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Drinking Game / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Drinking Game for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

  • Take a sip whenever The Clone Wars references another work (Warning! It could be dangerous even with water!).
  • Take a sip whenever Anakin crashes a ship.
    • Take two if he tries to put the blame on the ship, or someone else.
  • Take a sip whenever a lightsaber is knocked out of the user's hand.
    • Take two if the camera moves from the user to show the lightsaber hit the floor or falling.
  • Take a sip whenever Obi-Wan makes a sarcastic comment.
    • Take two if someone replies him similarly.
  • Take a sip whenever a character from previous episode(s) makes a cameo appearence.
  • Take a sip when someone escapes a situation/infiltrates via airvents.
  • Take a sip for every Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Take two if Savage Opress is involved on either the receiving or the stomping side.
    • Finish the drink if it's the fight between Savage Opress and Darth Maul against Darth Sidious.
  • Take a sip whenever a Force-user forgets to use their power.
    • Take two if it's in a fight against Cad Bane.
  • Take a sip whenever an actor is Talking to Himself (Warning! This can also be rather dangerous!).
  • Take a shot everytime R2 saves the day.
  • Take a sip if Ahsoka is knocked out/captured/kidnapped/taken as a hostage etc.
  • Take a sip if Jar Jar screws up something.
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  • Take a sip whenever Obi-Wan gets beaten up.
  • Take a sip whenever two main characters discuss something within a few yards of guards, but the guards hear nothing.
  • Take a sip whenever Grievous switches to Angrish.
    • Two if he damages or destroys a droid in his anger.
  • Take a shot every time the word corruption is said in the episode "Corruption".
    • Take two sips when the word corrupt is said during the ending.
  • Take a sip whenever a lightsaber is used to cut through a door/wall/whatever.
  • Take a sip whenever Anakin gets electrocuted.


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