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Heartwarming / Star Wars: Clone Wars

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  • Yoda noticing Padme's pout when he requests her to stay and he assures he will ask for assistance when he understands she really wants to contribute.
  • The scene where the young Nelvaanian greets her father after the male Nelvaanians return, horribly mutated by the Techno Union's experiments. That leads to the rest of the males being accepted back into the tribe, each of them getting their very own 'ghost hand' at the end.
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  • In the last part of the fight on Nelvaan, Anakin, his artificial arm blown away, uses the Force to crush the remaining Techno Union mooks. When they are all dead, the mutated Nelvaanian warriors all tear off their artificial arms as well, and rally around him chanting (in Nelvaanian), "Ghost Hand! Ghost Hand!"
  • The little kid giving Mace his canteen. After the after fighting countless droids with just his bare hands and taking out the massive seismic tank, the smile he gives the kid afterwards shows a cool drink is just what he needed.
  • Chapter 22 has a scene of Anakin coming home to Padme after his butt-kicking montage and looking ashamed of his newly acquired scar only to have her embrace him. It then cuts to an exterior shot of Padme's apartment as the last light in building goes out, strongly implying that this is the night of Luke and Leia's conception.
  • Chapter 21 - Anakin's smile and the way he reaches into the the holographic image of Padme as if to hold her in his hand.
    • Before that, Obi-Wan scolds Anakin for being late again and that he's no longer a little boy, and Anakin soon afterwards replies that he knows he's no longer a little boy and as far as Obi-Wan's wisdom goes, he's no Qui-Gon Jinn. Anakin soon apologizes for his outburst, to which Obi-Wan replies that he too misses his wise mentor and that Obi-Wan has done his best to pass on Qui-Gon's teachings to Anakin and that Anakin has far surpassed all of Qui-Gon's expectations. Obi-Wan then tells Anakin that it's time to put their titles as master and student behind and become brothers, much to Anakin's confusion. Obi-Wan then leads him into a darkened room, and once the doors are all closed, numerous Jedi, including Obi-Wan, surround Anakin with their lightsabers ignited. Anakin then kneels before Yoda as he promotes Anakin from Padawan to Jedi Knight. You can view it here.
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  • As the Battle of Coruscant intensifies, Yoda sends his kybuck off to safety.


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