibitor chip and restore Rex's free will. At that point, she'd be well within her rights to just simply kill Rex, Jesse and everyone between her and the exit, and yet she still chooses to save her friend because that's what friends do.
  • While being hunted by the clones, Ahsoka ducks into a droid storage room and powers up her trusty astromech, R7, to aid her in her attempts to survive. The other droids in the room power up and immediately agree to help her, no questions asked. Given that they're The Unintelligible, there's obviously no words said beyond Ahsoka's responses, but its clear from their body language and sounds that they're concerned about her and ready to do whatever she asks of them.
    • And Ahsoka still takes the time to stop and ask them if they're sure, warns them that it will be dangerous. She sees the humanity in them, even if others don't.
  • Fives's efforts weren't all in vain. Because of him, Ahsoka and Rex were able to save each other.

"Victory and Death"

  • Even after they've shot at her, Ahsoka tries for as long as possible to find a way to escape without killing the clones.
  • When Ahsoka removes Rex's helmet, sees him shedding a single tear that he's going to have to kill his brothers to escape, and comforts him, calling him and the others "good soldiers" and that's why she wants to avoid hurting his brothers as much as possible.
  • When Rex is walking back to the Y-Wing after burying the dead clones, you can see that he and Ahsoka gathered up the remains of R7-A7 (who was destroyed during the fight) and set them up near the ship. Star Wars: The Bad Batch later shows that they repair him.
  • The last words ever spoken in the series, from Rex to Ahsoka. "Come on!"
  • In it's own roundabout way, Vader taking Ahsoka's lightsaber with him when he appears at the end of the episode. It'll be a long, long road, with a lot of pain and suffering in between, but that little gesture proves that somewhere, deep inside, Anakin Skywalker lives.

    Subsequent Stories 
Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir
  • In a strange way, Maul is actually rather benevolent (in comparison to, say, Grievous or Vizsla) to the Mandalorian super commandos and trusts that their loyalty is genuine and can get the job done.
    • Likewise, Kast and Saxon (as well as the other super commandos) show concern for his health and being when they rescue him from Stygeon Prime and their loss at Zanbar.
      Kast: Lord Maul - I was afraid we'd lost you.
      Maul: Take us away from here, Kast... I can no longer stomach the sight of [our loss].
    • And when Talzin sacrifices herself to stall Grievous so that Maul can escape, Maul tries to go back for her, but is held back by Kast and another Commando and pulled back into the ship.

  • "Wookiee Hunt": Even though Chewbacca was credited as "Himself", special mention was given in the credits to Peter Mayhew for being "the heart and soul of Chewbacca".
  • "Secret Weapons": The pink astromech being named QT-KT, "KT" as in the late Katie Johnson, daughter of 501st (the real life costuming group) founder Albin Johnson who died of brain cancer, and had a pink astromech droid built for her.
  • The moral at the beginning of "The Bad Batch" story reel:
    The battles are over, but the heroes live on.
    Thank you Clone Wars fans.
  • On July 19, 2018, it was announced that The Clone Wars was revived, four years after its cancellation, to offer the series a suitable end. Guess all the fan petitions weren't in vain after all.
    • To top it off, the revival trailer shows us what we have been denied for so long: the reunion of Anakin and Ahsoka.
    Ahsoka: Hello, master. It's been a while.
  • According to Sam Witwer, the voice of Maul, they incorporated elements of Ray Park into his animation to a degree. The favor would be returned for Solo, where they worked together to portray Maul for a short scene.


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