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Characters / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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All character tropes should go on the Star Wars character pages. The characters in The Clone Wars are listed below with the character page that they are currently on.

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Characters indexed by categories

    The Rebel Alliance, the New Republic and the Resistance 

    The Galactic Empire and the First Order 

    The Jedi Order 
  • The Jedi Ordernote 
    • Jedi Councilnote 
    • Jedi Mastersnote 
  • Fallen Jedinote 

    The Sith Order 

    The Galactic Republic 
  • The Galactic Republicnote 
    • Galactic Republic Senatenote 
    • Clone Troopersnote 
      • 501st Legionnote 
      • Clone Force 99note 

    The Separatist Alliance 
  • The Separatist Alliancenote 
    • Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus
    • General Grievous
    • Separatist Militarynote 
    • Trade Federationnote 

    The Galactic Fringe 
  • Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries
    • Republic Eranote 
  • Criminalsnote 
    • Crimson Dawn Syndicatenote 
    • The Hutt Clannote 
    • The Ohnaka Gangnote 
    • Pyke Syndicatenote 

    Planets and Races 
  • Planets and Racesnote 

Core Worlds

  • Core Worldsnote 
    • Coruscantnote 

Inner Rim

  • Inner Rimnote 
    • Onderonnote 

Mid Rim

  • Mid Rimnote 
    • Naboonote 

Outer Rim Territories

  • Outer Rim Territoriesnote 
    • Arkanis Sectornote 
      • Tatooinenote 
    • Dathomirnote 
    • Hutt Spacenote 
    • Mandalorian Spacenote 
    • Rylothnote 
    • Sujimis Sectornote 
    • Zygerrianote 
    • Other Outer Rim Worldsnote 

Unknown Regions

    Other Characters and Creatures 
  • Other Force Users and Beingsnote 
  • Creaturesnote 

Alternative Title(s): Star Wars The Clone Wars Main Characters, Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie